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Buying property in Istanbul is one of the best choice when it comes to investing in Turkey. Want to know why? 

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Table of Contents

- Types of Property You can get in Istanbul

- Why Istanbul for property purchase

- Where to look for property in Istanbul

- Things to know before investing in property in Istanbul

- How to find the perfect property in Istanbul to invest in

Istanbul, formerly called Constantinople, is one of the most popular cities in Turkey and is considered as a cultural, economic, and historic center of Turkey. Many tourists worldwide come all the way from their countries to visit and witness this historical place. Istanbul is known as the transcontinental city of Eurasia. What does that mean? It means that Istanbul is the only connection of land between the two continents of Europe and Asia. All of this being said, it is best for you to buy property in Istanbul. Turkey has a law by which foreigners can buy property in Istanbul and Turkey.

Types of Property You Can Get In Istanbul:

istanbul real estate Property in Istanbul can be either a hotel, restaurant, or any other real estate in Istanbul that attracts tourists. Getting yourself some property in Istanbul would do you great good. Tourists are often attracted to the food and shopping items that are traditional for turkey. Turkey is very popular for its traditional food amongst the people of Asia. Investing in property in Istanbul that is related to food or restaurant would be a very profitable business to set up. If not for business, you can also invest in property for your living in Istanbul. You can get yourself an apartment or a house, depending on your requirements.

Why Istanbul? Tourism Attraction:

Tourists from all over the world like to visit historical places. With those historical places, there are many adjusted places where they like to stay and eat. Besides all that, tourists come to Istanbul and want to have some memory of it. For this purpose, they go for shopping as well. Apartments in Istanbul that can be used as a center for shopping can be highly profitable as well.

Statistics of Tourists

Here is a reason you need to invest in real estate in Istanbul. According to the latest news, the number of tourists visiting Istanbul this year has been more than its entire population. More tourists mean there will be more business. So if you want to start up a business, getting property in Istanbul is the best idea one can give you.

The Popularity of Food:

Istanbul is very popular for its food. Get yourself a property in Istanbul and get yourself a local cook of turkey and VOILA! You just bought yourself a fortune. This is one of the best real estate investments in Istanbul. They have got one of a kind flavor to their food. A local Turkish cook can add his own recipes to your business, and you can prosper a lot.

Best Place For Investment In Real Estate For a Shopping Mall

property for sale in istanbul Since the turnout of tourists is very high, this means that people would be there for shopping. Tourists love to shop for themselves and get gifts for their friends and family. Investing in a shop or a mall can also be an idea to consider. Find yourself a place where you think tourists love to visit and buy property near that place. You can open a small shop if you are interested in small investments. Or if you are interested in large investment, go for a shopping mall.

Infrastructure of Istanbul

One of the things to consider before you decide to buy property is the infrastructure of the city. Foundation can truly support the investment and can be the reason for its success. Since the infrastructure of Istanbul is highly solid and is evolving as time passes, it has created a great opportunity to buy, probably in Istanbul, and start up a business that has a high chance of succeeding.

Facilities in Istanbul:

The infrastructure of Istanbul is such that it meets the modern standards of living. Istanbul offers you a variety of facilities. Some of the facilities include the allocation of free trade zones and industrial cities. Besides that, the roads and bridges are well developed. There are a variety of means of shipping, transport, unloading of the cargo. The water and sewerage resources are also up to the mark. The communication network and electric networks are also highly developed. So, every box for business ticks.

Legislation of Turkey:

Legislation of Turkey provides equal opportunity and facility to the local and foreign investors. This can make it easy for you to find yourself a property in Istanbul to invest your money in. The property you buy in Istanbul is going to be legal by law. The business you start will also be legal. With all that, the ease provided by the law can make sure all this happens within a few days. Ain't Istanbul the easiest cities to buy property in and launch your own business?

Getting Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment:

If you want to buy property in Istanbul for citizenship , read on. Real estate investors who invest 250.000$ or more in real estate in Turkey can get citizenship of Turkey as they are helping the country's economy grow. They will give the investors and their whole family a visa or citizenship as well according to their requirements and wish.

