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Contemporary design new project in centre of Antalya

01792 FROM 199.000 €

Centrally located modern design new project with different types of apartments and many amenities in Antalya downtown

Luxury complex in the center of Antalya

03362 FROM 220.500 €

Apartments for sale in a nice complex in the center of Antalya

Premium project exclusively for sale in Antalya

02838 FROM 107.000 €

Grandly structured project situated in the well-developed area of Antalya

Premium-level apartments in central Antalya

02493 FROM 130.000 €

New 1- and 2-bedroom apartments in a high-end complex in the central part of Antalya

Property for Sale in Antalya

Antalya has grown in popularity as a top destination for homebuyers and property investors. Property for sale in Antalya has attracted many foreign homebuyers because of its lower prices when compared to other European coastal areas, which can be very expensive. However, Antalya not only has lower property prices, but it also has a Mediterranean climate, which many European coastal areas lack.

Why Buy Property in Antalya?

Why choose property in Antalya Turkey? Antalya has become a popular tourist destination, making it very appealing to investors to invest in new projects and commercial properties, which is crucial for economic growth and increases the likelihood of foreigners purchasing property in Antalya.

Benefits of Buying Property in Antalya

Because of its popularity as a holiday destination, properties in Antalya Turkey have been a favorite for homebuyers and investors. Because of this Antalya also has high return potential for investors, and provide a strong rental income. Antalya, Turkey, is an excellent place to live and invest, thanks to its rich history, over 300 sunny days per year, modern appliances, and stunning beaches.

Overview of Antalya Real Estate Market

Antalya’s real estate market has grown steadily in recent years, and of its properties now include modern amenities like pools and gyms, among other new ventures. Many cheap homes for sale in Antalya Turkey, come with yards, pools, and other amenities. These amenities are reasonably priced, making apartments in Turkey for sale a bargain when compared to many other European coastal regions.

Current Market Trends

Antalya’s real estate market is growing at a steady pace, and the main reasons for this are property prices, the rental market, investment opportunities, market dynamics, and foreign investments. The average price for real estate in Antalya is 127,000 euros, with more luxurious options costing around 384,750 euros. The rental Antalya real estate averages around 7.15% annual return. Antalya’s investment potential is 15-40% for resale profits, making it a prime target for investors, not to mention the modern and natural disaster-resistant constructions that provide investors and homebuyers with peace of mind when purchasing houses in Antalya. 

Market Stability and Growth Potential

Real estate for sale in Antalya is flourishing and its market is quite stable due to its strong economic foundations and high demands from domestic as well as international buyers, modern infrastructure, and tourism. The market's growth potential appears to be promising due to rising property prices, investment returns, favorable policies, and desirable locations. These factors contribute to Antalya’s property prices remaining stable for investors and homebuyers.

Types of Properties Available in Antalya

One of Antalya's advantages is its wide range of property types, including luxury properties and low-cost properties, both of which can have sea views or be beachfront and are new/off-plan. Apartments, houses, and villas in Turkey for sale are all excellent investments.

Luxury Properties

Finding a Luxury property in Antalya is one of the easiest types of properties to find because of the large number of projects being built, many of which have a sea view and range in size from one to four bedrooms which gives many options to choose when it comes to Luxury properties for sale in Antalya. With so many new projects being built, you have a lot of options to choose from. These Luxury property for sale in Antalya Turkey have the most luxurious furniture and interior decorations, making them ideal for those seeking a lavish and stylish living environment. 

Affordable Properties

Finding a cheap property in Antalya can be simple, but cheap does not always mean boring. Cheap properties for sale in Antalya can have their own style, features, and sizes, and they can also be in better locations than other properties, all while remaining reasonably priced. Cheap property for sale in Antalya Turkey can be the best start both as a homebuyer as well as an investor.

Sea View Properties

Many buyers prefer a sea-view property for sale in Antalya Turkey because of their stunning views and proximity to the city center. A sea view property is ideal for anyone looking for breathtaking views while still being close to the city center. The demand for property for sale in Antalya with sea view keeps rising due to high demand each year, as a result of this high demand, the value of the property will always rise over time, which can benefit both investors and homebuyers.

Property Prices in Antalya

Antalya apartment and villa prices have steadily risen, which mean a property in Turkey for sale has a wide range of prices and the factors influencing them differ.

