Cost of Living in Fethiye Turkey: An Expat’s Guide

Ever thought about living in the stunning Fethiye region of Turkey? It’s seen as a sophisticated place with a relaxed holiday feel. Situated in the Mugla province on Turkey’s sunny south coast, Fethiye has beautiful landscapes. These include bays, coves, and sandy beaches. It draws people in who want to see nature’s beauty up close. But, does living in Fethiye cost a lot for expats? We’ll explore the real costs of living in this enchanting region of Turkey.

Cost of living in Fethiye Turkey

Key Takeaways

  • Fethiye is a sophisticated coastal region in Turkey’s Mugla province with a laid-back tourist ambience.
  • The area is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including bays, coves, and sandy beaches.
  • Tourism is the primary industry, with the high season running from May to October.
  • Daily life in Fethiye is described as a slower pace compared to other areas.
  • Expats can expect to find a wide range of social amenities and activities throughout the year.

Introduction to Fethiye

Fethiye is a stunning place on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. It has a great climate that attracts people worldwide. In summer, the days are hot and dry with barely any rain or wind. This makes it perfect for those who love sunshine. When October comes, the local expat community gears up for cooler weather. They use heaters or air conditioning to stay comfy.

Geographical Location and Climate

Fethiye is in the Mugla province and has a Mediterranean climate. This weather is perfect for being active. The rainy season starts in January and goes through February. After that, the place gets ready for the busy tourist season from May to October.

Winter is when life slows down a bit. It’s a time to relax and get ready for the fun in summer. Then, everything from beaches to dining outdoors becomes the focus.

Tourism and Local Economy

In Fethiye, tourism plays a big part in the economy. There are many places like bars, restaurants, and hotels that attract visitors. The busy season brings a lot of energy. Yet, even in the quiet months, Fethiye keeps its lively vibe. It’s a place where life feels a bit slower and relaxed than in big cities.

Expat Community in Fethiye

Many people from abroad have made Fethiye their home. They love the beautiful surroundings, the easy life, and the friendly Turkish people. Those buying homes here are encouraged to explore. They can rent a car or join day trips to feel more at home.

Places like Oludeniz Beach and Gemiler Island are must-see spots. But there’s more, like Butterfly Valley and Kayakoy Ghost Village. Here, expats can really get involved and make friends. The local football team and Calis Beach Life group are popular with foreign residents*. Plus, local Facebook groups can keep expats up to date on events. With such welcoming locals, settling in Fethiye is usually easy.


Housing Costs in Fethiye

Choosing between renting and buying a home in Fethiye is a big personal decision. It depends on what’s best for you. Some expats rent first to explore the area. Others feel sure and buy property for good. For renting, it’s wise to sign a contract longer than a year for more stability.

Renting vs. Buying Property

Thinking of owning a home in Fethiye? Explore our wide range of apartments and Fethiye villas for sale on our website and you can sort by price and location. Each listing shows the price, location, and features, plus photos to make your choice easier. If you’re already in Fethiye, pop by our office at Tuzla’s Cahit Gunduz Caddesi. Our team is ready to help you find your dream home.

Fethiye Property Prices

Property prices in Fethiye vary by location, size, and what they offer. Reach out to our agents for the latest market updates. They’ll find you a home that fits your budget and what you’re looking for.

Popular Residential Areas

Calis Beach is a top choice for many expats. It started as an extension of Fethiye’s tourism but is now a key resort. Its main draws include a beautiful beach, warm seas, and a bustling promenade. The area has many bars and restaurants, making it a fun place to be. A lot of British people live here, creating a lively expat community. Even with its resort feel, Calis Beach is close by bus to Fethiye’s town centre.

fethiye property

Cost of Living in Fethiye Turkey

The cost of living in Fethiye, Turkey, can change a lot. This change depends on your lifestyle and how you spend money. Generally, a couple can live comfortably spending about 10,000 Turkish lira each month.

Monthly Budget Estimates

Spending money on smoking, drinking, and having a car can affect your budget a lot. But, bills for your home are quite cheap in Fethiye. And eating out offers many choices, from cheap local places to high-end international restaurants.

Groceries and Dining Out

In Fethiye, living costs can be affordable. Dining options range from local spots to fancy eateries with various cuisines. It’s smart to include other costs like healthcare, a fund for emergencies, and expenses for visiting family in your monthly budget plan.

Utilities and Household Expenses

Spending on smoking, drinking, and owning a car might impact your budget more. Yet, bills for your home are usually low. You can eat at cheap local places or fancy, diverse restaurants in Fethiye. Don’t forget to include key costs like healthcare and saving for unexpected events in your monthly spending plan.

Transportation Costs in Fethiye

We have many ways to travel in Fethiye without spending much. The public transport options include a popular dolmuş (shared minibus) system. These small buses connect the town to villages and beaches. The fares are cheap, making it a good choice for most people.

