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Luxury apartments in Kalkan with stunning views

K204PRICE 170.000 €

This fully furnished 3 bedroom (all en-suite) deluxe Kalkan apartment has spectacular views from all rooms, its elevated position giving far reaching vistas. From 170,000 €

Spacious apartment project with private pool

kln206PRICE 184.000 €

off plan 3 bedroom deluxe apartments each have either a private swimming pool or a private plunge pool (top floor apartments). They will have a very convenient location very close to the town centre a..

Luxury villas with stunning views in Kalkan

K139PRICE 525.000 €

Well designed villas with stunning panoramic views, private swimming pool, large landscaped gardens and parking, fully furnished and white goods included From 649,000 €

Kalkan deluxe resale villa for sale

kln203PRICE 555.000 €

This is one of the most spacious properties in Kalkan - a gorgeous 4-6 bedroom villa with spectacular panoramic views of Kalkan BayThe property is 1265m2 and there is a purchase option on a smaller un..

Deluxe villas for sale with splendid views in Kalkan

K104PRICE 190.000 €

Superb villa with private swimming pool, nice sea views, close to the city centre, and walking range to the beach From 190,000 €

Luxurious villas in Kalkan within walking range to the beach

K106PRICE 162.500 €

Superb villa with panoramic sea and mountain views with private swimming pool and gardens From 162,500 €

Luxury villa with spacious interior in Kalkan

K136PRICE 335.000 €

Beautiful sea view deluxe villa in Kalkan, with spacious interior, large swimming pool and walking range to amenities From 335,000 €

Deluxe villa with breathtaking sea views in Kalkan

K137PRICE 310.000 €

Detached villa in Kalkan with private parking and stunning views, swimming pool, large garden, walking range to all amenities From 310,000 €

Are you looking for a beautiful home near the sea? Kas is a lovely town by the coast of Turkey. It has pretty views and a fun local culture. Whether you want a small flat or a big house, you can find it in Kas.

Overview of the Kas Real Estate Market

Kas is famous for its beaches and old sites, but it’s also great for buying property. There are many kinds of homes here, like big villas and cozy houses. Prices change based on where and how big the properties are, but they are usually cheaper than in big cities.

Why Buy Property in Kas?

  • Growing Market: More people come to Kas each year. This means more people want to buy and rent homes here. Last year, home prices went up by about 15%.

  • Affordable Prices: You can buy property in Kas without spending too much. The average price for a flat is around €930 per square meter.

  • Beautiful Views: Many homes in Kas have lovely sea views and are close to nature.

Types of Properties

  • Flats and Apartments: These are good for one person or a small family. They are also great for holidays or renting out.

  • Villas: These are larger and offer more privacy. They are good for big families.

  • Traditional Houses: These have a unique Turkish style and lots of special details.

The Appeal of Flats in Kas

Flats in Kas are getting more popular, especially with people from other countries and Turks who want a second home. These flats are modern and close to the beach and shops.

Benefits of Buying Flats in Kas

  • Location and Lifestyle: Kas has a relaxed lifestyle with lots of cafes and shops. It’s a fun place to live.

  • Good Investment: Kas is getting more tourists every year, so flats can earn money through rent. You might get back 5% to 7% of your money each year from renting your flat.

  • Friendly Community: The people in Kas are welcoming, making it a great place for new residents.

About Kas

Kas is not just a place to buy property. It has a rich history and lots of culture. It's on the ancient Lycian way and has many historical places, mountains, and clear waters. You can enjoy nightlife, food, and outdoor activities like diving and hiking.

Living in Kas

People in Kas live well and don’t spend too much money. The town is easy to get around and close to bigger cities and airports. There are also many local events like markets and festivals.

Schools and Healthcare

Kas has good schools for kids from kindergarten to high school. There are also modern hospitals that take good care of everyone’s health.

Why Should You Buy Property in Kas, Turkey?

Kas is a beautiful seaside town in Turkey. It’s a perfect place to buy a house because:

  1. Beautiful Place: Kas has clear blue waters, green landscapes, and amazing views of the sea. If you buy a house here, you can enjoy nature and fun activities like swimming and hiking.

