Can Foreigners Buy an Apartment in Mersin, Turkey?

Have you ever wondered if you, as a foreigner, can buy a home in Mersin, Turkey? This article will explain how you can own a piece of the captivating city. It will delve into the legal steps, the investment benefits, and the perks of residency for those who wish to make Mersin their second home.

Mersin, also called İçel, is in the south of Turkey on the coast. It is between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, providing incredible views. Known for its history, beautiful beaches, and unique spots, it might not be familiar to everyone. Being by the sea, it’s a top pick for relaxation and adventure.

Mersin is one of Turkey’s safest spots, known for its security and community safety. The city is well-maintained and ready to welcome visitors. It’s more affordable than Turkey’s bigger cities, making it great for those who want a comfortable life without high costs.

Can foreigners buy an apartment in Mersin?

Key Takeaways

  • Mersin is a captivating coastal city in southern Turkey, offering a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle.
  • The city is known for its rich history, pristine beaches, and unique attractions, making it a popular tourist destination.
  • Mersin is considered one of the safest cities in Turkey, with a focus on security and community-based approach to safety.
  • Compared to larger Turkish cities, Mersin has a lower cost of living, making it an attractive option for foreigners.
  • The article explores the legal procedures and investment potential for foreigners looking to purchase property in Mersin.

Mersin: A Captivating Coastal City

Mersin is a city that welcomes people from many backgrounds. Its diverse population makes it feel like home for foreigners. The city is rich in cultural events, festivals, and cuisine, offering chances for everyone to learn and share their culture.

It’s famous for its friendly community. This makes it easy for visitors to meet both expats and locals. The warmth of the locals often makes newcomers feel at home. Here, both Turkish and Mediterranean foods are enjoyed in various places. You can try fresh seafood, kebabs, and more, making it a fun time for food enthusiasts.

Safety and Cost of Living

Mersin stands out as one of the safest cities in Turkey. It has strong security systems and a focus on community safety. The well-kept streets and helpful environment make it a great place to explore.

Living here is also affordable. This includes lower costs for housing, utilities, and daily needs. So, it’s a good choice for those looking for a good life on a budget.

Cultural Diversity and Community

Mersin is a city open to people from all walks of life. Its mix of backgrounds makes it a place where everyone feels welcome. The city’s cultural events, festivals, and cuisine offer rich chances for cultural sharing.

Mersin is famous for its friendly locals. This helps outsiders blend in well and make friends easily. People’s welcoming nature adds to the feeling of being at home here.

The Turkish Property Market: An Enticing Investment

Turkey’s charm for those living abroad and investors comes from more than its culture and location. It is also due to its open real estate market. This market makes it easy for people to invest, especially through property that offers a pathway to citizenship.

Istanbul is the economic heart of Turkey, with a strong economy and a lot of culture. Its worldwide connection is clear as about 55 countries are just a four-hour flight away. This makes it attractive for investment. The city offers a variety of properties, from luxurious flats to business premises.

Prime Locations for Real Estate Investment

Antalya and Bursa attract attention, with Antalya’s Mediterranean beauty and Bursa’s economic success. Kusadasi is a smart choice for those wanting affordable entry points. Bodrum is famous for its beautiful architecture, and Alanya is gaining popularity thanks to its affordable options and major growth in the last ten years.

The southwest coastal areas are also popular, especially for expats. Places like Fethiye and Yalikavak in the Bodrum peninsula are known for luxury living and good investment opportunities.

Average House Costs in Turkey

Buying a house in Turkey is often more affordable than in other parts of Europe. In 2019, over 45,000 homes were sold to foreigners. This trend has continued to climb. In 2022, this number reached 67,490. Places like Istanbul, Antalya, and Mersin are favorites among buyers.

House prices vary widely across the country, based on location and type. Luxury areas by the Mediterranean are more expensive. Meanwhile, places with many British expats tend to be more affordable. House prices have been going up, with a 32.39% rise in April 2021. Despite this, the number of homes sold in 2021 went down by 21.4%. This shows how competitive the market is.

turkish property market

Legal Procedures for Buying Property in Mersin

Buying property in Mersin, Turkey, means understanding legal steps and paperwork needed. You, as a foreign buyer, should know the details for a smooth process.

Necessary Documents for Foreign Buyers

To own property in Turkey, you must have the Tapu or title deed. You also need a notarised, translated passport, and a Turkish tax number. This tax number can be got online or at a tax office quickly.

For banking, important for property payments, you need a Turkish bank account. This requires proof of address like a utility bill. You must change other currencies to the Turkish Lira for property payments. Also, you need a Foreign Exchange Document for the Land Registry Office.

