Can Foreigners Buy Apartment in Kalkan? Discover the Truth

Can foreigners buy apartments in Kalkan, a beautiful seaside town in Turkey? Many overseas property buyers wonder about this. They are interested in the investment chances in Turkey.

In this article, we’ll look into how foreigners can own property in Kalkan. We will discuss the rules, restrictions, and the benefits of investing in this charming place. Kalkan is loved by many for its Mediterranean beauty and as a top spot for international real estate investors.

Can foreigners buy apartment in kalkan ?

Key Takeaways

  • Foreigners can legally purchase property in Turkey, including apartments in Kalkan.
  • The Turkish government has streamlined the buying process for foreign buyers.
  • There are some legal requirements and restrictions that foreign buyers must be aware of.
  • Kalkan is a popular destination for British and other international buyers.
  • Investing in Kalkan offers potential for value appreciation and lifestyle benefits.

Legal Requirements for Foreigners Buying Property in Turkey

Foreigners looking to buy property in Kalkan should know the law. They need to understand the rules Turkish property legislation and ownership rights and restrictions. Turkey’s Constitution in Article 35 says anyone can own property there. But, there are rules they must follow.

Turkish Property Legislation

These rules include zoning laws and limits on what foreigners can buy. The Turkish Civil Code explains this more. For foreigners, registering the land they want to buy is a must.

Ownership Rights and Restrictions

There are legal restrictions on property ownership for foreigners. The Village Act stops them from buying property in some rural areas. They also can’t buy near military or important areas, thanks to the Military Prohibited and Security Areas Act.

Prohibited and Military Areas

New laws could change these restrictions, based on the economy or EU rules. Foreign buyers must keep up with legal requirements for foreigners buying property in turkey. They should talk to local experts to make sure they’re following the law.

Can foreigners buy apartment in Kalkan?

Who Can Legally Buy Property in Turkey

Citizens from almost all countries can buy property in Turkey. Yet, people from Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Nigeria, and Cuba cannot. For some, like Iraqis, Iranians, and Palestinians, getting approval from the interior ministry is necessary before purchasing property in Turkey.

Restrictions for Specific Nationalities

The process for foreign buyers in Turkey is easier compared to many countries. It’s often faster too. Property Turkey offers support with a team of experts to assist foreign buyers. This ensures a smooth process.

In 2019, foreign buyers bought over 45,000 properties in Turkey. This was a 15% increase from the year before. The most active buyers were from Iraq, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. They either purchased houses or got Turkish citizenship through investment.

Kalkan: A Prime Destination for Foreign Property Investors

Kalkan is a lovely seaside town in Turkey. It’s now a main spot for foreign property investors, especially from British buyers. This growth is because the town has lots to offer. Its unspoilt Mediterranean coastline, year-round sunshine, and nearness to international airports appeal to those looking for holiday homes or permanent residences.

Increasing Popularity Among British Buyers

Statistics show that British buyers like homes along the Turkish Mediterranean coastline. This includes the Mugla region (Fethiye and Bodrum) and Antalya (Antalya City, Kas, Belek, and Side). They’re popular because of their high number of expat communities from the UK and Europe. Plus, they have great access to international airports, making trips to and from the UK easy.

Attractive Features of Kalkan Properties

Kalkan’s unspoilt Mediterranean coastline, year-round sunshine, and close international airports attract foreign property investors. In particular, British buyers look at Kalkan for holiday homes and permanent residences. This town has many attractive features that have grown its appeal. So, it’s now a top choice for investment.

Property Types Available for Foreign Buyers

When foreign buyers look at Turkey apartments for sale , they find many choices. They can choose from apartments , villas and land parcels

Apartments, Villas, and Land Parcels

Apartments and villas are popular in places like Kalkan. Here, buyers like the chances for the property’s value to grow.

They can also get Turkish residency if they choose. The lifestyle and amenities make the towns appealing.

Size and Location Restrictions

Foreign buyers can own up to 30 hectares, excluding military zones. But, their land can’t exceed 10% of the town’s area.

property types

Purchasing Process for Foreigners

Buying property in Turkey as a foreigner is quite straightforward. In Turkey, the property’s change of ownership is done by a Property Registry official. This is unlike events in many European countries. There, both buyer and seller meet with a public notary to transfer the property.

In Turkey, the buyer and seller or their representatives must be there. If someone else is going to represent them, they need a notorial deed.

Here, the deed transfer doesn’t need a public notary. It just has to be in writing. Once all is done, the property register issues a ‘Tapu’ which proves ownership.

You don’t need to live in Turkey to buy property. New buyers get a one-year residence permit automatically. Also, buying real estate worth $400,000 can get you Turkish citizenship. This has attracted many foreign investors to Turkey.

