Best Places to Buy an Apartment in Mersin for 2023

Are you looking for a peaceful place by the Mediterranean or a profitable chance? Mersin is waiting for you, known as the jewel of the southern Turkish coast. At New Home in Turkey, we bring you the best properties in this growing market. Mersin offers lots of sunshine, a great weather, and a busy tourist season. It’s perfect for a second home or a smart rental investment.

Best places to buy apartment in Mersin

Mersin is on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean, enjoying nearly 300 sunny days annually. This means you can live here all year round. The tourist season starts in late March and goes on until November. This brings many visitors who love the city’s lively coastal living. With apartments by the beach or in the city centre, Mersin has options for all budgets.

So, where should you look to buy in Mersin? And why is this real estate market so exciting? We’ll explore the best spots and find the hidden gems for your next big investment.

Key Takeaways

  • Mersin gets lots of sun, perfect for holiday homes and investment properties.
  • Tourists visit Mersin from late March to November, making it ideal for rentals.
  • Our website shows you the top apartments in Turkey for sale, with options from developers, agents, and private sellers.
  • Prices in Mersin are very competitive, cheaper than other popular Turkish places like Antalya and Istanbul.
  • With a new airport coming soon, Mersin is set to grow, attracting more international interest. This makes it a great time to buy here.

Introduction to Mersin’s Real Estate Market

Mersin is a beautiful place along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. It’s a well-known mersin holiday destination. It’s east of Antalya and close to Adana’s bustling mersin infrastructure. The area’s lovely mersin climate and fabulous mersin coastline make it popular for homes and investments.

Mersin’s Appealing Climate and Coastline

Mersin enjoys around 300 sunny days each year. This creates a lovely Mediterranean environment. The coast is full of golden beaches and clear waters. It’s home to towns like Erdemli, Silifke, and Anamur.

Rising Popularity as a Holiday Destination

Many Turks love Mersin as a holiday escape. This includes people from Ankara, Konya, Adana, and Gaziantep. The area’s strong mersin infrastructure and great attractions are making it even more favored.

Upcoming Infrastructure Developments

Mersin is expecting a big change with the new Mersin International Airport. It’s planned for completion by 2023. This airport will make Mersin easier to reach. It will attract more investors and visitors from around the world.

Best places to buy apartment in Mersin

Mersin is known for its stunning coasts and sunny weather, making it perfect for those looking to buy mersin apartments. Among several hotspots, Kizkalesi, Susanoglu, and the holiday towns of Erdemli and Silifke are the top choices. Each of these places offers something special for home buyers.

Kizkalesi: A Historic Gem by the Sea

Kizkalesi sits between two big towns, Erdemli and Silifke, making it a perfect spot. This place includes a famous Castle on the Sea and a beautiful beach. It’s expected to become even more popular with the upcoming Mersin International Airport opening. The area is rich in history and has plans for a new villa-style neighborhood. This area is perfect for those wanting to enjoy the sea every day.

Susanoglu: Endless Beachfront Potential

Susanoglu is a choice spot for those looking to own a place near the sea. It features a long beach with soft sand and clear waters. For people dreaming of a holiday home by the shore, Susanoglu could be ideal.

Erdemli and Silifke: Established Holiday Towns

Erdemli and Silifke are great if you prefer places with lots of facilities. These towns have beautiful beaches and are popular with Turkish holiday makers. More and more people are interested in buying mersin apartments here. They are looking like a good investment because of the growing real estate market.

mersin apartments

Factors Driving Mersin’s Property Market

Mersin’s property market is growing fast. This is thanks to several things, catching the eye of both local and foreign investors. One big reason is the upcoming Mersin International Airport. It will make getting to the area easier and closer for everyone.

Mersin’s International Airport Project

Mersin used to wish for an international airport. Now, that’s changing. The Mersin International Airport is almost ready, aiming for an opening in 2023. This big project will transform the Mediterranean region and spark more interest from abroad. Currently, getting to Mersin often needs two flights, especially from the UK or the GCC. With limited direct flights to Adana, most go through Istanbul. The new airport will cut travel times and make visiting Mersin simpler for holiday makers and those on business.

