Top Benefits of Buying Property in Belek, Turkey

Thinking of investing in property overseas? Turkey has become a top choice for many. This is due to the amazing advantages Belek offers. They attract both investors and those looking for a great place to live. Let’s explore why Belek should be your top pick for buying property abroad.

Benefits of buying property in Belek

Key Takeaways

  • Belek’s prime location along the Turkish Riviera provides a truly idyllic setting for property owners.
  • The town’s favorable climate, with over 300 days of sunshine per year, makes it an attractive destination for those seeking a comfortable, year-round lifestyle.
  • Property prices in Belek offer excellent value for money, with a significantly lower cost per square metre compared to many European countries.
  • Belek’s thriving tourism industry and growing popularity as a holiday destination translate to strong rental yields for property investors.
  • The Turkish government’s incentives, such as the citizenship by investment program, make Belek a compelling option for foreign buyers.

Belek’s Idyllic Location and Climate

In the heart of the Turkish Riviera, you’ll find the beautiful Belek. It’s a coastal town with a idyllic location. Belek is in the southern part of Turkey’s Antalya province. This place is like something out of a dream with its amazing natural beauty.

Year-Round Sunshine and Mild Temperatures

Belek has a warm, Mediterranean climate. It sees over 300 days of sunshine per year. The weather here is always nice, making it perfect for those who love the sun. This means you can enjoy Belek’s beaches, golf, and culture any time of year.

Proximity to Antalya and Major Transport Hubs

Belek is close to Antalya city, a big city and transport hub. It’s easy to reach Belek from many places via major airports, motorways, and infrastructure. This makes traveling within Turkey or abroad simple. Belek is a great starting point for exploring or getting around the area.

Affordability and Value for Money

Belek’s property prices beat many in Europe, offering great value for money. The price per square metre in Belek is much cheaper than big cities like London or Paris. This makes it a good spot for foreigners wanting quality but affordable investments.

Competitive Property Prices

Belek’s property market is a great deal, costing much less than in other European spots. Such good deals attract people looking for investments in the Mediterranean.

It’s a perfect place for those wishing to move or invest.

Low Cost of Living

Living costs in Belek are lower than in many European countries. Daily things like utilities, food, and eating out are quite cheap. This lets people live comfortably for less than they’d spend elsewhere.

Excellent Rental Yields

Belek’s popularity as a holiday spot means high rental incomes for property owners. Those investing can see good returns through both holiday or long-term rentals. This makes Belek a smart choice, financial wise.

affordable properties in belek

Benefits of buying property in Belek

Belek is known as a top golfing destination. It has many golf courses designed by famous architects. People all over love its world-class golfing facilities. This makes owning a property there great for golf lovers.

World-Class Golfing Facilities

In Belek, you’ll find well-known golf resorts and great golf properties. It’s a favorite for golf fans globally. Living there means you’re close to amazing golf spots. Plus, you can rent your place out to other golf lovers.

Luxury Villas and Residential Complexes

Belek’s real estate has everything from lavish villas to posh residential complexes. They all have top-notch amenities. Whether you want a home, holiday spot, or investment, you’ll find something perfect for you.

Growing Investment Hotspot

Belek is not just a great spot for tourists. Its investment scene is looking good too. Properties here are getting more valuable. So, it’s a smart choice for those eyeing long-term profits.

Lifestyle and Leisure Opportunities

In Belek, we are lucky to experience a true coastal life. Our belek beachfront properties are right on the edge. This means we can easily get to the sandy shores, clear waters, and enjoy the many belek seaside amenities. These are what make this place on the Mediterranean coast so special.

Beachfront Living and Seaside Amenities

Living in Belek by the sea is amazing. Our belek seaside living homes are very close to the sea. This lets us enjoy a relaxed seaside lifestyle that this resort is known for.

We love taking morning walks by the water. And in the afternoons, we can swim, sunbathe, or try out water sports. In Belek, we live every day by the coast to the fullest.

Outdoor Activities and Sports Facilities

Belek is perfect for those who like to stay active. It has lots of places for outdoor fun and sports. We can play golf on its top-notch courses, go hiking, or enjoy sports like tennis and cycling. Belek gives us many chances to stay active and enjoy ourselves.

belek beachfront properties

Favorable Investment Environment

The Turkish government has set up different schemes to invite foreign investment in real estate. This includes the Turkey citizenship by investment program. Anyone from overseas who puts $400,000 or more into approved real estate can become a Turkish citizen. This grants them the right to permanently live and work in Turkey.

Government Incentives for Foreign Buyers

In Belek, the Turkish government has introduced government incentives for buying property in Belek. These benefits, along with the country’s citizenship offer, attract global investors. It’s a great opportunity for those looking at getting good returns or a dream living spot.

Potential for Capital Appreciation

Belek’s property market shows a high chance for property values to grow over time. With the town growing in interest for both tourists and new residents, homes are likely to get more valuable. This can be a good chance for investors to make money through increased property prices.

Structured Payment Plans

Many property developers in Belek have payment plans that are easy to follow. Buyers can pay for their property over a long time. This makes it easier for new and experienced investors to own a piece of Belek.


Buying property in Belek comes with many benefits, such as access to top-notch golf courses, stunning beaches, and a robust tourism industry. The area’s modern infrastructure and vibrant community make it an attractive choice for investors and homebuyers alike. For more detailed information and current listings, explore our page on property for sale in Belek, Turkey to find your perfect home.

Turkey, especially Belek, is great for buying property. Belek is by the Mediterranean Sea and has great weather. It’s not only affordable but also offers luxury and good chances for investment. This makes Belek a top choice for buying real estate or living the dream.

Belek has government help and easy payment plans, which attract many buyers. It’s popular for holiday and rental homes, making it a plus for both locals and foreigners. With top-notch golf and fun outdoor activities by the sea, Belek is perfect for anyone wanting a good life. Also, it gives you a chance to make good money through investment.

If you want a home, a holiday spot, or a smart investment, Belek has it all. With its beauty, services, and investment benefits, Belek stands out. It’s becoming one of Turkey’s top places for buying property.


What are the top benefits of buying property in Belek, Turkey?

Buying property in Belek has several advantages. You can get properties at great prices. The living costs are low. You also earn well from renting out. Plus, the town’s golf and luxury living are top-notch. Belek is growing as a smart place to invest.

What is the location and climate like in Belek?

Belek’s by the sea in southern Turkey’s Antalya province. It’s sunny over 300 days a year. The weather is mild all year round. Being near Antalya, reaching Belek is easy by air or land.

How affordable is property in Belek compared to other countries?

In Belek, properties are a steal. Prices per square metre are much lower than in London or Paris. It’s great for those looking to buy abroad. Living is also cheaper here than across Europe.

What are the key benefits of buying property in Belek?

Belek shines for its golf and luxury living spaces. It’s becoming a top pick for investments. Properties here can grow in value.

What are the lifestyle and leisure opportunities in Belek?

Belek lets you live close to the sea. Many homes are right on the beach. The town is perfect for those who love outdoor fun and sports.

What is the investment environment like in Belek?

Investing in Belek is a smart move. The government supports foreign investment, even offering citizenship. Belek’s property market is set to do well over time.

Are there any flexible financing options available for buyers in Belek?

Yes, buying in Belek can be easier. Many developers there offer plans that let you pay slowly over time. It’s good both for new and experienced investors.

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