Tax Implications for Non-Resident Property Owners

Buying property in Turkey brings various taxes and fees for non-resident owners. They should know about:

Transfer and Registration Fees

When a property changes hands, a one percent duty fee is due at the Land Registry Office. Both the buyer and the seller pay this fee. It’s important in a foreigner’s property buying steps.

Rental Income and Capital Gains Tax

Owners not living in Turkey are taxed on their rental income. The tax rate increases as the rental income goes up. When these owners sell their property, they might face capital gains tax. The amount of this tax depends on how long they’ve owned the property and their profit from the sale.

Property Tax and Inheritance Tax

Every year, non-resident property owners pay property tax. The amount they pay changes with the property’s value and where it is. If the property passes to someone through a will, they could face an inheritance tax. This tax is based on the inherited property’s value and the relationship between the person who left it and the new owner.

Knowing about these taxes is very important for non-resident property owners in Turkey. They can play a big role in the property’s cost now and in the future.

tax implications for non-resident property owners

Advantages of Buying Property in Kalkan

Buying real estate in Kalkan, Turkey, has many benefits. It offers a chance for your property to grow in value appreciation and investment potential. You also get options for residency and citizenship there. Not to mention, the lifestyle benefits and amenities are exceptional in this beautiful, seaside town.

Value Appreciation and Investment Potential

Kalkan is known for its natural beauty and great location. These, along with its popularity, have increased property values. Studies show that Kalkan’s properties have been doing better than the country’s average. This makes it a smart place for investment potential.

Residency and Citizenship Options

By investing in Kalkan, foreign buyers can also get a chance for residency and citizenship in Turkey. The government’s program says if you invest at least $400,000, you can apply for a Turkish passport. This gives you a chance for a global lifestyle or a second passport.

Lifestyle Benefits and Amenities

Kalkan’s not just great for its financial perks. It’s a wonderful place to live. The town’s beautiful coast and sunny weather, along with its great food and attractions, make it very appealing. It combines natural beauty, cultural offerings, and modern life in a way that attracts many buyers.


Foreigners can indeed buy an apartment in Kalkan, as Turkish property laws are favorable to international buyers. The process is straightforward, making Kalkan an attractive destination for investment. For more information and available listings, visit our guide on how to buy apartment in Kalkan to start your property search.

This article has shown that non-Turks can buy homes in the beautiful town of Kalkan. The process is easy, thanks to steps set by the Turkish government. Yet, there are some rules and limits to follow.

Kalkan is now a top pick for those from the UK looking to invest in property. Its beauty, the sun all year, and nearness to airports pull them in. They can choose from various properties like flats, houses, and pieces of land. But, some rules about size and where they can be are in place.

Buying in Kalkan follows clear steps. As a non-Turk owning property, you will pay several taxes and fees. These include money for transferring ownership, taxes on rent, on profits, and property taxes. But, the chance of the property’s value going up, being able to live or become a citizen, and the town’s great lifestyle are big draws for foreigners.


Can foreigners buy property in Turkey, including apartments in Kalkan?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Turkey, even in Kalkan. The buying process is easy for non-Turks. This is because the Turkish government has made it simple.

What are the legal requirements and restrictions for foreigners buying property in Turkey?

Foreign buyers should know some things. They face restrictions like certain zones off-limits and size limits on property. Also, the property’s title transfer must be through the Land Registry Office. During the sale, both sides pay a one percent fee.

Who can legally buy property in Turkey?

Citizens from most countries can buy there, except those from Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Nigeria, and Cuba. Some, like Iraqis, Iranians, and Palestinians, must get approval first.

Why has Kalkan become a prime destination for foreign property investors?

Kalkan is a sought-after spot for foreign buyers, especially from Britain. Its beauty, sunny weather, and easy airport access attract many. People buy for vacations or to live there because it’s so appealing.

What types of properties can foreigners purchase in Turkey?

Foreigners like buying in Turkey various properties. This includes apartments, villas, and land. Places like Kalkan draw them in with the chance to grow their investment, easy residency options, and the town’s amenities.

How does the property purchasing process work for foreigners in Turkey?

Buying in Turkey is not hard for foreigners. The Property Registry does the entry. Both buyer and seller must be there for this or appoint someone. There’s no need for a public notary.

What are the tax implications for non-resident property owners in Turkey?

Non-resident owners face various taxes and fees. These include property tax and capital gains tax. It’s important to know these to avoid surprises.

What are the key advantages of buying property in Kalkan, Turkey?

Investing in Kalkan offers many perks. You can see your property’s value grow. Plus, you may get Turkish residency or citizenship. The town’s natural beauty and sunny weather are appealing bonuses.

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