How to Buy Property in Antalya as a Foreigner Step by Step

Are you dreaming of owning a home on the Turkish Riviera? Buying property in Antalya as a foreigner might seem complex but our detailed guide prepared by our local experts will make it very simple.

It will help you find your dream home or investment in this beautiful region.

Buying a house in another country is not as simple as at home. People worry about losing money or being tricked.

This comes from different laws, potential language issues, and a sense of not fully controlling the process. However, Turkey has improved to protect those investing in its real estate.

So, why is Antalya great for foreign buyers?

Let’s explore the Antalya real estate market, learn about the advantages for foreign buyers, and walk through the step-by-step process of getting your own piece of Turkey.

How to buy property in Antalya as a foreigner step by step guide

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the Turkish property market and its recent trends and developments
  • Discover the advantages and restrictions for foreign buyers in Antalya
  • Learn the step-by-step guide to buying property in Antalya as a foreigner
  • Explore popular locations and property types in Antalya and surrounding areas
  • Familiarize yourself with the financing options and additional costs involved

Understanding the Turkish Property Market

Recently, the Turkish property market has seen big growth, with prices up by 30% in early 2021. This change makes it a seller’s market. Yet, the bright side is new homes are being built, and old areas are being made new. This could give more choices to buyers. People from other countries have been buying a lot, drawn in by Turkey’s cheaper prices than other parts of Europe. However, there are a few rules, like a limit on how much land foreigners can get.

Recent Trends and Developments

The property market in Turkey is growing quickly. The process to buy a house is as easy as in Europe. You’ll find many homes for sale at different prices and lots of agents to help. Prices went up by 30% in early 2021, so it’s mainly good for sellers now. But, more homes are being built and old ones fixed up, which could mean more options for buyers soon.

Advantages for Foreign Buyers

Foreign buyers have shown a lot of interest in Turkish homes lately. This interest slowed a bit because of COVID-19. Still, many locals are buying, and interest rates have dropped, helping the market stay strong. Turkey’s lower property prices are a big draw for foreign buyers compared to other European places. It’s become a top choice for those looking to invest in real estate.

Restrictions and Regulations

A rule to note is that foreigners can’t own more than 30 hectares of land there. They also can’t buy or rent in certain zones. If you’re thinking of getting property in Turkey, you need a special visa too.

antalya property market

How to Buy Property in Antalya as a Foreigner Step by Step Guide

Buying property in Antalya needs lots of research, such as the market trends, prices, and best locations. Knowing this helps you in the how to buy property in antalya as a foreigner step by step guide. It makes your purchase smooth.

Researching the Market

To start with, look into the buying process Antalya properties and the area. Get to know the local market well. Learn about average prices, top areas, and new projects. This info will make your choice wiser and help in negotiations.

Finding a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Finding a trusted property agent in Antalya is key for foreigners to make a safe purchase. Choose an agent who is experienced with overseas buyers and has many reviews from previous clients. They’ll make the how to buy property in Antalya as a foreigner step by step guide clearer for you.

Visiting Turkey and Viewing Properties

It’s best to take a viewing trip to Turkey and see the properties yourself. This helps you understand the area better and bargain well. Being there can give you insights not available online, aiding your decision-making.

Negotiating the Purchase

Now, negotiate for the property that fits your needs. Your agent will use their local knowledge to get you a good deal. This part of the buying process antalya properties is very important.

Legal Requirements and Documentation

Buying property involves complex legal steps. It’s wise to have a skilled solicitor on your side. They’ll ensure the paperwork, like land deeds, is correct and assist with financing options for foreign property buyers turkey.

Completing the Purchase Process

Finally, you’ll close the deal, register the property, and set up services. Your agent and solicitor will help you with these final details. They guide you through the last steps of the how to buy property in antalya as a foreigner step by step guide.

Popular Locations and Property Types

Turkey has a lot to offer in properties. You can find places from lively coastal scenes to peaceful historic towns. This variety caters to different tastes and budgets.

