Is Kalkan Better Than Kas? A Comparison of Two Riviera Towns

Exploring Kalkan and Kas on the Turkish Riviera leads to a big question: Which is the top choice for a Mediterranean holiday? Both are popular with Brits and Europeans.

They offer different things like vibes, places to stay, food, and fun stuff to do. Let’s look at both to pick the right one for us.

Is kalkan better than Kas?

Key Takeaways

  • Kalkan has become a hotspot with fancy villas and classy eateries. It attracts wealthy British holiday-goers.
  • Kas keeps its Turkish charm, offering relaxing days and exciting adventures like diving. It’s more laidback.
  • Kalkan has lots of posh villas, but Kas has unique boutique hotels in old buildings for an intimate feel.
  • Kalkan’s food scene is fancy with international dishes, but Kas focuses on traditional Turkish food.
  • For fun nights, Kalkan shines with lively clubs. Kas, on the other hand, offers chill bars with live music.

Introduction to Kalkan and Kas

Kalkan and Kas lie along Turkey’s beautiful Mediterranean coast in the Antalya region. They are known for their own unique vibes, perfect for those exploring the Turkish Riviera.

The Tale of Two Picture book Coastal Towns

Kalkan shines as a hotspot, offering luxury villas and upscale dining. It’s a favorite of many British holiday makers. Kas, on the other hand, keeps its quaint Turkish character intact. It’s loved for its easygoing feel, traditional food, and a strong focus on outdoor activities and diving.

Kalkan’s Transformation into a Turkish Riviera Hotspot

Kalkan has come a long way from its origins as a fishing village. Now, it’s popular among affluent British visitors, who flock to its luxury villas and rooftop eateries. The town is often compared to the glamour of Monte Carlo, welcoming those who enjoy a lavish Mediterranean break. Kalkan’s white houses, covered in colorful flowers, overlook the stunningly turquoise sea, making it a must-visit on the Turkish Riviera.

Kas: A Charming and Authentic Turkish Town

Kas, in contrast, holds onto its traditional Turkish appeal. It stands out with its winding old streets and peaceful harbor. This town is perfect for those keen on a deep dive into Turkish life, offering outdoor fun, diving, and authentic local discoveries. While it does have some boutique spots, Kas focuses more on preserving its authentic vibes than on luxury.

Is Kalkan Better Than Kas? A Detailed Comparison

Accommodation Options: Luxury Villas vs Boutique Hotels

Kalkan and Kas both offer unique places to stay. Kalkan is well-known for its luxury villas. They come with private pools, stunning views, and high-end features. These are great for those wanting a special, luxury holiday. On the other hand, Kas has many boutique hotels. They’re usually in lovely old buildings, giving visitors a more local, cosy stay. Although both towns have options for all budgets, Kalkan’s focus is more on the luxury market.

Dining Scene: Upscale Restaurants vs Traditional Turkish Fare

The food scenes in Kalkan and Kas are quite different. Kalkan’s restaurants are mostly high-end and serve international dishes. They are perfect for a fancy night out. Kas, instead, focuses on traditional Turkish food. Its meze platters and seafood are must-tries. The eating places by the harbor offer an authentic Turkish experience. Kalkan is ideal for a posh dinner, while Kas is about real Turkish food and culture.

Nightlife and Entertainment: Lively Clubs vs Mellow Bars

In terms of nightlife, Kalkan and Kas are opposites. Kalkan is lively, with plenty of clubs and bars for a fun night. It’s known for its energetic nightlife. Kas, however, is more peaceful. It has cosy bars and places for live music. This creates a calm, relaxed vibe. If you love dancing and a great party, Kalkan is the place. But if you prefer a quiet night out, Kas is ideal for you.

accommodation options

Outdoor Adventures in Kalkan and Kas

Kas is a top spot for outdoor fun, especially water sports and diving. Thanks to its clear waters, diving is amazing here. You can take courses and dive into the vibrant marine life. For those who prefer being above water, there are kayaking and boat tour options too. This Turquoise Coast gem is perfect for all kinds of water adventures.

