Is Fethiye the Best Location to Buy a Villa in Turkey?

Is Fethiye the best place to buy a villa in Turkey? This is a key question because Fethiye attracts lots of tourists and investors. It’s a beautiful place with many pretty villages and a lively main town. So, if you’re looking to buy a place in the sunny Mediterranean, consider Fethiye.

Is Fethiye the best location to buy villa in Turkey?

Fethiye has been a top pick for tourists and investors for years. It features many charming villages, but Hisaronu, Ovacik, and Calis are the main spots. Choosing the best place for investment can be tough as each has its strong points and is near Fethiye’s main attractions. Fethiye town is the area’s heart. It’s a buzzing harbour town that was a quiet fishing spot not long ago.

Key Takeaways

  • Fethiye is a popular destination for tourists and investors in Turkey
  • The region offers a diverse range of villages and a thriving central hub
  • It’s difficult to definitively state the best resort for investment, as each has unique advantages
  • Fethiye town is the central hub, having transformed from a traditional harbour to a highly sought-after location
  • The Fethiye region provides a wealth of options for those interested in acquiring a property

Introduction to Buying Villas in Turkey

In recent years, Turkish villas have become popular for investing. Since 2020, villas in Turkey with private pools and private gardens have been sought after. The global pandemic and its lockdowns made country houses more attractive.

Why are Villas Relevant?

Villas in Turkey offer more space and the freedom to walk or do sports outside. During the pandemic, many people wanted to leave city flats. They sought a more open, flexible living space.

Benefits of Owning a Villa in Turkey

People buy Turkish villas for many reasons, like living in them all year, for holiday getaways, or as an investment. Investing in Turkish property is especially enticing in the Mediterranean Turkey area. This region offers great villas and benefits from Turkey’s attractive citizenship by investment scheme.

Overview of the Fethiye Region

The Fethiye region in Turkey is known for its amazing mix of scenery. Here, huge mountains meet the sea. Plus, hidden beaches and bays are found all along the coast. Fethiye town, just 35 minutes from Dalaman International Airport, is the area’s heart. It’s a lively place, a former small harbour town turned popular spot in Turkey.

Fethiye Town: The Central Hub

Fethiye town is at the core of the Fethiye region. It has changed a lot, going from a quiet harbour town to a top Turkish destination. The town is close to the Dalaman International Airport, making it easy to reach for people wanting to check out the Fethiye real estate market and surrounding areas.

Diversity of the Fethiye Area

The Fethiye region is full of unique features, making it a standout choice for property buyers. You’ll find towering mountains and clear seas, along with beautiful beaches and secret bays. These offer lots of great choices for those looking for a dream house or an investment.

Fethiye real estate market

Calis Beach and Fethiye’s Beachfront Offerings

Calis is set along the beautiful Turquoise Coast. It grabs your attention with its vast beach, exciting water activities, and amazing sunsets over the bay. It has become a top spot for those looking to invest in the fethiye real estate market or purchase luxury villas for sale in fethiye.

About Calis Beach

Calis Beach is known for its link to the stunning mediterranean turkey. It boasts a clean promenade, plenty of shops, and various places to eat and have fun. This mix of calm and convenience is perfect for both locals and people looking for a holiday home.

Who Buys Property in Calis?

Many types of buyers are attracted to Calis Beach. This includes investors looking for a beachside setting, ex-pats seeking to permanently reside in Fethiye, and buy-to-let and long-term investors. Also, holiday home seekers find it appealing because of the easy access to the beach and local amenities. Due to the increasing property prices and demand, buying in Calis is a smart move for those wanting to invest in turkish property.

Is Fethiye the Best Location to Buy a Villa in Turkey?

Hisaronu and Ovacik are both near each other in the Fethiye area. They are becoming top spots for villa buyers in Turkey. They sit nestled in the Babadag Mountain’s pine-covered slopes. These spots are peaceful yet close to what you need.

Hisaronu and Ovacik: Mountain Resort Villages

Hisaronu is vibrant with lots of hotels, eateries, and fun places. It’s one of the liveliest areas in Fethiye. In contrast, Ovacik is calm and residential. It’s a quiet place perfect for a peaceful life. These places are well-connected. They make getting to Oludeniz beach (just 10 minutes away) and Fethiye town (just 20 minutes away) really easy.

Proximity to Oludeniz and Babadag Mountain

Living close to Oludeniz beach and Babadag Mountain makes Hisaronu and Ovacik popular for property buyers. Oludeniz is famous for its clear waters and the beautiful Blue Lagoon. It’s a top spot for tourists and those looking to buy property. Babadag Mountain offers a stunning view and lots of outdoor fun.

Hisaronu and Ovacik are among top locations to buy apartment in fethiye region. There’s not much land left for new projects in these spots. This is pushing up property prices fast. So, buying now could be a smart move in the thriving Fethiye real estate market.

Popular Areas for Europeans to Buy Villas

One favourite for European property buyers in Mediterranean Turkey is Mahmutlar. It’s a coastal town on the beautiful Turkish Riviera. Perfect for anyone looking for peaceful Mediterranean living.

