Can I Rent My Apartment in Kas to Generate Rental Income?

Are you thinking of renting your apartment in Kas, Turkey, to make some extra money? You’re not alone. Kas is a top destination for holiday homes and property investments. Its great location, busy tourism, and friendly investment rules make it perfect for this.

To get Turkish citizenship, you need to invest at least 500,000 USD or its value in Turkish Lira. This money goes into building and real estate, which are very important for Turkey’s economy. With a GDP of more than 849 Billion Dollars, Turkey is among the top 20 economies. Its strong economy means good news for property owners in Kas who want to rent their places out for tourists.

Can I rent my apartment in Kas to generate rental income?

Key Takeaways

  • Kas is a popular place for renting homes and investing in property in Turkey.
  • Turkey values its construction and real estate sectors a lot, contributing to its big GDP.
  • Renting your place in Kas can give you a good, steady income.
  • The nice investment rules and busy tourism scene in Kas make it a good place for this.
  • Looking into renting out your apartment in Kas sounds like a good plan to make money.

Understanding Rental Income Taxation in Turkey

Understanding the tax rules in Kas, Turkey, is key when you’re renting a property out. Everybody making money from things like holiday rentals and vacation homes needs to pay tax. This rule applies to both people living in Turkey and those who don’t.

Income Tax Rates and Brackets

Turkey’s income tax varies from 15% to 35%, based on your rental income. If you’re not from Turkey, you still need to pay tax on what you earn there, even from Airbnb listings or property management.

Business Tax for Holiday Rentals

In 2018, new laws meant holiday home rentals must have a business licence and pay business taxes. These taxes go up but you can avoid paying any if you’re careful. Handling these taxes right can make your property investment in Kas more profitable.

Deductible Expenses for Rental Income

Owners can reduce their rental income tax by deducting expenses. Things like maintenance, insurance, and property management can be deducted. It’s smart to work with a local agency. They can ensure you get all the tax breaks, lowering your tax bill.

Expenditure and Wealth Taxes in Turkey

Along with income taxes, property owners in Turkey face expenditure and wealth taxes. These taxes are crucial when you’re renting out a property in Kas for extra money.

Value Added Tax (VAT) and Special Consumption Taxes

Value Added Tax (VAT), or KDV in Turkish, is added to many goods and services. It’s key for those renting out holiday homes or managing vacation lettings in Kas. Turkey also taxes certain goods more, including petrol, cars, alcohol, and luxury items.

Property Taxes and Stamp Duty

Owners in Turkey must pay tax on their properties’ value each year. These property taxes can be from 0.1% to 0.6% of the property’s worth. Also, when you buy or sell a home in Turkey, you’ll pay a stamp duty of 2.2% of the price.

These are important costs to keep in mind. Especially if you’re looking to rent out your Kas house for extra money. They’re part of ensuring your tourism accommodation or Airbnb listings bring in a good income.

property taxes

Can I rent my apartment in Kas to generate rental income?

Renting out a property in Turkey can have risks like bad contracts, property damage, and unpaid bills from tenants. It’s important to use a professional real estate agency. They can do everything, like making the right papers and looking after the property and tenants.

Risks of Improper Rental Practices

If you rent your apartment in Kas, watch out for common risks. This includes problems with contracts, damage to your place, and bills not paid by renters. Not dealing with these could cause money and legal problems. This could hurt how much profit you make from renting out your place.

Choosing a Professional Real Estate Agency

To lower the risks of renting your property in Kas, a professional real estate agency is recommended. These agencies are experts. They can prepare all the needed papers and manage your property and tenants for you. Working with a well-known agency can protect your property investment and make it more profitable.

Guaranteed Rent Service

Consider the “Guaranteed Rent” service. Here, a management company takes on full control of your place. This means you get a set yearly income, even if your place is empty. They take care of all bills and upkeep. This gives you a passive income stream from your investment in Kas.

