Antalya Real Estate Prices: Explore the Market Trends

Thinking about buying a home in Turkey’s coastal beauty? Antalya is the place to look. The real estate market there is bustling with life. It’s more than just owning a property; it’s about being part of Turkey’s seaside dream.

Antalya Real Estate prices

Our look at Antalya’s residential prices in February 2024 showed us a lot. It shed light on the different gains and times you’d wait to get your money back. From the posh areas in Kaş to the up-and-coming spots in Akseki, there’s something for every investor.

So, what makes Antalya stand out? Why should smart investors choose this beautiful coastal town for their next venture? Let’s dive into the facts and discover the real charm of Antalya’s property scene.

Key Takeaways

  • Antalya’s real estate market appeals to all investors, with options for both careful and bold moves.
  • Its bustling tourism and varied lifestyle and investment chances attract people from near and far.
  • Our latest review of home prices in February 2024 shows that the market is always evolving.
  • Each area in Antalya has its own unique benefits, from luxury life in Kaş to the growing appeal of Akseki.
  • Buying here is more than a transaction – it’s joining in on Turkey’s coastal magic.

The Promise of Antalya’s Real Estate

Antalya is charming for many reasons. From the posh Kaş area to the growing Akseki markets, each part has its perks for investors. The antalya real estate scene is booming, attracting interest from around the world.

The Allure of Antalya

The antalya property market draws people from all over. They come for the stunning nature, deep history, and dynamic tourism. Antalya’s variety suits anyone looking for a good investment or a calm place to live.

A Robust Tourism Sector

The strong antalya tourism plays a big role in real estate growth. Tourists love both from near and far visit Antalya. This interest has increased property demand, offering a good chance for investment.

Lifestyle and Investment Opportunities

Antalya offers not just investment chances but also a dream lifestyle. You can choose from beautiful coastal spots to lively city centres. It’s a place where living is as attractive as investing.

Antalya Real Estate Prices: A Comprehensive Analysis

In February 2024, we studied home prices in Antalya. We found big trends showing the area’s real estate market diversity and opportunity. Places like Kaş for big investments, Kemer for fast growth, and Demre for quick value growth.

County-wise Price Trends

Kaş leads with prices at €2,222/m² and an 11.69% yearly price increase. This shows it’s great for long-term investments, taking around 38 years to pay off. Kemer, with prices at €1,642/m² and an 18.64% yearly rise, is full of life. It gives a 4% annual return. Demre is really taking off with a 47.94% yearly price increase. The highest in Antalya, it costs €1,081/m², making it ideal for those who want quick growth.

Annual Price Changes

Prices in Antalya’s real estate have changed differently in each area over a year. Kaş’s prices went up by 11.69%, Kemer by 18.64%, and Demre by 47.94%. This shows varying growth rates that suit different investment plans.

Yields and Amortization Periods

Antalya’s counties offer various yields and time to pay off, meeting different investor needs. Kaş, with a 38-year amortization, is stable and good for the long run. Kemer’s 4% yield and Demre’s quick value growth are better for those who take bigger risks and aim for fast returns.

antalya real estate market analysis

Investing in Antalya’s Counties

Antalya’s diverse real estate options provide many chances for a good investment. These opportunities suit different investor needs and risks. Our look into three counties shows the wide range of antalya property investment, real estate growth, and return on investment.

Kaş: The Premium Investment Locale

Kaş marks itself as a top choice for investors. It has an average price of €2,222/m² with a +11.69% yearly growth. It also offers a long-term payback in 38 years. This place is perfect for those wanting a secure, high-value investment. It benefits from Antalya’s luxury image.

Kemer: Vibrant Growth Potential

Kemer is another great option, with a €1,642/m² average price, an annual growth of 18.64%, and a 4% yield. Here, investors find good chances for real estate value increases. The area’s growth and development push up prices and rental profits.

Alanya: Rapid Value Appreciation

Alanya real estate is also very promising, with its price growing by 47.94% each year, the highest in the region, at €1,081/m². It’s a fast-moving market for those after speedy gains. This market is ideal for investors wanting to see a quick rise in their investment’s worth.

Across Antalya’s counties, there are varied investment options. These suit different investor types, including those wanting long-term stability or quick returns. Knowing each area’s unique features helps find the ideal investment spots for you.

Why Invest in Antalya?

Choosing Antalya for investment is more than just money. It’s a lifestyle pick. This place offers a temperate Mediterranean climate. It has many fun activities and a deep cultural heritage. For those wanting a great life and a sound property investment, this coastal area is perfect.

Climate and Amenities

Antalya has a wonderful Mediterranean climate. Days are warm and sunny, perfect for outdoor fun. Here, you can swim, do water sports, hike, or play golf. The city’s services fit the needs of everyone, whether for daily living or holidays. This adds a lot of value to your antalya real estate benefits.

Cultural Richness

Antalya is much more than its looks. It’s rich in culture, with old ruins, lively markets, and an arts scene bursting with life. You can join in local traditions, visit historical sites, and enjoy the exciting antalya lifestyle. All this makes it a place enjoyed by people from all over.

Quality of Life

Antalya has something for everyone, from luxury villas to lively urban areas and peaceful spots. It offers a high quality of life, top-notch healthcare, and great schools. This makes it perfect for a fulfilling life and a wise real estate investment.

antalya climate and amenities

Types of Properties in Antalya

Antalya is the jewel on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, known for its various property types. It meets the needs of different buyers and investors. You can find everything from elegant apartments and villas to charming townhouses and plots of land in this region. It’s a dream for anyone looking for their perfect home.