Mahmutlar: A European Favourite

Mahmutlar is loved by European investors for good reasons. It mixes international and local cultures well. Buying properties in Turkey here is easy with English widely spoken and European goods easily found.

Also, real estate prices in Mahmutlar are very reasonable. This, with its amazing views and good facilities, makes it a top choice to buy a villa in Turkey.

Villa Prices in Fethiye and Surrounding Areas

Looking at the fethiye real estate market, it’s key to know the villa averages. This info helps those into investing in Turkey homes for sale especially in Agean coast of Turkey. Let’s explore Fethiye’s villa prices and nearby areas.

Average Prices in the Economy Segment

For those on a budget, villas under EUR 100,000 are the focus. The average price here is EUR 84,337. That makes it about EUR 641 per square meter. It’s a great start for buyers looking for more affordable villa prices in fethiye.

Average Prices in the Premium Segment

If you’re looking for top-notch luxury, check the villas from EUR 500,000 upwards. The average cost is EUR 1,268,595. This means it’s around EUR 3,069 per square meter. These figures show the luxury villas for sale in fethiye. They’re perfect for an exclusive investment opportunity.

For a better idea, let’s look at a few examples. You can find a 110 sq m villa in Fethiye for USD 156,800. Or, a 220 sq m villa in Mahmutlar is selling for USD 201,600. Additionally, a 280 sq m villa in Antalya costs USD 336,000. Plus, a 240 sq m villa in Bodrum is listed at USD 400,000.

villa prices in fethiye

Why Choose Fethiye for Buying a Villa?

Fethiye, in Turkey, is a special place for villa buyers. It’s surrounded by stunning beaches and beautiful nature. Here, luxury homes are found near the mountains and sea. They offer a fantastic view that catches the eye of anyone thinking of buying a home.

Nestled in Nature

Fethiye is a dream for those who love nature with a touch of the modern. Its landscapes are amazing, with huge mountains and the clear sea meeting. You can live in peace here, surrounded by quiet mountains and a cool sea breeze.

Cosmopolitan Atmosphere

Being close to the sea makes Fethiye lively and cosmopolitan. It attracts many tourists and people from all over the world. This creates a mixed culture that’s vibrant and welcoming to all who come to live here.

Favourably Priced Properties

Fethiye is great for buying villas not just because it’s beautiful. The prices are also really good here. You can find homes that fit your budget, whether you’re looking to live there or invest. It’s a smart choice compared to many other places, offering good value for your money.


Fethiye is often considered one of the best locations to buy a villa in Turkey, thanks to its stunning natural beauty, vibrant expat community, and excellent investment potential. Its blend of modern amenities and traditional charm makes it a sought-after destination. For more information and available listings, explore our page on villa in Fethiye to see why this town is a preferred choice for many buyers.

Fethiye is a top pick if you’re thinking of buying a villa in Turkey. It boasts beautiful nature, a lively feel, and great prices. This mix makes it ideal for living, holidaying, or investing.

The city is great for real estate investors. Its scenic views, strong economy, and easy access through airports attract many. This includes both local and foreign buyers.

Fethiye also has many upscale villas on the market. They’re perfect for those looking to own something luxurious. Plus, they offer good chances for increasing the property’s value and earning from rentals.

So, in the end, Fethiye wins with its stunning looks, modern vibe, and competitive costs. It’s a top spot for making your villa dreams in Turkey come true, no matter your wish. Whether you want a place to settle, a holiday spot, or an investment, Fethiye has something for everyone.


Is Fethiye the best location to buy a villa in Turkey?

Fethiye is a top choice for buying a villa in Turkey. It’s known for beautiful natural surroundings and a lively feel. This makes it good for living in, holidaying, or for making a rental income. The area matches everyone’s taste and budget.

What are the best places to buy villas in Turkey?

In Turkey, the Fethiye area, especially places like Calis, Hisaronu, and Ovacik, shine for villa buyers. They offer natural beauty, a modern lifestyle, and good prices. This mix attracts both home seekers and investors.

What is the Fethiye real estate market like?

Fethiye’s property market is booming, with a big demand for villas and apartments. Prices have gone up, but there are still deals to be found. You can pick from affordable to luxury homes.

What types of luxury villas are available for sale in Fethiye?

Looking for luxury? Fethiye has you covered with villas from 110 sq m up to 280 sq m and more. These come with private gardens, pools, and great views. They are perfect for those wanting a top-notch lifestyle.

What are the benefits of investing in Turkish property?

Investing in Turkish property, especially in Fethiye, is rewarding. It brings good prices, a strong rental market, and growing capital value. Plus, by investing, you can even get Turkish citizenship.

What are the advantages of buying property in the Mediterranean region of Turkey?

The Mediterranean area, including Fethiye, offers many pluses for buyers. It has a great climate, beautiful surroundings, a big tourism draw, and property prices that are affordable. This area stands out among Mediterranean choices.

What is the average price of villas in the Fethiye region?

In Fethiye, villa prices vary based on size and features. In the affordable range (up to EUR 100,000), the average price is EUR 84,337. For top-tier homes (starting at EUR 500,000), the average rises to EUR 1,268,595.

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