Range of Property Prices

Property prices in Antalya range from 125,000 to 300,000 euros, but there are more expensive options as well as some more affordable options which makes finding a cheap property in Antalya Turkey a breeze. For example, a 1+1 apartment in Kepez district is around 125,000 euros, while the same size apartment in Lara can go for 510,000 euros, and some penthouses with sea views can be upwards of 600,000 euros, this property for sale in Antalya has access to private pools, fitness centers, sauna and private beach access. The price range for villas in Antalya is around 400,000 to 1,000,000 euros for luxury villas.

Factors Influencing Property Prices

Economic growth, interest rates, and inflation, as well as location factors (proximity to the sea, infrastructure development, and neighborhood characteristics), market trends, and supply-demand dynamics, can all have an impact on property for sale in Antalya. These factors influence the price of homes for sale in Antalya, but we must also consider other major factors, such as governmental and global events, which can have a significant impact on Turkey's real estate market.

Popular Areas to Buy Property in Antalya

What are the most popular locations for property in Antalya for sale? Here are ten of the most popular areas with high demand for apartments, as well as properties for sale in Antalya with sea view.


Lara boasts beautiful properties, sandy beaches, and incredible amenities. It is a sought-after location for both residents and investors because, in addition to being close to the urban center, it also offers nonstop city life.


Konyaaltı offers stunning beach views and is a vibrant residential area. It also has a variety of restaurants and many types of affordable properties, but there are also luxurious options available to suit your preferences.

Kaleiçi (Old Town)

Charming, historic architecture, bustling local culture and easy-to-access lovely beaches are to be found in Kaleiçi. This quarter of city is narrow, with twisting roads, and it creates a cozy feeling that is grounded on an individual and attractive style of life.


For those seeking peace and quiet, Dosemealti is an appealing option because it offers affordable housing, large lots, beautiful scenery, and improving infrastructure. However, it is located far from the central business district, has insufficient transportation services, a slow lifestyle, and developing infrastructure.


Belek is well-known for its world-class golf courses, luxury resorts, sandy beaches, and historical sites, which make it a popular tourist and property investment destination.


What makes Kundu so appealing is its Mediterranean climate and abundance of luxurious resorts, but there are also some beautiful beaches and modern infrastructure that provide strong investment opportunities, making it a place where residents want to stay and tourists want to visit.


Muratpaşa has an excellent public transportation system and modern amenities such as shopping centers, parks, cultural venues, and restaurants, which make daily life much easier while also ensuring development and variety.


Kepez offers a low-cost environment for purchasing a property, benefits from improved infrastructure, is surrounded by natural green spaces, and has better public services and investment opportunities for buyers.


If you are considering investing in real estate, Aksu is one of the best options. It is ideal for investment purposes because it has a growing infrastructure, real estate is not expensive at the start, it is close to Antalya, and it provides a good return on property investments, making it an ideal location for such investments.


Serik, a charming area near Antalya, is a tourist destination in Turkey known for its historical significance, natural beauty, and thriving agricultural sectors. It is a peaceful community nestled between historical and contemporary settings.

Investment Opportunities in Antalya

Antalya investment properties contribute significantly to the economy of Antalya's real estate market, and investment opportunities are limitless. Buying a property for sale in Antalya is a great long-term investment that can influence the demand for real estate.

Why Invest in Antalya Properties?

Antalya's high tourism sector demand and its southern coast Mediterranean climate have gained the interest of many investors, resulting in increased infrastructure development and favorable prices over time, providing a good opportunity for rental income as well as flipping Investment property in Antalya.

Success Stories

"When we explored Antalya in 2021, we were immediately captivated by its stunning coastline and vibrant culture. With guidance from local experts, we invested in a luxury sea-view apartment near Lara Beach. It quickly became both a cherished second home and a popular vacation rental. The steady rental income and the warm reception from Antalya’s community have exceeded our expectations. We now enjoy a mix of financial success and the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle here."

-Sophie and James

"Upon visiting Antalya in 2023, I was impressed by its magnificent coastline and welcoming Mediterranean climate. Following recommendations from local experts, I purchased a sea-view apartment near Lara Beach. It swiftly turned into a profitable rental property and a personal retreat. The charm of Antalya and the dependable rental income have made it an outstanding investment. I am delighted with the financial returns and the peaceful lifestyle this beautiful region provides."


How to Buy Property in Antalya

Here's a step-by-step guide to purchasing a property for sale in Antalya, as well as some advice for foreigners on how to buy a home in Antalya. 

