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Detached and semi detached villas close to beach

118PRICE 175.000 €

Spacious semi detached villa in a family friendly complex close to the beach and all city amenities From 175,000 €

Luxury ready to move in complex with 5% rental guarantee

155PRICE 159.000 €

With exceptional views of the turquoise coastline, great facilities and white goods included this opportunity is not to be missed. From 159,000 €

Luxury apartments with affordable prices

108PRICE 108.000 €


Fully furnished villa set in a peaceful residential location in Side

111PRICE 188.000 €

This delightful villa is set in beautiful surroundings in Side and benefits from coming completely furnished so is ready to move straight into. From 188,000 €

Luxury holiday apartments in beautiful Side

151PRICE 128.000 €

Stylish holiday apartments in luxury complex, within walking distance to all amenities From 128,000 €

Superb residence in Side with rental guarantee options

150PRICE 99.000 €

Luxury apartments with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms in a superb new sresidence in Side with rental guarantee option From 99,000 €

Luxury development with sea and Side views

134PRICE 159.000 €

Stylish 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments in a new complex with spasious gardens and lagoon style swimming pool From 159,000 €

duplex apartment for sale in side

145PRICE 139.000 €

Luxury 4 bedroom duplex for sale From 139,000 €

Buying property in Side is popular among British, German and Scandinavian buyers. Whether you want to buy property in SIDE Turkey as a holiday home or investment, Side has plenty to offer. Let's take a closer look at the Side real estate market, why flats inside are becoming so popular, and what makes Side property investment so appealing to foreign buyers.

Overview of the SIDE Real Estate Market

The Side real estate market is growing steadily. In fact, property prices have been going up by about 8% each year for the past five years. You'll find all kinds of properties in Side, from fancy beachfront villas to cozy townhouses. On average, a square meter of property in Side costs around €1,500, but beachfront properties can go for as much as €3,000 per square meter.

The Appeal of Flats in Side Turkey

Lots of people, both from Turkey and other countries, are interested in buying flats in Side. These apartments are in high demand because they're affordable, easy to take care of, and they offer a convenient lifestyle. In fact, the demand for flats in Side has gone up by 15% in just the past year!

About Side 

Side is a historic town on the beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey. It's famous for its ancient ruins, pretty harbor, and stunning beaches. If you're looking for a place with a rich history, breathtaking scenery, and a lively atmosphere, Side has it all.

Why Should You Buy Property in SIDE, Turkey?

Investing in property in Side Turkey, offers compelling benefits, supported by enticing statistics:

Tourism Growth: Side is a significant player in Turkey's tourism sector, which sees over 30 million tourists annually. The influx of visitors boosts the demand for short-term rentals, making it a lucrative market for property investors.

Property Appreciation: The average property prices in Side have risen by approximately 15% over the past five years. This trend reflects a growing interest in the area, partly due to its affordability compared to other Mediterranean locations.

Rental Yield: Properties in Side can yield rental returns of around 5-7% per year, depending on the location and property type. Coastal properties, especially those with views or close proximity to beaches, tend to fetch higher rental rates.

Affordability: The cost of living in Side is about 25-30% lower than in many Western European countries. For expatriates or retirees, this means your investment stretches further, whether for daily expenses or property maintenance.

Population and Demographics: Side's population swells during the tourist season, demonstrating its appeal as a vacation destination. Permanent and seasonal residents often come from various European countries, creating a diverse community.

Why Are Side Properties the Best Choice for Investment in Turkey?

Investing in property in Side Turkey, presents numerous advantages that make it a standout choice for both domestic and international investors. Here’s why luxury Side properties are considered among the best investment opportunities in Turkey:

Tourism Growth and Impact

SIDE is part of the Antalya region, which attracted over 14 million international tourists in 2019, making it one of the top destinations in Turkey.

The tourism sector's annual growth in this region has averaged around 7%, significantly impacting local real estate demand, particularly for rental properties.

Property Price Trends

Real estate prices in Side have seen an average annual appreciation of approximately 8 - 10% over the past five years, making it an attractive area for capital growth.

Compared to more prominent cities like Istanbul, where prices can be significantly higher, SIDE offers more affordable options. For example, average prices per square meter in Istanbul can exceed €930, while in SIDE, they range around €558 to €744, making it more accessible for investors.

