Can Foreigners Buy Apartments in Kas? All You Need to Know

Kas is a charming town on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, attracting global investors. People are eager to know if they can buy homes there. This guide will cover the rules and tips for owning a place in this beautiful area. It aims to help you make a smart choice.

Ever thought about owning property in Kas? Maybe you dream of a taste of Turkish heaven, a chance for your investment to grow, or a life with sunny beaches. Knowing the rules and how to find a property here is key to reaching your real estate goals.

Can foreigners buy apartment in Kas ?

Key Takeaways

  • Foreigners can legally acquire properties in Kas, provided they meet specific eligibility requirements.
  • The Turkish Civil Code outlines the ownership regulations, with the registration of the land being a critical step for foreign buyers.
  • Kas has emerged as a popular choice for international investors seeking apartments and other residential properties.
  • Navigating the Kas property market requires due diligence, working with local professionals, and understanding taxes and fees.
  • Investing in Kas real estate can offer attractive returns, but buyers must consider factors like property management and maintenance.

Understanding the Legal Framework for Foreign Property Ownership in Turkey

Turkey has set up detailed rules to protect foreign property buyers. These rules make buying property safe and clear. The Turkish Civil Code, mainly article 633, explains how ownership rights are gained.

Turkish Property Legislation and Ownership Rights

When a foreigner buys property, getting it registered is very important. In Turkey, there’s a big network of offices that manage property documentation. This setup makes buying property in Turkey well-organised and legally sound.

Restrictions on Foreigners Acquiring Property

Foreigners may purchase land and property in Turkey, but with some limits. They can buy in cities but not in rural areas. Also, the property can’t be in military or other sensitive zones.

Military Prohibited and Security Areas

Turkey is careful about property near military sites or places vital for security. Buying property in these zones might need special permission. It’s because national security is a top priority for the country.

Can foreigners buy apartment in Kas?

Buying a property in Turkey is quite simple for foreigners. They can purchase land and property in their names. This is allowed if the property is within a town or municipality. Also, it must not be in a village or rural area, and can’t be in a military zone.

Eligibility Requirements for Foreign Buyers

The beautiful town of Kas on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is a hit with foreigners. Those looking to buy apartments and properties need to make sure they’re not in a military area. The property must also fall within the town’s borders.

Types of Properties Available for Purchase

Foreigners in Kas have a lot to choose from. They can pick from various homes like apartments, villas, and holiday houses. These properties are great for living, holidays, or making money in Kas’s active real estate market.

kas property

Knowing the rules and what’s for sale makes buying in Kas easier. This way, foreigners can find their perfect property for living or investing.

The Property Buying Process for Non-Residents

Buying a property in Turkey as a non-resident requires good knowledge of the process. It’s important to do your research, work with local experts, and handle paperwork carefully. Also, think about the money and currency issues involved.

Conducting Due Diligence and Research

Before you buy, make sure you look into the property and the market well. This means checking the property’s legal status, any limits on ownership, and potential issues. Looking at the title deeds and permits carefully is a key part of the process.

Engaging Local Real Estate Agents and Lawyers

Working with local real estate agents and lawyers makes things easier. They can offer advice, help with negotiations, and make sure you follow all laws. Their local knowledge is vital when buying property.

Legal Documentation and Title Deeds

Getting the right legal documents, like the title deed, is very important. Your lawyer will make sure the property is free of any debts or legal issues. Knowing about the necessary paperwork makes the process smoother.

Financial Transactions and Currency Considerations

There are important financial steps to take when buying in Turkey. This includes managing currency and other financial tasks. Your lawyer will help with these so the transaction goes well.

Taxes and Fees for Foreign Property Owners

Foreign buyers in Turkey should know the costs involved in buying property. These include transfer fees, value-added tax (VAT), annual property taxes, and taxes on rental income and capital gains.

Transfer Fees and Value-Added Tax (VAT)

Both buyers and sellers pay a 2% transfer fee each, so it’s 4% in total. This is based on the property’s declared value, which can’t be lower than the ‘tax value’ from the local town hall. When new buildings are on the property, a further 2% is needed for their registration.

