Best Places to Buy an Apartment in Antalya, Turkey

Do you dream of owning a spot on Turkey’s beautiful Mediterranean coast? Antalya, known as the jewel of the Turkish Riviera, is a top choice for those looking for a comfy lifestyle and good investment spots.

Wondering where to start? We got you!

Let’s look at the best areas in Antalya for smart investors and home seekers.Who knows maybe we can help you find your ideal location in Antalya today!

Best places to buy apartment in Antalya

Antalya’s real estate scene is getting more popular for buyers, thanks to year-round tourism, affordable costs, and growing infrastructure. The top spots, including Konyaaltı, Lara, Kepez, Altıntaş, and Döşemealtı, are hot picks. Farther out, places like Kundu, Belek, Alanya, and Kemer are also prized. Each spot has unique features that draw various buyers.

Finding a good Antalya property for sale can lead to good rental profits and property value growth. It’s a win for both investors and those looking for a new home. Want to find the best unknown spots for your next property investment in Antalya? Let’s dive into some hidden gems.

Key Takeaways

  • Antalya is loved by property buyers looking for a nice place to live or a solid investment.
  • The city’s central and more remote areas are great for homes and investments.
  • Antalya’s real estate market is booming, thanks to its year-round attractions, low prices, and improving facilities.
  • Buying in Antalya brings high rent, good property growth, and a great lifestyle.
  • Every area in Antalya has special features for all kinds of buyers.

Introduction to Antalya’s Real Estate Market

Antalya is becoming a favorite for those looking for homes for sale in Turkey for investment or holiday home. It offers a great lifestyle and a chance to make money. Factors like year-round tourism, low prices, and growing facilities draw in investors. They see the antalya real estate market as a smart choice for antalya property investment.

Antalya’s Growing Popularity as a Property Investment Destination

In Antalya, areas like Konyaaltı and Lara are popular with buyers. So are places like Kundu and Belek a bit further out. These places have something for everyone. From expat communities in antalya to people looking for antalya luxury apartments or antalya off-plan properties.

Factors Driving the Demand for Apartments in Antalya

Many things are boosting Antalya’s property market. One is the city’s busy tourism, bringing in visitors from all over. Also, prices are reasonable and the area keeps expanding. All this makes it a good place to buy antalya apartments.

Benefits of Investing in Antalya Apartments

Buying property in Antalya has several advantages. You can earn well from rent, see your property value go up, and enjoy a nice lifestyle. The city’s friendly policies and low Antalya’s property taxes add to its attractiveness. It’s a great time for investors to get in on Antalya’s growing market.

Prime Locations for Apartment Investments in Antalya

Antalya is a hotspot for property investments, with various prime locations available. Each area has something unique to offer. You can choose from Konyaaltı’s beachfront living to Kepez’s affordable prices. Let’s dive into the great spots for buyers in this Turkish gem.

Konyaaltı: Beachfront Living and Boğaçay Development

Konyaaltı lies on the border of Antalya’s city centre. It’s a mix of shops and eateries with a rich coastline. The area is loved by holidaymakers for its 7-kilometre coast and mountain views. The ongoing Boğaçay development is attracting those aiming to invest in antalya city centres and antalya seaside residences.

Lara Beach: Luxury Resorts and Seaside Amenities

Lara Beach is a favourite for both locals and tourists. It features a long sandy beach and plenty of places to eat and shop. This area is renowned for its antalya luxury apartments and antalya gated communities. With luxury resorts and top seaside facilities, it’s a top pick for investors.

Kepez: Affordable Prices and Developing Infrastructure

Kepez is rapidly growing, with new residential and commercial spots. It offers supermarkets, hospitals, schools, and more. Known for its cost-effective land prices, Kepez is perfect for investors looking for good deals. It’s a leader in offering antalya off-plan properties and affordable investments.

antalya city centres

Best places to buy apartment in Antalya

Outside Antalya’s busy centre, vibrant neighborhoods call for your attention for apartment purchases. Let’s look into places offering great options for buying apartments in this lively Turkish city.

Altıntaş: Proximity to Airport and Shopping Malls

Altıntaş sits in the Aksu district, just 18 kilometres from Antalya’s heart. It’s a choice spot for holidays, drawing in visitors from near and far. And for apartment buyers, its value has a lot of promise, thanks to its nearness to the airport and the beautiful Lara beaches. Plus, it boasts Antalya’s newest, biggest shopping spots, the Agora and the Mall of Antalya.

Döşemealtı: Tranquil Living Amidst Nature

Döşemealtı, to the north of Antalya’s city centre, beckons with a peaceful life in nature’s embrace. Surrounded by forests and mountains, it’s a postcard destination. Need stores, schools, and hospitals? The area has you covered, making Döşemealtı the perfect pick for those after a quiet Antalya neighborhood with all urban essentials close by.

Kundu: Resort-Style Living and Leisure Attractions

In Antalya’s east lies Kundu, a resort hotspot. It houses opulent five-star hotels, top-notch dining, and shopping picks, alongside residential spaces and villas. Here, life feels like a permanent vacation or simply a laid-back coastal dream. It’s a favorite among both investors and those aiming for a chic life in Antalya.

Golf paradise Belek and Alanya properties

Belek is now a top choice for foreign golfers, making it a smart investment. Not only is it Turkey’s golfing heart, but it also stands out as the best place. It has over 15 world-class golf courses for you to enjoy.

