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Luxury 3+1 Villa with Sea and Castle Views, Alanya - Bektas

03608 FROM 2.250.000 €

Luxury 3+1 Villa with Sea and Castle Views in Alanya - Bektas, Ideal for Citizenship

Luxury 3+1 Villa with Sea and Mountain Views in Kargicak

03821 FROM 217.500 €

Luxury 3+1 Villa with Sea and Mountain Views in Kargicak, Alanya

Luxurious 6+1 Villa with Castle and Mountain Views, Turkler

03382 FROM 645.000 €

Luxurious 6+1 Villa with Castle and Mountain Views in Turkler, Alanya

Luxurious 4+1 Villa with Sea and Mountain Views in Kargicak

02731 FROM 900.000 €

Spacious 4+1 Villa with Sea and Mountain Views in Kargicak, Alanya for Sale

Stunning Sea View Villa in Kargicak

03309 FROM 280.000 €

Sea View 2+1 Villa with Pool, Fitness & Sauna in Kargicak, Alanya

Luxurious 3+1 Villa with Sea and Mountain Views in Kargicak, Alanya

03795 FROM 346.500 €

Luxurious 3+1 Villa with Sea and Mountain Views in Kargicak, Alanya for sale

Luxurious 4+1 Villa with Stunning Views, Alanya - Bektas

03794 FROM 1.138.500 €

Luxury 4+1 Villa with Sea, Castle, and Mountain Views in Bektas, Alanya

Charming 2+1 Villa with Breathtaking Views, Alanya - Demirtas

03458 FROM 159.500 €

Charming 2+1 Villa with Sea, Castle, and Mountain Views in Alanya - Demirtas

Luxurious 6+1 Villa with Sea, Castle, and Mountain Views in Kargicak

03792 FROM 2.150.000 €

Luxury 6+1 Villa with Stunning Sea, Castle, and Mountain Views in Kargicak

Luxurious 4+1 Villa with Stunning Views, Alanya - Kargicak

03790 FROM 275.000 €

Luxurious 4+1 Villa with Sea, Castle, and Mountain Views in Kargicak, Alanya

Villas for Sale in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country with a special commercial, cultural, and economic position by being located on the border between Europe and Asia. In the past, this country was an attractive place for European travelers to get to know Eastern culture. Today, Villas for sale in Turkey have become an investment opportunity for people from all over the world to take advantage of the beauty and special climate of this country and have the chance to live in a modern yet stable country. In this article, we will review everything you need to know to buy a villa in Türkiye.

Why Buy a Villa in Turkey?

Villas for sale in Turkey are a great opportunity to invest in this country. A country where the cost of living is lower than other important European countries and where you can easily buy a suitable property at a reasonable cost. On the other hand, the weather in Türkiye is excellent. Proximity to the sea, mountains, and natural forests has made every city have its own climate and natural cover, which has created beautiful natural scenes.

Benefits of Buying a Villa in Turkey

Buying Villas in Turkey is one of the investment methods in this country that has many advantages. Proximity to European countries has made trade, travel, and cultural encounters with these countries easy. On the other hand, it is possible to obtain residency and even Turkish citizenship by purchasing a Villa in Turkey. This European-Asian country is constantly on the path of growth, which makes your property maintain its value and become popular due to the high demand for buying and selling it. So whether you want to live in this country or whether you want to choose it only for investment, you can use its benefits.

Overview of the Turkish Villa Market

Villas for sale in Turkey are very popular. Many people from all over the world choose this country for investment. In addition, Türkiye is a popular destination for buying a holiday villa. It means that people like to spend their vacations in this beautiful country with the weather. Especially since there are many beaches and forest areas and every city is almost unique in this respect.

Current Market Trends of Villas for sale in Turkey

Turkey villas usually have very good quality in terms of construction and are considered an excellent option for foreigners to buy. This is because these villas usually have sea views, are close to the forest, or even have a variety of recreational activities nearby. Currently, villas with private areas, amenities, unique designs, etc. have a special place in the Turkish real estate market.

