Cost of Living in Antalya: An Affordable Turkish Gem

Ever thought about moving to a Mediterranean paradise that’s affordable? Antalya is such a place, a hidden gem on Turkey’s south coast. It’s drawing more tourists, expats, and digital nomads. What makes Antalya so special?

Antalya is loved for its calm beauty, friendly climate, and low living costs.

A family of 2 or 3 can live here comfortably for 500 to 1.000 Euros a month. This covers the basics: cost of living in Antalya, cost of housing in Antalya, cost of groceries in Antalya, cost of transportation in Antalya, and more.

Antalya’s low costs are perfect for those wanting quality living in Turkish Riviera without overspending.

Cost of living in Antalya

Key Takeaways

  • Antalya offers an exceptionally affordable cost of living compared to other Turkish cities and major global destinations.
  • An average family of four can live comfortably in Antalya with a monthly budget ranging from £500 to £1,000.
  • Expenses such as housing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and entertainment are remarkably low in Antalya.
  • The city’s serene beauty, pleasant climate, and vibrant culture make it an attractive destination for those seeking a high quality of life.
  • Antalya’s affordability and liveability make it a top choice for tourists, expatriates, and digital nomads alike.

What makes Antalya stand out cost-wise among other Turkish cities? We’ll explore the details. Let’s see why this Mediterranean treasure is a perfect find.

Introduction to Antalya

Antalya is a city with about 2.5 million people. It has a beautiful old town, a magnet for tourists. But, the real charm is just outside this area.

Why Antalya?

After time in the Balkans, digital nomads picked Antalya, Turkey. They wanted somewhere not as famous as Istanbul. In Turkey, they sought a new, quieter spot. That led them to Antalya.

Arriving in Antalya

Getting to Antalya from the airport is easy by tram, unlike Istanbul. It takes 25-30 minutes to the city. The ticket costs 8 Turkish Lira, plus 1.5 Lira for the card. Public transport was their go-to after trouble with taxis in Turkey.

The City and Its Surroundings

The old town is nice, but the digital nomads wish they hadn’t stayed there. The best spots are around the old town. The nearby ‘beaches’ are really private, man-made platforms. For a real beach, head west in the city.

Accommodation in Antalya

Antalya is a top spot for travellers, with many apartments to rent. Yet, these places, even on sites like Airbnb, are set up for quick stays. This means they aren’t that comfy for longer trips, and the value isn’t always great.

Avoiding Tourist Traps

Digital nomads learned the hard way by taking a pricey Antalya apartments in the old town. It cost 900€ and lacked basic stuff (like proper kitchen tools, no air vent, a small fridge, nowhere comfy to work, and a lumpy bed).

Finding Long-Term Rentals

A better plan is to pick a flat outside the city centre but facing the old town. Here, you can get nicer, cheaper flats that are still close to the action. For about £331 a month, you can find a home that’s not just equipped but also offers great views.

Just to compare, in Istanbul, you could pay the same for a studio. But nearer the city’s heart, you might fork out £767 monthly. That’s in areas like Taksim, where the wealthy live.

Cost of Living in Antalya

Antalya’s living costs are much lower than in nearby countries, attracting many to its shores. Cost of living in Antalya is appealing to expats, retirees, and digital nomads looking for a beautiful spot.

Housing Costs

In Antalya, rent is affordable. A simple 2-bedroom apartment on the coast can be yours for about £350 a month. However, if you prefer to live in the heart of Istanbul, this amount gets you a studio instead. For those wanting more luxury in areas like Taksim, the monthly rent rises to around £767.If you want a luxury Antalya villa then you should be prepared to spend at least £1.500 per month.

Utility Expenses

Utility bills in Antalya are also on the low side. Your monthly cost includes electricity, internet, and more. If you live in a big complex, you’ll pay a bit extra for maintenance services. All these add up to around £67.23 each month.

Transportation in Antalya

Antalya is great for walking. You can reach most places foot, unless it’s far or the beach. The city has a tram with two lines. The blue line goes across Antalya and to the airport. The green line heads north.

A tram ticket costs only 0.80€ on a recharge. Using trams and buses is cheap at about £21.18 a month. This is much less than cities like London, where you’d pay £191 a month for the same.

Taxis and Ridesharing

Turkey doesn’t have Uber or Lyft, so taxis are the main option. Taxi drivers might try to overcharge you. Always check if the taxi has a working meter before you get in. Even then, they might take a longer route or perform other dishonest acts.

Also, drivers might not wear masks, smoke, or play loud music. They might even try to sell you things. The taxi experience in Antalya and Turkey as a whole points to why many people prefer services like Uber.

Metric Cost in Antalya Cost in London
Monthly public transport pass £21.18 £191.00
Single tram ticket £0.80 £3.50
Taxi starting fare Varies £2.50
Taxi per km Varies £1.80

The table clearly shows that transport in Antalya is much cheaper than in London. The city’s good tram system and walkability are big pluses. They also help keep transport costs low.

