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Property in Antalya for sale

Are you looking for property in Antalya? Antalya is a beautiful and developed city in Turkey. Antalya on the Mediterranean coast is the best location for those who want to enjoy their holidays. For investors and property buyers, this city is very suitable because you get high rent rates here.

About Antalya Property

Antalya real estate Antalya is famous for its beautiful landscapes, and it’s grown economy. You will see the most beautiful property in this city. The scenery is just mind-blowing, and it is the best city present on Turkish Riviera. However, there are many areas where you can find property for sale in Antalya, but two of the most highlighted places are Lara Beach and Konyaalti. These two places are known for their beauty in this whole city. Konyaalti and Lara Beach are considered to be the best property lands where you can invest your money for high returns.

Antalya city has overgrown, and it is considered one of the well-developed cities of Istanbul where the scenery is perfect, and the whole town is beautiful. Due to the charm of the city, many people have shifted to Antalya, and the population was doubled in the year 2003, which was one million at that time. Now the population of the city is gradually increasing with the passage of time. Due to this increase in the population, the property prices are also rising up. The rent prices are going up, and you can get better returns on your property investments.

As the economy of this city has grown rapidly, and due to this rapid growth, the real estate business also got a boost. The International profile of this area attracts a lot of buyers. The real estate companies are also facilitating the buyers for better investments and a high return on their investments. The rates of the property are still high in most of the beautiful areas of the city, but these rates are high due to the value of the city and property location. It’s worth it to invest there through a good dealer who can help you to choose the best property for yourself.

Property for sale in Antalya

Have you ever heard about the Konyaalti Beach? It is one of the most beautiful beaches present in Antalya. You can look for the property near this Konyaalti beach. The scenery you get from the property is really breathtaking and amazing. If you are looking for a two-bedroom apartment here near Konyaalti beach, then the average price of a typical apartment is around 50,000 euros. The apartment rental business in this area is on ita peak. You can rent out your apartments after buying, and from here, you can easily generate good passive income. The professional investors who have invested in luxury apartments in Turkey are getting around %7 rental income per year.

If you are looking for the property along the coast then, there are beautiful properties available with a lot of facilities such as gardens and private pools. The family-friendly properties present along the coast start from 50,000 euros. The triple bedroom homes for families are expensive, and they normally cost you around 110,000 Euros. The villas are priced quite a lot, but they come with private pools and gardens. These stylish three or four bedroom villas are completely designed for families, and their prices rise up to 100,000 Euros. The Antalya property doesn’t just end here. There are properties in Antalya that sell for millions of euros, and they are for massive investors who want to enjoy their lifestyle. Although these properties are far from a normal investor or buyer, they are luxurious for some high-income people, and these people can earn a handsome amount of money by reselling the property.


The golfing is on its peak in the Belek area of the Antalya city, and the property rates are high there as well. You can buy an apartment in Belek for around 70,000 Euros, and for luxury property, you have to pay a lot more. Belek is the best destination If you are interested in buying golf villas in Turkey at competitive prices


Side area is also great for those who want to buy and then rent their property. Side is present in the east of the Antalya city, and it is a really beautiful destination for the tourists. As tourists love to stay in side apartments, that’s why investors are also interested in investing their money in properties for sale in side area. Side has some really amazing apartments with all the luxurious facilities, such as private gardens and swimming pools. The families can enjoy their lifestyle in the Side area because of its a developed and luxury area of the city. Many old places are available for sale on bargain rates. As these buildings are older, that’s why you have to make some development on your property after you buy it.


Lara is the area of the city full of enjoyment for residents. There’s a lot to enjoy in this city. The landscapes are charming, and the long sandy beaches can refresh your mood. Lara is not far away from the city center Antalya. There are entertainment facilities available in this area and people can enjoy themselves. The property prices in these areas like Lara are higher, but according to the rest of Turkey, these properties are really worth to buy because they can provide you with a good return over your investments.


