Belek Real Estate Prices: Insights for Smart Investment

Thinking about investing in Turkish real estate? Belek, a coastal town, could be the perfect place. It’s in the stunning Antalya area, making it popular for both property buyers and holiday goers. So, why should you consider Belek for real estate investment?

Belek is famous for its fantastic golf, luxurious resorts, and scenic beaches. It draws in people from Turkey and worldwide to invest. In recent years, property values in Belek have gone up by 5-7% yearly. This growth makes it a good spot to put your money. Belek is a key player in Turkey’s property market. It’s important for luxury and tourist properties, supporting the economy through its lively tourism and property industries.

Europeans find Belek attractive for holiday homes and rentals, seeing the area as a great mix of lifestyle and financial gain. But what makes Belek stand out among other real estate markets? We will dive deeper into what makes Belek a top choice for savvy investors.

Belek Real Estate prices

Key Takeaways

  • Belek’s property market offers a wide range of options, from affordable apartments to luxurious villas, catering to different budgets and tastes.
  • Property values in Belek have been increasing by about 5-7% each year, making it a promising area for investment.
  • Belek is an important player in Turkey’s property market, especially for luxury properties and those aimed at tourists, helping to boost the economy.
  • Foreign investors, particularly Europeans, are drawn to Belek’s holiday home and rental property opportunities.
  • Belek’s combination of natural beauty, leisure activities, and strategic location make it an ideal place for a second home or a smart investment.

Introduction to Belek as a Real Estate Destination

Our journey in the Turkish property market leads us to Belek. This town is a beautiful place along the Mediterranean. It offers everything from luxury villas to affordable apartments. Belek’s property values have been going up, making it a great place to invest for people from everywhere.

Overview of Belek as a Real Estate Market

Belek is close to Antalya and has its own international airport. This makes it easy to reach for buyers. The town’s perfect location has drawn many looking to invest in real estate from abroad.

It has seen a 20% increase in foreign investments in just one year. This growth shows how popular Belek has become in the Turkish property scene.

Importance of Belek in the Turkish Property Landscape

Belek is key in the Turkish property market, especially for luxury properties. It helps the country’s economy a lot, thanks to its busy real estate and tourist industry. European investors like Belek for its nice holiday homes and rental properties.

About 10% of all property sales in Antalya are from Belek. This percentage keeps rising, showing more people worldwide are finding out about Belek’s charm and great investment chances.

About Belek

Belek is on Turkey’s southern coast, in the Antalya province. It’s known for stunning beaches, great golf courses, and lavish resorts. This makes it a hit with tourists and those buying property.

It hugs the Mediterranean Sea, ensuring a warm climate, ideal for sun seekers. Belek sees over 300 sunny days yearly, with summer hitting over 30°C (86°F). This perfect weather invites people to its outdoors, making Belek a beloved destination.

Geography and Climate

Being close to the Mediterranean Sea, Belek enjoys warm weather, perfect for beach lovers. The area sees over 300 days of sunshine, with summer highs over 30°C (86°F). This climate is why Belek is popular for its outdoor activities.

Attractions and Activities

Belek is a paradise for golfers, boasting over 15 top-notch courses designed by pros. It welcomes about 300,000 golfers every year. Near Belek, ancient wonders like Perge and Aspendos await. Aspendos’ ancient theatre sees 200,000 visitors yearly, drawn by festivals.

Köprülü Canyon National Park, close by, offers activities like rafting and hiking. It’s a big hit with 700,000 visitors annually. Belek’s plush resorts attract many, offering relaxation and spa treats in all-inclusive packages.

Community and Lifestyle

Despite its small permanent population of 10,000, Belek is far from quiet. It’s always bustling with tourists and seasonal guests. The town is welcoming, reflecting a mix of cultures.

About 15% of Belek’s residents are expatriates, boosting its international feel. This blend creates a vibrant town life that attracts many.

belek property market

Why Purchase an Apartment in Belek?

Belek is an outstanding place for property investment. It has attractive belek real estate prices. You can find a variety of mediterranean homes and luxury villas in Belek. This sets it apart on the Turkish riviera.

Affordable Prices

Belek offers properties at very affordable prices. You’d pay much more in popular European coastal spots. Here, the average price is about €1,000 per square meter. This means great value, especially in golf resorts and other investment options.

High Rental Demand

Belek is a top choice for property by the coast. Its golf courses and beaches are beautiful, drawing in many visitors. They often look for nice places to stay. Owners can make a lot from renting, up to 8-10% of their property’s value. This makes turkish real estate investments quite profitable.

Growing Property Market

Property values in Belek increase by 5-7% yearly. This growth proves its status as a holiday hotspot. It’s a smart choice for long-term investing. As more people flock to Belek, the need for mediterranean homes and luxury villas will keep rising.

Belek Real Estate Prices: Advantages for Investment

Investing in Belek real estate offers great opportunities at good prices. It combines cost-effectiveness with chances of high profit. We’ll look into reasons why Belek is a smart choice for those who want their money to grow.