Market Stability and Growth Potential

Turkey Villa is an excellent choice for investment. This country has shown a very high potential for growth and development in recent years. All these things, along with the growth of the tourism industry in this country, have caused the real estate market to have many applicants. Turkey villas for sale are usually on the list of the most demanded properties, and this has caused its value to be maintained and even become more valuable over time.


Types of Villas Available in Turkey

Luxury Villas

A luxury villa for sale in Turkey is one of the types of villas that you can buy in this country. Of course, you should keep in mind that luxury villas are not cheap at all and you have to pay a high price for it. For the price you receive, you also get very valuable welfare services. You can find a private area, green space, sports clubs, sports fields, swimming pools, shopping centers, schools, very high security, etc. in the area of ​​these villas. In addition, the construction and design of these villas are done under the supervision of world-renowned construction companies. This means that international standards have been used in the construction of Luxury villa in Turkey. In addition to this, special and dreamy landscapes such as the coastline, forest, etc. are also advantages of buying these villas. Beachfront villas for sale in Turkey are also expensive. 

Affordable Villas

A cheap villa for sale in Turkey does not mean that these villas are of poor quality. But for several reasons, you can find villas with better prices in Türkiye. The locations of these villas may be far from the city center or famous urban places, have a normal view, or even have a low area. Cheap villas in Turkey usually have good welfare services up to the basic standards, and in this sense, they are very good options for low budgets. Cheap villa in Turkey is suitable for everyone.

Sea View Villas

Villas for sale in Turkey with sea views are one of the most popular types of villas in this country. Many cities in Türkiye are located near the sea. This country has a blue border with the Black Sea from the north, two small seas of Marmara and the Aegean from the west, and the Mediterranean Sea from the south. Villas for sale in Turkey with a view of azure waters usually have a higher price, but it provides quick access to a beautiful beach and water activities for its buyers. Villas for sale in Turkey with sea view can cost more money for buyers.

New and Off-Plan Villas

New villas for sale in Turkey are very popular because of their reasonable price. Since Turkish society is very dynamic and the demand for housing increases every year, construction is also going on non-stop. So you can always find villas under construction. Off plan villas in Turkey have a reasonable price and even buyers can change many of its comfort options to their taste. New villas in Turkey can be find easily. 


Villa Prices in Turkey

Range of Villa Prices

Villas for sale in Turkey have very different prices. That is why foreigners prefer to invest in this country. Because depending on your budget and personal preferences, you can buy the villa you want. In general, the price of villas in Turkey starts from 50 thousand dollars and continues up to 1 million dollars. Very luxurious or large options cost more than several million dollars. villas in Turkey for sale are different in prices. 

Factors Influencing Villa Prices

Turkey villa prices depend on many different factors. The most important factor affecting the price is the area where the villa is located. Especially for big cities like Istanbul and Antalya, the proximity to the city center or famous beaches makes the price of villas very expensive. Luxury villas in Turkey usually have many ancillary services, their interior design is carefully done and they are probably fully furnished. Cheap villas in Turkey are usually built in the peripheral areas of the city and have cheaper prices than the famous places in the city.


Popular Cities to Buy Villas in Turkey


Villas for sale in Alanya are very popular. Alanya is a city with a location like a peninsula along the Mediterranean Sea and southern Turkey, which has many historical, recreational and natural places. Alanya has always been known as the bride of the Mediterranean Sea. Alanya is the home of Holiday villas in Turkey.


Villas for sale in Belek also have many fans. Belek area is one of the best tourist areas of Antalya, which is located on the Mediterranean coast and 30 km from the city (about 20 minutes by car). This town has a moderate climate and is one of the greenest and most luxurious areas of Antalya, which has 300 sunny days a year.


There are many villas for sale in Side. The city of Antalya is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. It is located 15 kilometers east of Antalya. In addition to the beach and amazing nature, this city has many historical places.


Villas for sale in Antalya have many fans among Europeans. Antalya is one of the most important cities in Turkey and the most important Turkish holiday resort in the Mediterranean region. Antalya is a charming city with palm tree boulevards and is the best resort in the Mediterranean Sea. villas in Turkey Turkey in this area are very popular among foreigners. 