Rental Yields

Rental yields in SIDE vary depending on property type and location but generally range between 5% to 7% annually, which is favorable compared to many European destinations.

During peak tourist seasons, rental prices can increase by up to 50%, boosting potential returns on investment during these months.

Foreign Investment

Foreign direct investment in Turkish real estate has been robust, with foreigners purchasing over 40,000 properties across Turkey in 2019, a significant increase from previous years.

In Side Antalya, approximately 20% of the properties are owned by foreigners.

Quality of Life Indicators

The region boasts over 300 sunny days a year, enhancing the appeal for both residential living and holiday rentals.

The local infrastructure in SIDE includes international schools, modern hospitals, and shopping centers, which contribute to a high quality of life and, consequently, higher property demand.

Luxury Property for Sale in SIDE, Turkey

If you're considering investing in real estate in SIDE, Turkey, you have a variety of options to choose from, depending on your investment goals and preferences. Here's a breakdown of different types of properties you can find for sale in SIDE:

Luxury Property for Sale in Side Turkey

Luxury properties in Side typically start from around €250,000 for villas with private pools and nice views, going up depending on location and amenities. The luxury market has seen an appreciation of approximately 10% annually over the past few years.

Cheap Apartments for Sale in Side Turkey

Cheap apartments for sale in Side can range from €50,000 to €90,000, making them accessible to a broader range of buyers. These properties have shown a steady annual appreciation, roughly 4-6%, aligning with the general property market trends in the area.

Commercial Property for Sale in SIDE

Investment in commercial properties like small hotels or retail spaces typically starts around €150,000. Given SIDE's status as a growing tourist destination, commercial properties have the potential for high rental yields, especially in high traffic areas.

Luxury Houses for Sale in SIDE

Prices for luxury houses start around €250,000 and can reach up to several million euros for top-tier estates. These properties often experience an average annual price appreciation of around 6-8%, reflecting their desirability and limited availability.

New Property for Sale in SIDE

New constructions are particularly popular among foreign buyers, with prices starting at about €60,000 for modern apartments with amenities. These new developments are designed to meet the growing demand for energy-efficient and technologically equipped homes.

Repossessed Houses for Sale in SIDE

Repossessed houses often sell for about 10-20% below market value, providing an excellent opportunity for investors looking for a good deal. However, the availability can vary significantly based on economic conditions.

Rural Property for Sale in SIDE

Rural properties provide a quieter lifestyle and typically cost between €90,000 and €200,000, depending on the size and exact location. These properties often come with larger land plots and have seen a price appreciation of around 3-5% per year.

Types of Properties Sale in SIDE Turkey

SIDE, Turkey, offers a diverse range of property types for sale, catering to various needs and investment strategies. Whether you're looking for a holiday home, a permanent residence, or an investment opportunity, SIDE has something to suit everyone. Here's an overview of the types of properties available:


  • Cost: Apartments prices in Side Turkey typically cost between €1,000 to €1,500 for each square meter.

  • Growth: Each year, the value of these apartments goes up by about 8-10%.

  • Popularity: They're especially popular among people from other countries looking to buy property in SIDE.


  • Cost: Villas prices in Side Turkey can range from €200,000 to over €1 million, depending on how fancy they are.

  • Growth: Their prices usually rise by 6-8% every year.

  • Features: Villas often come with extras like private pools and great views.


  • Cost: Prices for houses in Side  start at about €150,000 for older houses and go up to €500,000 for newer ones.

  • Growth: Houses generally increase in value by 6-8% each year.


  • Cost: Penthouses in Side start at €200,000 and go up depending on location , views and amenities

  • Growth: They can increase in value by 7-10% annually because of their luxury features and great views.


  • Cost: Side land prices start really low at €50 per square meter in rural areas but can be as high as €500 per square meter in prime spots.

  • Use: Buying land in Side Turkey is good for building your own house or a commercial project.


  • Cost: Hotels for sale in Side start about €750,000 for small ones and go as high as 50.000.000 Euros for new 5 star hotels by the beach.

  • Investment: Buying hotel in Side Turkey is one of the smartest decisions you can make if you can afford to do so.

Investment Properties

  • Return: Investing in properties like shops or apartments for renting out can earn you a 5-7% return each year.