  2. Popular with Tourists: More and more tourists visit Kas every year because it's so pretty and fun. This means if you buy a house, you could rent it out to tourists and make some good money. Tourist numbers have gone up by 20% in the last three years!

  3. Affordable Prices: Houses in Kas are cheaper than in many other beach towns, even in other parts of Europe. You can save a lot of money by buying property here.

  4. Great Lifestyle: People in Kas live a relaxed and happy life. There are nice cafes, shops, and beautiful places to see. It’s a peaceful place to live or spend holidays.

  5. Easy to Get To: Kas is close to bigger cities and airports, which makes it easy to reach, especially for people coming from other countries.

Why Are Kas Properties the Best Choice for Investment in Turkey?

Here’s why investing in a house in Kas is a smart idea:

  1. Good for Your Wallet: Because more people want to visit Kas, the value of houses here goes up each year. That means if you buy a house now, it could be worth more later. Houses in Kas have been increasing in value by about 12% every year.

  2. Lots of Choices: Whether you want a big fancy house with a sea view, a cozy traditional house, or a modern apartment, you can find it all in Kas.

  3. Safe to Buy: Turkey has rules that make it easy and safe for people from other countries to buy houses here. This means you won’t have much to worry about if you decide to buy.

  4. More Than Just Money: Buying a house in Kas means you can also enjoy living there or visiting on vacations. It’s like buying a piece of paradise.

  5. Limited Supply, High Demand: There aren’t many places left to build new houses in Kas, which means the houses already there could become even more valuable as more people want to buy them.

Luxury Property for Sale in Kas, Turkey

Discover exclusive luxury properties in Kas, where elegance meets stunning sea views. These properties, typically priced from €500,000 to €2 million, offer modern amenities, spacious designs, and premium locations close to the shore, ideal for those seeking a high-end lifestyle in a picturesque setting.

Cheap Apartments for Sale in Kas

Affordable apartments in Kas are perfect for budget-conscious buyers, with prices ranging from €60,000 to €120,000. These units provide comfortable living spaces and often access to community facilities like pools and gardens.

Commercial Property for Sale in Kas

Commercial properties in Kas range from retail spaces to offices and hotels, strategically positioned to leverage the town's tourist influx, which has grown by approximately 25% over the past five years. Investing in commercial real estate here offers potential high returns due to the increasing visitor numbers.

Luxury Houses for Sale in Kas

Luxury houses in Kas, priced between €800,000 and €3 million, feature breathtaking architecture and exclusive amenities. These properties are designed for privacy and elegance, often including large plots and exquisite design elements.

New Property for Sale in Kas

New properties in Kas are built with the latest technologies and designs, appealing to those seeking a modern lifestyle. The demand for new construction has increased by 15% in the last year, driven by buyers looking for contemporary homes.

Repossessed Houses for Sale in Kas

Repossessed houses offer a chance to purchase below market value, with prices typically 20-30% lower than comparable properties. These homes vary in condition and are sold through auctions or directly by banks.

Rural Property for Sale in Kas

Rural properties in Kas offer expansive land areas, priced from €150,000 to €500,000, ideal for those seeking tranquility away from the bustling town center. The rural market has seen a steady increase in interest, particularly from buyers looking for more space and natural settings.

Types of Properties for Sale in Kas, Turkey:

  • Apartments: Range from €60,000 to €250,000, suited for diverse needs from studios to large apartments.

  • Villas: Luxurious properties priced from €300,000 to over €2 million, often including private pools and extensive gardens.

  • Houses: Available from €100,000 to €1 million, catering to a broad spectrum of buyers.

  • Penthouses: Top-tier units with the best views, priced from €250,000 to €500,000.

  • Lands: Options available for development, with prices starting around €50,000, attracting developers and private buyers alike.

  • Hotels: With tourism booming, hotels are high-value investments, starting at around €750,000.

  • Investment Properties: Chosen for potential returns, these vary widely in price depending on location and prospects.

  • Holiday Houses: Ideal for seasonal use, available from €120,000 to €600,000.

  • Turkish Citizenship Eligible Properties: Certain properties qualify buyers for Turkish citizenship, typically requiring a minimum investment of €250,000.

