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Whether you are a property investor or Holiday home buyer, if you are interested in finding the best property in Alanya for sale you are in the right place.

On this website, we showcase the most popular Alanya real estate from Developers and Private sellers. If this is your first time investing in Alanya property for sale, we highly recommend using a licensed real estate agent in Alanya Turkey who can help you find the right property for sale in Alanya Turkey.

You can see many websites showing properties in Alanya for sale but make sure to do your research before choosing the right agent to represent you to find the best Alanya homes for sale on the market.

Below you will find answers to the most common questions about real estate in Alanya that buyers ask us who are actively looking to buy property in Alanya Turkey for investment. Without further ado let's dive in!


Where to buy property in Alanya Turkey?

The best places to buy property in Alanya are all located not so far apart by car along with amazing landscapes. Therefore, it is a short drive to each destination, and convenient for newcomers to not find the routes complicated.














Which are the Best Places to buy cheap properties in Alanya Turkey?

The best places to buy cheap property in Alanya are in Mahmutlar and Avsallar areas, the properties there are modernized, require minimal maintenance, and are well equipped with facilities.

Mahmutlar is 11.3 km away from Alanya’s center, and Avsallar is 23.4 km away.

Many foreigners prefer to buy cheap properties in Alanya, not only that but they also take advantage of the ideal Alanya investment.


Avsallar Homes Sale Alanya

Is the property for sale in Alanya Turkey expensive?

Not only is Alanya famous for its Mediterranean climate and sea, but also the variety of properties is less expensive than any other property in Turkey. 

The cost of living in Alanya is reasonable, you’re able to do anything you want if you are even on a budget.

Many Foreigners and locals make property investments in Alanya to gain assets, buying property for sale in Alanya is a good investment because there are many ways to use the property. You can either rent it out to people or resell the property for a greater value.


What are the types of properties for sale in Alanya Turkey?

There are numerous types of properties for sale in Alanya Turkey, it depends on the individual if they are willing to invest, start a business, or settle in.

The types of properties for sale in Alanya Turkey are,


A variety of apartments are located everywhere in Alanya either on the coast, in the mountains, or in the city. An apartment in Alanya Turkey is well constructed and modernized.



Most property buyers are interested in a more spacious apartment, then a penthouse is a good choice. These types of properties are also available almost anywhere in Alanya. These properties include an indoor pool, Turkish bath,  sea views, and landscape views.



While some people prefer apartments, others like to have a more private property with high ceilings and massive width of rooms. A villa is more private and bigger than apartments and penthouses.

This type of property for sale in Alanya Turkey is located on the green hillside or mountains because of its big size. A villa is surrounded by the beauty of nature and vegetation along with astonishing views.

A villa also includes outdoor space, a private garden, a tennis court, and a pool.



Hotels are essential in Alanya because of the tourists coming and going into the city, they will need a place to stay during their trip. Purchasing and investing in hotels is a great investment, it will open doors to bigger opportunities and public relations because gaining relations with businessmen and women will allow an individual to optimize their revenue.



Lands are also one of the properties for sale in Alanya Turkey. Alanya is filled with landscapes for the investor to choose from, and reaching out to a licensed real estate agent will guide an individual to one of the best construction companies to start with a project the investor desires. If the off-plan project is for business purposes then it is best to get legal documents and agreements from Turkish authorities.


Commercial properties

Commercial properties can be used as offices, retail stores, warehouses, and medical centers. This all comes down to the investor’s purpose of business, whether he or she has a plan for the future development of this property.


Is Alanya investment property is popular with foreigners?

Alanya is a paradise located on the Mediterranean coast not far from Antalya International airport, it is a place where the sun smiles onto the sandy beaches and the crystal sea water glistens. A place perfect for getaways and memorable experiences, so who wouldn’t want to be in Alanya?

It is well known that once you visit Alanya, it has magnetic energy to bring any person back. Since foreigners visit this city countless times, they consider browsing property in Alanya for sale to call this city their second home.