  • Growth: These properties also tend to grow in value over time.

Holiday Houses

  • Seasonal Prices: Prices for these homes can jump up by 20% during the tourist season because they are in high demand.

  • Benefits: They're great for vacation stays and can be rented out when you're not using them.

Turkish Citizenship Eligible Properties

  • Investment Requirement: If you spend at least $400,000 on property, you can qualify for Turkish citizenship.

  • Attraction: This has made SIDE very popular among foreign investors who want both a good investment and the perk of getting a new citizenship.

SIDE Properties Price Range Start at Around Euro 79.000 Euro

  • Starting Prices: You can buy a property in SIDE starting at about €79,000. This makes it a good spot for those looking to invest without spending a fortune.

  • Variety of Choices: Prices can go a lot higher if you’re looking for something really fancy, like big villas with amazing views and lots of extras.

  • Increasing Value: The value of properties in SIDE usually goes up by 3-5% every year. So, if you buy a property, it could be worth more in a few years than what you paid for it.

SIDE Commands a Fair Chunk of Turkey’s Tourism Industry

  • Lots of Visitors: SIDE is a very popular place and attracts millions of visitors every year. It's part of the larger Antalya area, which saw over 13 million tourists in a recent year.

  • Important for the Economy: Tourism is a big deal in SIDE and makes up about 20-25% of the money the area earns. This is because many tourists spend money on hotels, shops, and restaurants.

  • High Demand for Rentals: During the tourist season, there’s a big demand for places to stay. This means that if you own a property here, you can rent it out for a good price during these peak times.

Why This Matters

  • Good for Investment: Because SIDE is so popular with tourists, it makes it a great place to invest in property. You can earn money from renting out your property especially during the tourist season when lots of people are looking for a place to stay.

  • Growing Property Value: Buying property in SIDE is also a good idea because its value is likely to increase over time. This means you could sell it for more than you paid for it later on.

Popular with Northern European and English Holiday Home Buyer’s

SIDE, Turkey, is a favorite destination for Northern European and English buyers looking for holiday homes. The area offers a variety of property options catering to different budgets and preferences. Here’s a simple guide to what you can find in terms of real estate in SIDE:

Property Prices and Trends in SIDE

  • Average Starting Prices: Property prices in SIDE start at around €100,000 for basic apartments, with more desirable properties such as those closer to the sea or with better amenities beginning at higher thresholds like €120,000 and €150,000.

  • Growth in Property Values: The real estate market in SIDE has seen a steady appreciation in values, with an average annual increase of around 3-5%. This trend reflects SIDE's growing popularity as a holiday destination and residential area.

Market Demand and Buyer Preferences

  • Preference for Sea View Properties: There is a high demand for properties with sea views, which typically see a premium of 10-15% over similar properties without sea views.

  • Luxury Property Market: Luxury properties, especially those by the sea, can range from €200,000 to over €1 million, depending on the size, location, and exclusive features.

  • Affordable Property Options: The lower end of the market, which includes cheaper apartments and houses, usually offers smaller spaces but with good potential for rental income, particularly during the tourist season.

Buying Options and Accessibility

  • Mortgage and Installment Plans: Around 20-25% of property transactions in SIDE are facilitated through mortgages or installment plans, making it accessible for foreign buyers who might not have immediate liquidity.

  • Foreign Buyer Statistics: Northern Europeans and English buyers constitute a significant portion of the foreign buyer market in SIDE, accounting for approximately 30-40% of all real estate purchases by foreigners in the area.

Specific Property Types and Locations

  • Cheap Properties by the Sea: Properties near the sea starting under €100,000 are particularly popular, though they are smaller and may need renovations.

  • Center of SIDE Properties: Properties in the center of SIDE are highly sought after due to their proximity to amenities and entertainment options, with prices typically starting around €120,000.

  • Luxury and Best Properties by the Sea: These properties, offering premium features and exclusive locations, show an annual appreciation rate slightly higher than the average, around 6-8%.

Three Reasons to Buy Property in SIDE Right Now

Buying property in SIDE, Turkey, is an appealing option for many, especially now. Here are three compelling reasons why investing in SIDE real estate is particularly attractive at this moment:

Great Prices on Properties

  • How Much? You can buy properties in SIDE starting at about €79,000. This is much cheaper than many other places by the sea in Europe, where prices usually start at €150,000.

