Cost of Living in Side, Manavgat

Welcome to New Home in Turkey! If you’re thinking about buying property in Turkey, you’re probably curious about the cost of living in Side, Manavgat. This beautiful area is a favorite among holiday home seekers and property investors. Let’s dive into what you can expect in terms of living expenses in this picturesque part of Turkey.

Overview of Side, Manavgat

Side, Manavgat is a stunning location on Turkey’s southern coast, known for its rich history, beautiful beaches, and friendly community. It’s easily accessible, with Antalya Airport just an hour away. The area offers excellent transportation options, including regular buses and taxis, making it easy to get around and enjoy everything Side, Manavgat has to offer.

Housing Costs in Side

Property Prices

Buying property in Side Turkey offers a range of options. Whether you’re looking for a modern apartments for sale in Turkey or a luxurious villa, you’ll find competitive prices here. On average, you can expect to pay:

Rental Prices

If you’re not ready to buy, renting is also a great option. Here’s what you can expect for rental prices:

  • Long-term rentals: Apartments usually range from €300 to €800 per month.
  • Short-term rentals: These can vary widely but generally range from €50 to €150 per night, depending on the property and season.

Utilities and Household Expenses

Electricity, Water, and Gas

Utilities in Side, Manavgat are quite affordable. On average, monthly costs for a standard apartment are:

  • Electricity: €40-€60
  • Water: €10-€20
  • Gas: €15-€30 (if applicable)

Internet and Mobile Services

Staying connected is essential. Here’s what you can expect to pay:

  • Internet: High-speed internet packages are available for €15-€30 per month.
  • Mobile Plans: Basic plans start around €10 per month, with more comprehensive packages costing €20-€40 per month.

Maintenance and Repair

Regular maintenance and occasional repairs are part of property ownership. Budget around €50-€100 per month for routine upkeep and unexpected repairs.

Food and Groceries

Supermarket Prices

Shopping for groceries in Side, Manavgat is affordable, with plenty of local and international options. Here are some average prices:

  • Bread: €0.50
  • Milk (1 liter): €0.80
  • Chicken (1 kg): €4.00
  • Rice (1 kg): €1.50
  • Eggs (12): €1.50

Dining Out

Enjoying the local cuisine is a delight and very affordable:

  • Inexpensive restaurant: €5-€10 per meal
  • Mid-range restaurant: €15-€30 per meal for two

Local Markets

Local markets are a fantastic way to buy fresh produce and support local farmers. Prices are often lower than supermarkets, and the quality is excellent. For example:

  • Fruits and vegetables: €0.50-€2.00 per kg
  • Cheese: €5-€10 per kg

Transportation Costs

Public Transport

Public transport in Side, Manavgat is both efficient and affordable:

  • Bus fare: €0.50-€1.00 per ride
  • Dolmuş (shared taxis): Similar to bus fares, offering flexibility and convenience.

Private Transport

If you prefer driving, owning a car involves additional costs:

  • Fuel: Approximately €1.20 per liter
  • Parking fees: Generally €1-€2 per hour in busy areas
  • Car maintenance and insurance: Budget around €50-€100 per month

Healthcare and Insurance

Public Healthcare

Turkey’s public healthcare system is accessible and very affordable as compared to Europe or USA. If you have a Turkey resident permit you can benefit from the public healthcare services at minimal costs, often covered by insurance.

Private Healthcare

Many expatriates opt for private healthcare due to shorter wait times and English-speaking staff. Here’s a rough idea of costs:

  • Doctor’s visit: €20-€50
  • Health insurance: Comprehensive plans range from €500-€1,000 per year

Education and Childcare


Whether you’re moving with family or planning for the future, education is a key consideration:

  • Public schools: Free for residents
  • Private schools: Tuition fees range from €3,000 to €10,000 per year


Quality childcare is available, making life easier for working parents:

  • Daycare: €200-€500 per month
  • Babysitting: €5-€10 per hour

Entertainment and Leisure

Recreational Activities

Side, Manavgat offers a range of activities to keep you entertained:

  • Beach access: Generally free, with some private beaches charging a small fee
  • Sports facilities: Gyms and sports clubs typically charge €20-€50 per month
  • Boat tours and excursions: Starting at €20 per person

Cultural and Social Events

Enjoy the local culture and social scene without breaking the bank:

  • Local events and festivals: Often free or with minimal entry fees
  • Museums and historical sites: Entry fees typically range from €2 to €10

Miscellaneous Expenses

Clothing and Personal Care

Stay stylish and well-groomed with these average costs:

  • Clothing: Prices vary, with budget options available from €10-€50 per item
  • Personal care: Haircuts typically cost €5-€15, while other personal care items are similarly affordable

Other Expenses

Other occasional costs to consider:

  • Fitness memberships: €20-€50 per month
  • Household items: Budget around €50-€100 per month for essentials and occasional purchases

Comparing Costs with Other Regions

Comparison with Alanya

Side, Manavgat generally has a slightly lower cost of living compared to Alanya. While both areas offer great value, Side’s lower property prices and daily expenses can make it more attractive for those looking to maximize their budget.

Comparison with Major Cities in Turkey

Compared to major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, Mersin, Side offers a significantly lower cost of living. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking an affordable yet high-quality lifestyle in a beautiful coastal setting.


Living in Side, Manavgat offers a wonderful balance of affordability, comfort, and beauty. Whether you’re considering it for a holiday home or a long-term investment, understanding the cost of living can help you make an informed decision. At New Home in Turkey, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Ready to explore your options? Contact us today for personalized advice and exclusive Turkey property listings.

Thank you for choosing New Home in Turkey for your real estate needs. We look forward to helping you find your villa in Turkey with private pool for unforgettable family holidays.

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