Belek vs. Kas: Discover the Better Vacation Destination

We’re exploring the gorgeous Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Two amazing beach spots stand out: Belek and Kas. They both have stunning nature, cultural history, and tons of things to do. But which is the top pick? Is Belek better than Kas, or does Kas have the edge?

This piece will compare the good and not so good of Belek and Kas. We aim to help find the perfect pick for your holiday. We’ll look at what each place has, which can be from fancy resorts to ancient charm. This will make it easier to pick where to go based on what you love.

Is Belek better than Kas?

Key Takeaways

  • Belek is a renowned golfing and luxury resort destination, while Kas offers a more charming, historic coastal town experience.
  • Belek boasts pristine beaches and lavish all-inclusive resorts, while Kas is surrounded by idyllic coves and turquoise waters.
  • Belek is home to a wealth of ancient Greco-Roman ruins, while Kas showcases the rich Lycian heritage and rock-cut tombs.
  • Belek caters to those seeking a pampered, resort-style holiday, while Kas appeals to travelers drawn to culture, history, and outdoor activities.
  • Ultimately, the “better” destination depends on individual travel preferences and priorities.

Introduction to Belek and Kas

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast has two gems – Belek and Kas. Each place is unique. They offer beautiful nature, deep culture, and lots to do. But, they suit different tastes and ways of travelling.

Belek: A Golfing and Luxury Resort Paradise

Belek is just a short drive east of Antalya. It is famous for its golf. The Turkish Riviera has 20 top-quality golf courses. They were made by famous players like Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomerie. But, Belek is not just for golf lovers. It offers luxury all-inclusive resorts, spas, and more. These are perfect for people who enjoy pampering themselves on a beach holiday.

Kas: A Charming Coastal Town with Historic Charm

Kas is a stunning spot on the Lycian coast, not far from Antalya. It’s famous for its beauty. The town has old, narrow streets and beautiful white houses. They are covered in colorful flowers. Behind the town are the big, green Taurus Mountains. This creates a special historic ambiance. Kas is great for seeing old Lycian ruins. You can also do fun things like scuba diving, hiking, and sea kayaking in the clear blue Mediterranean.

Beachfront Experiences in Belek and Kas

Looking for the perfect beach spot in Turkey? Belek and Kas stand out with their unique seaside beauty. Each town brings something special to the table.

Belek’s Pristine Beaches and Lavish Resorts

Belek shines with its long, golden belek beaches that meet the mediterranean sea. The town’s high-end all inclusive resorts come with private beaches. This means easy access to the clear waters for their guests.

The resorts offer exciting water sports and relaxing spa treatments. You can also enjoy top-notch dining right by the sea.

Kas’ Idyllic Coves and Turquoise Waters

On the other hand, Kas shows off a natural, rugged coast. It’s full of pretty coves and bays touched by the turquoise waters. Although Kas may not have wide kas beaches, it’s near many peaceful swimming spots and snorkelling havens.

For a quiet day by the beach, visitors love these hidden inlets. Kas’s harbour area is a charm with its cosy cafes and restaurants. They all face the sparkling mediterranean sea.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Belek is known for its stunning resorts. However, it’s also packed with ancient historical sites and ruins.Notable spots include the Greco-Roman ruins of Aspendos. They have an amazing 2nd-century AD theatre. Plus, there are the archaeological sites of Perge and Side.These places show the area’s rich history as part of ancient civilizations.

Ancient Ruins and Historical Sites Near Belek

The Aspendos ruins are close to Belek and truly breathtaking. Their 2nd-century AD theatre is well-kept. It could seat over 20,000 people! This shows the area’s grand history. Also, the archaeological sites of Perge and Side help us learn more about the region’s past. We can see the remains of ancient cities and understand its history even better.

Kas’ Rich Heritage and Lycian Rock Tombs

Kas and the Lycian coast have manyancient Lycian ruins and rock-cut tombs. The town has a preserved Hellenistic theatre and impressive Lycian rock tombs. Near here, you’ll find sites like Xanthos and Patara. They highlight the Lycian heritage with unique tombs and well-kept structures.

Is Belek better than Kas?

Both Belek and Kas bring unique holiday vibes to Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. They cater to different tastes and styles. Belek stands out as a luxury, all-inclusive destination, especially for golf lovers. On the other hand, Kas is known for its quaint, historic charm and is perfect for exploring ancient Lycian sites.