  • Increasing Value: The value of properties in SIDE goes up by about 3-5% every year. So, if you buy now, your property could be worth more in just a few years.

Lots of Tourists Visit SIDE

  • Many Visitors: Every year, over 13 million tourists come to the Antalya region, which includes SIDE. This number keeps growing, which is great if you want to rent out your property.

  • Good for Rentals: Because so many tourists visit, you can rent out your property often, especially in the summer. Some properties can make a 5-7% return each year from rentals alone.

Beautiful Place to Live or Vacation

  • Sunny Days: SIDE has more than 300 sunny days a year, so it's perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

  • Nice Lifestyle: Living in SIDE means you can enjoy beautiful beaches, good food, and a relaxed lifestyle. It’s also cheaper to live here compared to many other coastal areas in Europe.

Where Can You Find the Best SIDE Real Estate listings?

Finding the best real estate listings in SIDE, Turkey, depends on what you're looking for in a property, whether it's location, style, or investment potential. Here’s a guide to the key areas in SIDE where you might find your ideal property:

Central SIDE

  • Rental Income: You can earn about 5-7% a year from renting out your property because it’s a popular area.

  • Prices: Apartments and houses here range from €100,000 to over €250,000, depending on size and location.

Traditional Areas

  • Growth: Property values in these areas grow slowly, around 2-4% each year. They offer a good long-term investment.

  • Prices: You can find homes starting at €80,000, with nicer ones up to €180,000.

Up-market Areas

  • Luxury Living: These areas have expensive homes starting at €300,000, going up to several million euros for the most luxurious ones.

  • Growth: Property values in these areas tend to increase faster, about 6-8% a year.


  • Family Homes: Prices start at €120,000 for bigger homes suitable for families, with larger ones up to €250,000.

  • Living Quality: These areas offer more space for your money, making them great for families.

Eastern Edge

  • Affordable Start: Early investment properties can be as cheap as €70,000.

  • Future Growth: As the area develops, property values could increase by 5-10% a year.

Mountain Areas

  • Nature Retreats: Prices for homes with natural surroundings start at €90,000, with more modern or well-located ones reaching €200,000.

  • Seasonal Appeal: These properties are attractive for seasonal rentals, especially during peak tourist times.

General Investment in SIDE

  • Tourist Attraction: With over 13 million tourists visiting the region every year, properties near tourist spots are especially lucrative for rentals.

  • Value Growth: On average, property values across SIDE are increasing by 3-5% every year.

Types of Real Estate for sale in SIDE

If you're exploring real estate options in SIDE, Turkey, you'll find a variety of properties available, particularly when it comes to flats. Here’s an easy-to-understand guide to the flats you might consider purchasing in SIDE:

Types of Flats and Prices

  • Studio Flats: These are small, single-room apartments. Prices start from around €40,000.

  • One-Bedroom Flats: These have a separate bedroom and living area. Prices start from about €60,000.

  • Larger Flats: Flats with two or more bedrooms start from around €80,000. The more bedrooms and space, the higher the price.

Average Costs

  • Price Per Square Meter: Generally, the cost for each square meter of flat space in SIDE ranges from €800 to €2,500. This cost varies depending on how nice the flat is and where it's located.

Common Features in Flats

  • Air Conditioning: Almost all flats come with air conditioning because it gets pretty warm in SIDE.

  • Balconies or Terraces: About 80% of flats have a balcony or terrace, which is great for enjoying the outdoors.

  • Shared Amenities: Many flats come with access to shared features like swimming pools and gyms, found in about 70% of apartment complexes.

Luxury Flats

  • Higher Prices: Luxury flats can cost anywhere from €250,000 upwards, especially if they have sea views or are right by the beach.

  • Extra Nice Features: These flats often have high-quality finishes, more space, and special amenities like saunas or smart home technology.

Waterfront Flats

  • Price Premium: If a flat has a sea view or direct access to the beach, it can be 20-30% more expensive than similar flats without these features.

  • Faster Value Increase: Flats with panoramic sea views tend to increase in value faster, about 6-8% a year, compared to the average growth rate of 3-5%.

