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If we told you there’s a city in Turkey where your dream property is waiting, would you believe us? Antalya, situated on Turkey’s breathtaking southern coast, is a treasure trove for both local and international buyers. It’s known for its rich blend of investment options.

Antalya stands out with its stunning natural beauty, a lively tourism scene, and a perfect place for investment. Places like Konyaaltı offer a vibrant lifestyle. Meanwhile, Belek boasts luxury seaside life and top-notch golf courses.

Each area in Antalya has something unique for anyone looking to invest in property.

Best places to buy property in Antalya

But what really draws property investors to these parts of Antalya? What sets them apart as the best places to buy property in Antalya? Let’s take a closer look at what makes Antalya’s real estate opportunities so appealing.

Key Takeaways

  • Antalya has emerged as a prime destination for property investment, offering a diverse range of opportunities for both local and international buyers.
  • The city’s top locations, including Konyaaltı, Lara, Kepez, Altıntaş, Döşemealtı, Kundu, Belek, Alanya, and Kemer, each boast their own unique characteristics and appeal to different types of property buyers.
  • Antalya’s stunning natural beauty, thriving tourism industry, and favorable investment climate are key factors driving the city’s real estate market.
  • Investors can explore a variety of property options in Antalya, from vibrant city neighborhoods to luxurious seaside retreats and world-class golfing destinations.
  • The Turkish government’s policies, such as the citizenship by investment program, have further bolstered Antalya’s appeal to overseas buyers.

Introduction to Antalya’s Real Estate Market

Antalya’s real estate market is gaining lots of attention. People, both from Turkey and abroad, are looking to buy property here. The city’s great location, good for investment, and a booming tourist scene are pushing up its popularity.

Antalya’s warm climate and lifestyle options are appealing. Their well-structured city is another plus. The Turkish government’s moves to bring in more foreign money, such as a special citizenship offer, are helping too.

Antalya’s Rising Popularity Among Property Buyers

People are discovering the best places to buy property in Antalya and investors from within Turkey and outside are showing more and more interest. They see Antalya as a spot with great potential for living or investing in property.

The city’s location, growing economy, and the chance for good returns are attractive. This mix has brought in a wide range of investors. They’re all keen to make the most of what Antalya has to offer.

Key Factors Driving Property Investment in Antalya

Property market analysis in Antalya shows why it’s a hotspot for investment. Thanks to its beautiful weather, rich lifestyle, and good city planning, Antalya is an ideal place for many. The Turkish government is also encouraging more foreign money flow, making Antalya even more appealing for investment.

Konyaaltı: A Diverse and Lively Neighbourhood

Konyaaltı sits just on the edge of Antalya’s city centre. It’s full of life, with many places to eat, drink, and shop. The neighbourhood’s 7-kilometre beach is hugged by the Beydağları mountains, drawing in a mix of people, both local and visitor. Thanks to the Boğaçay project, more investors are keen on this area.

Vibrant Lifestyle and Amenities

Konyaaltı shines with its antalya luxury villas. You’ll find sleek apartments and penthouses that look out to the sea. Those living here get perks like pools and gyms, right where they live.

Beachfront Properties and Sea Views

The beachfront homes in Konyaaltı are perfect for those dreaming of living by the sea. With gorgeous views and a lively beach nearby, it’s a top choice for a great life in Antalya.

antalya luxury villas

Lara: A Sought-After Tourist Hotspot

Lara Beach is a top destination in Antalya, drawing visitors from across the globe. It has everything – all-inclusive resorts, a long sandy beach, and diverse food, cafes, and shops. Plus, it’s close to fun locations like Duden Park, perfect for holidays and living.

Upscale Resorts and Luxury Living

Interested in investing in property? Lara has you covered with its upscale homes. From luxurious sea-view apartments to premium housing with lots of amenities, there’s something for everyone. You can find Antalya’s best apartments for sale and luxury villas here, each offering a top-notch living experience.

Proximity to Beaches and Entertainment

The beachfront properties in Lara are very popular because they’re close to both the sea and fun activities. The nearby promenade is always buzzing with dining and leisure spots, attracting those who love luxury and ease.

Kepez: An Emerging Investment Destination

Kepez, in Antalya, is growing fast, making it a hotspot for those who want to invest in property. Even though it’s not by the sea, Kepez has everything else. It has shopping areas, hospitals, schools, and many places for business. This makes Kepez a top choice for people who want their money to grow.

Affordable Properties and Developing Infrastructure

Getting around in Kepez is easy with the city’s tram and other transport links. This is good news for both people looking to live there and those looking to do business. Kepez is famous for its top-notch apartments and penthouses, great for living all year.

More and more people look at antalya apartments for sale because they’re reasonably priced here. This has turned Kepez into a place where many want to invest their money. The market is growing.

Convenient Access and Amenities

Living in Kepez means you get to enjoy a lot. Its good network of places to go and things to do make life there easy and fun. It’s also close to big business areas and has a good transport system.

Since property prices in Kepez are still lower than in some areas, more investors are interested. They see the chance to gain from Antalya’s lively real estate scene.

Best Places to Buy Property in Antalya

Antalya has more than just Konyaaltı, Lara, and Kepez for antalya luxury villas and antalya property prices. There are many excellent options that property investors love. Let’s dive into these top spots.

