Top Spots to Buy an Apartment in Kalkan, Turkey

Ever dreamt of owning a part of the Turkish Riviera? Kalkan, located on the stunning Mediterranean coast, is now a focal point for property investors globally. It draws people in with its beautiful harbour, delightful old town vibe, and breath-taking natural scenery. With its real estate market on the rise, Kalkan has become a hotspot for buyers. Where should you look for an apartment in this charming town? Let’s delve into the best places to invest in Kalkan’s property scene.

Best places to buy apartment in kalkan Turkey

Kalkan’s Growing Popularity as a Holiday Destination

In recent years, Kalkan has seen a surge in people choosing it as their holiday spot. Visitors from Europe, the Middle East, and beyond are attracted to its stunning harbour, historic sites, and nearby amazing beaches and coves. This increase in visitors has led to a greater interest in the local property market. Holiday rentals and investment properties are in high demand, making it a golden time to consider investing here.

Advantages of Investing in Kalkan Property

There are many perks to investing in Kalkan. These include great rental income potential, rising property values, and the chance to benefit from Turkey’s citizenship by investment plan. The town is also improving its infrastructure, with better local airport services and transportation links. These upgrades increase the town’s attractiveness to property buyers.

Key Takeaways

  • Kalkan is a renowned destination on the Turkish Riviera, known for its picturesque harbor, charming old town, and stunning Mediterranean scenery.
  • The town has gained popularity among both local and international property investors seeking to capitalize on its growing real estate market.
  • Investing in Kalkan offers the potential for strong rental income, capital appreciation, and the ability to take advantage of Turkey’s citizenship by investment program.
  • The town’s expanding infrastructure, including improvements to the local airport and transportation links, further enhance its appeal for property buyers.
  • Kalkan’s unique blend of history, natural beauty, and thriving tourism industry make it an attractive proposition for those looking to invest in an apartment or holiday home.

But what are the specific neighborhoods and properties that offer the best investment opportunities in Kalkan? Keep reading to discover the top spots to buy an apartment in this captivating Turkish town.

Introduction to Kalkan’s Real Estate Market

Kalkan is a beautiful town on the Turkish Riviera. It has become very popular for holidays. Visitors from Europe, the Middle East, and other places come to see its charming harbor and historic buildings. Its nearness to lovely beaches has helped the kalkan property market grow.

Kalkan’s Growing Popularity as a Holiday Destination

More and more people choose Kalkan for holidays. They love the town’s history, nature, and its lively tourism. This has created a good chance for those interest in buying property. Kalkan’s better airport and transport have also been a plus, making it more attractive for kalkan real estate buyers.

Advantages of Investing in Kalkan Property

Buying in Kalkan has many perks. There’s the chance to earn well from rental income. Properties there also tend to go up in value. Plus, you might get Turkish citizenship by investment. Its fame for luxury living and beautiful beach properties, along with its better facilities and tourism, are big draws for buyers.

kalkan property market

Exploring Kalkan’s Neighborhoods

Kalkan has many different areas, each with its own charm. The Old Town Kalkan stands out for its whitewashed houses and Turkish architecture. It’s perfect for those looking for a traditional, pretty spot for their holiday homes.

Old Town Kalkan: Charming Historic District

The Old Town Kalkan is full of character and history. Its narrow streets and old buildings take you back in time. You’ll find boutique hotels, art galleries, and places to eat local dishes here.

Kalamar Road: Beachfront Properties and Luxury Villas

Kalamar Road is the place to look for if you are after luxury villas for sale in Kalkan region, it is located right by the beach. These homes come with private pools and stunning views of the sea. They’re ideal for both visitors and those looking to live here.

kalkan beachfront properties

Best places to buy apartment in kalkan Turkey

Looking for the perfect place to buy property in Kalkan Turkey? Investors have many great spots to choose from. You can get apartments in key areas like near the beautiful harbor or a short walk from the town’s heart. These newly built homes come with top-notch features, which is great for either holiday stays or living all year round.

Newly Built Apartments in Prime Locations

Kalkan offers newly built flats in top spots for anyone looking to invest. Imagine having a view of the sea or being just steps away from the beach. These apartments meet the luxury housing needs for holidays or for a permanent home. They include the latest designs, energy-saving tech, and smart spaces for a cosy and convenient life.

Resale Apartments in Established Complexes

Not only are there new apartments, but Kalkan’s property scene also has resale options. These are part of complexes that are already popular, yet they are more budget-friendly. They come with a bonus – a history of being rented and a reliable flow of rental income. For investors wanting a hassle-free choice, these could be just what they’re looking for.

Off-Plan Developments and New Projects

Kalkan has more than old properties on offer. It has new off-plan projects too. These give chances for smart investments. You can get an apartment cheaper now. Then, as the project grows, its value may rise.

Pre-construction Investment Opportunities

Investing in Kalkan’s new builds early can be smart. Prices are good at the start. Then, as the project gets done, your apartment’s value might go up.

Amenities and Features of New Developments

New projects come with great things like pools and gyms. They’re not just for holidays but also for year-round living. Choosing a place today could mean making good money later.


What makes Kalkan a popular destination for property investment?

Kalkan is a well-known spot on the Turkish Riviera with a pretty harbour and old town. It’s popular for its beautiful scenery. Many people from both Turkey and abroad like to invest in property there. They see the town’s rich history, natural beauty, and thriving tourism as key reasons to invest in apartments or holiday homes.

What are the advantages of investing in Kalkan property?

Investing in Kalkan comes with several benefits. These include strong rental income and property value increase. There’s also the chance to get Turkish citizenship through investment. The town’s infrastructure is also getting better, with upgrades to the airport and transport. This makes properties even more appealing to buyers.

What are the different neighborhoods in Kalkan, and what are their unique characteristics?

Kalkan has various neighborhoods, each with its special charm. The Old Town Kalkan, with white buildings and narrow streets, is loved for its historic feel. It has traditional Turkish structures. The Kalamar Road area is known for its luxury properties near the beach. This might be more attractive to higher-end investors.

What are the best places to buy an apartment in Kalkan?

For those who love new and modern flats, looking into options near the harbor or town centre is a great idea. Resale apartments in Turkey for sale also offer value and they often come with rental history and high occupancy records.

What opportunities do Kalkan’s off-plan developments and new projects present for investors?

Off-plan properties let investors buy at lower prices, with the potential to see their property value go up. Such projects often include great facilities like pools and gyms. They appeal to both holiday and permanent residents. Investing in these projects means being part of Kalkan’s growth and enjoying good rental returns and property value growth.

Kalkan, Turkey, offers a variety of prime locations for buying an apartment, each with its unique charm and amenities. Whether you prefer a serene coastal area or a vibrant town center, there are options to suit all preferences. For those seeking upscale living, explore our listings of luxury apartments for sale in Kalkan to find the perfect high-end property.

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