Buying Apartment in SIDE

Buying an apartment in SIDE, Turkey, is an exciting opportunity. Here's a simple step-by-step guide to help you understand the process, along with some important things to consider:

Steps to Purchase a Flat in SIDE

Start Looking:

  • Research online: You can find listings online, talk to local real estate agents, or even visit SIDE to see apartments yourself.

  • Know what you want: Think about what type of apartment you need, where you want it to be, and how much you want to spend.

Check Out Apartments:

  • See a few places: It's good to look at different apartments to see which one you like best.

  • Think about details: Look at things like how well the apartment is kept, how close it is to shops or the beach, and whether it feels safe.

Legal Stuff:

  • Get a lawyer: A local lawyer can help make sure everything is legal and there are no hidden problems with the apartment.

  • Check the property’s records: Make sure the apartment doesn’t have any debts or legal issues.

Make an Offer:

  • Decide on a price: If you like an apartment, you can make an offer.

  • Talk about the price: Sometimes, you can negotiate to get a better deal.

Sign a Contract:

  • Agree on terms: Your lawyer and the seller will prepare a contract that you both need to agree on and sign.

  • Understand everything: Make sure you know what you’re agreeing to.

Paying and Getting the Keys:

  • Sort out your money: If you need a loan, this is the time to finalize it.

  • Pay the seller: You might pay a deposit first, then the rest later.

  • Officially become the owner: You’ll go to a local office to transfer the apartment into your name.

After Buying:

  • Set up utilities: Put things like electricity and water bills in your name.

  • Handle taxes: Register for any taxes and get any local licenses you might need.

Important Things to Consider

  • Legal Stuff for Foreign Buyers: If you’re not from Turkey, you might need special permission to buy an apartment. This usually isn’t too complicated.

  • What You Need: You’ll need your passport, a tax number from Turkey, and proof that you live somewhere (like a utility bill from home).

Money Matters

  • How Much Apartments Cost: Prices can range from €40,000 for a small place to over €250,000 for something really nice or by the water.

  • Getting a Loan: You can sometimes get a loan from a Turkish bank. They might lend you 50-75% of the apartment's price.

  • Extra Costs: Remember to budget for extra things like lawyer fees, agent fees (about 3% of the purchase price), taxes, and upkeep.

SIDE Real Estate Market Overview

SIDE, Turkey, is a captivating location known for its beautiful beaches, historical sites, and vibrant tourism. These attractions significantly influence its real estate market, making SIDE a popular destination for property buyers and investors from around the globe.

SIDE Real Estate Market Overview

SIDE, known for its scenic beauty and historical richness, offers a dynamic real estate market that attracts a broad spectrum of buyers, including tourists, retirees, and investors.

SIDE Real Estate Trends

Current Market Trends

  • Demand Growth: The demand for properties in SIDE has seen a significant increase, with foreign purchases rising by approximately 20% in the past year.

  • Rental Yields: Properties in prime locations, particularly those with sea views or proximity to tourist hotspots, can achieve rental yields between 5% and 7% annually.

Price Fluctuations

  • Average Price Increase: Property prices in SIDE have increased by about 3-5% annually over the last three years. However, specific areas, especially those closer to the beach or city center, have experienced higher increases.

  • Luxury Segment Growth: The luxury market has seen an even steeper price increase, averaging around 6-8% per year due to high demand and limited supply.

Investment Opportunities

  • Capital Appreciation: With the ongoing development and infrastructure improvements, long-term capital appreciation rates are projected to remain strong.

  • Tourism Impact: The seasonal influx of tourists substantially boosts demand for short-term rentals, making it a profitable venture for property owners during peak seasons.

SIDE Property for Sale

General Sales Information

  • Price Range: Properties in SIDE vary widely in price. Apartments can start from as low as €40,000 for smaller units and go up to €250,000 for spacious, well-located flats. Villas and luxury properties can range from €200,000 to over €1 million.

  • Popular Property Types: Apartments make up about 60% of the market sales, while villas and detached houses account for the rest.

Seasonal Trends

  • Peak Buying Season: The peak season for real estate purchases in SIDE is from early spring to late summer, aligning with the tourist season and warmer months.

Buyer Demographics

  • International Buyers: Approximately 35% of property buyers in SIDE are foreigners, with the majority coming from Europe, particularly the UK, Germany, and Scandinavia.