The choice between Belek and Kas comes down to what you like, your budget, and what you’re looking for in a holiday. If you dream of a luxurious resort holiday, Belek might be your top pick. But if you love history, culture, and a calm Mediterranean vibe, Kas could be the better choice for you.

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Outdoor Activities and Adventure

Belek is heaven for golfers. It has over 20 top-notch golf courses designed by well-known experts. Alongside golf, enjoy thrilling water sports like jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing, and scuba diving in the clear Mediterranean. For a quieter time outdoors, explore nature trails and parks. Kursunlu Waterfalls Nature Park is especially charming.

Golfing, Water Sports, and Nature Trails in Belek

Golf enthusiasts love Belek. It has championship courses by greats such as Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomerie. There’s also a variety of water sports at the resorts. You can try jet skiing, water skiing, and parasailing. For a peaceful adventure, visit Kursunlu Waterfalls Nature Park. It has lovely hiking trails through green landscapes.

Hiking, Scuba Diving, and Kayaking in Kas

Kas is perfect for nature lovers. It’s a great starting point for the Lycian Way hike. This trail offers stunning coastal views. Kas is famous for scuba diving in its colourful underwater world. It’s rich with diverse marine life. For an easy-going experience, try sea kayaking. You can explore the beautiful coves and caves along the coast.

Dining and Nightlife Scenes

Belek and Kas have many dining and nightlife choices. Belek’s all-inclusive resorts have top-notch restaurants. These places offer tasty local Turkish cuisine and global foods.

Belek is buzzing at night too. It boasts bars and clubs for its well-off visitors. This makes for a fun night out in the town.

On the other hand, Kas is more peaceful. It has small, family-owned eateries. They line the scenic waterfront. Here, you can enjoy genuine Turkish cuisine.

The nightlife in Kas is calm. It mainly centres around casual bars and live music spots. Such places offer an easy and real vibe for everyone.

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If you like lively spots or quiet places, Belek and Kas have it all. They offer various dining and nightlife scenes. Your Turkish trip will be memorable, no matter what you choose.


When comparing Belek to Kaş, many people appreciate Belek’s world-class golf courses, luxury resorts, and beautiful beaches, while Kaş is known for its tranquil atmosphere and historical charm. Each destination offers unique advantages depending on your preferences and lifestyle. For those considering investment options, exploring property for sale in Belek, Turkey can provide insights into what makes this area a popular choice for many.

Belek and Kas provide different but wonderful experiences on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Belek is perfect for luxury and includes golf. In contrast, Kas is a historic town near the sea full of culture and adventure. Both offer beauty and unique charm.

The best choice, Belek or Kas, depends on what you want from your trip. Belek is great for top-notch resorts and golf. If you love history, culture, and a laid-back feel, Kas might be more your style.

In the end, both places offer amazing adventures on the Turquoise Coast. You can enjoy golf, the beach, or dive into history. Belek and Kas make the Mediterranean coast in Turkey a top spot for any traveller.


What are the key differences between Belek and Kas?

Belek is famous for its top golf courses and grand resorts. Kas, on the other hand, is a pretty coastal town full of history. Belek’s resorts are known for luxury and all-inclusive deals; it’s perfect for golfers. Kas offers a relaxed Mediterranean vibe, with chances to explore ancient Lycian ruins.

Which destination has the better beaches?

Belek shines with its long, golden-sand beaches by the Mediterranean. Many are private to its luxury resorts. Kas, however, has a coast with hidden coves and clear, turquoise waters. This makes the beach experience there more serene.

What are the main cultural and historical attractions in Belek and Kas?

Belek is close to sites like the Aspendos theatre and the Perge and Side ruins. Kas boasts ancient Lycian ruins and tombs, such as its Lycian theatre. Visitors can also explore Xanthos, Letoon, and Patara when in Kas.

What kind of outdoor activities can I enjoy in Belek and Kas?

In Belek, golfers will be in paradise with over 20 top courses. The town also offers various water sports, like jet skiing and scuba diving. Kas is ideal for hiking the Lycian Way, and for diving and sea kayaking to see beautiful underwater and coastal views.

How do the dining and nightlife scenes differ between Belek and Kas?

Belek’s resorts serve great food from near and far, and are known for fun bars and clubs. In contrast, Kas’s dining is low-key, featuring local Turkish dishes in welcoming spots. Its nightlife is calm, with easygoing bars and places for live music.

Which destination is the “better” choice for a vacation?

The “better” pick between Belek and Kas relies on what you’re looking for. Belek suits those after luxury and golf. Kas is better for those who love history, the outdoors, and a peaceful coastal setting.

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