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Property for sale in Alanya

You have just landed on the no:1 website to search for property for sale in Alanya Turkey.

As we all know that Alanya is one of the most popular dream holiday destinations in Turkey where people from all over the world come and spend their holidays. Even many people plan to buy and relocate to Alanya owing to its climate and Mediterranean lifestyle. However, another reason for buying a property in Alanya is a profitable investment. Since it’s a tourist spot, and tourism always profits investors through resorts, villas, hotels etc. Since Turkey is progressing and attracting investors from across the globe, the real estate business is also spreading widely.

Though it is a good sign, it becomes difficult for people to choose the right property due to the availability of so many options. While the Turkish citizens from outside Alanya find out the exact ideal property more conveniently, foreigners might find it hard.

Another point is to be considered is the kind of property you want to buy. In the case of bigger investors, the main purpose of buying property is to earn via tourism in the form of hotels, resorts, and restaurants. So, they look for a luxury property that looks like a dream destination to people. On the other hand, many people who want to relocate also look for cheap properties in Alanya, so they can start their new lives, build their house, and start their small business. The widespread business of real estate in Alanya offers a variety of options to you if you are planning to buy property in Alanya.

While you plan to invest in the city of Alanya, the first important step is to figure out how to find a good property for sale in Alanya? In this article, we are going out to reveal all whys and hows of buying property in Turkey so stay tuned.

Why Property in Alanya?

Alanya real estate Turkey, a country enrich in culture with its cultural connections dating back to ancient Greek, Persian, roman, byzantine and ottoman empires, is a nation located on the borders of Europe and Asia. Turkey has a few regions in Europe and some in Asia. This has resulted in many visitors coming from every corner of the world for tourism and business. With beautiful landscapes, beaches, mountains and unforgettable history, turkey is one of the great places for doing business.

Alanya is a beach resort city of turkey formerly known as Alaiye and is a part of Antalya province. Alanya is located on the southern coast of Turkey in the Mediterranean region about 138 Km away from Antalya city. As per the census of 2010 conducted, the population of the city was close to One Hundred Thousand. Alanya has been a great importance in the region as a local stronghold for many Mediterranean Empires because of its natural strategic position to the Mediterranean Sea. The tourism industry boomed in turkey in 1958. Alanya is a popular destination for tourism for its Mediterranean climate, non-artificial attractions, and enriched history. Alanya contributes about Nine percent of the Tourism sector and thirty percent of the real estate business by foreigners towards its country. Alanya hosts many events and cultural festivals annually.

Why owning Alanya real estate is a good investment choice

Alanya a city located on the Mediterranean coast is highly recognized for the success of the tourism industry in Turkey. The city located in the Antalya province of Turkey is the second most visited holiday location. The real estate market of Alanya also plays a vital role in the popularity of the city as many nationals buy property for investment or relocation in the city of turkey. Alanya attracts foreign property buyers towards itself because of its attractions. The real estate industry is one of the largest industries in the world with high-investment profits.

Alanya attracts buyers of the real estate industry because of many reasons. A few of the points are discussed below;

Easy and Laidback Lifestyle: 
Alanya is an example of a typical and ideal dream lifestyle of Mediterranean life. Turkey is a country with three climates zones. Alanya has one of the best climates evoking mild winters and cool summers. The weather conditions combined with one of the best stunning sunset views contribute to the perfect setting for alfresco dining.

Another significant aspect of lifestyle from the Mediterranean is a fresh and healthy diet. The region is known as the citrus of the capital of turkey by unofficial resources. It gives an idea of the food and agricultural habits in the region. With fertile soil contributing to the abundance of vegetables in the area. Seafood is always a part of the menu in Alanya as it is a coastal area.

State of Art Transportation

Property for sale in Alanya Transportation is considered to be the backbone of any nation. Alayna has one of its kind state of the art transportation network. Tourists to Alanya have access to Antalya or Gazipasa Airport, equipped with modern and efficient transportation hubs. Antalya airport is busiest among these two and operates for both domestic and international flights. It connects other regions of turkey and other European countries as well.

In addition to air facilities, the bus system of Alanya is widespread with routes to near and far off places. The bus system is a cross-country bus system. The bus tickets are cheaper in price and include the services of refreshments, free wi-fi and comfortable environment for sitting. The features provided are enjoyed by many foreigners. Car Hire is another attractive option to explore the coastal area in the region. D400 coastal route is the most popular route that connects Alanya with southeast, Mediterranean, and Aegean.