  • Domestic Buyers: Turkish nationals, particularly those from larger cities like Istanbul and Ankara, are also active in the SIDE market, looking for holiday homes or investment properties.

Special Focus Areas

When considering buying property in SIDE, Turkey, it's beneficial to focus on specific areas within the town that are particularly popular among buyers. These areas often cater to different preferences and investment goals, offering unique advantages.

Statistical Spotlight on Popular Areas within SIDE

Old Town (Antique SIDE):

  • Property Prices: Average prices in the Old Town area can range from €120,000 for smaller apartments to over €250,000 for properties with historical significance or unique features.

  • Rental Yields: Properties here can command higher rental yields, approximately 6-8%, due to their prime location and tourist appeal.

East Beach and West Beach:

  • Property Prices: Beachfront properties typically start at around €150,000, with luxury villas reaching up to €500,000 or more.

  • Seasonal Demand: During the peak tourist season, rental demand spikes, with occupancy rates reaching up to 80-90%.

Kumkoy and Ilica:

  • Growth in Real Estate Development: These areas have seen a 20% increase in new construction projects over the past year, reflecting their growing popularity.

  • Price Increase: Property prices in these developing areas have risen by approximately 5-7% annually.

Sorgun and Titreyengol:

  • Luxury Market Prices: High-end properties in these areas often start at €300,000, with some of the more exclusive residences priced over €1 million.

  • Natural Attraction: The appeal of natural settings contributes to a steady 5-10% annual appreciation in property values, especially for waterfront or forest-adjacent homes.

General Advice and Market Trends

When considering buying property in SIDE, keep these broader market trends and tips in mind:

Market Trends:

  • The overall property market in SIDE has been experiencing an average annual appreciation of about 4-6% across all areas, making it a solid investment.

  • The influx of international buyers, particularly from Europe, has remained strong, contributing to the steady demand and price stability.

Demographic Insights:

  • International buyers, including those from the UK, Germany, and Scandinavia, account for about 30% of property purchases in SIDE.

  • A growing number of Middle Eastern investors are also showing interest, particularly in luxury and waterfront properties.

Seasonal Trends:

  • The real estate market is highly seasonal, with the highest sales volumes occurring from April to September, aligned with the main tourist season.

Investment Potential:

  • Considering the high tourist turnover, investment properties focused on short-term rentals generally offer a quicker return on investment through high seasonal rental rates.

Budget Options

If you’re looking for budget-friendly property options in SIDE, Turkey, there are several areas and factors to consider that can help you find affordable flats without compromising too much on quality and location. Here's a guide on where to look and what you can expect:

Statistical Insights into Budget-Friendly Flats in SIDE

Kumkoy and Ilica:

  • Average Prices: Apartments in these areas can start as low as €50,000, with newer constructions averaging around €70,000 to €100,000.

  • Growth Potential: Due to ongoing developments, property values in Kumkoy and Ilica have been increasing at an annual rate of about 3-5%, making them appealing for future appreciation.


  • Average Prices: Prices in Manavgat are generally lower, with flats starting around €40,000. Larger, more modern apartments can be found for under €80,000.

  • Living Costs: The cost of living in Manavgat is approximately 20% lower than in central SIDE, which could be beneficial for long-term residents.

Central SIDE - Older Buildings:

  • Price Range: Older flats in central SIDE can be found for between €60,000 and €90,000, depending on the condition and exact location.

  • Renovation Costs: Buyers should budget an additional 10-15% of the purchase price for potential renovations to update and enhance these older properties.

Quality and Location Expectations

  • Quality: While budget properties might not feature the latest designs or amenities, many are well-maintained and offer essential comforts. Communal amenities like swimming pools and gardens are common in apartment complexes, even at lower price points.

  • Location: Budget-friendly flats may be located a bit further from the beach or major tourist attractions. However, they often remain accessible to local necessities like markets, schools, and public transportation, making them convenient for everyday living.

  • Investment Considerations: Properties in emerging areas like Kumkoy and Ilica present excellent investment opportunities due to the potential for value increase as the neighborhoods develop further.

Living in SIDE

Living in Side, Turkey, offers a unique blend of historical charm, scenic beauty, and a vibrant community life, making it an attractive location for owning a flat. Here’s what you need to know:

Benefits of Owning a Flat in Side

  • Lifestyle Benefits: Residents enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle characterized by over 300 days of sunshine annually, ideal for those seeking year-round pleasant weather.

