Most Popular Types of Properties for Sale in Kalkan

Kalkan, a stunning coastal town in Turkey, is now a hotspot for property buyers and investors. The town’s real estate has attracted global interest. You might be surprised by what’s available here.

Kalkan offers a wide range of properties. You can find everything from small apartments to large villas by the sea. These villas sometimes come with private beaches, or they sit on the hillsides. They offer great privacy and amazing views of Kalkan or Kalamar bays. Some even have both views if you’re lucky. A recent trend in Kalkan is for apartments to have private pools, rather than sharing one.

The real gems, though, are the penthouse apartments with their own rooftop infinity pools. They offer a luxurious lifestyle for those who want something special. With these, you still get a taste of luxury and exclusivity, even if you can’t afford a whole villa.

What are the most popular types of properties for sale in kalkan?

Key Takeaways

  • Kalkan is a top holiday destination in Turkey with a thriving real estate market
  • Properties in Kalkan offer high rental potential and capital appreciation
  • Diverse range of options, from modest apartments to luxurious seafront villas
  • New trend of Kalkan apartments featuring private pools rather than shared pools
  • Unique penthouse apartments with private rooftop infinity pools for those seeking luxury

So, what are the most popular properties for sale in Kalkan? Let’s look at the many types of properties that make Kalkan such an attractive place to buy real estate.

Introduction to Properties in Kalkan

Kalkan sits in the Antalya province, offering a unique charm to its visitors from worldwide. A lot of Kalkan falls under protected green belt status. This means it has strict rules about building, helping keep its beauty untouched.

Kalkan’s Exclusive Holiday Resort Status

Kalkan is not your usual resort, away from busy airports like Antalya and Dalaman. Its distance from major flight hubs has kept it serene and true to its roots. This, along with its protected status, has made Kalkan a top pick for those who prefer a refined holiday spot.

Protected Green Belt Land and Stringent Building Regulations

Kalkan’s strict building rules have shielded it from becoming a typical tourist hub. These rules protect its unique architecture and natural beauty. Thus, Kalkan’s kalkan property market shines as an exclusive holiday resort.

The green belt around Kalkan adds to its allure, showing its focus on being eco-friendly. It emphasises Kalkan as a place that cares about the environment.

protected green belt land

What are the most popular types of properties for sale in kalkan?

Kalkan, Turkey, has a wide variety of properties for sale. It caters to different budgets and styles. You can find everything from simple apartments to grand seafront villas here.


Kalkan villas for sale are perfect for those willing to spend more. Some villas have their own beaches. Others sit on hills, giving amazing views of Kalkan or Kalamar bays.


Recently, the trend in Kalkan apartments for sale is changing. More apartments are built with private pools. This change lets holiday makers enjoy luxury without the high cost of a villa.

Penthouses with Private Rooftop Pools

People who dream of a villa but have a smaller budget can look at Kalkan’s penthouse apartments. These come with private rooftop infinity pools. They offer great views and a sense of luxury.


Best places to buy Property in Kalkan

Kalkan, Turkey, is known for areas with stunning views and great investment potential. Several places stand out for those considering property here. Let’s look at some top spots in Kalkan.


Kisla is a top choice for many in Kalkan. It’s close to the harbour and the beach. Here, you’ll find luxury villas right by the sea. They come with private sea access and offer quick boat rides to the harbour. Kisla is also famous for its amazing sunsets over the sea.


The name Ortaalan means ‘middle area’ in Turkish. This place is between two bays in Kalkan. It offers a high vantage point with views of the bays, harbour, and islands. Being near the town centre makes properties here very convenient.


In Komurluk, you’ll find charming, stone-clad houses near the sea. This area is known for its traditional and scenic homes. The properties here boast lovely views of the Mediterranean.

Kalamar Bay

Kalamar Bay has grown in popularity recently. It’s close to Kalkan’s town centre and offers affordable prices. But, with unique luxury homes and private beaches, prices are going up.


Kiziltas sits above the main road in Kalkan. It has stunning views of the bays. Even though it’s cheaper here, it’s because it’s further from the town. Many prefer living closer to the town centre.

Investment Potential and Rental Yields

Investing in Kalkan, Turkey, can bring big rewards. The rental yields there are top-notch and rise with the property type. Think villas, apartments, or penthouses with a pool on the roof. They all promise great returns from smart holiday renting.

High Rental Returns

Kalkan stands out as a top holiday spot, which means high rent prices. Kalkan investment properties can earn investors a lot, often over 8-10% each year. Plus, these places gradually go up in value. So, Kalkan looks like a smart move for those who love a good investment deal.

Capital Appreciation

Kalkan’s charm has made it more popular over the years. This has boosted property values consistently. Such trend is likely to carry on. Therefore, Kalkan promises a mix of good rent earnings and increasing property value, perfect for investors looking for a win-win.

Importance of Views

The view really matters in Kalkan investment properties. Apartments for sale in Turkey with sea views often cost more and rent for a premium. Investing a bit more up front for an amazing view pays off in better rent and future value.


Kalkan offers a variety of popular property types, including luxurious villas, modern apartments, and charming townhouses, catering to diverse preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a holiday home or a permanent residence, Kalkan has something to offer. For more details and current listings, visit our page on property in Kalkan Turkey to find your ideal home.

Kalkan in Turkey is now a hot spot for holidays and property sales are going up fast. The places here are not just good for renting; they are also seeing higher prices. This makes it a great time for investing. You can count on our team at New Home in Turkey to help you find the best property in Kalkan, matching what you want with what you can afford.

Kalkan has something for everyone, from simple flats to fancy beach villas. Maybe you dream of a small flat by the sea, a big villa with your own pool, or a top-floor flat with a pool on the roof. Our team is here to help you pick the right property that fits your dream and your budget.

Looking into Kalkan’s property scene, we see its special status and careful building rules as key to its lasting appeal. Buying here might mean good rent and the value going up. Investing in Kalkan could be both wise and fulfilling. Let Turkey Homes be your guide to finding and buying your dream home in this beautiful Mediterranean spot.


What are the most popular types of properties for sale in Kalkan?

The most popular properties in Kalkan are Kalkan villas for sale , apartments, and penthouses. They often come with private rooftop pools. People also love beachfront places, traditional stone houses, and new builds.

What makes Kalkan an exclusive holiday resort destination?

Kalkan is a top holiday spot in Turkey because of its beauty and charm. It’s in a protected green area. This limits big buildings and keeps the area beautiful and relaxed.

What are the most desirable locations for property in Kalkan?

Kisla, near the harbour, and Ortaalan with bay views are top spots. Komurluk, known for traditional houses, and Kalamar Bay, near the centre, are also great. For stunning views, Kiziltas is the place to look.

What is the investment potential and rental yield of properties in Kalkan?

Properties in Kalkan are great for renting out and their value usually goes up. Investing in a property with great views is smart. Even if it costs more upfront, you’ll earn more in rent.

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