Kas Apartment Prices? Find Affordable Rentals in Your Area

Looking for a cheap place to rent in Kas, Turkey? You’re in luck! Our guide will show you the latest info on Kas apartment prices. It’s designed to help you find the best home within your budget. This works whether you’re just starting to rent or you invest in property.

Kas apartment prices?

Property Turkey reports that Kas has apartments for sale and for rent. You can sign up on their website to get alerts when new places are listed. The site lets you search by location, type, and price. Rentola, another site, says there are 4 private apartments in Kas for rent. Prices go from 214 € to 1,465 € for monthly rentals. With Rentola, you can easily find and contact landlords for good deals in Kas.

But, are these prices in Kas really low? Let’s look into the reasons behind the market prices. We’ll also see how to get the best deals on rentals.

Key Takeaways

  • Kas has many apartments to rent, from 214 € to 1,465 € a month.
  • You can check for rentals on sites like Property Turkey and Rentola. They list many properties and offer contact info for landlords.
  • Knowing about local real estate and living costs can help you find an affordable place in Kas.
  • Deciding between long-term and short-term rentals, or furnished and unfurnished options, is important.
  • It’s key to research cheap areas and all extra costs like utilities and taxes when looking at Kas apartment prices.

Understanding Kas Apartment Prices

When looking at the Kas real estate market, several things affect apartment prices. The location, size, age, and condition of the property are crucial. Also, the amenities and how close the apartment is to local services matter.

Factors Influencing Property Valuation

Kas apartment prices vary for many reasons. Where the property is located, its size, and layout play a big part. Things like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and modern features affect its value too.

Local Real Estate Market Trends

Trends in the Kas real estate market can change apartment prices. Supply, demand, the economy, and new developments all influence the market. Watching these trends helps people understand Kas’s housing market better.

Kas Apartment Prices? Explore Rental Options

In Kas, those looking to rent can choose between long-term and short-term stays. Long-term rentals tend to be stable and might cost less each month. But short-term stays are flexible, fitting various lifestyles. The choice between a furnished or unfurnished place also affects the cost.

Long-term Rentals vs. Short-term Stays

Choosing to rent long-term in Kas can offer a stable home for a year or more. With this option, the monthly rent might be lower. Conversely, those looking for a flexible stay or a holiday might find short-term options better. These can include holiday apartments or accommodation services.

Furnished vs. Unfurnished Apartments

Deciding between a furnished or unfurnished apartment in Kas impacts the price. Furnished places come with everything you need, from furniture to kitchen appliances and bed linens. This is perfect for those just moving or looking for an easy rental. However, they usually cost more than unfurnished places, allowing people to decorate as they please and save money.

Kas apartment prices

It’s important to consider what’s best for your situation. Think about the cost, how long you plan to stay, and what kind of home you want. By doing this, you can find a perfect apartment in Kas that meets all your needs.

Affordable Housing Costs in Kas

Looking for cheap apartments in Kas means finding areas with lower rental rates. These places can make it easier to enter the local housing market. Tenants should search various neighbourhoods to get a good mix of quality and affordability.

Budget-friendly Neighbourhoods

Areas with lower living costs, older buildings, or those further from the centre are usually more budget-friendly in Kas. These places allow people to save on housing while still enjoying living in Kas. It’s important for renters to deeply look into these areas to find the best fit for their budget and lifestyle.

Cost of Living Considerations

Aside from rent, renters should also consider Kas’s general cost of living. This includes expenses like utilities and transport. Knowing these costs helps to choose a home that’s affordable in the long run.

Home Buyer’s Guide: Investing in Kas Properties

Interested in Kas properties for investment? This area offers many property investment opportunities. You can look at apartments, houses, or holiday homes. Think about the rental income and how much the value might grow over time.

Property Investment Opportunities

Kas has a variety of residential pricing for investors. You might be interested in kas apartment prices or housing costs. Do some research on the real estate market to spot good deals. This understanding will help you find investment opportunities that match your budget and goals.

Tips for First-time Home Buyers

Buying your first home in Kas? It’s good to know about the buying process, mortgage options, and how to negotiate for the best prices. Learning about the rental rates and accommodation expenses can guide your decisions. It will also help you follow the home buyer guide with more confidence.

property investment

Rental Rates and Accommodation Expenses

When looking at kas apartment prices, it’s key to think about more than just the monthly rent. You also need to consider the extra costs. According to Rentola, a basic apartment in Kas can cost as little as 214 € a month. But if you want a fully furnished place, be prepared to pay up to 1,465 € each month.

Remember to include utilities, internet, and any taxes or fees when budgeting. These costs add up and can change your monthly expenses a lot. So, understanding all the possible expenses is very important when you rent in Kas.

To make the best choice for our budget, we should look at all the costs involved. This way, we can find a place in Kas that’s both affordable and meets our needs. Whether it’s a budget-friendly or a more expensive home, checking all costs is key.


Kaş apartment prices can vary based on factors such as location, size, and amenities, offering options for different budgets and preferences. Staying updated on the current market trends can help you make an informed investment decision. For detailed information and available listings, explore our page on apartments for sale in Kaş, Turkey to find the perfect property for your needs.

Looking into apartment prices in Kas can help us find a good place to live that’s also affordable. We will learn about different factors that affect the cost, market trends, and rental options. This knowledge will help renters and home buyers choose what works best for their budget and lifestyle.

This guide is helpful for anyone looking for a place to stay in Kas, whether for a long or short time. It also covers investing in property. We now understand where the cheaper areas are and what it costs to live there. This empowers us to choose wisely for our housing needs.

By learning about apartment prices, real estate trends, and rental costs, we’re prepared to find suitable housing. This guide also gives insights for those interested in property investment or buying their first house. It helps us plan for our future housing in Kas.


What factors influence the pricing of Kas apartments?

The price of Kas apartments can be influenced by several key factors. These include where it is, its size, and its age and condition. The amenities it offers and the nearby infrastructure also play a big role.
Local real estate trends, such as supply and demand, also affect rental rates and property values.

What are the options for long-term and short-term rentals in Kas?

In Kas, you have choices between long-term and short-term rentals. Long-term rentals can mean stable living and could cost less each month. However, short-term stays allow for more flexibility.

Furnished apartments might be easier to move into but they can cost more than unfurnished ones.

How can prospective renters find affordable housing in Kas?

To find affordable housing in Kas, look in neighbourhoods known for their lower rents. It’s also wise to consider the overall cost of living. This includes the price of utilities, transport, and other daily expenses.

What opportunities are available for property investment in Kas?

Kas offers many chances for those looking to invest in properties. You can choose from apartments, houses, or holiday homes. When deciding, think about how much you can earn from rent and its growth in the future.

If you’re buying a home in Kas for the first time, get advice on the buying process and mortgage options. This helps to get the best deal.

What are the typical rental rates for apartments in Kas?

For apartment prices in Kas, Rentola shows the minimum is around 214 € per month for a cheap place. Fully furnished apartments can reach up to 1,465 €. Other costs like utilities, internet, and taxes must be considered in your budget too.

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