  • Local Attractions: Side is home to significant archaeological sites dating back to the Roman era, which attract thousands of tourists each year, bolstering the local economy and enhancing property value.

  • Community Features: The town supports a thriving expatriate community. Approximately 15% of the local property owners are foreigners, fostering a multicultural environment that enriches social interactions and cultural exchange.

Maintenance and Upkeep

  • Expected Maintenance Costs: Maintenance expenses in Side are quite affordable. Homeowners typically spend about 1-3% of their property’s value on annual upkeep, significantly lower than in many European cities.

  • Tips for Property Upkeep:

    • Regular Inspections: Seasonal inspections are crucial, especially after the mild winters, to address any damage caused by humidity or storms.

    • Professional Help: Leveraging local services for maintenance tasks is cost-effective, with labor costs being approximately 50% lower than in many Western European countries.

    • Weatherproofing: Adequate preparation for the climate involves investing in good air conditioning systems, which are essential during the hot summers, and ensuring proper insulation to handle the cooler, wetter winter months.

Real Estate Investment in SIDE

Investing in real estate in Side, Turkey, offers promising potential for both short-term gains and long-term benefits. Here’s an insightful look into what makes Side an attractive location for property investors:

Investment Potential of SIDE Flats

Resale Values and Appreciation:

  • Average Annual Appreciation: Properties in SIDE typically experience an appreciation rate of 3-5% per year. However, properties in prime locations such as waterfront areas or near significant tourist attractions can see appreciation rates of up to 6-8% annually.

  • Comparative Prices: As of the last few years, the average price per square meter for a flat in SIDE ranges from approximately €1,000 to €1,500, with premium properties commanding higher values.

Rental Yields:

  • Average Rental Yields: The rental yields for properties in SIDE vary depending on location and property type, but they generally range from 5% to 7%. Properties closer to the beach or city center, which attract more tourists, can achieve higher yields, especially during the peak tourist season.

  • Tourism Influence: SIDE's tourism numbers have been robust, with the region attracting millions of visitors each year. This high level of tourism significantly boosts demand for short-term rental properties.

Market Dynamics:

  • Supply and Demand: The demand for flats in SIDE has been steadily increasing, partly due to its popularity among international tourists and retirees. The supply of new construction is also on the rise, aiming to meet this growing demand.

  • Foreign Investment: Approximately 30-35% of real estate purchases in SIDE are made by international buyers, underscoring the area's popularity as an investment destination.

Long-Term Benefits

  • Stability and Growth: The Turkish real estate market has shown resilience and growth, particularly in tourist-favored areas like SIDE. Continued investments in infrastructure and local amenities further enhance property values and the quality of life, making SIDE an attractive long-term investment spot.

  • Lifestyle Perks: Besides financial gains, owning property in SIDE offers lifestyle benefits such as living in a culturally rich area with a warm climate, beautiful natural surroundings, and access to Mediterranean beaches.

Benefits of Buying Real Estate in SIDE?

Buying real estate in SIDE, Turkey, offers several compelling benefits that make it an attractive option for property buyers and investors. Here’s a detailed look at some of the key advantages:

Benefits of Buying Real Estate in SIDE

Affordable Prices

  • Cost Comparison: Properties in SIDE are much cheaper compared to other popular beach destinations in Europe. For example, the average price for a place in SIDE is about €1,000 to €1,500 per square meter, while in other parts of Europe, you might pay at least €2,500 per square meter.

  • Starting Prices: You can find apartments in SIDE starting from around €40,000, making it accessible for more people.

Wide Choice

  • Lots of Options: Whether you want a small studio or a big luxury villa, SIDE has over 2,000 properties for sale. There's something for everyone.

  • Growing Market: Every year, about 10% more new homes are built, giving you even more modern and attractive options.

Unspoiled Environment

  • Sunny Days: SIDE enjoys over 300 sunny days a year, making it a perfect place for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Protected Nature: The area is known for its beautiful, clean beaches and historical sites, which attract about 3 million visitors each year.

Profitable Investment

  • Rental Income: If you rent out your property in SIDE, you could earn a rental yield of 5-7% annually. Properties in great locations can even earn more during the tourist season.