Is buy-to-let the ideal Alanya property investment?

Yes, it is, Alanya properties are great for investors who want to buy-to-let because this type of investment brings in profitable income. Over the past years, many foreigners are flying into Alanya either looking for a place to rent or to purchase an ideal Alanya investment property. 

buy-to-let Turkey homes

Most individuals can’t afford to buy property so they pursue finding a place to rent, that is where the investor who has the property steps into their aid.


Are Alanya investment property good for long-term investment? 

Alanya properties for sale are a good investment for the long run because there are so many advantages to them. 

The property buyer can either achieve full Turkish citizenship; however, the paid amount should be at least 250,000 USD/EURO on Alanya properties for sale, if this budget is not manageable then the buyer can still get a permanent residence permit which will allow him or her privileges.

Once the property is bought, the owner has the free will to do with the property as he or she pleases for income purposes, one of the best to gain revenue is rental income because Alanya is swamped with visitors and people looking for a place to live.


What are the prices of luxury properties for sale in Alanya?

Although this city’s real estate market is less expensive than other parts of Turkey, it also has a luxury property for sale in Alanya. Such properties are also located in the Alanya town centre including a private pool.

There is a lot of luxury property for sale in Alanya that includes a private beach and a private villa with a pool with extraordinary prices for the wealthy audience, including apartments, penthouses, and villas. 

Luxury apartments, which can be found in Alanya city center, can cost around 100.0000 - 300.000€; moreover, these types of apartments are fully equipped with luxurious features to reach the client’s expectations.

The cost of extravagant penthouses reaches up to 250.000€ - 650.000€, the reason this kind of luxury property for sale in Alanya is very expensive is because of the unique characteristics such as an outdoor living space in the property to fulfill the buyer’s wants and needs.

As for villas, another kind of luxury Alanya property, the prices reach up to 300.000€ - 1.500.000€, the cost is great for buyers who are willing to purchase magnificence and want outstanding features in their property suitable for their taste.


Is the property in Alanya more expensive than in Antalya?

No, in fact, Alanya is less expensive than Antalya by 11% as recent studies showed in the year of 2022, not only in property in Alanya but also in the cost of living. 

This is a good choice of investment, because if buying property in Alanya is more affordable than in Antalya then that is a plus to any investor.  

Investors usually plan out a budget on where and how to buy the property they want, any budget is suitable to buy property in Alanya because there are many options to choose from.


Which Citizens invest in Alanya real estate for sale?

The Alanya real estate market has become really popular among Europeans, Scandinavians, British, Russians, Ukrainians, Bosnians, and Middle Easterns. 

These nationalities are very intrigued into buying Alanya real estate because of the currency exchange rate which makes it affordable to them, USD and EURO are considered to be the superior currency in the economy. 

Thus, this leaves foreign citizens from abroad the advantage of buying a property in Alanya Turkey.


Is it a good time to buy real estate in Alanya Turkey?

Yes, it is always a good time to buy real estate in Alanya Turkey, investing in real estate is an ideal Alanya investment to achieve capital gain, and secure a profitable income. 

There are so many offers available in the market of real estate in Alanya Turkey, it depends on the location and magnitude of the property.


What's the average price range for real estate for sale in Alanya?

The estimation of prices for real estate for sale in Alanya differs from each type of property and where it is located. For instance, an apartment would be around 70.000€ - 100.000€ depending on where and how big the real estate for sale in Alanya would be.

Penthouses in Alanya's prices range up to 150.000€, although there are penthouses more expensive this price is a basic estimation.


How to find a reputable real estate agent to buy in Alanya?

In order to buy real estate in Alanya, in the Antalya province, you will need to find a certified real estate agent to help you with your search and procedures. Social media is packed with information on these criteria, real estate agencies always upload on social media what they have to offer to buy real estate in Alanya. 

How to find a reputable real estate agent in Alanya?