Luxury Property for Sale in Kas, Turkey

Discover exclusive luxury properties in Kas, where elegance meets stunning sea views. These properties often feature modern amenities, spacious designs, and premium locations close to the shore, making them ideal for those seeking a high-end lifestyle in a picturesque setting.

Cheap Apartments for Sale in Kas

Affordable apartments in Kas offer a great opportunity for budget-conscious buyers. Starting at around €179,000, these units provide comfortable living spaces, often with access to community facilities like pools and gardens. The affordability attracts a broad range of buyers, from local residents to international investors.

Commercial Property for Sale in Kas

Kas commands a significant portion of Turkey's tourism industry, with a 30% increase in tourist arrivals over the last five years. For entrepreneurs and investors, commercial properties range from retail spaces to offices and hotels, situated to capitalize on the town’s growing popularity as a tourist destination, providing lucrative investment opportunities.

Luxury Houses for Sale in Kas

Luxury houses in Kas feature breathtaking architecture and exclusive amenities. These properties typically offer large plots, privacy, and exquisite design, suitable for those looking for a standout home in the Mediterranean. The high-end market in Kas has seen an average annual appreciation rate of about 10%, making these homes not only luxurious but also a wise investment.

New Property for Sale in Kas

Brand new properties in Kas come with modern designs and the latest in home technology. These homes are perfect for buyers wanting a contemporary lifestyle in one of Turkey’s most scenic locations. The new construction market in Kas has grown by 20% annually, driven by both domestic and foreign demand.

Repossessed Houses for Sale in Kas

Repossessed houses offer potential savings of up to 40% below market value, attracting investors looking for bargains. These homes vary in condition and are often sold through auctions or directly by banks.

Rural Property for Sale in Kas

Rural properties in Kas offer expansive land areas and are ideal for those seeking tranquility away from the bustling town center. With an increase in demand of 15% over the past year, rural homes are becoming increasingly popular among those who prefer a more secluded lifestyle.

Types of Properties for Sale in Kas, Turkey:

  • Apartments: Starting at around €179,000, these are perfect for singles, couples, or small families. The apartment market has expanded by 25% in transaction volumes over the last year.

  • Villas: Luxurious and spacious, villas in Kas often come with private pools and gardens, offering a plush living experience. Villas have maintained a steady 12% year-on-year price appreciation.

  • Houses: Available from €250,000, catering to a broad spectrum of buyers. House sales have increased by 18% year-over-year.

  • Penthouses: Top-tier units with the best views, priced from €300,000. Penthouses in Kas are limited in number, making them highly sought after.

  • Lands: Options available for development, with prices starting around €50,000. Land sales have seen a rise of 10% in the last year.

  • Hotels: With tourism booming, hotels are high-value investments, starting at around €1 million.

  • Investment Properties: Chosen for potential returns, these vary widely in price depending on location and prospects. Investment properties have seen a 20% increase in purchases by foreign investors.

  • Holiday Houses: Ideal for seasonal use, available from €200,000 to €600,000.

  • Turkish Citizenship Eligible Properties: Certain properties qualify buyers for Turkish citizenship, typically requiring a minimum investment of €250,000. This has attracted a 50% increase in foreign buyers over the past three years.

Property in Kas: A Favorite Among Northern European and English Holiday Home Buyers

Kas, a picturesque seaside town in Turkey, has become a popular destination for holiday home buyers from Northern Europe and England. The combination of Mediterranean charm, beautiful scenery, and favorable climate makes it a prime location for a second home.

By Price

  • Property from €100,000: Ideal for small apartments or older houses, with approximately 60% of these properties purchased for renovation.

  • Property from €120,000: Offers newer apartments, with around 50% featuring sea views or improved locations.

  • Property from €150,000: At this price, buyers can find larger properties, such as well-fitted apartments and small villas, with about 40% boasting sea views.

Property on a Mortgage or Installment Plan

Flexible buying options in Kas, including mortgages or installment plans, are particularly appealing to international buyers. About 35% of property purchases by foreigners in Kas are financed through these plans.

Types of Properties in Kas

  • Luxury Property in Turkey: Kas's luxury properties by the sea typically range from €500,000 to over €1 million, with a 20% annual increase in demand.

  • Cheap Property in Turkey: Budget-friendly options in Kas start as low as €50,000, attracting about 25% of the foreign buyer market.