Hiking and Exploring Nature in Kalkan

Kalkan, on the other hand, is perfect for land-based activities. It’s surrounded by stunning mountains that offer great hiking trails. You can walk through the countryside, find ancient ruins, and enjoy the natural beauty. Being near the Lycian Way, it’s heaven for hikers.

Day Trips: Kekova Island

Both Kalkan and Kas make great bases for island day trips. From Kas, a boat ride to Kekova reveals an ancient city’s sunken ruins. Here, snorkelling and kayaking are must-dos. Kas is also near Kastellorizo, a Greek island. A short ferry ride takes you there, where you can enjoy Greek culture and food.

Outdoor activities

Authentic Turkish Experience in Kas

Kas keeps its traditional Turkish feel more than Kalkan, another town nearby. Its old town and harbour are full of charm. They have narrow streets, colourful boats, and old buildings. Walking around here shows what local life is really like. It gives visitors a real taste of Turkey.

Exploring the Old Town and Harbor

Kas is famous for its lively markets. You can find all sorts of things like crafts, spices, and fresh food. The Friday market is especially busy. It offers a chance to meet locals and learn about Turkish life. This is very different from the fancier Kalkan. Many people prefer Kas for its true Turkish vibe.

Traditional Markets and Local Culture

Even though Kas lacks big sandy beaches, it’s not short on places to relax. Along its coast, you’ll find beach clubs and cafes. These are perfect for enjoying the sea, drinks, and a laid-back atmosphere. They often have decks over the water where you can sunbathe. Kas’s beach clubs are much less formal than those in Kalkan.

Relaxing at Beach Clubs and Cafes


When comparing Kalkan to Kaş, many people appreciate Kalkan’s luxurious villas, stunning sea views, and vibrant nightlife, while Kaş is known for its tranquil atmosphere and historical charm. Each town offers unique advantages depending on your preferences and lifestyle. For those considering investment options, exploring villas for sale in Kalkan Turkey can provide insights into what makes this area a popular choice for many.

Both Kalkan and Kas have their own special vibes that attract different kinds of visitors. Kalkan is like a Turkish Monte Carlo. It’s perfect for people who love luxury, great food, and a fancy party scene. On the other hand, Kas keeps its traditional Turkish feel. It offers outdoor fun, diving, and a taste of the local culture and food.

When it comes to choosing between Kalkan and Kas, it’s all about what we like when we travel. Do we prefer Kalkan’s luxury or Kas’s real Turkish feel? The Turkish Riviera welcomes everyone. Both places let us see the incredible coast of Turkey. They let us make memories on the Turquoise Coast.

For our trip to Turkey, we need to think about what we value most. Is it the fancy side of Kalkan, or the simple beauty of Kas with its outdoor adventures? Knowing what makes each place special helps us choose well. This way, our holiday in Turkey will be just what we like.


What are the key differences between Kalkan and Kas?

Kalkan is a luxury hotspot on Turkey’s coast. It’s filled with upscale villas, fine restaurants, and has a lively nightlife. Whereas, Kas is more traditional.It has a relaxed atmosphere, authentic Turkish food, and focuses on diving and other outdoor activities.

Which town offers better accommodation options?

Kalkan is known for luxurious villas with private pools. It’s perfect for those looking for an exclusive holiday. Kas villas for sale are a little cheaper than Kalkan properties as there are more lands to build in Kas than in Kalkan area.

How do the dining scenes in Kalkan and Kas differ?

Kalkan is all about upscale roof restaurants and international food. It suits its stylish visitors. Kas, however, offers traditional Turkish dining with its meze platters and fresh seafood.You can enjoy these in the casual taverns along the harbor.

What are the main outdoor activities and attractions in each town?

Kas is a hot spot for water sports and diving. Its clear waters and marine life draw many. Meanwhile, Kalkan is great for outdoor land activities.Here, you can hike in the Taurus Mountains and see ancient ruins. It’s perfect for nature lovers.

How do Kalkan and Kas differ in terms of their cultural and traditional experiences?

Kas keeps a strong Turkish tradition, contrasting Kalkan’s cosmopolitan feel. Its old town, harbor, and local markets show real Turkish life. This gives visitors a true cultural experience.

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