Influx of Russian Professionals

More than just the new airport, Mersin is drawing in Russian professionals. The presence of these Russian nationals is boosting the need for top-notch homes and offices. This is driving up Mersin’s property market.

Improving Year-Round Infrastructure

Mersin is also fixing up its infrastructure all year long. This means better services for locals and visitors. The bettering of Mersin’s infrastructure will invite more kinds of investors and users. It will keep pushing Mersin’s property market upwards.

Investment Prospects and Property Prices

In Mersin, the property market is full of good opportunities. Property prices here are lower than in places like Antalya or Istanbul. This is an excellent chance for smart investors to buy Mersin real estate before its value goes up.

Competitive Prices Compared to Antalya and Istanbul

Mersin stands out because of its affordable real estate market. This is especially when you compare it to the rising prices in Antalya and Istanbul. It’s a good time for those interested in invest in Turkey real estate at attractive prices before they surge even more.

Potential for Price Appreciation

Improvements in Mersin’s infrastructure, including a new international airport, are on the way. The city is enhancing its connectivity. This is expected to increase the demand for mersin property. With limited properties available, prices could go up. Getting in now could mean good returns for investors, making Mersin a great choice for Mersin property investment.

mersin property investment

Tips for Buying Property in Mersin

Considering buying property in Mersin needs careful thought and effort. It’s key to start by finding trusted real estate agents and property developers with a good reputation in the area. They offer insights that make your transaction safe and easy.

Working with Reputable Agents and Developers

Working with respected real estate agents and property developers in Mersin is very beneficial. They know a lot about the local area, future projects, and market trends. This knowledge helps you choose wisely based on your investment plans.

Considering Location, Amenities, and Future Developments

Looking at villas in Mersin, think about the location, nearby amenities, and future developments. Being close to important services, fun places, and future expansions is vital. It can boost the value and appeal of your property over time.

Understanding Legal and Financial Implications

Understand the legal and financial details of buying in Mersin. Learn about local rules, owning property, and taxes. Talking to law and finance experts is wise. They can guide you through the buying process and decision-making, matching your investment plan.

With these steps and expert support, you’re set to explore the Mersin property market confidently. This approach helps you to make a good, strategic investment for your future.


When looking for the best places to buy an apartment in Mersin, consider areas that offer both convenience and luxury, such as coastal neighborhoods and central districts. These locations provide high-end amenities and stunning views, making them ideal for luxury living. For more details and current listings, visit our page on luxury apartments for sale in Mersin.

Mersin’s property market is on the brink of exciting growth. The new international airport and the rise in Russian workers boost this. Along with that, better year-round facilities are changing the game for real estate in the city.

Compared to other hotspots like Antalya and Istanbul, Mersin’s property prices are still reasonable. This makes it a great time for both investors and those looking to buy a home to check out Mersin’s apartments.

We’ve found that places like Kizkalesi, Susanoglu, Erdemli, and Silifke are top choices for property buyers. They each have something special to offer, from historic Kizkalesi to Susanoglu’s beautiful beaches. Also, Erdemli and Silifke are known for their holiday feel.

As Mersin grows, so do the chances for smart property investments and home buying. It’s all about working with trusted agents and developers. Plus, thinking about the location, amenities, and future projects can help make a good decision.

Investing in Mersin’s property scene has a lot of potential. With the right move, you could see good returns. It’s a chance to be part of Mersin’s changing real estate story.


What are the best places to buy an apartment in Mersin?

Some top spots for apartments in Mersin are Kizkalesi, Susanoglu, and Silifke. They mix beachfront living with history and a good future.

Why is Mersin’s real estate market becoming more attractive?

Mersin is drawing more attention because of its great weather, rising as a holiday spot, and big plans for the future. There’s a new airport set to open in 2023.

How do property prices in Mersin compare to other popular Turkish destinations?

Property in Mersin is cheaper than places like Antalya and Istanbul. This is good for investors. Prices may rise after the airport is done.

What factors are driving Mersin’s property market growth?

The growth in Mersin comes from the new airport, more Russians moving in, and better local facilities all year.

What should I consider when buying property in Mersin?

Focus on working with trusted estate agents and understanding the location and its services. Always check the legal and financial parts too.

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