Popular Types of Properties for Sale in Belek, Turkey

Wondering about the top properties in Belek, Turkey? Belek is known for golf and beaches. It has a mix of real estate for different tastes and budgets. You can find everything from big villas with pools to new apartments by the sea.

In southern Turkey’s Antalya province, Belek has a warm climate. It gets about 300 sunny days every year. This makes it perfect for those wanting a bit of a Mediterranean dream. The homes for sale in Belek vary a lot, from stylish and fresh to classic and beautiful. You can get homes from cheap to very expensive.

Buying property in Belek is good because you get more for your money. Compared to other places in Turkey, Belek offers great value. Plus, it’s always busy with visitors, so renting out your place is a good option all year.

What are the most popular types of properties for sale in Belek?

Key Takeaways

  • Belek offers a diverse range of properties, from luxurious villas to modern apartments
  • The town’s warm climate and year-round resort status make it an attractive location for property investment
  • Prices in Belek generally offer more value for money than other areas of Turkey
  • Rental income can be generated throughout the year for investment properties
  • Properties in Belek cater to a variety of buyer preferences and budgets

Belek has a lot to offer, so it’s popular with buyers from near and far. But what types of homes are most in demand? We’ll delve into that in the next parts.

Luxurious Villas with Private Pools and Gardens

In Belek, a pretty town in southern Turkey, you’ll find stunning villas for sale. These include lovely villas with private pools and gardens. They’re very popular among luxury property buyers.

Newly Built Detached Villas

Newly built villas in Belek are modern and spacious. They offer the latest amenities, perfect for those wanting luxury properties in Turkey and each has a private pool and garden for peaceful outdoor living.

Triplex Villas with Terrace Space

Triplex villas in Belek also spark interest. They have big terraces for socializing or chilling out. These investment properties in Belek connect indoor and outdoor spaces smoothly, offering a great outdoor spot.

Traditional Villas Near Golf Courses

Looking for something more traditional? Belek has traditional villas near golf courses that mix old with new. They’re close to famous golf courses. Perfect for someone who loves golf and investing in a Turkish home.

Beachside Apartments and Holiday Homes

Belek offers more than just luxurious villas. There’s a variety of beachside apartments and holiday homes too. They are perfect for those wanting a more laid-back life. Also, they are great if you’re looking for a smart investment in the apartments in belek and holiday homes in belek market.

Modern Apartments in Residential Complexes

Many buyers like the modern apartments in top-notch residential areas. These places have a sleek look. They’re roomy and come with everything you need. So, whether you want to live here or you’re looking to invest, these apartments in belek are a top pick.

Spacious Duplexes with Shared Pools

For a different choice, there are spacious duplexes with shared pools. They give lots of space and a pool. This is perfect for families or groups. It’s a popular option for those looking for a comfy turkish properties for sale in the belek property market.

Beachside apartments

What are the most popular types of properties for sale in Belek?

Belek, in southern Turkey’s Antalya province, is a top choice for property investment. It offers a range of options for buyers. Among the sought-after properties are golf property investments. These include villas and bargain properties for budget buyers.

Golf Property Investments

Belek is known for world-class golf, making it perfect for golf property investments. It features exceptional golf courses. This attracts not just keen golfers but investors eyeing the rental market. Choices include villas on the fairways, apartments in golf complexes, and land for custom builds.

Bargain Properties for Budget Buyers

In Belek, you’ll find options for budget-conscious buyers as well. These include apartments, townhouses, and some villas. They give great value for the money. Such bargain properties are an appealing option for those looking at Turkish properties for sale.

Proximity to Amenities and Attractions

In general apartments for sale in Belek have a great location near many things to do and see. This makes them a good buy for those looking for a home close to everything interesting. They are placed strategically for easy reach of the town’s top spots.

Golf Course Access

Belek is perfect for anyone into golf. Its properties stand near famous golf courses. This makes it simple for golf lovers to enjoy.

Golf course access

Beach Proximity

Living in Belek also means living near the stunning beaches. Here, you can find homes like apartments and villas close to the sea. It offers a chance to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean waters.

Town Centre Convenience

Belek’s properties are also close to the lively town centre. This gives people living there quick access to fun spots like shops and restaurants. It’s all about making life easy and enjoyable.

Investment Potential and Rental Yields

Thinking of investing in Turkey’s property market? Belek has a lot to offer. It’s a great pick for those wanting both high rental income and growing property values. Belek is known for its golf and beaches, making it popular all year round.

Year-Round Rental Income

Belek differs from many beach spots because it has steady tourists year-long. This leads to reliable rental income. It attracts various people: from golf lovers to beach families, and culture enthusiasts.

Property Value Appreciation

Belek’s property market also predicts long-term value growth. With more visitors and limited land, the value of properties is set to increase. So, it’s a promising place for those looking into real estate.


Belek offers a variety of popular property types, including luxury villas, modern apartments, and spacious townhouses, catering to diverse preferences and budgets. Whether you’re seeking a holiday home or a permanent residence, Belek has something to offer. If you like to see current apartment listings in all over Turkey, visit our apartments in Turkey page right now.

In conclusion, Belek, Turkey has many properties for sale. They suit different tastes and budgets. You can find luxury villas, apartments, and duplexes there.

Interested in golf property, a cheap deal, or a beach holiday home? Belek is perfect for you. Its properties are near golf courses, beaches, and the town centre. This makes them great for both those who live there and investors.

Belek’s properties are also good for investing in or renting out. They offer steady rental income and their value may go up. The town’s nice weather, facilities, and strong property market make it a good choice for a Turkish home or a sunny holiday spot.


What are the most popular types of properties for sale in Belek, Turkey?

Luxurious villas with private pools and gardens are top choices in Belek. Also, property by the beach and holiday homes are highly sought after. In Belek, you can find something that suits your preferences and budget.

What types of villas are available in Belek?

New detached villas, triplex villas with terraces, and traditional ones near golf courses are common. These villas often come with private pools and gardens. Their designs are a mix of modern and traditional, appealing to many.

What kind of apartments and holiday homes can I find in Belek?

Belek has beachside apartments and holiday homes for sale. You’ll find modern apartments in complexes and spacious duplexes with shared pools. There’s a variety to choose from based on your needs and tastes.

What are the key advantages of properties in Belek?

Belek’s properties are close to great amenities like golf courses and the beach. They’re also near the town centre. Buyers can enjoy good rental income and possible appreciation in property value. This makes Belek a smart choice for those looking to invest.

What types of property investments are popular in Belek?

Golf properties are a hit in Belek, drawing a lot of investors. For those watching their budget, the place also has many cost-effective property options. This variety makes Belek stand out as a versatile investment spot.

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