If you choose the real estate agency you want to deal with, make sure you run a background check on them and look for client testimonials. Their feedback on the agency is highly important in order to gain credibility when buying real estate in Alanya.


How is the market for Alanya Turkey real estate today?

Alanya, in the Antalya province, the real estate market is in high demand nowadays, because the economy in the entire globe is suffering from incredible inflation. Alanya Turkey real estate is the most reasonably priced among them all and the most desired because of the alluring lifestyle on the Mediterranean coast.

Are beachfront houses for sale in Alanya Turkey expensive?

Beachfront houses are not expensive, they are a good value for money because if you are willing to invest in a property close to the shore it will be high in demand. 

The houses for sale in Alanya are famous for being constructed on the Mediterranean coast so buyers/settlers search for these particular properties that are beachfront.


Can a foreigner buy a house in Alanya?

Yes, foreigners can buy a house in Alanya.

However, there are certain nationalities that can’t buy Turkey property, which are Syrians, North Koreans, Cubans, Armenians.


Why are houses for sale in Alanya with sea views so rare to find?

Sea view penthouse or any kind of property in Alanya is rare because it’s hard to come across available plots to build a new project by the beach. If there is difficulty in attaining houses for sale in Alanya with a sea view, consider searching for property in the hills of Alanya. 

Locations containing such views are Kargicak, Tepe, and Bektas areas.


Are Alanya houses for sale mainly purchased by foreigners?

Yes, Alanya houses for sale are indeed purchased by many foreigners, but not only that, many Turkish people from different parts of Turkey such as Ankara and Istanbul, browse Alanya houses for sale. Because of the affordable real estate market in Alanya, and for a holiday home with a private pool to get away from the big city. 



Are houses for sale Alanya freehold? 

Yes, the houses for sale in Alanya are all freehold, once the property is purchased the owner will receive many privileges. 




Where do Rich people buy property in Alanya?

Wealthy individuals and big investors buy property in Alanya in places such as the City Center, Oba, Cleopatra Beach, Tepe, and Bektas areas. 

The reasons why these areas have expensive properties is because they contain luxury features, big homes and the location of the properties is in high demand.


Can I find new build properties for sale in Alanya?

Yes, you can find newly constructed properties for sale in Alanya, this region is always astonishing with the construction progress. 

We recommend checking in areas such as Mahmutlar, Kestel, and Avsallar to see the new projects for affordable prices.


Can I find resale properties in Alanya for sale? 

Yes, you can find properties in Alanya for sale. Of course with the help of a real estate agent to guide you on your search.


Do I have to use a real estate agent when searching for property in Alanya for sale?

Yes, it is best recommended to seek assistance from a licensed real estate agent to guide you with the process of property in Alanya for sale. However, if this option is not suitable for you to hire a realtor then you can do it on your own.


Can I buy real estate in Alanya with a payment plan?

Yes, you can buy real estates such as a villa or an apartment in Alanya with a payment plan. Many developers who build new projects provide an interest-free payment plan for up to 24 months. 

Buy property in Alanya with payment plan

Can I buy Alanya real estate with a bank mortgage?

Yes, you can buy Alanya real estate from a bank with either a halal or normal mortgage. The Turkish banks provide mortgages up to 50% of the purchase price and supply a payment plan for up to 10 years, depending on the agreement of both parties.


Can I rent my Property in Alanya Turkey via Airbnb? 

Yes, you can rent out your property via Airbnb, this will result in great rental income because of the many tourists flying in Alanya throughout the seasons.

They will obviously need a place to stay.


Are Alanya houses for sale suitable for Turkish citizenship? 

Not all houses for sale are suitable for Turkish citizenship, that is why it is crucial to hire a real estate agent to assist you in your house search for better details and information. 

You can always consult with your realtor for guidance.


When is the best time to visit Alanya houses for sale? 

The best time to visit for vacation and check Alanya houses for sale is definitely summertime!


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