Cost of Living in Kalkan, Turkey: An Affordable Paradise

Ever thought you can lead a luxurious life on a humble budget? Kalkan, Turkey, stands out as a coastal beauty. It shows you can soak in nature’s beauty without draining your pockets.

The question is: what exactly lures you to Kalkan in terms of your wallet? We’re here to explore how Kalkan shines as an affordable paradise.

Cost of living in kalkan Turkey

Key Takeaways

  • Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Kalkan city centre can cost as little as £250-£500 per month, with prices dropping further outside the city centre.
  • Buying property in Kalkan is highly affordable, with two-bedroom apartments starting at just £50,000.
  • A couple can comfortably retire in Turkey for £1,500-£2,500 per month, depending on their desired lifestyle.
  • Groceries and public transportation in Kalkan are reasonably priced, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a high-quality yet cost-effective lifestyle.
  • Kalkan’s blend of stunning natural beauty, rich history, and low cost of living make it an ideal destination for those seeking an affordable yet fulfilling retirement.

So, is Kalkan really the cost of living in kalkan turkey paradise it appears to be? Or, are there hidden costs that might throw off your budget? We’re going to look at the many sides of life in this Turkish gem. This includes how you can handle its housing costs in kalkan, food expenses in kalkan, and transportation costs in kalkan.

Introducing Kalkan: A Coastal Gem

Located on the location of kalkan turkey, Kalkan is a town with breathtaking scenic beauty of kalkan. It sits on the Lycian Coast, between Kas and Fethiye. This makes it a peaceful spot away from big crowds.

Kalkan’s setting adds to its charm. It’s on a steep hill that leads to the sea. Walking through its winding streets is both hard and magical. But, the view at the end is truly worth it, showing off the blue Mediterranean Sea.

Location and Geography

It takes about one hour and forty-five minutes to reach Kalkan from Dalaman airport. This distance keeps loud groups away. Thus, Kalkan stays calm, perfect for a relaxing holiday.

Picturesque Charm and Scenic Beauty

Going up the hillside, you’ll see stunning villas and their private pools. These homes overlook the beautiful sea. At the bottom of the hill, the vibrant harbour offers places to eat, drink, and shop near the water.

A quick walk from the harbor is the town’s beach. It has clear waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling. This spot lets you truly experience the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Housing Costs in Kalkan

When you think about moving to Kalkan, the cost of housing is key. This pretty Turkish town offers many choices. From rental prices for apartments and villas to the cost of buying property, there’s something for every budget.

Rental Prices for Apartments and Villas

Renting in Kalkan can be a good way to live like a local. We found that rental prices for apartments and villas vary a lot. An apartment with one bedroom in the city centre costs between $400 and $600 a month. Those outside the centre are cheaper, from $350 to $500 a month.

If you want more space and luxury, rental costs for villas in Kalkan are generally higher. We found Villa Eternity, an amazing seven-bedroom villa. It’s on a hill, a 15-minute walk from town. This dream villa has a basement with a bar, a pool table, gym, and even an indoor pool. It’s perfect for big families or groups of friends, although we only needed the top four bedrooms.

Property Ownership Options and Costs

Buying a property in Kalkan is also affordable. You can find a two-bedroom apartment for as cheap as $150,000. This is great for those looking to invest in Turkish property or to retire in Turkey.

The housing market in Kalkan has something for everyone. Whether you want to rent or buy, you’ll find many options. Kalkan’s housing costs are a good choice compared to other places in Turkey.

Food Expenses in Kalkan

In Kalkan, Turkey, living isn’t too expensive, especially when it comes to food. You can choose to do your grocery shopping at the local markets or enjoy dining out at the lovely restaurants and cafés. You’ll see that the cost of dining out is quite reasonable.

Grocery Shopping and Local Markets

Buying groceries in Turkey is budget-friendly, costing around $200 to $300 for a couple every month. The markets in Kalkan have fresh vegetables, meats, and more. This means you can get what you need for less.

Dining Out: Restaurants and Cafés

Kalkan has a lot to offer in its dining scene. The harbor is filled with restaurants and cafés. So, you can eat out and enjoy the beautiful views. A meal in a mid-level restaurant might cost you $10 to $20. This makes trying local dishes both fun and pocket-friendly.

Cost of Living in Kalkan Turkey

Utilities and Household Expenses

Living in Kalkan means your bills are easy to manage. You’ll spend around $60-$100 per month on electricity, heating, water, and trash collection. So, your utility bills in Kalkan won’t take up too much of your budget.

Transportation Costs: Public and Private

Kalkan offers affordable ways to move around. A monthly public transport pass is just $30-$50. This public transport in Kalkan is great for saving money on travel.

Prefer private transport? Renting a car costs about £40-£60 each day. Or consider hiring a private minibus for trips. We found one for £130 return, making it £26 per person. It’s perfect for big families needing private transport in Kalkan.

transportation costs in kalkan

Choosing between private and public transport? Transportation costs in Kalkan stay low, helping you manage your budget. Enjoy your time in this gorgeous Turkish town without worrying too much about travel expenses.