Where To Look For best Istanbul real estate offers:

If you are thinking of investing in Istanbul, take a look at the Istanbul real estate. You will be able to find tons of property for sale in Istanbul. Buy property in Istanbul and invest in it. Real estate in Istanbul can be very beneficial for you. Istanbul has many places that attract tourists. There is the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum, Blue (Sultan Ahmed) Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Galata Tower, Basilica Cistern, and Maiden’s Tower. Investing in property near these places can help you get your business flourish very fast.

Near The Historical Places:

Find yourself some property in Istanbul for sale near these tourist attractions. This will help you get the best business you can imagine. Tourists definitely like to take a look around while visiting these historical places, especially for food and shopping. Real estate in Istanbul around these areas have a great value and are perfect for investment

Things to Know Before Investing in Property In Istanbul:

Talk to Local Real Estate Agents Before Making a Decision:

For investing in real estate in Istanbul, you should keep a few things in mind. These things will help you get the best property around the whole city. When buying a property in Istanbul, you should consult a local agent for real estate in Istanbul.

While looking for a property in Istanbul, go through online websites. Try contacting any local real estate agent. Go and talk to the people who live there or have businesses there.

Know What You Want:

Property in istanbul for sale You need a clear vision in your mind about the property in Istanbul that you desire. Make sure you know what facilities your business requires. You must know which services are going to benefit you when you buy property in Istanbul. Electricity, gas, telephone landline, internet services are the services you have to check and ensure when you plan to buy property in Istanbul.

Is The Property Earthquake Resistant?

One thing you need to ensure specifically is that, whether the real estate in Istanbul you are planning to buy has a structure resistant to earthquake. Istanbul has always been a risky area with regard to the hazards of earthquakes.

How To Find The Perfect Property for sale in Istanbul to Invest In?Choosing A Rather New Place:

You can select a rather new place to buy property in Istanbul. You can easily find new places that have the chance to get their value raised a few years from now. This will also help you to get the property relatively cheap. The value of your property will increase, and it will be more fruitful. This is a very good way of starting without minimum investment and getting a lot out of it.

Investing In Already Developed Place:

Think about investing in real estate in Istanbul at the places where the area is already developed. This will be more ensuring as you will not have to take any risk. You will know that the property you buy is already in a prosperous phase. The risk of buying a property in a rather new place, and waiting for it to increase its value will be omitted.

Choose the Best Consultant or Agent For Buying Property

When buying apartment in Istanbul, you need to get yourself the best real estate consultant or preferably a consulting company. This will make sure you get reliable information. The experts will help you find the best property for you to invest in according to the budget in which you are willing to invest.

The real estate consultant must be provided with information about the type of investment you want to make. This will help them get you a suitable property. The marketing strategy for your business investment is important. The real estate agent will also guide you to the place where you can ensure the marketing for your investment will be more efficient and useful. If you are not on a budget we would also recommend checking Istanbul homes for sale page as there are quite good villas there under 300.000 Euros…

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Magnificent new project in popular Fatih area in Istanbul

5225FROM 199.000 €

New project with traditional design, perfect blend with environment and high quality in Fatih neighborhood

Spectacular new project in popular neighborhood of Bagcilar in Istanbul

5223FROM 81.000 €

Superb new project with tremendous facilities and close to communal transport in the popular neighborhood of Bagcilar

Affordable apartments in new project in Istanbul

5224FROM 83.000 €

Large and very comfortable apartments in new project with many facilities centrally located in Bagcılar area in Istanbul

Exclusive modern design residential project on Asian side of Istanbul

5226FROM 273.000 €

Very special and high quality modern design residential project in highly popular Cekmekoy neighborhood of Istanbul

Exclusive residential complex centrally located in Kagithane area in Istanbul

5227FROM 200.000 €

Superb residential complex right in the centre of popular neighborhood of Kagıthane in Istanbul

High quality apartments in modern design residential project in Istanbul

5228FROM 161.000 €

Luxurious and very well designed residential project with large size apartments in Kucukcekmece neighborhood

Outstanding luxury apartments in most popular area of Istanbul

5229FROM 300.000 €

Exclusive apartments in luxurious residential complex with many on site facilities and in most popular areas of Istanbul

Magnificient apartments in centrally located residential complex in Istanbul

5230FROM 260.000 €

Luxurious apartments in centrally located residential complex for sale in Sisli, Istanbul