Popular Apartment Types for Sale in Belek, Turkey

Belek is a beautiful coastal town in Turkey, perfect for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle. Its property market is buzzing with activity, offering everything from beachfront apartments with great sea views to homes by the golf courses and large luxury villas. We will look at the top apartment types for sale in Belek. You’ll learn about their special features that make them a big hit with both investors and those looking to move in.

So, what makes these properties stand out? And how can you pick one that fits your lifestyle perfectly? We’re about to uncover the secrets of Belek’s booming property world.

Key Takeaways

  • Belek is a sought-after destination for property buyers seeking a luxurious lifestyle
  • The town’s property market offers a diverse range of apartment types, including beachfront properties, golf side residences, and luxury villas
  • Each apartment type caters to a unique set of buyer preferences, from investors seeking holiday homes to families seeking a permanent residence
  • Belek’s properties boast a range of upscale amenities and resort-style living experiences
  • The town’s idyllic coastal location and world-class golfing facilities make it a popular choice for property investment and premier residential living

Introduction to Belek’s Thriving Property Market

Belek, in Turkey, is now a top choice for those looking to buy homes or invest in property. Thanks to its status as a golfing hub and its Mediterranean beaches, interest in residential properties has grown. Let’s check out what makes the property market in Belek so popular for those wanting a resort-style living.

Belek’s Allure as a Golfing and Coastal Destination

Belek is famous as a top golfing destination. This fame attracts both holiday home owners and those seeking a more permanent spot. There are lots of top-notch golf side residences here, giving easy access to golf courses. Belek also has stunning Mediterranean beaches. They offer a beautiful setting and make Belek a unique place to live and play.

Growing Demand for Residential Properties in Belek

Thanks to Belek’s great golfing facilities and coastal charm, more people want homes here. They love the resort-style living. It provides access to lots of amenities and recreational activities, perfect for both permanent residents and holiday home owners.

Buyers can choose from beachfront properties with gorgeous sea views, luxury villas, and penthouse suites. Belek’s property market meets the needs of many different kinds of buyers and their preferences.

Beachfront Properties: Luxury Living by the Mediterranean

Beachfront property for sale in belek Turkey is rare and hard to find. They offer stunning sea views and direct access to the pristine beaches. Our team picked these properties for clients who want a top-notch resort-style living experience.

Stunning Sea Views and Direct Beach Access

Just picture waking up to the sound of waves and seeing the Mediterranean’s beauty. Our Belek properties let you fully embrace the coastal lifestyle with loved ones. Head to your balcony or terrace for the unobstructed sea views these exclusive homes have.

Amenities and Facilities Tailored for Coastal Living

Our Belek properties go beyond great sea views. They’re made for coastal living. Enjoy private beach access for water sports or sunbathing. There are beach clubs and more, making your holiday home experience complete. This ensures high living standards for you.

beachfront properties

Most popular types of apartments for sale in Belek ?

Belek, Turkey, has a busy market for apartments. The top options for buyers are near the beach, by the golf courses, in luxury villas, or the high-life penthouses. These choices are perfect for those looking for a holiday home or a family wanting the resort-style living.

Living by the beach in Belek means waking up to beautiful sea views every day. These homes have easy access to the clear Mediterranean beaches. Golf lovers will find their dream home near top golf courses in Belek.

Luxury villas offer big spaces and privacy. They come with private pools and well-kept gardens. These are great for families and groups. Belek’s penthouse suites are all about luxury and exclusivity for those who want a high-end lifestyle.

Investors, families, and golf fans all find what they need in Belek’s apartment market. Whether you want a holiday home or a forever residential complex, Belek has it. Its range of options makes everyone feel at home in a resort-style living.

Golf side Residences: A Golfer’s Dream Home

Golf side residences in Belek are every golfer’s dream come true. They are close to top golf courses and have special facilities for golf lovers. This means no long journeys to the best places to play.

Proximity to World-Class Golf Courses

In Belek, the golf side residences are near famous golf courses. This makes it easy for homeowners to enjoy playing golf. They can visit places like the Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Club without much travel.

Upscale Amenities and Services for Golfing Enthusiasts

The residences don’t just provide closeness to golf. They also offer special places like clubhouses and pro shops. Here, golf fans can benefit from areas like the luxurious locker rooms and professional coaching.

golfside residences

Luxury Villas: Spacious and Private Living

Luxury villa in Belek is an impressive choice for those who love quality living by golf courses. They are known for their beautiful buildings and modern style. These big homes give their owners a chance to live privately and in a special way.

Architectural Elegance and Modern Designs

Belek’s luxury villas mix old and new designs in a beautiful way. As soon as you walk in, you’ll see the care in design and how inside and outside spaces work as one. They bring together the best of old Turkish style and new comforts.

Private Pools and Landscaped Gardens

Each villa has a private pool and lush garden. Can you imagine walking out to your own peaceful place, with a pool and beautiful plants? It’s the best spot for relaxing, having friends over, and enjoying the sun.

Ideal for Families and Larger Groups

These villas are great for big families or groups. They are very spacious and give everyone their own room and private areas. So, everyone can have fun in the shared spaces but also enjoy quiet time alone. They’re perfect for events or just finding a calm place.


Belek offers a wide range of popular apartment types, including modern city apartments, charming coastal flats, and spacious family residences, catering to various preferences and budgets. Whether you’re seeking a holiday home or a permanent residence, Belek has something to offer. For more details and current listings, visit our page on Belek apartments for sale to find your ideal home.

Belek, Turkey, is now a top spot for those looking to own property. It offers a mix of homes. From beachfront properties with ocean views to golf side residences and spacious luxury villas. Each kind is perfect for someone special. Like investors wanting a holiday home, families after a permanent spot, or golfing enthusiasts looking for their ideal house.

Belek is great thanks to its coastal setting, top-notch golfing facilities, and high-end perks. This mix lures buyers from near and far. It’s made Belek a top choice for those looking to invest and live well. Its residential complexes promise a life of luxury, ease, and loads of fun things to do. Making it perfect for anyone wanting to live like they’re always on holiday.

As Belek’s fame in the property world keeps climbing, more people want its best homes. From penthouse suites to beachfront properties and golf side residences. Belek combines natural beauty with top services and a thriving real estate scene. This makes it a great place to invest for buyers worldwide.


What are the most popular types of apartments for sale in Belek, Turkey?

The most sought-after apartments in Turkey are near the beach or a golf course. They also include luxury villas and top-floor penthouses. A variety of buyers, from investors to families, find their ideal homes among these choices.

What are the key features of beachfront properties in Belek?

Beachfront homes in Belek boast breathtaking sea views and direct beach access. This allows residents to enjoy coastal living to the fullest. They come with private beach areas, clubs, and places to enjoy water sports.

What makes golf side residences in Belek attractive to buyers?

Golf lovers are drawn to Belek’s homes close to top golf courses. These residences feature luxury perks perfect for golf enthusiasts. Buyers get quick access to Belek’s finest golf spots and exclusive amenities like clubhouses and pro shops.

What are the key features of luxury villas in Belek?

Luxury villas in Belek are all about spacious, private living with elegant modern designs. They have private pools and lush gardens, offering a peace-filled environment. These homes are perfect for groups and families, ensuring plenty of space and access to high-end amenities.

If you want to discover other properties for sale in Turkey head over to our homepage and use our search engine to search over 1.000 property in Turkey.

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