Healthcare and Education in Kalkan

Kalkan offers a mix of public and private healthcare. This caters to everyone’s needs. It’s important to check this when moving. Kalkan has a good medical system, blending both types.

Accessing Medical Services

In Turkey, there’s strong public healthcare for less money. Many people living in Kalkan choose private health cover. It costs from £40 to £80 a month. These plans give more benefits and let you see specialists easily.

The town has private clinics and hospitals with modern equipment and skilled staff. They speak English, making things easier. If you need big treatments, places like Antalya are not far. This means advanced care is still close.

Educational Opportunities for Families

Kalkan offers good schools, including private schools in English. Children get a broad education this way. They also get to try new things.

There are many activities beside schooling. Kids can join in with arts or sports. They can learn new languages or enjoy cultural trips. Every child will find something they love in Kalkan.

In summary, Kalkan has good healthcare and schools for all. Families can make choices that fit their needs. This helps to focus on health and learning. Both public and private options are available.

Entertainment and Leisure Activities

Kalkan is full of fun activities for visitors. It has lovely beach clubs on the coast and exciting water sports. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and lively culture in many ways.

Beach Clubs and Water Sports

Kalkan boasts twelve unique beach clubs. They are perfect places for both relaxation and fun. Each one is set beautifully on the rocks. For a day fee, you get access to sun loungers, food, and drinks. Indigo, a well-loved spot, neighbors Aristos Water Sports Centre. Here, you can learn water sports like water skiing. You can also have a blast with inflatable activities in the clear waters.

Cultural Experiences and Nightlife

Kalkan is more than just beaches and water sports. It offers rich cultural experiences and an exciting nightlife. Near the steep hillside, there is a lot to explore. You’ll find plenty of dining, entertainment, and shopping spots. The harbour area is perfect for enjoying drinks as you watch the sunset over the sea.

beach clubs in kalkan

Budgeting for a Comfortable Life

When thinking about moving to Kalkan, Turkey, it’s vital to know the living costs. This helps in making a budget for a great life in this beautiful town.

Monthly Expense Breakdown

Around $1,500-$2,500 per month is enough for a couple to live well in Turkey. The cost depends on what kind of life they want. If they choose to live in Kalkan’s city centre, renting a one-bedroom place can cost from $250 to $500 per month. If they look outside the centre, prices drop to $150-$350.

For basic needs like electricity, heating, water, and trash, expect to spend $60-$100 per month. Buying food won’t break the bank either, with a couple spending $200-$300 each month. For getting around, a monthly transport pass will set you back $30-$50.

Cost Comparisons: Kalkan vs. Other Regions

Kalkan proves to be a cheaper choice than big cities like Istanbul. It’s also more affordable than places like Antalya and Fethiye. Yet, it doesn’t skimp on the beauty and culture of the Turkish Mediterranean coast.


The cost of living in Kalkan, Turkey, is relatively affordable compared to other European destinations, with lower expenses for housing, groceries, and utilities. This makes it an attractive option for both expats and locals. For those considering settling down in this beautiful town, exploring properties for sale in Kalkan can provide valuable insights into the local real estate market.

Kalkan is loved for its stunning beauty and relaxed vibe, making it perfect for families. Teens can safely explore on their own, while parents soak in the calm harbor and enjoy local food and nightlife.

Turkey is a great choice for retirement, offering beautiful nature and deep culture at a good price. In a place like Kalkan, you can have a rich life after work, surrounded by friendly local people.

Kalkan is truly special, with its beauty, amenities, and cost-effective living. It’s great for families or peaceful retirement. Kalkan promises a magical Mediterranean journey for all who visit or live there.


What is the location and geography of Kalkan?

Kalkan is by the Turkish Mediterranean, on the Lycian Coast. It fits between Kas and Fethiye. The town sits on a steep hill, showing beautiful views of the sea.

What are the housing costs in Kalkan?

Renting a city centre one-bedroom apartment costs £250-£500 a month. Outside, it’s £150-£350. A two-bedroom apartment starts at £50,000 to buy.

How much can a couple expect to spend on groceries and dining out in Kalkan?

In Turkey, a couple spends £200-£300 a month on groceries. Eating at a mid-range place costs £10-£20 per person.

What are the typical utility and transportation costs in Kalkan?

Utilities cost £60-£100 monthly. A bus pass is £30-£50. Renting a car is £40-£60 a day.

What are the healthcare and education options in Kalkan?

Turkey has public healthcare, but many choose private insurance, £50-£100 a month. Kalkan has good school choices.

What types of entertainment and leisure activities are available in Kalkan?

Kalkan has beach clubs and water sports. Nightlife offers restaurants, bars, and shops by the harbor.

How does the cost of living in Kalkan compare to other regions in Turkey?

Living in Kalkan is cheaper than in larger cities like Istanbul. Antalya and Fethiye are a bit less affordable. A couple can live well in Turkey for £1,500-£2,500 a month.

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