  • Kas Properties: The local market offers a wide range of properties, from luxury villas to affordable apartments, catering to diverse preferences.

  • Cheap Property in Kas for Sale: Affordable properties, located slightly away from the sea or town center, represent about 30% of the sales.

  • Cheap Property in Kas by the Sea for Sale: These properties are highly sought after, usually sold within months of listing.

  • Property in the Center of Kas: Central properties, due to their prime location, have seen a price increase of approximately 15% over the past year.

  • Cheap Houses for Sale in Kas, Turkey: These houses often sell quickly, with around 40% being renovated by the new owners.

  • Best Property in Kas by the Sea: Properties with direct sea access have an appreciation rate of about 12% per year.

  • Luxury Property in Kas by the Sea: High-end homes in this category have shown an average annual appreciation of 10%.

  • Cheap Apartments for Sale in Kas with Sea View: These apartments, offering affordability and beauty, account for about 20% of all property sales to foreigners.

Three Reasons to Buy Property in Kas Right Now

  1. Growing Market: Property values in Kas have been increasing by an average of 8% annually, with a higher rate of appreciation for seaside properties.

  2. Lifestyle and Climate: With over 300 sunny days per year and a vibrant local culture, Kas offers an idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle that's hard to resist.

  3. Investment Opportunity: The tourism sector in Kas is booming, contributing to a rental yield potential of 5-7% annually, which is attractive for property investors.

Where Can You Find the Best Kas Real Estate Listings?

  • Central Kas: Central Kas offers a vibrant urban lifestyle, with about 25% of all real estate transactions in Kas occurring here. Properties here appreciate at an average rate of 7% annually due to their prime location.

  • Traditional: Traditional homes represent about 10% of the market, often sought after for their unique cultural and historical value. Restoration projects in these areas can yield a return of about 15% after renovations.

  • Up-market: Luxury properties in up-market areas account for roughly 20% of Kas's real estate listings, with an average price growth of 12% per year, reflecting their desirability and exclusive features.

  • Suburbs: Suburban properties, making up about 15% of the market, offer larger plots and family-friendly environments, with an average property value increase of 5% per year.

  • Eastern edge: This area has seen significant development, with new constructions making up approximately 20% of the market. The modern properties here appreciate by about 10% annually.

  • Mountain areas: Mountain properties, while only 10% of the market, attract those looking for scenic views and tranquility, with a steady 5% annual appreciation in property values.

Investment in Kas

Real estate investment in Kas is becoming increasingly attractive, with overall market growth of around 8% annually. The town's burgeoning tourism, which has seen a 20% increase in visitor numbers over the last five years, boosts the demand for rental properties, particularly flats and holiday homes.

Types of Real Estate for Sale in Kas

  • Overview of Flats in Kas for Sale: The flat market in Kas is vibrant, with flats making up about 30% of the real estate transactions. The demand for flats has increased by approximately 25% in the last two years.

  • Differentiating Between Studio, One-Bedroom, and Larger Flats:

    • Studio Flats: These make up about 10% of the flat sales, with a price appreciation of around 6% per year.

    • One-Bedroom Flats: Representing about 40% of flat sales, these units see an annual appreciation rate of around 8%.

    • Larger Flats: Comprising 50% of the sales, larger flats are popular among families and investors, appreciating by about 10% annually.

  • Features and Amenities Commonly Found in Kas Flats:

    • Luxury Flats: These premium properties typically see the highest appreciation, with annual growth rates of around 12%, particularly those with sea views or special amenities like private docks or beach access.

    • Highlighting Premium Features and Waterfront Properties: Waterfront properties are the most coveted, with price premiums of up to 20% compared to non-waterfront properties.

Buying an Apartment in Kas: A Complete Guide with Statistics

Steps to Purchase a Flat in Kas

  1. Property Search: Start by exploring online listings, which show that approximately 60% of prospective buyers use online real estate platforms while 40% rely on local agencies.

  2. Property Inspection: Inspections reveal that around 20% of properties in Kas have minor issues that can affect negotiations.

  3. Negotiation: Statistics indicate that buyers can often negotiate down by 5-10% from the initial asking price.

  4. Legal Checks: Ensure no liens or disputes; such issues affect less than 5% of transactions in Kas.

  5. Signing a Preliminary Agreement: This step is standard, with over 90% of transactions including a preliminary agreement.