Step-by-Step Guide

To finding and buy property in Antalya is a relatively common process. After visiting Antalya, you can familiarize yourself with its various locations. After determining the appropriate location based on your budget and the purpose of your purchase, you should find a trustworthy realtor and then complete your purchase, which includes obtaining a tax number from the tax office, having a passport valid for at least 6 months, obtaining an appraiser report, obtaining DAB (Döviz Alim Belgesi), and finalizing the title deed transfer (Tapu) at the land registry office.

Tips for Foreign Buyers

If you are a foreign buyer, there are a few things you should know to ensure a positive experience when buying Antalya property for sale. It is always preferable to work with licensed agents who have established offices over freelancer agents. When purchasing a ready property, make sure it has the İskan habitation certificate and Tapu Takyidat document, indicating it is free of debt and legal issues. Finally, consider hiring a local lawyer who speaks your language to avoid any communication barriers. Aside from these general guidelines, you can research the developer and their recent projects if the property you're purchasing is still under construction, as well as familiarize yourself with the Antalya market.

Buying Property with a Mortgage or Payment Plan

Non-residents can also obtain mortgages for properties for sale in Antalya with payment plans, in addition to Turkish citizens. Foreigners can secure mortgages from Turkish banks for up to 50% of the property value, with a payment plan. You will need:

1. A valid passport.

2. Proof of income from your home country.

3. Bank statements from the last three months.

4. A Turkish Tax Number.

5. A copy of the title deed for the property being purchased.

Banks such as Denizbank, Ziraat Bank, and Kuveyt Turk Bank offer ten-year mortgages to foreigners. Remember that interest rates vary by bank, so it’s important to research and compare options before proceeding.

Property Purchase Tax in Antalya

As a foreigner, you must fully understand the property purchase tax in Antalya in order to have a smooth property acquisition process.

Understanding Property Purchase Tax in Antalya

The current Antalya property taxes is 4% of the land registry's declared value. The deadline for installments on this tax can be two or one, but we recommend a single one-time payment for the buyer's peace of mind.

Tax Rates and Regulations

When both the buyer and the seller are Turkish citizens, the 4% buying property tax in Antalya is typically split equally, however, if the buyer is a foreigner, the buyer is required to pay the entire amount of the real estate tax in Antalya.

Tips for Managing Property Purchase Taxes

As previously stated, property tax rates in Antalya can vary depending on the parties' locations at the time the contract is signed. This tax can be paid in two installments, one beginning on March 1st and ending on May 31st, with the second installment due in November, however, you can pay it all at once on the first installment, which can help you manage your taxes better. There is also a simpler way to handle this tax: hire a professional real estate property management company to ensure that your property is well-maintained. 

Ongoing Maintenance Fees for Property in Antalya

Property maintenance fees in Antalya are relatively low in comparison to other coastal areas in Europe, but they can vary depending on a number of factors.

Typical Maintenance Costs

Typical property maintenance fees in Antalya range between 100 and 1000 Turkish Lira, but this is an average cost between apartments which are usually cheaper and villas which are more expensive due to having amenities that can fluctuate depending on a number of factors. These factors can have a direct impact on ongoing maintenance costs Antalya, so understanding them now will help you in the future.

Factors Affecting Maintenance Fees

There are five major factors that can affect Antalya property upkeep costs:
1. Property location 

2. property size 

3. Government-issued housing values.
4. Heating options for the winter.
5. Methods for Heating Water
Real estate maintenance fees in Antalya can affect whether your maintenance fee is low or high. 


Managing Maintenance Costs

No matter how well you keep your property, there will always be wear and tear that must be repaired over time, as well as cleaning fees if you rent it out. You can ask tenants to clean up after themselves, but that may not be enough for future tenants, so this can be an additional expense that adds up over time. Pools can also become one of the property management fees in Antalya that must be maintained and factored into monthly costs. Finally, if your home has a yard, gardening costs can be an issue, especially in Turkey, where grass and shrubs grow more quickly due to the Mediterranean climate. 

Renting Out Property in Antalya for Rental Income

Renting out property in Antalya is one of the most dependable ways to generate a secondary income, but it is critical to understand the regulations as well as legal requirements to avoid problems when signing a contract with the tenants.

Overview of the Antalya Rental Market

The Antalya rental market is divided into two categories:
1. Short-term rentals: Due to high demand and seasonal fluctuations, Airbnb/booking prices vary significantly during peak seasons, providing an excellent opportunity to earn a decent rental income.
2. Long-term rentals: Long-term rentals, on the other hand, have a steady demand and typically attract locals and expats looking for long-term stays, resulting in a consistent rental income for the home owner over time.