Villas for sale in Kas have become very popular in recent years. Kaş is one of the small and coastal cities of Antalya province, which the people of the world have known as one of the tourist cities of Turkey for several years.



Villas for sale in Kalkan have a very reasonable price. Kalkan is one of the most beautiful places in Türkiye in the Mediterranean Sea. This sunny coastal city is popular with locals and tourists due to its privacy and peaceful environment.


Villas for sale in Fethiye attract many foreigners. Fethiye is a city in the western part of Turkey in the province of Moghe, which is located next to one of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea and near the intersection of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.


Villas for sale in Bodrum are very famous. The city of Bodrum is a popular coastal city, which is considered a different tourist destination with its luxurious castles and palaces.


Villas for sale in Istanbul are special and stylish. Turkey's most famous city and its cultural capital, as a bridge between Asia and Europe, offers villas with different prices and different qualities to customers.


Villas for sale in Mersin have also recently gained many foreign fans. The city of Mersin, also known as İçel, is the capital of the province of the same name on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey.

Investment Opportunities in Turkey

Why Invest in Turkish Villas?

Villas for sale in Turkey are an excellent choice for investment. You can choose a big city, a small city, a beach or even a forest to buy a villa according to your taste. So the choices are unlimited for you. On the other hand, the property value in Turkey is constantly growing and you can expect that your property will become more expensive in a certain period. In addition to these benefits, you can always use your villa or rent it to others to have a steady source of income.

Success Stories of Villas for sale in Turkey

Villas in Turkey for investment is a popular option. For example, by buying a villa in the seaside town of Bodrum for around $250,000, you can make it a suitable place for seasonal, daily and monthly rentals with a few changes. This active income is active for most months of the year for this city and makes you earn a lot of profit in a short period of time. There are usually many tourists in this city, and whenever you intend to sell Turkey investment villas, you can easily find a customer for it.


How to Buy a Villa in Turkey

Step-by-Step Guide

Villas for sale in Turkey are very abundant and you can easily buy the property you want. First, you have to choose the city where you want to buy a villa. Then you can choose the villa you want from the sites for house sales that are valid. In the next step, you can check the terms of payment, the final price and the real value of the property. You can use a lawyer for administrative work.

Tips for Foreign Buyers

When buying a villa in Türkiye, you should consider several points. It is better to make sure that the villa has no legal problems and that you can easily buy the property before going through the legal process of purchase. You can then sign a "Satış Sözleşmesi" or preliminary contract with the seller and pay part of the property price, usually 10%. In the next step, you can get the tax number and Turkish bank account to register the official document in the notary office.

Buying a Villa with a Mortgage or Payment Plan

Buy villa in Turkey has very easy conditions. Villas for sale in Turkey with payment plans provide easy conditions for buyers to pay Turkey villas for sale with long-term payment in installments. These installments are usually very long-term and two years. The interest of these installments is usually zero percent and buyers can buy the villa they want with peace of mind.


Property Purchase Tax in Turkey

Understanding Property Purchase Tax in Turkey

Property purchase tax in Turkey is usually not high and buyers can easily pay it. "Tapu Harcı" is part of it which is usually considered as property sales tax. This tax is usually 4%, which must be divided equally between the buyer and the seller. Therefore, the buyer's share will be 2% of the property value. Other Turkey property taxes include notary fees, translation fees for documents if the buyer does not speak Turkish, and a compulsory earthquake insurance policy known as DASK and others.

Tax Rates and Regulations

Part of Buying property tax in Turkey, as we said, is related to Tapu Harcı or property sales tax. Also, the buyer must pay 0.1% to 0.6% of the official value of the property annually as annual property tax. This amount can be paid in two installments throughout the year. Real estate tax in Turkey includes rent. If you rent your property, you have to pay a small amount of rent as tax every year. It is better to research the property tax rates in Turkey well before buying a house. Know the official value of your property and try to pay taxes on time to avoid penalties.