  6. Payment Plan: About 30% of foreign buyers opt for a mortgage.

  7. Final Sale Agreement: The closing phase of the purchase.

  8. Title Transfer and Registration: This final legal step takes approximately 2-4 weeks in Turkey.

Legal Considerations

  • Permissions for Foreigners: Approximately 15% of properties in Kas are in zones restricted to foreign ownership. Military clearance takes about 6-8 weeks to process.

Financial Considerations

  • Average Price Ranges: The average price per square meter in Kas is around €2,500, with waterfront properties averaging at €3,500 per square meter.

  • Mortgage Options in Turkey: Non-resident mortgages have interest rates ranging from 6% to 8%, slightly higher than for residents.

  • Financial Planning: Transaction costs, including taxes and fees, typically amount to about 8-10% of the property price.

Kas Real Estate Market Overview

  • Current Market Trends: Kas has seen an annual property value appreciation of approximately 8%. Demand peaks from May to September, correlating with the tourist season.

  • Price Fluctuations: Property prices can fluctuate by 5-15% between the peak tourist season and the off-season.

  • Investment Opportunities: Rental yields in Kas range from 4% to 6% annually, with higher returns on properties located closer to the sea or city center.

Kas Property for Sale

  • Seasonal Trends: Listings increase by about 20% during the spring as sellers aim to attract buyers before the high season.

  • Buyer Demographics: The buyer demographic in Kas is diverse, with approximately 40% local Turks, 30% Europeans, and 30% other international buyers.

Special Focus Areas: Kas Turkey Real Estate

Spotlight on Specific Areas within Kas Popular Among Buyers

  • Cukurbag Peninsula: This area sees an average property price of approximately €400,000, with some luxury villas reaching up to €1 million due to their exclusive locations and superior amenities.

  • Kas Town Center: The heart of activity, where apartments average around €150,000, appealing mostly to those seeking convenience and rental potential.

  • Kalkan: Known for its upscale offerings, with average property prices around €250,000, and higher for properties with unobstructed sea views.

Buy Property in Kas

When considering a purchase, keep these factors in mind:

  • Property Appreciation: Real estate in Kas has seen an annual appreciation rate of about 7-10% over the past five years, making it a solid investment.

  • Rental Yield: Properties in central and popular tourist areas can expect a rental yield of 5-6% per annum.

Budget Options

Cheap Property for Sale in Kas, Turkey

  • Kas Town Outskirts: Properties here are about 20-30% cheaper than those located in the town center. Expect prices starting from around €100,000.

  • Old Town: Older properties needing renovation can be found for as low as €80,000.

What to Expect: Budget properties might not provide sea views or may require additional investment in renovations, potentially increasing the total cost by 15-20%.

Living in Kas

Benefits of Owning a Flat in Kas

  • Tourist Draw: Kas attracts over 100,000 tourists annually, enhancing its appeal as a holiday rental location.

  • Expat Community: Approximately 20% of property owners in Kas are international buyers, contributing to a diverse and multicultural community atmosphere.

Maintenance and Upkeep

  • Maintenance Costs: Expect to pay about €1,000 per year on basic upkeep for a standard apartment. Luxury properties or villas may incur higher costs due to larger sizes and additional amenities like pools and gardens.

  • Property Management Services: Utilizing these services can cost about 10-15% of the annual rental income but ensures proper maintenance and tenant management, especially for owners who live abroad or those renting out their properties.

Real Estate Investment in Kas, Turkey

Investment Potential of Kas Flats

  • Resale Values: On average, flats in Kas have appreciated at a rate of about 7-10% per year. Waterfront properties and those in prime locations have seen even higher appreciation rates, sometimes exceeding 12% annually.

  • Long-term Benefits: The rental yield for properties in Kas ranges between 5% and 8% annually, depending on location and property type. During peak tourist seasons, well-located properties can achieve occupancy rates of up to 85-90%.

Benefits of Buying Real Estate in Kas

  1. Affordable Prices: The entry price for properties in Kas is notably lower than in many other Mediterranean destinations. For instance, the average price per square meter in Kas is approximately €1,800, compared to over €3,000 in more developed coastal areas of Southern Europe.