Before the property’s title deed moves to you, you need an appraisal report. For the application, biometric photos are essential.

Overview of the Conveyancing Process

The conveyancing step is for buying urban properties in Turkey. It doesn’t cover military zones or rural areas. You have to pay fees, like title deed charges and agent fees, about 4% of the property’s price. Once paid, the property becomes officially yours.

Just owning property doesn’t give work or residency rights. But, investing at least $400,000 makes you eligible for Turkish citizenship through an investment scheme.

Obtaining a Foreigner Identification Number

At the start, you must get a Foreigner Identification Number from the TNP Foreigners’ Department. This number is vital for all legal moves, including buying a property.

Land Register and Cadastre Information

The Tapu is registered at the Land Register and Cadastre. This step is key if you plan to get citizenship through investment. You’ll need to keep the property for three years.

Getting citizenship this way opens doors to residency and visa benefits for you and your family.

Can Foreigners Buy an Apartment in Mersin?

Residency Rights for Property Owners

If you are not from Turkey and are thinking about buying a villa in Mersin, here’s some good news. You and your immediate family can get a renewable residency permit. This means you can live in Turkey as long as you own the Mersin property. Thanks to the real estate laws in Mersin, people from other countries can buy a flat here. They can also live here while doing so.

The rules about property ownership aim to attract foreign money to Mersin’s real estate market. If you own a house here, you’ll find it pretty easy to live in this exciting coastal town. You can be a part of the lively Mersin scene.

mersin property investment residency

Obtaining Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

By putting at least $400,000 into Turkish real estate and holding onto the property for three years, you can start your citizenship application. This figure is set by the Citizenship by Investment Program to make the process clear and fast, usually done in 120 days once all paperwork is ready.

Investment Threshold and Process

The journey kicks off with getting a Certificate of Eligibility. This means you need to open a bank account locally and get a Turkish Tax ID. Then, you should get a residence permit and buy the property. Finally, you submit your citizenship request at a Ministry of Interior branch.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Citizenship means you can visit 110 countries without a visa or with one on arrival, including eligibility for the E-2 Investor Visa in the US. You can also keep your original citizenship. The property market in Turkey welcomes foreign investors, with some limits. For example, you can’t buy in military areas and there’s a cap on land ownership. However, owners are well protected, even in terms of inheritance. Property prices are rising each year, and buying is affordable in big cities, indicating good returns.


Foreigners can indeed buy an apartment in Mersin, thanks to favorable Turkish property laws. The process is straightforward, making Mersin an attractive option for international buyers. For more information and available listings, visit our page on how to buy an apartment in Mersin to start your search.

Mersin is a beautiful Turkish coastal city. It’s a great place for foreigners to invest in real estate. This investment might lead to Turkish citizenship.

The city’s Mediterranean lifestyle, rich culture, and affordable living costs attract many. The property market in Turkey is now a hotspot for global investors.

To buy a property in Mersin, understanding the legal steps is key. Knowing the citizenship benefits is also important. This makes owning a flat in Mersin more rewarding.

Mersin’s beauty, strong economy, and friendly people make it an ideal spot. It’s perfect for those interested in Turkey’s real estate opportunities.

If you want to invest here or even live in Mersin, there is a helpful guide for foreigners. The process of buying an apartment in Mersin is clear and easy. So, your chance to own a part of Mersin is simpler than ever before.


Can foreigners buy an apartment in Mersin, Turkey?

Yes, they can. But the property mustn’t be in certain zones or rural areas. When buying, you’ll pay some fees. This includes the title deed charge and agent commission, which is about 4% of the property’s value each.

What are the necessary documents for foreign buyers to purchase property in Mersin?

You need several documents. This includes your passport, which must be notarized and translated, a Turkish tax number, and proof of where you live. You also need an appraisal report for the property’s value. Don’t forget your biometric photos for the title deed application.

How can foreigners obtain a Foreigner Identification Number in Mersin?

Expats should get a Foreigner Identification Number from the TNP Foreigners’ Department. You’ll need this number for legal stuff, like buying property.

What are the benefits of owning property in Mersin as a foreigner?

If you own property in Mersin, you and your close family can get a renewable residency. This means you can live in the country as long as you have your property. Also, spending 400,000$ or more in Turkish real estate can start your path to Turkish citizenship.

This also gives you benefits like access to 110 countries without a visa. Plus, it might make you eligible for the E-2 Investor Visa in the US.

What is the process for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?

To get Turkish citizenship through investment, you need to spend at least 400,000$ on real estate. You also must agree to keep the property for three years. The steps include getting a Certificate of Eligibility, a Turkish Tax ID Number, a residence permit, and applying for citizenship at the Ministry of Interior.

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