Antalya and Surrounding Areas

Antalya and nearby spots, like Alanya, catch the eye of foreign buyers. They reveal a mix of coastal beauty, historical charm, and modern living. This region’s warm weather and beach views are hard to resist for anyone looking to move or invest in Turkey.

Coastal Resorts and Towns

Aside from Antalya, Turkey’s coast features gems like Bodrum and Fethiye. The capital, Ankara, stands out as well. They all have something, whether it’s the lively feel of a resort or the calm of a small town. This makes Turkey’s coast a great place for foreign buyers.

Apartments, Villas, and Traditional Homes

Most foreigners buy apartment in Antalya as they are cheaper option but there are even Ottoman-style villas in Antalya for sale in Kaleici area. With so many choices, finding the right home or investment is easy. It all depends on your budget and the kind of life you want.

apartments villas traditional homes turkey

Financing Options and Costs

Buying property in Antalya as a foreigner offers many finance choices. You can get a mortgage or loan from a Turkish bank. The way you do this might vary, but banks often have loans for non-residents like you.

Mortgages and Loans for Foreign Buyers

Our team can help you get the best deals on loans. Whether you need a loan for a home or investment, we’re here to assist. We will help you with the bank’s paperwork and negotiations.

Additional Expenses and Taxes

When buying property in Turkey, remember there are more costs. You’ll have to pay for appraisals, deed transfers, and property taxes. Bigger costs like these need to be part of your budget.

Turkey has lower taxes compared to many other countries. For homes, tax rates are 0.002 in cities and up to 0.004 in big cities for businesses.


Buying property in Antalya as a foreigner involves understanding the legal requirements, finding the right property, and completing the necessary paperwork. Following a step-by-step guide can make the process smoother and more efficient. For detailed information and available listings, visit our page on how to buy property in Antalya to ensure a successful purchase.

Buying property in Antalya as a foreigner is both rewarding and simple if done right. It involves researching the market and partnering with trustworthy experts. Understanding the legal and financial aspects is key too.

Our detailed guide helps you step by step, ensuring you move through the real estate world in Turkey without worry. You’ll soon find the ideal home or investment in the stunning Mediterranean.

It’s wise to follow our advice to reduce risks when investing in real estate. Our 11-step guide, along with a careful home-buying report, will make your dream of owning property in Turkey a reality.

Buying property abroad feels riskier, mainly due to different legal processes. But, with a rise in foreign investment, Turkey has made regulations stricter to safeguard buyers against fraud.

Whether it’s for investment, retirement, or a vacation, our guide for buying in Antalya equips you with the needed knowledge. By working with local experts, you can confidently achieve your property ownership dreams in Turkey.


What are the key steps to buying property in Antalya as a foreigner?

Our guide walks you through every step. It starts with researching the market. Then, you should find a trusted property agent and plan a visit to Turkey. When there, you’ll see potential homes and make an offer.

The process includes learning about laws and preparing paperwork. Finally, you’ll complete the purchase.

What are the current trends and developments in the Turkish property market?

In recent years, Turkey’s property market has boomed. Prices went up by 30% in early 2021. Now, it’s mainly a seller’s scene.

But, many new homes and projects are happening. This could mean more options for buyers. Plus, Turkey’s lower prices attract many from Europe.

What are the advantages and restrictions for foreign buyers in the Turkish property market?

Foreign buyers benefit from Turkey’s low property costs and a sound market. There are some rules, though, like limits on land buying.

What are the popular locations and property types for foreign buyers in Antalya?

Antalya and Alanya draw a lot of interest. They offer beach resorts and mix the old with the new. Bodrum and Fethiye are also top picks. Ankara, the capital, offers urban living at lower costs.

You can pick from classic Ottoman homes to chic seaside flats. It all depends on your style and budget.

What financing options are available for foreign buyers in Turkey?

Getting a loan or mortgage in Antalya is possible for non-residents. Turkish banks have options for foreign buyers. Keep in mind, you’ll have to pay for appraisals, taxes, and more.

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