Cost of Living in Mersin: An In-Depth Guide

Thinking about moving to Mersin, Turkey? This city is central in the southeast on the Mediterranean. It is the 11th most populated area in Turkey. Want to know what it costs to live here? We’ll explore the cost of living in Mersin and show why it’s so affordable.

Mersin’s history spans thousands of years, starting with its first settlements over six thousand years ago in Yumuktepe. Today, it’s a major port city with a mild climate. Its resort time lasts from mid-April to mid-November. Mersin was once known only to locals but is now gaining fame among foreign travellers and real estate buyers.

What draws people to Mersin beyond its climate and beaches? Its quite pleasant low prices for real estate and life play a big part. Plus, the upcoming Çukurova Airport will improve connections, leading to more visitors and residents. This development is expected by the end of 2022 and is just 42 kilometers away.

Cost of living in Mersin

Key Takeaways

  • Mersin offers an affordable cost of living compared to other popular destinations in Turkey.
  • The city’s thriving port and agricultural industry contribute to its low prices for groceries and dining out.
  • Rental prices for apartments and houses in Mersin are quite reasonable, making it an attractive option for both residents and investors.
  • Mersin’s public transportation system and healthcare services are accessible and cost-effective.
  • The city’s educational institutions, including a large public university, provide quality education at affordable prices.

So, what do you need to budget for in Mersin? We’ll look at the costs of housing and utilities and more. Let’s explore how much living in this Turkish gem really costs.

Introduction to Mersin’s Cost of Living

Mersin is a beautiful city in the southeast of Turkey. It attracts people from all over for its lovely weather, golden beaches, and culture. But what makes it stand out is how affordable life here is. This makes many choose Mersin as their home. We’ll look at why living costs in Mersin are so low and what affects them.

Overview of Mersin’s Affordable Lifestyle

Once a local secret, Mersin is now a hit with visitors and investors. Its affordable life plays a big part in its popularity. Compared to other places in Turkey and even Europe, Mersin’s living costs are impressively low. This applies to everything, from housing to daily groceries.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Living in Mersin

The availability of fresh, low-priced produce is a big plus for Mersin. This is because it shines in exporting fruits and veggies in Turkey. Also, daily services like hairdressing and maintaining your car are much cheaper than Europe. Mersin’s food scene is not just a delight but also very good value. Eating out here costs way less when compared to big cities like Istanbul.

Housing Costs in Mersin

Mersin is becoming a popular region with great homes near the sea, yet still affordable. It has a deep history lasting thousands of years, with the first settlements at Yumuktepe over 6,000 years ago. Even though Mersin’s famous beaches are a bit far from the city centre, there are daily ferries in the summer.

Rental Prices for Apartments and Houses

Mersin apartment rental prices and mersin house rental prices vary a lot. This lets people find something within their budget. Generally, renting in Mersin is cheaper than in bigger Turkish cities like Istanbul or Antalya.

Utilities and Maintenance Costs

The utility costs in Mersin and maintenance costs in Mersin are not too high either. Mersin has both state and private healthcare facilities, including a new state hospital, Şehir Hastanesi, with the latest equipment. If we have a residence permit in Turkey, we can benefit from the state insurance SGK. With SGK, treatment in state hospitals is free. It also allows us to enjoy great discounts at private hospitals. Additionally, we can choose to buy private health insurance for our family.

housing costs in mersin

Cost of Living in Mersin

Grocery and Food Costs

Mersin shines as Turkey’s top spot for exporting fruits and veggies. Thanks to this, the city offers budget-friendly and top-notch food. You’ll find fresh lemons, oranges, and tangerines growing all around. These goodies are sold in local markets year-round, and often cost less than in other renowned places. This makes grocery costs in mersin and food costs in mersin great news for those on a tight budget.

Transportation Expenses

The transportation costs in mersin beat the European norm. The city’s transport is easy with dolmuş buses reaching beaches regularly. They take Mersin Cards or bank cards, keeping travel costs down.