  • Increasing Value: Property values in SIDE have been growing by about 3-5% each year, so buying property here could be a smart investment that increases in value over time.

Advice on Buying SIDE Real Estate

Buying real estate in SIDE, Turkey, can be a great opportunity, but it’s important to approach it carefully. Here’s some straightforward advice for anyone thinking about purchasing property in SIDE:

Learn About the Market

  • Check Prices: Look into how much different types of properties cost in SIDE so you know what to expect.

  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on any new developments or changes in the area that might affect property values.

Pick the Right Spot

  • What You Like: Think about where you’d like to live. Do you want to be near the beach, close to shops and cafes, or somewhere quieter?

  • Good for Investment: Some areas might be better for making money, like places that are popular with tourists or growing fast.

Look at the Property Carefully

  • Check the Condition: Make sure the property is in good shape and doesn’t need expensive repairs.

  • Legal Checks: Have a lawyer check that there are no legal problems with the property, like unpaid taxes or ownership issues.

Understand How to Buy

  • Know the Steps: Learn about the steps to buy a property in Turkey, which can be different from those in your home country.

  • Get Help: Think about hiring a real estate agent and a lawyer who know how to work with buyers from other countries. They can help make the process easier.

Plan for Extra Costs

  • Buying Costs: Remember, you’ll have to pay for things like taxes, agent fees, and maybe legal fees.

  • Regular Costs: Don’t forget about ongoing costs like property taxes, utility bills, and upkeep.

Think About Money

  • Mortgage Options: If you need a loan, look into whether you can get a mortgage in Turkey.

  • Money Changes: Watch out for changes in currency exchange rates, which can affect how much you end up spending.

Think Long-Term

  • Selling or Renting: Consider whether you’ll want to sell or rent out the property later. Properties in busy areas or near amenities usually attract more interest.

  • Purpose: Decide if this will be a vacation home, a permanent home, or mainly an investment.

FAQs for SIDE Property for Sale

Is Side a good investment?

Yes, Side is a good investment due to its growing real estate values, high rental yields, especially during tourist season, and stable market.

Is Side a good place to live?

Absolutely, Side offers a great lifestyle with its beautiful beaches, historical sites, mild climate, and vibrant expat community, making it ideal for both expats and retirees.

Where is the cheapest property in Turkey?

The cheapest properties in Turkey are typically found in less touristy areas away from the coast, such as Aksaray, Karaman, and some parts of central Anatolia.

Can foreigners buy flats in Side?

Yes, foreigners can buy flats in Side, with the process being straightforward due to Turkey's friendly foreign investment laws.

What are the additional costs involved in buying a flat?

Additional costs include a property acquisition tax, notary fees, agency fees (if applicable), and ongoing costs like maintenance, utilities, and property tax.

How do I ensure my flat purchase in SIDE is secure?

Ensure security by working with reputable real estate agents, conducting thorough due diligence, and possibly hiring a local lawyer to handle legal checks and the transaction.

What should I look for when choosing a flat in SIDE?

Look for flats in desirable locations (near beaches or historic areas), consider the building's condition and age, assess community amenities, and ensure good potential for rental yields if investing.

We also have Different Categories for SIDE Properties

If you're exploring property options in Side, Turkey, here are some distinct categories that cater to a variety of preferences and investment levels:

Beachfront Properties in Side:

  • Price Increase: Properties right by the beach have been increasing in value by about 10-15% each year because they are in high demand.

  • Money from Rentals: You can earn a lot of money by renting out these properties, especially during the tourist season. The income from rent could be as high as 8-10% of the property’s value each year.

Luxury Apartments in Side with a Sea View:

  • Cost: These fancy apartments with beautiful sea views usually start at €100,000. They're popular with people from other countries.

  • Value Growth: Their value goes up by about 7-10% every year, which makes them a good choice for making money over time.

Villas in Side with Private Pools:

  • Prices and Popularity: Villas with their own pools start at about €200,000 and are very popular.

  • Rent Returns: These villas can also make a good amount of money when rented out, with returns around 5-7% per year.

Cheaper Properties in Side:

  • Cost: You can find less expensive properties starting from €30,000. These might be a bit away from the beach or need some fixing up.

  • Increase in Value: Even these more affordable homes tend to increase in value by about 5% each year.