Attractive Long-term investment for Alanya real estate
The real estate is considered as the best long term investment globally by financial experts with low risks involved. The Alanya cheap property is appealing for investors as it offers luxurious apartments that start from as low as 50.000 Euros for a double bedroom apartment. The real estate is developed using the latest in décor design, apartments near to beach offer a fantastic view of the sea.

The investors that are looking for long term investments can purchase at these remarkable prices very easily, the price is nearly the same as in their home countries. Contrary to long term investment plans, a few investors buy the property at cheap prices for the rental purpose. They gain the money by short and long term stays from other tourists. Alanya has been an apple of the eye for many investors who are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey. The area of Mahmutlar in Alanya is one of the most popular real estate sectors for foreign investors.

Luxurious with Impeccable Taste

Alanya is not just well known for the cheap apartments as the primary trend of real estate. Alanya also offers the most attractive villas for sale in Turkey with panoramic sea views. Kargicak area is one of the most famous areas of Alanya for its modern architectural design building.

The luxurious theme is carried onto daily life with high-end brand name shops selling their items in Antalya city center. Wealthy boat owners use Alanya to dock their boats to enjoy life in the Turkish Riviera.

Blend of cultures

Property in Alanya for sale Alanya has a great history in the culture, evolved and embraced current trends now. Alanya has its deep cultural history and offers a quick find to any seeker who is seeking a slice of Turkish culture. Traditional loans are a famous trade for foreigners and locals. Traditional foods with a low price for them are another advantage in Alanya.

Both Turkish and foreigners can buy cheap vegetables from weekly farmers’ markets with better quality. Turkish life has its authentic dose starting from a local Turkish bath. This tradition is common among both young and old cleared of any hotel hammams.

Alanya A United Nation

Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey have a great impact on the region’s coastal resorts because of tourism and ex-pat. Some of these are attractions for a particular nationality as well. Little Britain is used to describing the coastal resort of Altinkum on the Aegean coast. This coastal resort has a flavor of British lifestyle in it, Alanya has gone to far diverse dimension appealing to every nation. The diversity of the city makes it a mini version of the United Nations. Shops accept global currencies and have more than one language social community.

Attraction and Things to do

Alanya is a great deal for all those who are looking to buy some cheap property for a long term investment. Alanya has the second-largest center in Turkey and offers daily goods there. The most recommended things to do in Alanya are to explore the castle and red tower, which are the famous landmarks in the center of the city.

Daily boat trips, jeep safari and water park keep kids entertained with a great deal. Alanya is an all-rounder that fulfills all the requirements for the ex-pats and foreign property buyers.

Real Estate in Alanya for Foreigners and Tourists

Alanya has more attraction to tourists and foreign buyers as compared to other parts of the turkey. Alanya is cheaper than other Turkish touristic places. Alanya is a hot cake for tourists and foreigners for buying real estate for the sun, beach, sea, holiday and relax etc. Most commonly preferred properties by people or investors are;

  • Near to Beach Property
  • Newly developed properties are preferred by the foreigner
  • Foreigners show a great interest in the sea view properties
  • Properties that have swimming pools.
  • Facilities are available on the property.
  • Properties near to the bus station.
  • Properties with Separate Parking.
  • Properties with living area.

What are the prices for the properties for sale in Alanya

Real Estate has a vast scope in the price of the properties. The price for the property varies depending upon the locality, facilities and other factors that influence the price. The old properties are usually cheaper as compared to the newly constructed ones.

The price is influenced greatly by the factors including sea view, rooms, size, swimming pool, condition and facilities.

How to buy real estate in Alanya?

Alanya is a heaven for a great investment in the turkey at cheap prices. The process to do the purchase of the property is very easy and comfortable.

  • Select your desired property and check for it.
  • Check with the seller or agent for the required permission by the town hall.
  • Ask for the expertise or confirmation for title deed and try to make it with the help of a lawyer or notary.
  • Keep your passport and updated images with you
  • Pay as low as less than 5% as pre-payment before the title deed is carried out. Avoid paying any high amounts.

You might think that you have the complete know-how of the real estate business and you can buy the property in Alanya on your own. But it’s always a safer idea to consult the experts of real estate to avoid any kind of mishap.

If you are looking for a cheap apartment for sale in Alanya or a luxury villa in Alanya with sea view please contact us.

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