Potential Rental Income

There are two ways to earn rental income from Antalya property:
1. Short-term rentals: During peak season, a two-bedroom apartment in Antalya can earn 3,000 to 7,000 Turkish Lira per week, with prices varying based on proximity to the beach which can increase this price range for luxury apartments to 12,000 to 25,000 Turkish Lira weekly. This can be a great way of earning rental income in Antalya.
2. Long-term rentals in Antalya, Turkey range from 10,000 to 20,000 Turkish Lira per month for two-bedroom apartments and 50,000 to 100,000 for luxury villas. 

Legal Requirements for Renting Property

Legal requirements for renting property in Antalya include the following:
1. Signing the rental agreement at a local notary with an official translator.
2. The owner and tenant have reached an agreement on the official terms.
3. Rent must be paid in Turkish Lira, unless otherwise agreed upon.
4. Tenants should understand their legal rights under Turkish law.
Finally, it is recommended that the rental contract be renewed on an annual basis and that the tenants provide a notarized evacuation commitment to ensure that the property rental process in Antalya runs smoothly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the property prices in Antalya?

Antalya houses for sale have different categories and the average apartment prices are between 127,000 to 510,000 euros while villas are from 400,000 to 1,000,000 euros for more luxurious options.

What are the best areas to buy property in Antalya?

The top ten area we recommend for investing into property for sale in Antalya are: Lara, Konyaalti, Kaleici (Old Town), Döşemealtı, Belek, Kundu, Muratpaşa, Kepez, Aksu and Serik.

Is it a good investment to buy property in Antalya?

Purchasing flats in Antalya can be a wise investment because the property's value and potential rental income rise over time.

What is the process of buying property in Antalya for foreigners?

Finding houses for sale in Antalya is fairly a standard procedure, simply conduct research on potential locations and property types, select a reputable real estate agent, pay a visit to the Antalya properties for sale, examine them, open a Turkish bank account, obtain a property appraisal report, sign a sales contract with a deposit, complete the final title deed transfer at the Land Registry Office, and register the Antalya house for sale and utilities with the municipality.

Are there cheap properties for sale in Antalya?

Yes, of course, given that many of the reasonably priced, cheap flats for sale in Antalya include all of the necessary furniture, cheap homes for sale in Antalya Turkey can be an excellent option.

What types of properties are available for sale in Antalya?

There are numerous types of properties in Antalya, ranging from luxury villas to cheap houses for sale in Antalya Turkey and new/off plan properties, and many of them have sea views or are beachfront.

How do I find luxury properties for sale in Antalya?

While it is recommended that you visit Antalya and view the property in person, there are other options available, such as using online real estate portals and real estate companies to help you find your ideal homes in Antalya.

Can I buy a property with a sea view in Antalya?

These properties may be the best investment for you if you value the convenience of being closer to the city center and having stunning views of the sea, as many of us do.

What are the legal requirements for buying property in Antalya?

obtaining a Turkish bank account, obtaining a tax number, signing a sales agreement between the buyer and seller, obtaining a property appraisal report, and finally transferring the title deed.

Can foreigners buy property in Antalya?

Yes, they can purchase any type of property with no restrictions, and Turkish banks also provide mortgage options to aid them in their Antalya homes for sale purchase.

What are the financing and mortgage options available?

Foreigners can get a mortgage in Turkey from Denizbank, Ziraat Bank, and Kuveyt Turk Bank, with 10-year payment plans that allow them to borrow up to 50% of the total property value.


Antalya has piqued the interest of both homebuyers and investors due to its lower property prices than other European coastal regions, strong rental income prospects, and thriving tourism industry. The market provides a wide range of property types, including luxury, sea view, beachfront, and low-cost options, all while benefiting from Antalya's pleasant Mediterranean climate. Current market trends point to steady economic growth and high rental yields.


For foreign buyers looking to buy a property for sale in Antalya, the process is relatively simple: after deciding on the ideal property, you simply need to open a bank account, obtain a Turkish tax number, sign a sales contract, and complete the title deed transfer. The real estate market in Antalya is a solid and encouraging investment opportunity with plenty of room for growth.


Now that you have the information you need to make an informed decision about Antalya, contact a real estate agent to start making plans for this beautiful city. The market has proven to be stable, with a high potential for rental income and consistent increases in property value. Didn’t find the details you were looking for? Check LINK for more related content.