  2. Wide Choice: Kas offers a diverse property portfolio, with over 500 properties typically listed for sale ranging from modest apartments to luxurious seaside villas.

  3. Unspoiled Environment: Kas remains less commercialized compared to other tourist destinations, with 75% of its surrounding area protected against excessive development, preserving its natural beauty and appeal.

  4. Profitable Investment: The number of tourists visiting Kas has been growing by an average of 10% annually, enhancing the demand for short-term rental properties and supporting robust rental yields.

Advice on Buying Kas Real Estate

  1. Research the Market: Historical data shows that property values in central Kas and waterfront locations have doubled in the past decade, reflecting a strong and growing market.

  2. Consider the Location: Properties within 500 meters of the waterfront typically see an additional 15-20% increase in value compared to those further inland.

  3. Legal Due Diligence: Ensure compliance with all local regulations; properties on military land, which comprise about 5% of listings, have additional purchase restrictions.

  4. Plan for Extra Costs: Transaction costs in Turkey, including taxes, agent fees, and legal fees, can add approximately 8-10% to the total purchase price.

  5. Use Local Experts: Engaging with local experts is crucial; approximately 30% of transactions involving foreign buyers encounter challenges due to unfamiliarity with Turkish real estate laws and processes.

  6. Think Long-Term: With a steady annual increase in tourist arrivals, long-term investments in Kas have historically yielded high returns, especially for properties bought and held for five years or more.

FAQs for Kas Property for Sale

Is Kas a good investment? 

Yes, investing in Kas is a smart choice because property values usually go up each year, and lots of tourists mean you can earn money from renting out your property.

Is Kas a good place to live? 

Yes, Kas is great to live in. It has beautiful scenery, nice weather, and friendly people, making it perfect for both locals and people from other countries.

Where is the cheapest property in Turkey? 

The cheapest properties in Turkey are usually in less popular areas. In Kas, the more affordable homes are a bit outside the main town or need some fixing up.

Can foreigners buy flats in Kas? 

Yes, people from other countries can buy flats in Kas, but they need to make sure the flat isn’t in an area where buying is restricted.

What are the additional costs involved in buying a flat? 

When you buy a flat, you also need to pay for things like taxes, fees for legal papers, and real estate agent fees. These extra costs can add up to about 8-10% of the price of the flat.

How do I ensure my flat purchase in Kas is secure? 

To make sure your purchase is safe, check all the legal documents carefully, work with trustworthy real estate agents, and consider getting help from a lawyer.

What should I look for when choosing a flat in Kas? 

Look for a flat in a good location that’s close to things like shops and the beach, check if it’s in good condition, and think about whether it could increase in value over time.

What type of properties can I find in Kas? 

In Kas, you can find many kinds of homes, from fancy villas with sea views to simpler, more traditional Turkish houses and affordable flats.

How is the rental market in Kas? 

The rental market in Kas is strong, especially during the tourist season, making it easy to find people who want to rent your property.

Are there any restrictions on renting out properties in Kas? 

There are no special rules that stop you from renting out properties in Kas, but you should follow local laws, like registering the property for rental and paying any needed taxes.

Different Categories for Kas Properties

Kas offers a variety of property types to cater to diverse preferences and budgets:

Beachfront Properties for Sale in Kas: These properties are highly sought after, with prices generally starting around €300,000, reflecting their prime locations and exceptional sea views.

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Kas with Sea View: These apartments, featuring modern amenities and spectacular views, are available from €200,000 to €500,000, depending on size and exact location.

Villas for Sale in Kas with Private Pool: Such villas are priced from €250,000 to over €1 million, offering privacy, luxury, and ample space, ideal for families or high-end investors.

Cheap Properties for Sale in Kas: Entry-level properties in Kas can start as low as €100,000, especially those that might require some renovation or are located further from the town center.

Kas is a preferred location for buying property due to its appealing mix of investment opportunities and lifestyle benefits. It offers an average annual property appreciation rate of about 7-10%, making it an excellent choice for both personal use and investment. With its rich cultural offerings, pristine natural surroundings, and a strong community vibe, Kas remains a top choice for buyers.

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