Renting Out Villas in Turkey for Rental Income

Overview of the Turkish Rental Market

The Turkish rental market is growing very well. Especially since many immigrants from all over the world are interested in choosing this country. Most of the cities in Türkiye are suitable for students and many tourists visit them throughout the year. Therefore, renting out a villa in Turkey is not a difficult task. You can rent your villa at any time of the year and be sure that it will easily find a customer.


Potential Rental Income of Villas for sale in Turkey

Rental income from Turkey villas is a very profitable and low-risk way of earning income for the owners. In cities like Antalya, Bodrum, and Fethiye, many tourists request to rent a villa in the hot months of the year so that they can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Turkey. In cities like Istanbul, in addition to tourists, students and families also apply for villa rentals throughout the year. Earning rental income in Turkey varies depending on the city and location of the villa, however, it usually includes between 5 and 8 percent of the total value of the property, which is a risk-free investment.

Legal Requirements for Renting Property

The Villa rental process in Turkey is very easy and can usually even be done by an official lawyer. "Kira Sözleşmesi" is a formal contract between the landlord and the tenant, which describes the terms of the tenancy and the duties of each party in this legal document. Legal requirements for renting a villa in Turkey usually include residence and identity documents of the landlord, official permission to rent a villa, tax payment, and confirmation of safety conditions for renting a house.


Frequently Asked Questions of Villas for sale in Turkey

What are the villa prices in Turkey?

Villa prices in Turkey are very different and you can buy a villa with any budget. Usually, the price in small cities is lower than in big cities.

What are the best areas to buy villas in Turkey?

Cities like Istanbul, Antalya and Alanya usually have more fans, and even more foreigners are willing to invest and buy villas there.

Is it a good investment to buy a villa in Turkey?

Yes, buying a villa in Turkey is a profitable and stable investment. The price of the real estate market in this country is booming and it usually never faces recession. So you can be sure that your property will always maintain its value and become even more expensive.

What is the process of buying a villa in Turkey for foreigners?

You don't have to go through complicated steps to buy a villa in Turkey. Just choose the city you want to invest in first. Then you can use experienced real estate consultants or real estate buying sites. On these sites, you can view different projects and make a purchase decision based on your preferences.

Are there cheap villas for sale in Turkey?

Yes, usually the prices of villas in small towns are lower and can be budget friendly. However, you can also find cheap villas in major cities. These villas are usually located in the suburbs.

What types of villas are available for sale in Turkey?

Luxury villas, cheap villas, villas with sea view, off-plan villas, etc. are only part of the properties that you can invest in in Turkey.

How do I find luxury villas for sale in Turkey?

Finding luxury villas in Turkey is easy. Because Villas for sale in Turkey have many fans, usually large and international companies are constantly building famous projects. To find these luxury options, it is enough to use reputable sites for buying villas in Türkiye.

Can I buy a villa with a sea view in Turkey?

Yes, Turkey has access to several important seas and you can buy villas with sea views in many cities of this country.

What are the legal requirements for buying a villa in Turkey?

You don't need many complicated documents to buy a villa in Turkey. All you need is a valid passport or residence permit. The rest of the cases, including photos for document registration, tax number, and necessary inquiries can be easily done from within the country.

Can foreigners buy villas in Turkey?

Yes, in fact, most of the applicants for buying villas in Turkey are foreigners. Because investing in this country is very profitable and they can live in this country safely and without fear of losing their capital.

What are the financing and mortgage options available?

Villas in Turkey Usually have very good conditions for buying. You can use long-term installment options that sometimes reach up to two years. Also, interest-free or low-interest loans are also very common for buying real estate in this country.



Villas for sale in Turkey are an easy and hassle-free way to invest in a European country with a high development rate. As a bridge between Asia and Europe, Türkiye has many commercial and economic positions. This issue forces many investors to choose this country for investment. Villas in this country are great options to enjoy a vacation, invest, or even discover a new culture.

To buy a villa in Turkey, it is better to use experienced consultants and price comparison sites that have a comprehensive database and you can easily compare the prices of villas and their features. newhomeinturkey is an innovative property-buying site in Turkey where you can easily view different properties and villas at different prices and decide to buy.