Apartments in Antalya attract individuals and small families. They come with modern amenities and easy maintenance. These properties are often in residential complexes. They offer comfort and a smooth lifestyle in this beautiful coastal area.


Antalya villas are great for those wanting more space and privacy. They’re standalone and have large living areas and private gardens. Villas here offer luxury and peace, making them a top choice for buyers looking for high-end living.


Townhouses in Antalya mix the features of both apartments and villas. They’re great for their shared amenities and private outdoor spaces. This blend offers a unique urban lifestyle with a hint of seclusion.

Land for Development

In Antalya, you can also buy land to build your dream home. These plots let you design your home the way you want. It’s a great way to have a home that perfectly fits your tastes and needs. Buying land in Antalya offers the chance to have a unique property by the coast.As New Home in Turkey we provide full service for custom villa building in entire Antalya region.

Buying vs Renting in Antalya

If you’re thinking about living in Antalya, Turkey, you’re likely weighing the upsides of buying property in Antalya against the renting in antalya advantages. Buying often wins out in Antalya because its antalya real estate options and property prices are on the up. But, renting might be best if you value the freedom to move. The choice really comes down to your future goals and investing in antalya property aspirations, with options available for both buyers and renters.

Buying Property in Antalya Renting in Antalya
  • Potential for capital appreciation
  • Build equity over time
  • More control over your living space
  • Long-term investment opportunity
  • Flexibility to move or change locations
  • Lower upfront costs
  • No responsibility for maintenance or repairs
  • Shorter-term commitment

Deciding between buying property in antalya and renting in antalya really depends on what you want, what you can afford, and your future dreams. With its wide range of antalya real estate options, Antalya has something for everyone. Its dynamic investing in antalya property sector means both buyers and renters can discover the perfect home in this beautiful seaside city.

Housing Prices in Antalya: Trends and Forecasts

Antalya’s real estate market is lively and attracts investors and holiday home seekers from around the world.

We’ll look at the current trends and predictions for house prices in this Mediterranean gem. Our insight covers average prices, rental values, and how prices change across the city. This gives a full picture of Antalya’s property scene today.

Average Real Estate Prices in Antalya

The average prices for properties for sale in Antalya are listed below:

– 1+1 : 60.000 Euro – 225.000 Euros on average

– 2+1 : 80.000 Euro – 350.0000 Euros on average

– 3+1 : 100.000 Euro – 450.0000 Euros on average

– Villas : 250.000 Euro – 750.000 Euros on average

Please note that these are average prices for real estate in Antalya Turkey and these figures may change a lot depending on the quality of the property, views and its location.

Rental Prices in Antalya

If you’re thinking of investing in rental properties, listen up. The average long term rent for apartments in Antalya are in between 15.000 TL to 35.000 TL per month.But, this can change a lot depending on the property and its location. So, there’s a lot of potential for making money through rentals.

Price Fluctuations by neigborhood

At a glance, Konyaalti, Lara, and Kundu are the most expensive districts in Antalya. On the other hand Alanya, Side , Belek , Kepez and Altintas areas are more budget-friendly. Over the last 2 years, prices went up by 28.89%, with an 18.67% rise in the last year. 


Antalya real estate prices can vary widely depending on the location, property type, and market conditions, offering options for different budgets and preferences. Staying informed about these prices can help you make a smart investment. For detailed information and current listings, explore our comprehensive guide on Antalya real estate to find the best opportunities available in the market.

Antalya’s real estate market is growing, offering chances for smart investors. Data from February 2024 shows it’s alive, but it can change. It’s a good time to think about investing in Antalya’s counties.

You might like Kaş’ luxury or Kemer’s growth chances, or even Demre’s quick price rise. There’s something for everyone in Antalya’s real estate market. It’s not just about a house; it’s a piece of Turkey’s beautiful coast. More real estate investment chances are coming, so keep Antalya in mind as a place where you can find your dream property.


What are the key trends in the Antalya real estate market?

Our latest study on home prices in Antalya shows some interesting trends for February 2024. Kaş is leading, with prices around €2,222/m² and a yearly growth of +11.69%. Kemer follows closely, with prices at €1,642/m², a yearly increase of 18.64%, and a good yield of 4%. Demre boasts the highest increase in the area at 47.94% yearly, with prices at €1,081/m², showing it has great potential.

What types of properties are available for sale in Antalya?

In Antalya, you can find a range of properties like apartments, villas, townhouses, penthouses and land for developments or constructions. Apartment in Antalya are good for individuals or small families, offering easy living in residential areas. On the other hand Antalya houses provide more space and privacy, often with gardens and in calm areas. Townhouses blend features of both, combining shared walls with some private green areas. Those looking to build can buy land for their dream home.

Is it better to buy or rent a property in Antalya?

Buying a property in Antalya is often a better choice because the values usually go up. Yet, if you need to be flexible, renting might be the best way to go. The choice really depends on your future plans and what you want from your investment, as Antalya offers benefits for both buyers and renters.

What are the key factors that make Antalya an attractive destination for real estate investment?

Antalya presents more than just a chance to grow your money; it offers a new lifestyle. The city’s Mediterranean weather, range of activities, and cultural heritage make it a perfect choice for those wanting a top-quality life with their investment.

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