Affordable Investment with High Returns

Belek apartments for sale are cheaper than in other Mediterranean spots. They cost around €1,000 per square meter, much less than Europe’s average of €3,000. Despite the low starting prices, you can earn well from rental income, between 5% to 7% annually. This rate can hit 10% during the busy times if there are a lot of tourists.

Strategic Location

Belek’s near Antalya, a key spot for tourists, which makes it a great place to invest in property. The Antalya International Airport sees over 35 million visitors yearly, many of whom head to Belek. This easy reach by air keeps the demand for rentals up all year, bringing a steady rental flow to property owners.

Booming Tourism Industry

Belek welcomes over 700,000 visitors yearly, many who love golf. With its top-notch golf courses, the town attracts golf fans, boosting the need for rentals. This demand from a specialized market helps rentals stay filled, granting property owners a stable income.

Year-Round Rental Potential

The area’s Mediterranean climate means tourists visit all year. Belek stands out as a holiday place that’s not just for summer, thanks to its golf and mild winters. This steady influx of visitors keeps rental properties in demand, bringing a constant income for owners.

belek real estate prices

Buying Property in Belek

Belek offers many apartments suiting different budgets. You might be looking for a holiday place or a place to live all year. The town has lots of options for you.

Overview of Available Properties

The property market in Belek is bustling. You can find apartments that fit all pockets, from low-cost ones to luxury. Belek is growing fast, adding more properties every day, which is great news for anyone looking for belek real estate prices or luxury villas in belek.

Types of Flats Available

Belek has simple flats and luxury apartments to offer. Simple flats, with one or two bedrooms, are perfect for small families. They’re priced between €50,000 to €100,000. Luxury apartments, starting around €100,000, offer more. They come with pools, gyms, and other extras, ideal for those looking for golf resort properties life.

Belek’s real estate market is great, no matter your budget. It’s ideal for those eyeing Antalya coastal properties or Turkish real estate investments. With a great location and a booming tourism scene, it’s perfect for holidays or investments.

Reasons to Invest in Belek Real Estate

In Belek, buying an apartment is a smart move. It’s a chance to get good returns while keeping costs low. Here, the average €1,000 per square meter is kinder on the pocket than other European places. And, you can make money from 5% to 7% each year from renting out. This number can hit up to 10% in peak tourist seasons.

Belek is also close to Antalya, a big hub for tourists. The airport there welcomes over 35 million visitors annually. This gives Belek a great spot for rental investments. Plus, with its top-notch golf courses, the town sees more than 700,000 visitors a year. This is good news for those looking to rent out their apartments.

The area benefits from lovely Mediterranean weather all year. This keeps the tourists coming and supports a steady rental income. Over the years, Belek’s property prices have been going up by about 7% each year. This makes it a great place to invest in property.


Belek real estate prices can vary significantly based on factors such as location, property type, and market conditions, offering options for different budgets and preferences. Staying informed about these prices can help you make a smart investment. For detailed information and current listings, explore our page on Belek properties for sale to find the best opportunities available in the market.

Belek is known for its stunning beaches, world-class golf courses, and luxurious resorts. It’s become a favorite for both holiday makers and investors. Overall Belek is part of Antalya city and Antalya properties for sale offers options for every budget, from cheap flats to extravagant villas. Recent data suggests that property values in Belek are rising by 5-7% yearly. This makes Belek an interesting place for investment.

Belek is strategically placed and its tourism industry is growing rapidly. There’s a strong potential for renting out all year round. This makes it a great choice for both holiday homes and solid investments. Belek is known for being affordable. It can bring in high returns and offers perfect weather. It’s a top pick for people wanting to expand their property collection or find a peaceful spot in the Mediterranean.


What is the average price per square meter for properties in Belek?

In Belek, the price per square meter is about €1,000. This is much lower than in other parts of Europe. There, prices can be as high as €3,000.

What are the typical rental yields for properties in Belek?

Rental yields here can be between 5% and 7% per year. During the busy tourist season, they can even go up to 10%. This is because a lot of tourists visit.

What types of apartments are available for purchase in Belek?

There are many types of apartments you can buy in Belek. Some are affordable, costing between €50,000 and €100,000. Others are more luxurious, with features like pools and gyms, and cost around €100,000.

Why is Belek an attractive destination for real estate investment?

Many find Belek appealing for real estate investment. It has low prices and a strong rental demand from tourists. Its location near Antalya is strategic. The year-round warm climate and varied tourism activities attract renters.

How has the property market in Belek been performing in recent years?

In Belek, property values have gone up by 5-7% each year. This growth makes it a good place to invest. Also, foreign investors increased by 20% last year, further showing its strength.

What factors contribute to the rental demand for properties in Belek?

Belek is loved by tourists, especially golfers and those who enjoy luxury resorts. Its proximity to Antalya International Airport makes it easy to get to. These factors help keep rental properties occupied throughout the year.

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