Rent Your Apartment in Belek to Generate Rental Income

Have you thought about letting your Belek apartment to earn steady rental money? If not, you could be missing a great chance.

Our company New Home in Turkey helps you get great income if you rent your place for a short term. You just need to have it fully furnished. Our company does everything else, like taking great photos and managing who stays. This way, you can use your home when it’s not rented and still make money when it’s busy.

Can I rent my apartment in Belek to generate rental income?

Your place must meet tourists’ needs to attract them. Short-term rentals in Belek are usually for the whole season. They often earn more than long-term ones. Guests usually pay for water and electricity. They also clean up before they leave.

So, can your Belek apartment bring in good rental money? The answer might be yes. The holiday rental market in Belek is thriving, giving owners a chance for extra income from their property.

Key Takeaways

  • New Home in Turkey , our company offers a guaranteed rental service, providing property owners in Turkey with a fixed annual income of 5% for renting out their apartments or villas
  • Short-term rentals in Belek can generate higher annual income compared to long-term rentals, as the holiday rental market in the region continues to thrive
  • Property owners can still use their own property for vacations during the parts of the year when it’s not rented out to tourists
  • Fully furnishing your property and meeting the requirements of tourists is essential to maximize rental income
  • Tenants in short-term rentals are typically responsible for paying for utilities and cleaning the apartment upon departure

The Booming Holiday Rental Market in Belek

Turkey is a great spot for real estate, with citizens and foreigners enjoying its benefits. It creates a good market for those who rent out their properties. Here, foreigners can also rent out their property, such as land, apartments, or houses.

Belek’s Appeal as a Prime Tourist Destination

Belek, in Turkey, has become a key spot for tourists, especially from Northern Countries. It shines during the summer. The interest in Belek’s vacation rentals is rising. Tourists, both local and foreign, are looking to rent villas, apartments, and flats for their holidays.

Increasing Demand for Vacation Rentals in Belek

Offering your Belek property as a short term rental is a smart move. The holiday rental market is on the rise here.The demand for turkey apartment rentals and belek property investment is growing. This offers property owners a great opportunity to earn rental income from belek properties.

Renting Out Your Apartment: A Potentially Lucrative Opportunity

Foreigners can buy condo in Turkey and rent it out. In Belek, you can choose between long-term and short-term renting. Each way has its own benefits and challenges. Your choice should match your goals and preferences.

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Rentals: Which Option Suits You Best?

Long-term rentals involve a written agreement. The tenant’s rent payment date is clearly set. This protects your property’s legal rights. Short-term rentals are for the whole season and can earn more money each year than long-term. But, they need extra paperwork in Turkey. Real estate agents can help you through this process.

Rental Income Potential in Belek

In Belek, you can earn a lot by renting out. For instance, one-bedroom apartments in Istanbul go for about £1,600 per month. Similar places in Alanya get around £1,800. Larger places like a 75 m2 2+1 in Bodrum can bring in £2,585. And in Kalkan, Antalya, a 160 m2 2+1 villa might rent for about £3,400. These numbers show the great chances for renting out apartments in Belek and making rental income.

rental income in belek

Can I Rent My Apartment in Belek to Generate Rental Income?

If you’re a foreigner in Turkey, you’re allowed to rent out your apartment or villa in Belek. Yet, there are rules you need to follow for a problem-free rental process.

Legal Requirements for Renting Out Your Property in Turkey

If you’re renting for a long time, you must have a written agreement. This agreement should clearly say when rent is due. It’s a way to safeguard your property’s legal status.

For short stays in Belek, a law from 2017 makes things a bit more complex. It says you need a residence permit and a special license. You must also be a legal entity or a Turkish entrepreneur.

Working with Licensed Real Estate Agencies

Many property owners in Turkey opt for licensed agencies. These agencies take care of every step in renting out your place. They find tenants, handle bookings, and manage legal and tax issues.

By working with a trusted agency, your rental experience will be easier. Plus, your investment in Belek property will be more secure.

Maximizing Your Rental Income in Belek

To make the most of Belek’s holiday rental scene, getting your property ready is key. Furnish your place well with all the things guests need. This way, you create a cosy space that’s hard to resist.

Furnishing and Preparing Your Property for Rentals

It’s vital to have everything guests might need in your rental in Belek. Think good quality towels, bedding, and kitchenware. Don’t forget about what makes guests really comfortable, like air con and WiFi.

Marketing and Listing Your Rental Property

Putting your rental on platforms like Airbnb will up your chances of making money. Describe your place well, add great pics, and list all the cool stuff about it. You might even consider getting help from a real estate agency to manage things for you.

Managing Bookings and Guest Relations

Good relationships with guests and keeping bookings in order are vital. Always be quick to reply to messages and make sure guests know what to expect. Deal with any issues fast and with a smile. This will help you get great reviews and lots of return guests.

Furnished apartments for rent in Belek

By focusing on preparing, marketing, and keeping guests happy, your rental in Belek can really flourish.

Tax Considerations for Rental Income in Turkey

If you’re planning to buy property in Turkey for investment you must keep in mind that you are required to pay tax on the rental income. This tax varies from 15% to 40%, depending on how much you make. If your annual income from renting is more than 21,000 Turkish liras (about £1,030), tax is automatically taken out.

A good move for property owners is to make a year-long lease with a real estate agency. This way, all your taxes for renting are sorted once yearly. You won’t have to worry about multiple tenant taxes and admin.


Renting out your apartment in Belek can be an excellent way to generate rental income, especially with the town’s popularity among tourists and golf enthusiasts. Ensuring your apartment is well-maintained and marketed effectively will attract more tenants. For more information and available listings, check out our page on apartments in Belek, Turkey to get started on your rental journey.

Renting out your flat in Belek can make good money. This is especially true now, with more people visiting the place. To make the most of this, knowing the rules, tax tips, and rent boosting tricks is key. People in Belek can earn a nice bit from their flats this way.

Deciding on short or long rentals? Either way, using trusted estate agents and making your place nice is crucial. Doing this right can turn your Belek flat into a sweet earner.

Owning a place in Belek is great for today’s rental scene. Especially when it’s furnished well or set up for Airbnb-style short stays. Working with the pros means less stress and more cash from your Belek spot.


Can I rent my apartment in Belek to generate rental income?

Renting out your apartment or villa in Belek is a good chance to earn money. Belek is very popular with tourists, especially in summer. This means more people are looking for places to stay, which is great for property owners.

What are the legal requirements for renting out my property in Turkey?

Foreigners who own property in Turkey can rent it out. For long-term rentals, you need a lease agreement to protect everyone’s rights. For short-term rentals, you must have a residence permit and follow some rules. Many owners get help from real estate agencies with these legal matters.

How can I maximize my rental income from my property in Belek?

To make more money from renting, make sure your property is welcoming. Include all the things guests need. Also, advertise well on sites like Airbnb to get more bookings. Keeping guests happy is key to getting good reviews and returning visitors.

What are the tax considerations for rental income in Turkey?

If you rent your place in Turkey, you have to pay some tax. The amount depends on how much money you make from rent each year. If you earn over a certain amount, the tax will be taken out for you. A real estate agency can help with the tax part.

What are the differences between long-term and short-term rentals in Belek?

Long-term rentals are for a set time with rent dates clearly agreed upon. This helps keep everything legal. Short-term rentals are for the season and can make more money. They need a special permit which real estate agencies can help with.

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