These courses make dreams of a golfing retirement come true. They offer more than golf, like sailing and water sports, bringing tourists and residents to Belek.

Belek: Golfing Paradise and Coastal Resorts

Belek is famous as a golfing paradise, attracting those seeking for golf properties for sale in Belek. It features luxurious resorts with a variety of activities. Besides golf, there’s sailing, windsurfing, and water skiing. This attracts both locals and visitors.

Alanya: Affordable Prices and Expat-Friendly Living

Alanya is 110 km away from Antalya’s city center, its known for its affordable living and attraction to expats and tourists. Buying property in Alanya is ideal choice for investors looking to buy in Antalya. You can find a property for almost every budget in Alanya, from luxury villas in Alanya all the way to cheap apartments for sale in Alanya with flexible payment directly from developers.

antalya seaside residences

Kemer: Seaside Bliss and Historic Attractions

Kemer is a seaside summer paradise in Antalya. It boasts blue-flagged beaches and 5-star hotels. A plethora of social activities and pleasant vibes draw millions each year. It’s especially loved by Russian and British visitors. Some have even bought antalya seaside residences and now call Kemer home all year.

You can easily visit historic sites from Kemer. Places like Olimpos Ancient City, Alacasu Paradise Cove, and Phaselis Ancient City. Mount Tahtali is a must-see and not far away. For those seeking calm in Antalya, Kemer offers luxury living. It has antalya gated communities and antalya luxury apartments. Many come with private pools, gardens, and parking, making it a serene choice.


Antalya offers a variety of prime locations for buying an apartment, each with unique features and amenities. Whether you’re looking for a bustling city center apartment or a serene coastal retreat, Antalya has something for everyone. For those seeking upscale living, explore our listings of luxury apartments for sale in Antalya to find the perfect high-end property.

Antalya is great for those wanting to invest in apartments. Each area has its unique charm. You’ll love the beach life in Konyaaltı and Lara, or seek affordable prices in Kepez. Döşemealtı offers peace amongst nature while Kundu boasts resort-style living. It’s important to think about the location, features, and investment prospects. This way, we find the right apartment for our needs in Antalya’s busy property market.

Look for apartments in places like city centres, by the sea, in gated communities, or luxury flats. The Antalya property market is becoming a hit for investments. This is thanks to the city attracting tourists all year, the good value prices, and the improving facilities. Owning an apartment in Antalya can mean earning well from rent, seeing its value increase, and enjoying a great life either as an investor or resident.

Antalya is becoming popular with expats, especially in Konyaaltı, Lara, and Alanya. They are charmed by the Mediterranean-like weather, rich culture, and the availability of pre-construction properties. As Antalya has appealing property tax rates, it’s a top choice for a smart investment or a new place under the sun.


What are the best places to buy an apartment in Antalya, Turkey?

In Antalya, great places in the city center include Konyaaltı and Lara. The city also offers top districts like Kepez, Altıntaş, and Döşemealtı. For those willing to live a little further out, there’s Kundu, Belek, Alanya, and Kemer. These areas are very popular among those looking to buy property.

Why is Antalya’s real estate market growing in popularity as a property investment destination?

Antalya has become a hotspot for property investment. The city’s steady tourism, low prices, and better infrastructure play a big role. These are the key reasons for its increased popularity.

What are the benefits of investing in Antalya apartments?

Buying an apartment in Antalya comes with several perks. You can make good money from renting it out. Also, its value might go up over time. This means it can be a great choice for living or for investing.

What makes Konyaaltı a desirable area for property buyers?

Konyaaltı is a lively area near the city centre. It’s known for its many dining places and shops. People love its 7-kilometre-long beach next to the Beydağları mountains. This area is a top choice for a beach holiday.

Why is Lara Beach an attractive option for property investments?

Lara Beach attracts many visitors with its beautiful sandy beach and great food and shopping options. The luxury resorts and coastal lifestyle make it perfect for investing in property.

What makes Kepez a popular choice for investors?

Kepez is growing fast. It now has modern homes, markets, hospitals, and schools. Since land here is still affordable, it’s a good place for investing money wisely.

Why is Altıntaş a promising area for property investments?

Altıntaş, 18 kilometres from the city centre, is perfect for holidays. It’s not far from Antalya’s airport or its newest shopping malls. This makes properties here a smart choice for the future.

What are the advantages of investing in Döşemealtı?

Döşemealtı is peaceful, an escape into nature north of the city. Its natural beauty, with forests and mountains, is breathtaking. It also has everything needed nearby, like shops and medical facilities.

What makes Kundu an attractive destination for property buyers?

Kundu is in Antalya’s east and is loved for its luxury hotels and gorgeous beaches. It also has great food, shopping, and homes, making it a desirable spot for buying property.

Why is Belek a wise investment opportunity?

Belek is a must for golf lovers, with its amazing courses. It’s also ideal for a relaxing retirement. Thanks to its 15+ golf courses, it stands out from others as a prime pick.

What makes Alanya an appealing option for property buyers?

Alanya, in Antalya’s east, is a favorite for tourists and expats. It’s loved for its affordability, climate, beaches, and lifestyle. Those looking to buy here can find a variety of homes in modern developments.

Why is Kemer a popular choice for property investments?

Kemer, a beautiful coastal town, charms with its stunning beaches and activities. Its one of the idea place if you re searching for Antalya villas for sale to rent out for rental income.

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