Konyaalti is one of the rapidly developing areas of Antalya. This area is one of the golden spots to buy property in Antalya. The area is closer to the beach, marina and city center. The lifestyle is amazing in this area, with beautiful beaches and shopping malls. The property rates in this area have not arisen that much, so you can leverage this opportunity to make some suitable investments in the Konyaalti area. These investments will lead you to maximize profit in the upcoming future.

Houses in Antalya

As real estate in Antalya is on its peak and investing in Antalya houses is becoming a great opportunity for all investors. Property in Konyaalti and Lara beach can be bought for rental service, and you can easily earn some handsome income every year from your property.

The overall property rates in Antalya city are doubled over a short period of time. So it is a great investment for those who want high returns on their property. You can resale your property after some years, and there are strong chances that you will gain a good profit from your property.

Antalya is also said to be the investment destination where there are many real estate agents present to help you out with your property. You can consult with a real estate company to get some suggestions about the property you want to buy. There are online listings available for Antalya properties, and these listings include all the information about the actual destination. There are images, locations, and other useful information present online about the property for sale in Antalya.

Antalya Property Suggestion

Property in Antalya for sale Antalya is a well-developed city with private hospitals, schools, airports, malls, and beautiful destinations. It is suitable for those people who are planning to live in Antalya. However, you can also rent your property, which is also a profitable method. Still, if you want a clean and beautiful environment to live, then, Antalya could be your best destination.

All facilities are provided to the locals of Antalya. There is good food, locations, environment, and people. All these things make this city one of the best and developed cities with a beach. The city of Antalya is full of excitement, and you will never be bored by visiting the city because there are a ton of never-ending thrills in this city. If you want a clean and modernized environment, then Antalya should be your first choice. Buy a house for self living, or you can rent it out to grab some handsome amount of money annually. Consult a real estate company to ask for property for sale in Antalya and make sure to check the listings online for a better idea of a location or destination.You may also want to ask the difference between Antalya and Alanya apartments for sale as both cities are close to each other.

The Antalya area is not specified for one race or community, and people are belonging to different backgrounds. You will mostly find Germans and Russians in the area, and they are 30% of the total foreign population. You will find Dutch, Danish, and British people there as well. They all are enjoying their lives in the beautiful properties that they have just bought. The total number of foreign residents in Antalya is around 15,000 and this number is increasing day by day because many people are getting interested in Turkey real estate market. For this cause, the rates of the property are getting higher.

Antalya city is suitable for everybody. You will fall in love with the city because of its clean environment and a bunch of facilities. The landscapes of Antalya city are unmatchable. The people present there from different backgrounds create a friendly atmosphere among all the communities. Before you invest in any property check out what Alanya property for sale as you can find some great deals in that area too. 

Contemporary design new project in centre of Antalya

01792FROM 77.000 €

Centrally located modern design new project with different types of apartments and many amenities in Antalya downtown

Splendid residential complex with many on site facilities in Antalya

1136FROM 95.600 €

Beautiful residential complex with 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for sale with many on site facilities in Konyaalti, Antalya

Most exclusive residential complex in Antalya

1073FROM 396.800 €

Spacious 3 bedroom apartments with absolutely stunning views for sale in popular neighborhood of Lara in Antalya

Magnificent apartments in newly completed project in Antalya

1081FROM 70.000 €

Exceptional 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in modern design newly completed residential complex for sale in Antalya

Affordable high quality 2 bedroom apartments for sale in Antalya

1098FROM 59.300 €

2 bedroom apartments in very centrally located residential complex with many on site amenities for sale in Kepez, Antalya

Large apartments in centrally located new complex for sale in Antalya

1236FROM 80.900 €

Ideally located modern design residential complex with spacious apartments for sale in Antalya

Exceptional residential apartments in newly completed complex in Antalya

1210FROM 91.300 €

Colorful and modern design gated residential complex nicely located in the centre of Antalya

Beautiful private villa for sale including all furniture in Antalya

1265FROM 235.000 €

Exclusive private villa with swimming pool,ready to move and suitable for Turkish Citizenship for sale in Antalya