Food and Dining in Antalya

Turkish cuisine blends Mediterranean tastes with various cultures. It’s much more than just kebabs. You can try Pide, a Turkish patty, and Köfte, which is alike to a Bulgarian dish. Additionally, there’s Lahmacun, a Turkish take on pizza, and Kibbeh, which is close to Spanish morcilla but in a croquette.

In Antalya, the food journey is exciting. A cheap meal costs around £4.24, and a mid-range one is about £10.06. A good bottle of wine will be around £12.86.

Staying Safe with Food and Drink

Being careful with food in Antalya is crucial. Some digital nomads got sick for half their time in Turkey. Since then, they only drink bottled water and eat pasta. It’s best to avoid tap water, which is often in teas, iced coffees, ice drinks, and juices.

Always choose industrial-made ice (look for a hole in the middle) to be safe. Be careful with food from beach stalls. Avoid unclean restaurants, and if your meal smells off, ask for a new one.

turkish cuisine

Entertainment and Leisure in Antalya

In Turkey, entertainment is not too expensive. Movie tickets for big films cost about £3. This is much cheaper than the £12 you’d pay in the UK. Tennis courts and gym memberships are also quite affordable for those from other countries. Antalya’s mixed culture and open values make everyone feel at home. The food scene here mixes local Turkish flavours with dishes from around the world.

Entertainment Cost in Antalya Cost in the UK
Cinema Tickets £3 £12
Tennis Court Rental Affordable for expats More expensive
Fitness Centre Membership Accessible for expats Generally more costly

Antalya has so much entertainment to offer, with options to fit any budget. It’s a great choice for both locals and tourists who want fun without spending a lot.

Cost of Living in Antalya Compared to Other Cities

When comparing Antalya to big Turkish cities like Istanbul and Izmir, Antalya is seen as more affordable. It’s a favourite for its lower living costs.


Istanbul may be pricey for Turkey, but it’s budget-friendly compared to other global cities. For a family of four in Istanbul, living costs without rent reach £1,916 monthly. However, in Antalya, the same family can live comfortably for £500 to £1,000 a month.


In Izmir, the third-largest city, monthly costs without rent are around £1,498 for a family of four. A single person spends £435 monthly. This exceeds Antalya’s costs, where both a family of four and a single person can enjoy a good life for less.

Cost of living in Antalya



The cost of living in Antalya is relatively affordable compared to other major cities, making it an attractive option for both expats and locals. Expenses such as housing, groceries, and utilities are generally lower, contributing to a comfortable lifestyle. For those interested in settling down in this vibrant city, exploring properties for sale in Antalya can provide valuable insights into the local real estate market.

Antalya, Turkey, is a hidden gem on the Mediterranean coast. It offers an affordable cost of living, strategic location, and perfect climate. Its appeal to retirees, expatriates, and tourists is increasing. This is due to attractive exchange rates and a wonderful quality of life. Whether it’s about affordability, the climate, or cultural richness, Antalya has something for everyone.

Antalya is a great place for digital nomads. Its strategic location and low cost of living make it perfect. You can work remotely and be a part of an international community. Besides financial benefits, Antalya has a strong digital nomad ecosystem. It includes co-working spaces, networking events, and a community of supportive people.

Antalya is more than a place to visit; it’s a place to live. Starting a life in this beautiful area is a great choice. You’ll enjoy its natural beauty, vibrant culture, and affordable lifestyle. Antalya gives you a unique chance to experience a different way of life, work, and leisure. It’s a place you can truly call home.


What is the cost of living for a family of four in Antalya?

A family of four in Antalya can live well with 500 to 1000 Euros per month. This covers things like electricity, water, and food. It also includes activities for the family.

How does the cost of living in Antalya compare to other cities in Turkey?

Antalya is cheaper to live in than places like Istanbul and Izmir. In Istanbul, a family pays about £1,916 each month without rent. Yet, in Antalya, living comfortably costs between £500 and £1,000. Izmir is also more expensive than Antalya, with a monthly cost reaching £1,498 for a family of four without rent.

What are the typical housing costs in Antalya?

Living in a three-bedroom apartment in Antalya costs around £331 monthly. The digital nomads found the old town’s apartments too pricey and basic (900€ for a 1-bedroom). They recommend looking for flats facing the old town but further out for better prices and quality.

How much do utilities and other household expenses cost in Antalya?

Basic utilities like electricity and internet cost around £67.23 per month. There’s an additional charge for community services in some buildings.

What is the cost of transportation in Antalya?

The tram costs around £21.18 a month, which is much cheaper than in London. Monthly transport in London is £191. The digital nomads suggest avoiding taxis due to pricing issues.

What is the cost of dining out and entertainment in Antalya?

Dining at fast food places might only set you back £4.24, and mid-range restaurants are about £10.06. A bottle of wine is £12.86. Entertainment, like going to the cinema, is also inexpensive at around £3 for a ticket.

What are some tips for staying safe with food and drink in Antalya?

Be careful with food and drinks in Antalya. The digital nomads got sick and were careful for the rest of their stay. They recommend avoiding tap water and unsafe food places. Stick to bottled water and safer foods to prevent falling ill.

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