Healthcare and Medical Costs

Mersin is home to top-notch medical care. It has big hospitals, clinics, and the advanced Şehir Hastanesi. With a Turkish residence permit, you can get free treatment and big discounts on private healthcare. It’s also wise to consider private healthcare for extra peace of mind. This ensures affordable healthcare costs in mersin.

Entertainment and Leisure Spending

Mersin’s food scene is a big draw, with prices lower than cities like Istanbul. Along with affordable menus, entertainment costs in mersin are wallet-friendly too. This allows both locals and tourists to dive into the city’s culture and enjoy many leisure activities without spending too much.

entertainment costs in mersin

Education Costs in Mersin

Mersin has many choices for families looking into education for their kids. There are lots of free public schools where foreign kids can sign up and get a great education. Also, you will find top-class private schools in Mersin. They offer high-quality education for all students.

Public and Private School Fees

In Mersin, public schools don’t cost much as they get money from the government. This means kids from all sorts of families can go. It ensures every child gets a shot at a good education.

On the flip side, private schools here focus more on certain subjects. For example, many give a lot of attention to English. Yes, you might need to pay more for these schools. But, you’ll get a broad education that readies you for the future.

University Tuition and Expenses

Mersin is where you can find a big public university, Mersin Üniversitesi. It has lots of departments and is home to over 40,000 students. Among them are more than 2,200 from other countries.

This university teaches in Turkish and English. It’s a great place for students from near and far. The bonus is, if you pass a specific test as a foreigner, you can study nearly free here. This is a big chance for those looking for cheap university costs in Mersin.

Aside from the public uni, there are private ones like Toros Üniversitesi. And, there’s Çağ Üniversitesi, found between Tarsus and Adana. These private universities offer different learning opportunities, although they might cost more.


The cost of living in Mersin is relatively affordable, making it an attractive option for both expats and locals. Lower expenses for housing, groceries, and utilities contribute to its appeal. For those considering settling down in this vibrant city, exploring properties for sale in Mersin can provide valuable insights into the local real estate market.

Mersin is a vibrant and alluring district in the southeast of Turkey. It brags about a rich history, stunning Mediterranean coastline, and low costs of living. Being the 11th most populated area in Turkey, Mersin has become a key port city. It pulls in locals and foreigners with its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and mix of cultures.

Mersin stands out because of its affordable prices, especially in housing and living costs. It leads in exporting fruits and vegetables from Turkey. This means that getting fresh products is cheap. Also, things like maintenance, getting your hair done, and renting a car cost less here than in Europe. Mersin is also famous for its food and has many restaurants. Eating out here is much cheaper than in big cities like Istanbul or Antalya.

Plus, Mersin has a strong education system with a big public university and several private colleges. You can study in Turkish or English at these places. Also, there’s a special program at the public university for foreigners. This often means studying there is very cheap. So, if you’re looking for good education at low prices, Mersin is a good choice.

Choosing Mersin means you can enjoy a great life without spending too much. Its beautiful nature, rich culture, and low prices mix perfectly. It’s a place both residents and tourists should think about visiting.


What is the cost of living in Mersin like?

Mersin has an affordable lifestyle. It’s comfortable and doesn’t cost much for housing, food, and services. This is compared to big cities in Turkey and Europe.

How much do housing and utilities cost in Mersin?

Renting a place in Mersin is reasonable. The cost for keeping your home running is also lower than in many European cities.

What are the grocery and food costs like in Mersin?

Being a major exporter of fruits and vegetables, Mersin gives you cheap fresh food. Plus, eating out is not as costly as in places like Istanbul or Antalya.

How much does transportation cost in Mersin?

Mersin’s transport system is handy, with seafront bus services. You pay for these with a special Mersin card or a bank card.

What about healthcare and education costs in Mersin?

In Mersin, state and private hospitals are many. With a residence permit, you can get state health insurance for free care in state hospitals. You’ll also get discounts at private hospitals.

For education, there are both public and private schools. Some universities teach in English at good prices.

Is Mersin a good option for families?

Mersin is very family-friendly. It has free public schools for foreign kids. Also, there are private schools known for their quality. The local university welcomes lots of students, including many from other countries.

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