Cost of Living in Kas, Turkey: An Affordable Escape

Are you a digital nomad looking for an amazing yet affordable place to live? Consider Kas, a beautiful town by the turquoise coast of Antalya, Türkiye. This place is perfect for anyone wanting to get away from the city’s noise. It has calm vibes, breathtaking scenery, and a deep history.

Cost of living in Kas Turkey

In Kas, you’ll see why it’s so popular for digital nomads. It’s full of small shops, cafes, and places to eat. These spots make working away from the office a pleasure. Plus, living here is cheaper than in many other places. This means you get a lot for what you spend.

Key Takeaways

  • Kas, in Antalya , is an affordable destination for digital nomads seeking a high quality of life.
  • The town’s laid-back atmosphere, stunning natural beauty, and rich cultural heritage make it an ideal setting for remote work.
  • Accommodation, groceries, dining out, and utility costs are relatively low in Kas, allowing for a comfortable lifestyle on a budget.
  • Kas provides a range of public transportation options and outdoor activities, making it an attractive choice for those seeking an active, affordable lifestyle.
  • With its welcoming local community and abundance of amenities, Kas offers digital nomads a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Turkish culture while enjoying a comfortable and cost-effective lifestyle.

Does the idea of affordable living in Kas sound good to you? Let’s take a closer look at why Kas is perfect for digital nomads who want balance without spending too much.

Cost of Accommodation in Kas

Kaş, Turkey, has many choices for places to stay at different prices. If you’re looking for a place to stay for a while or just a short trip, you’ll find good deals here. This makes it a top pick for those working online who need an inexpensive place to call home.

Rental Prices for Apartments and Houses

The cost of renting an apartment or house in Kaş varies. It depends on the place, its size, and what it offers. A one- or two-bedroom place might cost between £300 and £700 a month. These prices go up for better locations or more amenities.

If you need more space, like in a villa, you might pay from £500 to £1,200 a month. Many landlords give a lower price for a longer stay. This is great news for digital nomads planning to stick around for a while.

Hotel and Vacation Rental Options

If you’re in Kaş for a short visit, there are also hotels, pensions, and vacation rentals for you. This is perfect for digital nomads who want more freedom or are just stopping by. The price for a hotel room is usually between £30 and £100 a night. It depends on how fancy the place is and what it offers.

For a longer stay or more space, you can book an apartment or villa. Prices for these start at £50 a night. They can go up to £150, depending on the place and what it includes.

Cost of living in Kaş, Turkey

The food in Kaş reflects the vibrant mix of the Mediterranean and Anatolia. You can try fresh seafood, meals with olive oil, and a variety of mezes at waterfront spots. A meal at a local eatery usually costs between £5 to £15 per person, depending on where you go.

Groceries and Dining Out

In Kaş, fresh produce, meat, and dairy are available at local markets and shops. These places offer better prices than supermarkets. This means our money goes further each month. When eating out, a meal will set you back from £5 to £15, still quite reasonable.

Utility Bills and Internet Costs

For digital nomads, Kaş offers affordable and reliable internet. Our utility bills, covering electricity, water, and gas, aren’t too high. This makes living and working in the town’s charming environment easy.

cost of living in kas

Transportation Expenses in Kas

One major concern for digital nomads in Kas is transportation costs. Luckily, the town has affordable and convenient transportation options. This makes life easier for those exploring the area.

Public Transportation Options

The main form of transport in town is the dolmuş. This is a shared minibus running on set routes. A ride usually costs about £1, which is perfect for budget travelers.

The dolmuş helps people go from the town centre to villages and popular spots. This way, digital nomads can travel around without spending a lot.

Owning a Car in Kas

Some people might like owning a car for the freedom it brings. But, in Kas, it means dealing with extra expenses like fuel and insurance. Plus, finding parking can be hard due to narrow streets.

Despite this, a car can be great for exploring the beautiful areas around Kas. It lets digital nomads enjoy the stunning nature close by. This can enhance their experience of the region and open up new adventures.

Healthcare Costs in Kas

If you are a digital nomad, Kas, Turkey, is a fantastic place to be. It’s wise to consider your healthcare options there. The town has a good healthcare system, with everything from public hospitals to private clinics. It’s suggested to get Turkish state health insurance (SGK) or a private health insurance if you’re staying long-term.

These health plans cover many medical needs. This includes visits to doctors, tests, and staying in the hospital. With the right healthcare plan, digital nomads in Kas can feel secure, even away from home.

