Property taxes in Side, Turkey

Welcome to New Home in Turkey! If you’re considering buying property in Side, Turkey, it’s essential to understand the property taxes you’ll encounter. Knowing these taxes will help you plan better and make informed decisions. Let’s dive into the various property taxes and how they might affect you as a property owner in this beautiful town.

Overview of Property Taxes in Turkey

Turkey has a structured approach to property taxes. As a property owner, you’ll encounter several types of taxes, each with its specifics. Here, we’ll break down the main taxes so you know what to expect and how to manage them.

Property Purchase Tax

The property purchase tax is a one-time tax paid when you buy a property. In Turkey, this tax is generally 4% of the property’s assessed value. For example, if the assessed value of your Apartment in Turkey is €100,000, the purchase tax would be €4,000. This tax is typically paid at the time of purchase and is a crucial cost to factor into your budget.

Annual Property Tax

Once you own property in Side Turkey, you’ll need to pay an annual property tax. This tax is calculated based on the value of your property and is usually between 0.1% and 0.3%. For example, if your property is valued at €150,000, your annual tax could range from €150 to €450. Payments are typically due in two installments, and you can pay through various methods, including online payment options provided by the local municipality. Failing to pay this tax can result in penalties, so it’s important to stay on top of these payments.

Capital Gains Tax

If you decide to sell your property in Side, you may be subject to capital gains tax. This tax applies to the profit made from the sale of the property. In Turkey, if you sell your property within five years of purchase, the gains are taxed at rates ranging from 15% to 35%. However, if you hold the property for more than five years, you are exempt from capital gains tax. For example, if you buy house in Turkey for €100,000 and sold it for €150,000 within five years, you would be taxed on the €50,000 profit. Understanding this tax can help you plan the timing of your sale to minimize your tax liability.

Inheritance and Gift Tax

Inheritance and gift tax is another important consideration. If you inherit property in Side or receive it as a gift, you will need to pay tax on its value. The rates range from 1% to 10%, depending on the value of the property and your relationship to the giver. Immediate family members usually benefit from lower rates and higher exemptions. It’s important to be aware of these taxes to avoid any surprises if you receive property as an inheritance or gift.

Additional Fees and Costs

In addition to the main property taxes, there are other fees you might encounter. Property valuation fees are incurred when your property is assessed for tax purposes. Notary fees are another cost, as a notary public will be involved in verifying documents and ensuring the legality of the transaction. Lastly, agency fees may apply if you use a real estate agency to sell or buy home in Turkey. These fees can vary, so it’s good to budget for them when planning your purchase or sale.

Comparison with Other Destinations

Compared to other popular destinations, property taxes in Turkey are quite reasonable. For instance, in some European countries, property taxes can be significantly higher, making Turkey an attractive option for investors and holiday home seekers looking to buy villa in Turkey as a holiday home. Side, with its unique blend of historical charm and modern amenities, stands out as a particularly appealing location.

Practical Tips for Property Buyers

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning can save you money and hassle. Keep track of all relevant tax deadlines and make sure you understand the tax implications of your property decisions. Consulting with a tax advisor can also be beneficial.

Working with Professionals

At New Home in Turkey, we recommend working with experienced professionals. Our team can connect you with reputable tax advisors and real estate experts to help you navigate the property buying process smoothly.

Staying Informed

Property tax laws and rates can change. Stay informed about any updates to ensure you’re always aware of your obligations. Subscribing to our newsletter or following local news sources can help you stay up-to-date.


Understanding property taxes in Side, Turkey, is essential for making a well-informed investment. From the initial purchase tax to annual property taxes and potential capital gains tax, being aware of these costs will help you plan effectively. At New Home in Turkey, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to buy apartment in side or a luxury side villa for sale we can provide the guidance you need to make the best decision. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized advice and explore our property listings to find your perfect home in Side.

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