Renting Out Your Property Securely and Profitably

To rent out your property in Kas safely and make a good profit, we need to figure out the right rental prices and rules. A top-notch real estate agency will help with this. They look at things like where your property is, its size, what’s inside, and what’s happening in the local housing market.

Determining Rental Rates and Terms

Teaming up with a reputable real estate agency ensures we get the best rental prices. They look at the time of year, what similar places rent for, and what makes our property special. This way, we make more money and our place stays appealing to renters.

Necessary Documentation

Getting the right paperwork is crucial. The agency will make sure the rental agreement and other forms protect your property rights. They cover all the rules, the tenants’ jobs, and what you’re allowed to do as the owner. With a pro doing this, we lower the chance of problems later.

rental documentation

With a trusted real estate agency by our side, renting out in Kas becomes easier and more secure. They know the local scene and the legal tasks, making everything run smoothly. This lets us focus on the benefits of renting out our property and earning more from it.

Benefits of Renting Out in Kas

Renting your property in Kas can bring in many perks. First off, it’s a reliable way to earn money without much daily work. This is thanks to high rental prices. Kas, being a famous holiday place, attracts many visitors year-round. People love Kas for its breath-taking scenery, deep history, and active tourism scene.

Passive Income Stream from Property Investment

Investing in Kas means you can make money passively. If you manage your property well and market it correctly, short-term holiday lets can be very lucrative. This approach can turn your investment into a steady income.

Tourism Potential and Rental Yields

Kas is well-known as a top place for holidays. It’s loved for its natural beauty and cultural sites, offering tourists a unique experience. For property owners, this means good money from short-term and holiday leases. Getting into Kas’ dynamic tourism scene can really boost your profits.


Renting out your apartment in Kaş can be an excellent way to generate rental income, especially with the town’s popularity among tourists and expats. Ensuring your apartment is well-maintained and marketed effectively will attract more tenants. For more information and available listings, check out our page on apartments in Kaş, Turkey to get started on your rental journey.

Renting an apartment in Kas can help make money, if you’re careful with taxes and plan well. It’s important to know about taxes, spending rules, and risks. Also, working with a real estate agency can be a big help. They can guide you to make the most of the area’s tourism and earn a steady income from your property.

Working smart and getting the right help can turn your Kas property into a great income source. As more people choose Kas for holidays, there’s a big chance to earn. This is because of the area’s good investment conditions. So, renting to tourists can really pay off. It’s all about using short-term rentals to the max and benefiting from the lively property market.

Dealing with taxes and finding the best ways to avoid risks is key to making your Kas property a success. With experts’ advice, turning your place into a rental gem becomes easier. Doing it well means joining in on Kas’s tourism success and earning from your apartment. It’s a smart move that can lead to a stable income.


Can I rent my apartment in Kas to generate rental income?

Yes, you can make money renting your place in Kas. It’s very popular for holidays and investing in property. This is because it has a lot of tourists and can make a good income.

What are the income tax implications of renting out my property in Kas?

All your income, rent included, is taxed in Turkey. The more you earn, the higher the tax, from 15% to 35%. This applies to people living outside Turkey who rent out their places too.

Do I need a business licence to rent out my property in Kas?

Yes, starting from 2018, you need a business permit to rent to holiday guests in Turkey. This means you’ll have to pay business tax. But, you can get deductions on expenses like repairs, insurance, and management fees.

What other taxes do I need to be aware of when renting out my property in Kas?

Besides income taxes, there are other taxes in Turkey. You have to pay VAT, special consumption tax, and property tax every year. This tax is on the value of your place. When buying or selling, there’s also a stamp duty of 2.2%.

What are the risks of renting out my property in Kas without proper precautions?

Renting out without care can lead to bad rental deals, property damage, and unpaid bills. To prevent this, it’s smart to use a professional agency. They make sure everything is done right, keeping your place safe and paying for itself.

What are the benefits of renting out my property in Kas?

You can earn a steady income renting in Kas because it’s so popular with visitors. Working with experts and using good strategies can boost your earnings. Kas’s beauty and tourist appeal make it a prime location for renting out your place.

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