Antalya Apartment Prices? Discover the Latest Trends

Are you thinking about investing in a home in Antalya, Turkey? Many people are interested, both from Turkey and overseas. This city is popular for its beaches and growing economy.

So, what’s happening with apartment prices in Antalya? How do they compare to the rest of Turkey’s real estate?

Antalya apartment prices?

The city of Antalya is on Turkey’s beautiful southern coast. It has become a key place for property buyers from all over. In 2014, it ranked third globally as a tourist destination. Beyond tourism, its economy is strong, with lots of land used for farming.

This mix of urban growth and economic success has led to a wide variety of property types. From new apartments to luxurious villas, you’ve got many choices. Whether you want to invest or live by the Mediterranean, Antalya has something for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Antalya has become a thriving property hotspot, attracting both Turkish and overseas buyers.
  • The region boasts a thriving economy, with over 19% of Antalya’s land used for cultivating food.
  • Antalya’s real estate market offers a diverse range of accommodation options, from newly built apartments to luxury villas.
  • Antalya’s property landscape presents a range of compelling options for both investment and lifestyle buyers.
  • The article will explore the latest trends in Antalya’s apartment prices and the wider Turkish real estate market.

Antalya: Turkey’s Thriving Property Hotspot

In 2014, Antalya was the third top tourist spot globally. Its beautiful location by the Mediterranean Sea and endless sunny days attract visitors and investors. Antalya’s charm has grown, making it a key spot for both tourists and those interested in antalya property hotspot.

Antalya is also doing well economically. More than 19% of its land is used to grow food. This fuels Turkey’s quickest economy. As a result, the city has seen a boom in various sorts of accommodation. You can choose from new apartments to lavish villas, whether for living or investing.

Our findings show that Antalya is loved by tourists and is economically strong. This has led to rapid growth in the city. Now, Antalya is a great place for both local and foreign buyers. They come looking for a bit of the Mediterranean dream or a smart investment.

Exploring Antalya’s Prime Residential Areas

Antalya’s housing market has lots to offer. Each area is unique. You can find everything from improving Konyaalti, to the fancy Lara beachfronts, or the peaceful Kepez neighborhood. These choices meet different living and investing needs.

Konyaalti: An Up-and-Coming Upmarket Neighborhood

Konyaalti is becoming a sought-after place. Situated on the city’s edge, it’s close to the sea. With a beautiful marina and city center nearby, it’s perfect for those who want a bit of everything.

Lara: Luxury Beachfront Living at Its Finest

Lara is famous for its beaches and elegant living. It’s Antalya’s luxury spot, like Bel-Air. Here, you’ll find lavish apartments with ocean views. It’s a dream for those looking for exclusivity.

Kepez: Nature-Centric Properties with City Proximity

Kepez is a growing area near the city. It has homes close to nature but not far from the city. Perfect for those who value quiet and being able to reach the city quickly. These properties blend nature with urban life.

antalya prime residential areas

Antalya apartment prices?

Antalya has apartments at various prices, perfect for different budgets and goals. For example, in Konyaalti, you can find apartments for just £50,000. The area also promises a rental yield of about 7.4% yearly. This draws in investors looking for good deals and returns.

Lara’s High-End Seafront Offerings

Lara, however, offers luxury seafront apartments and penthouses. Prices here start from £500,000. It’s ideal for those wanting a top-quality, seafront lifestyle in Antalya.

Kepez’s Competitively Priced Nature View Properties

Kepez is a developing area outside the city. It features cheap properties for sale in Antalya with great nature views at competitive prices. These homes are perfect for those looking for a mix of affordability and quick access to Antalya’s city life.

antalya apartment prices

Emerging Real Estate Hotspots in Antalya

Antalya has more than just the usual top picks for homes. There are new places that have caught the eye of smart buyers and people looking for a great lifestyle. Let’s dive into what makes these places stand out:

Belek: Golfing Paradise with Excellent Investment Potential

Belek is to the east of Antalya and is a top spot for golf lovers worldwide. It offers beautiful belek golfing investment choices, like top-notch villas and apartments in peaceful complexes. Thanks to its stunning golf courses and appeal to visitors from all over the globe, Belek properties for sale is perfect for those wanting to make a smart move in the Antalya emerging hotspots.

Kemer: Scenic Mountain and Forest Retreats

In Kemer, west of Antalya, you find nature at its best, with Taurus mountains and green pine forests all around. It’s a place of beauty with modern flats and stunning kemer mountain retreats for those wanting peace and closeness to nature. Kemer is growing in popularity for anyone looking for a quiet yet convenient life.

Kalkan: Amalfi-Inspired Luxury Villas with Stunning Sea Views

Further east from Antalya is Kalkan, known as Turkey’s touch of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. It sits high, offering amazing sea views and a Mediterranean feel that draws in luxury home and holiday buyers. In Kalkan, the top-notch kalkan luxury villas boast the best designs and comforts, inviting you to enjoy the good life on the Turkish Riviera.


Antalya apartment prices vary based on location, size, and amenities, offering options for different budgets and preferences. Staying informed about the current market trends can help you make a smart investment decision. For detailed information and available listings, explore our page on apartments for sale in Antalya to find the perfect property for your needs.

Antalya’s property market is diverse and busy, making it great for both lifestyle and investment choices. You can find properties in fancy areas like Konyaalti and Lara, or places close to nature in Kepez. For those looking for new areas, Belek, Kemer, and Kalkan are also on the rise.

Antalya is perfect for those wanting a Mediterranean lifestyle or to invest in property in Turkey. It has good rental returns, chances for your property to increase in value, and a growing economy. This makes Antalya a top spot for property buyers and investors.

Antalya shines with its natural beauty, a tourist scene that’s always growing, and a strong economy. You can find anything from budget-friendly apartments to high-end homes by the sea. It’s the ideal place for both living and making money from your investment.

Overall, Antalya offers great options for a smart property investment or living a beautiful Mediterranean life. It has many homes to choose from, offers good rents, and a chance for your investment to grow. Antalya is set to be a top choice for those looking to buy or invest in property.


What is the current state of the Antalya property market?

Antalya is now a big hit for property buyers, both from Turkey and abroad. It ranked third worldwide in tourism in 2014. The city’s economy is doing well, especially because about 19% of its land is used to grow food. This makes it the fastest-growing province in Turkey. The thriving economy and urban growth have led to a varied real estate market. Here, you can find anything from new apartments to luxury villas, meeting the needs of different buyers.

What are the prime residential areas in Antalya?

The best areas to live in Antalya include Konyaalti, Lara, and Kepez.

Konyaalti, on the city’s edge, is becoming quite posh. Lara is famous for its beautiful beaches and offers luxury living with seafront properties. Kepez is a growing green area near the city centre and offers affordable homes close to nature.

What are the price ranges and investment potential in Antalya’s property market?

The property prices in Antalya vary, catering to various budgets and investment plans. In Konyaalti, you can find apartments starting from £50,000. They promise good returns at 7.4% yearly. For those looking at luxury options, Lara offers high-end properties, starting from £500,000. Kepez, however, gives nature view homes at competitive prices, suiting those looking for affordability near the city.

What are some of the emerging real estate hotspots in Antalya?

In addition to the prime areas, Antalya has several up-and-coming spots. Belek, east of the city, is a golfing hotspot with great investment chances. Kemer, surrounded by mountains and forests, offers modern apartments and villas. Kalkan, east of the city, is loved for its high location and sea views, making it popular for luxury property buyers and those looking for holiday homes.

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