Kas is set up well for both locals and tourists needing medical care. You can find services for regular check-ups, special treatments, or help in an emergency easily. Making sure you have the right healthcare is key to living happily and stress-free in Kas, Turkey.

Entertainment and Leisure Activities

Kaş might not beat the big cities for nightlife, but it has a charm of its own. There are cosy bars and live music spots for us digital nomads to chill. The vibe is easy-going, focused on great music and friends rather than wild parties.

Local Nightlife and Cultural Events

Kaş’s nightlife is simple yet sweet, with bars and pubs for a relaxed night out. Cafe Medusa is a hit for its mix of traditional Turkish folk, as well as rock and jazz. Then there’s Baris Bar, offering a laidback time by the water. These places let us soak up local culture, meeting friendly faces over affordable drinks.

Outdoor Activities and Excursions

For outdoor lovers, Kaş is a paradise. Close to beautiful beaches, quiet coves, and mountains, it’s perfect for adventure. Hiking, swimming, and snorkelling are easy here. And a boat tour from affordable living in kas turkey to see hidden islands and ancient ruins is a must. The scenery is truly stunning.

outdoor activities in kas

Tips for Budgeting and Cost Savings

In the captivating town of Kaş, Turkey, we, as digital nomads, found ways to cut costs and make our money go further. We live like the locals and enjoy the affordable living in Kaş. This lets us save money and experience the rich Turkish culture deeply.

Strategies for Reducing Living Expenses

To live on a budget in Kaş, try shopping at local markets for groceries. Here, you can find fresh foods at lower prices than big stores offer. Also, cooking at home means we spend less on our monthly expenses in Kaş.

Best Neighborhoods for Affordable Living

In Kaş, some neighborhoods are more affordable yet still charming. They are outside the busy town centre but close to everything we need. By looking closely at different areas, we located affordable places to live that suit our budget.


The cost of living in Kaş, Turkey, is relatively affordable compared to other Mediterranean destinations, with lower expenses for housing, groceries, and utilities. This makes it an attractive option for both expats and locals. For those considering settling down in this beautiful town, exploring properties for sale in Kaş can provide valuable insights into the local real estate market.

In conclusion, Kaş, Turkey, is a fantastic place for digital nomads. It offers a great life without costing too much. The town is beautiful with lots of culture. Its people are friendly too.

Kaş has a low cost of living and internet is good. There are many things to do outside and learn from the culture. This makes life comfortable and fun for digital nomads.

Kaş is lovely with its old buildings and calm sea. It’s perfect for those who love affordable living. The town has cheap places to stay, food is varied, and you can move around easily. So, it’s a top pick for people working and traveling.

As digital nomads, we can find a great balance in Kaş. We get to work and enjoy the beauty and culture around us. The town is not pricey and it’s easy to fit in. This lifestyle in Kaş can be very fulfilling, matched with rich experiences.


What is the typical cost of accommodation in Kaş, Turkey?

Rental prices in Kaş depend on the property’s size and area. They are usually cheaper than in big Turkish cities. For example, one-bedroom apartments cost between £300 and £500 a month. Bigger apartments in Kas might go for £500 to £800 a month. There are also many hotels and holiday rentals available for short stays.

How much can digital nomads expect to spend on groceries and dining out in Kaş?

Groceries and eating out in Kaş are not too pricey. A meal at a local place can cost between £5 and £15. Digital nomads can save by shopping locally and cooking. This way, they can make their money go further.

What are the typical utility and internet costs in Kaş?

Getting by in Kaş is relatively cheap when it comes to utilities and the internet. Utilities like electricity and water might add up to £50 to £100 a month. For good internet, you could pay £20 to £40 each month.

What are the public transportation options in Kaş, and how much do they cost?

The main transport in Kaş is the dolmuş, a shared minibus. A ride on it costs around £1. This is a great option for digital nomads. Cars are available but not always needed, thanks to the town’s transport network.

How much can digital nomads expect to pay for healthcare in Kaş?

Kaş has good healthcare with public and private options. For staying longer, it’s wise to get health insurance. This could be the Turkish state health insurance (SGK) or a private plan. These plans usually cover most medical needs well.

What types of entertainment and leisure activities are available in Kaş, and what are the associated costs?

There’s plenty to do in Kaş, from bars and live music to outdoor fun and culture. Although it’s not a big place for nightlife, it’s relaxed and friendly. And things like hiking, sailing, and beach trips are cheap or free.

What strategies can digital nomads use to reduce their living expenses in Kaş?

To save living in Kaş, digital nomads should look for cheaper food and cook at home. They should also use the local transport and live in an inexpensive area. Being careful with utilities can also save money.

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