Annual Property Taxes and Rates

The amount of annual property tax you’ll pay is based on the property’s tax value. This tax is due yearly and can vary based on where the property is and its size.

Rental Income and Capital Gains Taxation

If you earn rent from a property in Turkey, you must pay tax on this income. The tax rate is the same as other income sources. When you sell the property, you’ll face a tax on the profit you made. The tax rate here depends on how long you’ve owned the property and some other factors.

taxes and fees for foreigners buying property in turkey

Navigating the Kas Property Market

Kas is a top spot on the Turkish Med coast. It’s seen a big growth in kas real estate market trends lately. Its great location, lively culture, and beautiful coastline have caught people’s eyes. This includes buyers from inside and outside Turkey.

Kas Real Estate Trends and Investment Potential

The investment potential of kas properties is still going strong. It’s known as a prime place for holidays or retirement now. Prices for places like flats and homes keep going up. This makes Kas a good choice for those looking to gain value or earn from renting. Keep an eye on the kas real estate market trends to pick the best spots and types of property.

Popular Locations and Neighbourhoods

In Kas, some popular areas to buy in have become top picks. The old town center is a gem with its old streets, lovely buildings, and busy market. Also loved are the areas by the sea. These places give quick access to beaches and marinas. And there are more modern spots too, with new flats and houses.

Property Management and Maintenance Considerations

Thinking of investing in properties in kas? Don’t forget about property management and maintenance. Getting help from trusted management companies is a wise move. They can look after your property, whether you’re using it, renting it, or living there. Knowing the local rules and ways of looking after properties in Kas is key. It helps make the most of your investment.


Foreigners can indeed buy apartments in Kaş, as Turkish property laws are favorable to international buyers. The process is straightforward, making Kaş an attractive destination for investment. For more information and available listings, visit our guide on how to buy apartment in Kaş to start your property search.

In conclusion, Kas, a town on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, is a top pick for foreigners looking to buy homes. They can buy property under certain conditions outlined in the Turkish Civil Code. This includes buying within municipalities and not in military areas.

For foreigners, it’s crucial to register their property correctly. They need to follow legal steps to ensure a smooth purchase. By knowing the rules, property types, and buying steps, investing in Kas can be both safe and rewarding.

Kas is a great choice with a deep history and beautiful scenery. It’s welcoming to those wishing to own a part of the Turkish Mediterranean. By following the law, foreign buyers can make their dream of owning property in this charming area a reality.


Can foreigners buy apartments in Kas?

Yes, foreigners can buy apartments in Turkey, including in Kas. However, these apartments must be in towns. They can’t be in villages or rural areas. And, of course, not in military zones.

What are the ownership regulations for foreigners buying property in Turkey?

The rules for owning property in Turkey are outlined in the Turkish Civil Code, article 633. This article talks about how ownership is gained. In Turkey, the Land Registry Department manages the registration of land. This step is very vital for foreign buyers.

Are there any restrictions on foreigners acquiring property in Turkey?

Foreigners can own property in Turkey, as long as it’s in a town. It can’t be in rural areas or military zones.

What is the property buying process like for non-residents in Turkey?

The buying process can be done in about a week if you have all the money and documents ready. You can also use a power of attorney and have a solicitor in Turkey handle the purchase for you. This way, you don’t have to be in Turkey during the sale, which can save time.

It makes the whole process go smoothly. The sale is usually complete in around four weeks after you sign the contracts.

What are the taxes and fees for foreign property owners in Turkey?

Both buyers and sellers need to pay a 4% transfer tax in Turkey, which is 2% each. This is based on the property’s price. And, the property’s price can’t be lower than what the local town hall values it at for taxes. Also, there’s a 2% tax for new buildings’ registers.

What should I consider when navigating the Kas property market?

When looking at Kas’s property market, do your homework. Understand the area’s trends and where is popular. Know the costs of managing and keeping the property up.

It’s wise to work with local agents and lawyers. They can help you have a trouble-free buying experience.

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