Can Foreigners Buy Apartment in Fethiye? | Buying Guide

Dreaming of a holiday home? Turkey is a great choice for those wanting to move, retire, or invest. It offers beautiful weather and a variety of cities and resorts. What makes it even more appealing is its affordable property prices. The market has seen a 30% increase in prices early in 2021. But, many new homes are under construction, which may bring more choices. There has been a growing interest from overseas buyers in the past. This trend slowed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Luckily, the market stayed strong, helping lower interest rates.

Wondering if you can buy a place in Fethiye? It’s a sought-after spot for many. Let’s look at what it takes to own property there as a foreigner.

Can foreigners buy apartment in Fethiye ?

Key Takeaways

  • Foreigners can buy property in Turkey, with some legal restrictions on total acreage and prohibited zones.
  • Fethiye is a popular destination for foreign buyers, attracted by its natural beauty, low property prices and expat community.
  • The property buying process for foreigners in Fethiye involves navigating legal documentation, working with real estate agents and solicitors.
  • Acquiring property in Fethiye can provide opportunities for holiday rentals, retirement or permanent relocation.
  • Understanding the market, legal framework and local support services is crucial for a successful property purchase as a foreigner in Fethiye.

Legal Framework for Foreign Property Ownership in Turkey

it is possible to become property owner in Turkey as a foreigner. Turkey has made big moves to bring in international investments. For instance, it scrapped the need for foreigners to face the same conditions to buy property.

Abolition of Reciprocity Condition

Since the Amended Land Registry Law No. 2644 and Law No. 6302 on 18 May 2012, the requirement for foreigners to meet a specific standard to buy property in Turkey was dropped. Now, persons with foreign nationality can freely purchase homes, businesses, land, or fields, within the laws of the country.

Legal Restrictions for Foreign Buyers

In Turkey, persons with foreign nationality can buy up to 30 hectares of property. Limits are also placed on ownership within certain zones. Foreigners can’t own or rent in zones forbidden for military use or high-security areas.

Moreover, persons with foreign nationality can only buy a limited amount in a district. The limit is 10% of the district’s total area.

Types of Properties Foreigners Can Buy

Foreigners can buy various real estate in Turkey. This includes homes, shops, land, and fields. If buying land or fields, they must plan to develop it and submit their projects to the Ministry within two years.

But, when it comes to mortgages, there’s more flexibility. Real individuals and companies from other countries can mortgage their properties, bypassing some of the regular rules.

Can Foreigners Buy Apartment in Fethiye?

Buying a property in Fethiye, Turkey, is quite straightforward for foreigners. However, you need to know certain things. These include the eligibility requirements, residency and visa considerations, and the need to meet specific investment thresholds for residency and citizenship.

Eligibility for Foreign Property Ownership

Foreign buyers can purchase real estate in Fethiye if their country allows it. The process involves applying to the Land Registry Directorate directly. It’s important to ensure your application is fully complete to avoid delays.

Residency and Visa Requirements

Simply purchasing a property in Fethiye doesn’t automatically grant a residence permit. But, it can boost your chances if you apply for residency or Turkish citizenship later. Owning property can make these processes easier.

Investment Thresholds for Residency and Citizenship

When it comes to general property buying in Fethiye, there’s no set minimum for how much you can invest. However, if you aim to gain Turkish citizenship through buying property, you’ll need to invest at least $400,000.

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The Property Buying Process in Fethiye for Foreigners

Foreigners often find the Fethiye housing market hard to understand. The process of buying properties abroad can be tricky. But, with the right help and expat homeownership resources, we can make it through. We’ll learn to follow turkish real estate regulations. Then, we can enjoy the overseas investment opportunities in Fethiye.

Finding a Property in Fethiye

Can foreigners buy apartment in Fethiye? Yes, they can. There are many places to look. Property agencies, agents, and Fethiye property websites are all helpful. They aid in finding the right Fethiye residential market investment. Choosing English-speaking pros ensures a clear path. They help with foreign property ownership in Turkey.

Legal Documentation and Procedures

The buying real estate in Fethiye process is serious. It requires official deeds and registry signing. At the Land Registry Directorates, this is done. Both seller and buyer cover the title deed fee. It’s based on the selling price, or the “Property Statement Value.” This is set by the municipality.

Working with Real Estate Agents and Lawyers

To understand the Turkish real estate regulations, we need experts. It’s important to have reliable people or companies help. A good solicitor is key. They make sure the expat homeownership process is both smooth and secure.

Advantages of Buying Property in Fethiye

Fethiye is a great place to own property. It has stunning views, beautiful beaches, and property that’s not too expensive. This draws people from abroad who want to experience real Turkish life. More than 5,000 Brits call Fethiye home, loving its beauty and sense of community.

Fethiye’s Real Estate Market

Fethiye is especially popular for foreign property investment and holiday homes. It’s a bit quiet in winter though, with less to do as tourists leave.

Lifestyle and Living Costs

Living in Fethiye is affordable, with many services perfect for expat homeowners. You get to enjoy Turkish traditions mixed with modern comforts. This makes it ideal for those who want to buy property in Turkey and live a unique life.

Expat Community and Amenities

Fethiye has a lively expat community with great services. The city combines old-world charm with new facilities well. It’s a top pick for foreign residents looking for overseas investment opportunities or expat homeownership in Turkey.


Foreigners can indeed buy apartment in Turkey, as Turkish property laws are favorable to international buyers. The process is straightforward, making Fethiye an attractive destination for investment. For more information and available listings, visit our guide on how to buy apartment in Fethiye to start your property search.

Buying property in Turkey as a foreigner can seem tricky. But, with the right help and knowledge, it’s a great move. Fethiye is a top pick for many. It has beautiful scenery, cheap homes, and a big group of foreign residents. To succeed, work with experts and understand the local laws. This way, we can make a smart investment and maybe even get residency or citizenship.

Rules that made owning property hard for foreigners are gone. This has opened the door for more people to buy in Turkey. Fethiye stands out, with its happy mix of expats and a lively tourism scene. It’s a wonderful choice for a second home, an investment, or a permanent stay.

Learning what’s needed, teaming up with good agents and lawyers, and getting to know the area are key steps. Doing these can turn buying in Fethiye into a straightforward process. This town shines with its natural beauty, low living expenses, and new services for foreigners. It’s a dream spot for anyone thinking of moving or investing in Turkey.


Can foreigners buy property in Fethiye, Turkey?

Yes, folks from other countries can buy different types of property in Turkey. This includes homes, shops, land, and fields. But, there are a few rules they have to follow.

What are the legal restrictions for foreigners buying property in Turkey?

Foreign buyers can own up to 30 hectares of land in Turkey. They face limits in special areas, like military zones. They can’t own or rent property there. Also, in any district or town, they can’t own more than 10% of the available land.

What types of properties can foreigners buy in Turkey?

There’s a wide range of properties foreigners can buy. This includes houses, shops, and open land. But, they must follow the local rules.

Do foreigners need a residence permit to buy property in Turkey?

No, you don’t need to live in Turkey to buy a place there. However, owning property could help if you later apply to live or become a citizen.

Is there a minimum investment requirement for foreigners to buy property in Turkey?

For basic property buying, there’s no minimum cost for foreigners. But, to get Turkish citizenship through investments, the property must be worth at least 0,000.

How can foreigners find and buy property in Fethiye?

You can start the search with local property experts or online. Working with people who speak English makes the process easier and safer.

What is the process of buying property in Fethiye as a foreigner?

The buying process involves official paperwork that’s signed at the Land Registry office. Sellers and buyers share some fees. It’s smart to get advice from a trustworthy lawyer when buying property.

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