There is also a network of buses that cover more ground. They reach the wider area and even remote spots. Those wanting their freedom can look into owning a car in Fethiye. However, this choice requires careful thought.

Many foreign residents buy cars in Turkey due to less strict rules. But, getting a car involves a lot of paperwork and you can only use it for two years in Turkey.

If this seems like too much, you can always use the local transportation options. These include the dolmuş (shared minibus) and buses. Making a choice depends on your personal needs and what you can afford.

Healthcare and Insurance Costs

Living in Fethiye as an expat means it’s crucial to know about healthcare and insurance prices. The cost of healthcare can change based on where you get treatment. However, it’s usually cheaper than in other parts of the world.

When looking at health insurance in Fethiye, expats have different choices. One option is private health insurance. This lets you use private hospitals and get care from private doctors. It also covers things like check-ups and emergencies.

Another possibility is the Turkish national health insurance, GSS. It’s a budget-friendly choice. But, it might not cover everything and could limit your access to private healthcare.

For medical expenses for expats in Fethiye, don’t forget about regular medicines, treatments from specialists, or dental work. Even though healthcare is less expensive in Fethiye than in the West, it adds up. So, be sure to plan your budget well and have the correct insurance to look after yourself and your loved ones.

Education Expenses in Fethiye

Fethiye offers a variety of schools for your children. There are both public and private options available.

Famous private schools in Fethiye include ATA Ozel Fethiye and UGUR Okullar. They teach from kindergarten to middle school. Parents from other countries often debate the best schooling choice.

Public vs. Private Schools

Some parents put their children in state schools. Then, they hire a private tutor. This can save money, especially if your family will live in Turkey for a long time.

International Schools and Curriculums

Choosing long or short term schooling paths is key. If your child might return home, a private school with worldwide qualifications is wise.

schools in fethiye

Bringing Pets to Fethiye

Bringing your pets to Fethiye, Turkey, means following certain rules. Anyone can bring two cats or dogs, but they must be chipped. You also need a health certificate from your vet, showing your pet is vaccinated.

Don’t forget the important bits like your pet’s passport and the rabies certificate. A Turkish vet will check your pet when they arrive. Be aware that Turkey doesn’t allow some dog breeds. Moving your pet by road might be nicer than flying. Look for help online if you need it.

Veterinary Care Costs

It’s important that your pets are well in Fethiye. Vet clinics there provide various services. Prices for normal services are usually fair. But, it’s smart to check prices before for your pet’s health and budget.


The cost of living in Fethiye, Turkey, is relatively affordable compared to other popular destinations, with lower expenses for housing, groceries, and utilities. This makes it an attractive option for both expats and locals. For those considering settling down in this beautiful town, exploring properties for sale in Fethiye can provide valuable insights into the local real estate market.

Fethiye, Turkey, is a great place for expats wanting a Mediterranean life. It’s affordable, from housing to daily expenses. There’s also plenty to do and eat.

If you’re thinking about living in Fethiye, we’ve covered all you need to know. There are many areas to choose from. Each one has something special and is good for different tastes.

The expat community in Fethiye makes it easy to settle and enjoy life. So, think about the cost and what living there would be like. We invite you to check out Fethiye’s beauty and culture. It’s a wonderful chance for a great expat life in Turkey.


What is the geographical location and climate of Fethiye?

Fethiye is in Turkey, known for its laid-back yet sophisticated vibe. It’s on the Mediteranean south coast. Expect hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters, typical of the Mediterranean climate.

What is the local economy and expat community like in Fethiye?

Tourism is key for Fethiye’s economy. There are many spots for food, drinks, and accommodation. The town buzzes with life all year. Furthermore, there’s a big British expat community who find it welcoming.

What are the options for housing in Fethiye?

Expats can rent or buy in Fethiye. Renting flat in fethiye is the most affordable option.

How much does it cost to live in Fethiye?

Fethiye can be quite affordable, especially for food and going out. A couple can have a good life spending around 25,000 Turkish lira a month. Things like smoking, drinking, and driving can change the budget a lot.

What are the transportation options and costs in Fethiye?

Fethiye’s transport includes buses and dolmus. Many expats get a car, but there’s import restrictions. Be sure to include the cost of owning a car in your budget.

What are the healthcare and insurance costs in Fethiye?

Healthcare in Turkey is budget-friendly. Both public and private services are available for expats. Opening a local bank account helps accessing services in Fethiye.

What are the education options and costs for children in Fethiye?

Fethiye offers state and private schools. Private schools might cost more but provide well-known diplomas. This is good to know for kids who might not stay in Turkey long term.

What is required to bring pets to Fethiye?

Moving pets to Turkey requires microchips and health documents. Some dog breeds are not allowed. Driving pets in is often preferred over flying. Always check for the latest instructions when relocating with pets.

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