Altıntas: An Investment Hotspot Near the Airport

Altıntas, in Aksu, is only 18 kilometres from Antalya’s heart. It boasts new homes great for long-term investing. It’s close to the airport and the stunning Lara beaches. This makes it perfect for both living and holidaying.

Döşemealtı: A Natural and Peaceful Retreat

Döşemealtı is a peaceful oasis north of Antalya. It’s full of lush forests and majestic mountains. Perfect for those wanting a quiet life away from the city.

Kundu: A Luxurious Resort District

Kundu, in the east, is a top resort area. It’s filled with fancy hotels, deluxe homes, and exclusive villas. It’s the spot for a lavish lifestyle and good property investments in the antalya luxury villas and antalya property prices

Belek: Golfing Paradise and Coastal Living

Belek is a top spot for golf in the Antalya region. It boasts more than 15 world-class championship golf courses. People from all over come here to play. But Belek is more than just golf.

You can also do things like sailing, windsurfing, and water skiing. This makes it an ideal spot for all types of visitors and investors who are looking for villas in Belek as a holiday home.

World-Class Golf Courses and Resorts

Belek’s golf courses are famous for their excellent design and scenery. Courses like Montgomerie Maxx Royal and Cornelia Golf Club are well-known. They add to Belek’s charm as a golfer’s paradise.

Staying in Belek means you get to enjoy luxury. The hotels here offer spas, great food, and exclusive areas for guests. It’s a dream destination for many.

Beachfront Properties and Sea Views

Belek and Alanya has plenty of luxury housing options. From villas in gated areas to apartments with pools and gardens. Many offer beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.If you like to buy beachfront property in Turkey you should look for Alanya apartments for sale as there are quite many new developments being built right by the beach in this lovely town.

Its blend of top-notch golf courses and living by the sea is a big draw. Belek is perfect for both tourists and those looking for a wonderful place to live. It’s where quality of life meets the beauty of the Turkish Riviera.

antalya beachfront properties

Alanya and Kemer: Seaside Resorts

Alanya and Kemer are seaside spots in Antalya that investors find attractive. Alanya is on Antalya’s east, offering history, a mix of cultures, and milder prices. It has a great climate and lifestyle, pulling in visitors and new residents. Most Popular areas to buy property in Alanya include Avsallar, Tosmur, and Kestel for their inexpensive holiday houses or Antalya apartments for sale.

Kemer: A Summer Paradise with Mountain Views

Kemer shines as a summer haven. It boasts pristine beaches, top-notch hotels, and close historical gems. It’s also known for its Antalya luxury villas, some with private amenities and views. The mix of beautiful coasts and nature makes Kemer a dream spot for those looking to invest.


Antalya is renowned for its stunning coastal views, vibrant city life, and rich cultural heritage, making it one of the best places to buy property. Whether you’re looking for a holiday home, an investment property, or a permanent residence, Antalya has something to offer. For more detailed information and current listings, explore our page on property for sale in Antalya to find your perfect match.

Antalya offers many types of properties, from city vibes to calm coasts. This variety attracts people looking for a new home or an investment. You can find what you like in places such as Konyaaltı, Lara, Kepez, Döşemealtı, and Belek.

The city is great for investing because of its welcoming environment for investors. Its booming tourism and developed structures keep on luring buyers from the globe. When looking at the different areas and property choices, Antalya stands out as a top choice for quality living or smart investments.

Antalya’s real estate has something for everyone. You might enjoy the beach and sea views in Lara or prefer Belek with its golf and coastal scenes. No matter if you love city life or seek quiet nature, Antalya’s homes will match your dreams and budget.


What are the best places to buy property in Antalya?

The top places in Antalya for property investors include Konyaaltı, Lara, Kepez, and more. These spots offer unique benefits. This includes vibrant lifestyles, great amenities, or being near the sea.

What factors have driven the popularity of Antalya’s real estate market?

Antalya is popular due to its great location and investment climate. Its tourism has also boomed. The city’s lovely climate, various lifestyles, and good facilities make it an appealing choice.

What are the key features of Konyaaltı, a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood in Antalya?

Konyaaltı is close to the city centre. It has lots of places to eat, shop, and a long coast. This area is known for its luxury homes and beautiful sea views.

What makes Lara Beach a sought-after tourist destination in Antalya?

Lara Beach is famous for its resorts and long sandy beach. It has many places to eat and shop. It’s also near to Duden Park, making it popular for holidays or living.

What are the advantages of investing in properties in Kepez, a rapidly developing district in Antalya?

Kepez is growing fast and has good facilities like malls and hospitals. It’s a smart place to invest due to its lower land prices. Also, it’s easy to get around, which is good for living or business.

What other locations in Antalya have caught the attention of property investors?

Other than the popular spots, areas such as Altıntaş and Döşemealtı are of interest. They offer various homes, from new ones to luxury villas. This attracts different types of buyers.

What makes Belek a premier golfing destination in Antalya?

Belek is known for its top golf courses appealing to players worldwide. It also has many water sports available. With luxury homes, it caters to a wide range of people.

What are the key features of Alanya and Kemer as seaside destinations within the Antalya region?

Alanya has a rich history, low property prices, and a lively scene. Kemer, known for its beaches, is great for summers, with villas for a peaceful stay. Both offer unique seaside living in Antalya.

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