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Magnificent new project in popular Fatih area in Istanbul

5225FROM 199.000 €

New project with traditional design, perfect blend with environment and high quality in Fatih neighborhood

Spectacular new project in popular neighborhood of Bagcilar in Istanbul

5223FROM 81.000 €

Superb new project with tremendous facilities and close to communal transport in the popular neighborhood of Bagcilar

Affordable apartments in new project in Istanbul

5224FROM 83.000 €

Large and very comfortable apartments in new project with many facilities centrally located in Bagcılar area in Istanbul

Exclusive modern design residential project on Asian side of Istanbul

5226FROM 273.000 €

Very special and high quality modern design residential project in highly popular Cekmekoy neighborhood of Istanbul

Exclusive residential complex centrally located in Kagithane area in Istanbul

5227FROM 200.000 €

Superb residential complex right in the centre of popular neighborhood of Kagıthane in Istanbul

High quality apartments in modern design residential project in Istanbul

5228FROM 161.000 €

Luxurious and very well designed residential project with large size apartments in Kucukcekmece neighborhood

Outstanding luxury apartments in most popular area of Istanbul

5229FROM 300.000 €

Exclusive apartments in luxurious residential complex with many on site facilities and in most popular areas of Istanbul

Magnificient apartments in centrally located residential complex in Istanbul

5230FROM 260.000 €

Luxurious apartments in centrally located residential complex for sale in Sisli, Istanbul

Are you thinking about investing in real estate? Then you should consider Istanbul, a beautiful and busy city. In this guide, we will explain why buying an apartment for sale in Istanbul is a great idea.

Overview of Istanbul as a Real Estate Market

Growth and Development

Istanbul is growing fast. Last year, over 15,000 new apartments were sold here. That's about 18% of all the new homes sold in the whole country of Turkey! This shows that lots of people want to live and invest here because the city is getting better and bigger with more buildings and homes.

Investment Potential

Istanbul is also a great place to invest money because the value of homes here keeps going up. Last year, the prices of apartments increased by 20%. With big projects like the new Istanbul Airport, which will be one of the biggest airports in the world, the prices of homes are expected to keep rising. This airport will bring more people and business to Istanbul.

Importance of Istanbul in the Turkish Property Landscape

Economic Impact

Istanbul is very important for Turkey’s economy, especially for building homes and other buildings. It makes up about 30% of the construction money made in Turkey. Also, last year, people from other countries invested €4.3 billion in Turkey's real estate, and a lot of that money went into Istanbul.

Cultural and Residential Appeal

Many people move to Istanbul because it's a fun and interesting place to live. About 70% of new people living here say they came because of the culture and lifestyle. Istanbul has a mix of old and new things to see and do which makes it perfect for all kinds of people, from young workers to people who are retired.

About Istanbul

Cultural Significance

Istanbul is famous for its history and culture. Every year, it hosts more than 50 festivals that bring people from all over the world. This helps the local shops, hotels, and restaurants do well.

Economic Role

Istanbul is the biggest money-maker in Turkey, creating about 40% of the whole country’s money. It has over 50,000 businesses, and last year, it was named one of the top 20 cities in the world for people looking for job opportunities and a good place to live.

In conclusion, buying an apartment in Istanbul means you're not just getting a place to live. You're investing in a lively, growing city that is one of the most exciting places in the world. Whether you want a good investment or a fun place to live, Istanbul has something for everyone.

Why Should You Buy an Apartment in Istanbul, Turkey?

Growing City with Modern Homes

In Istanbul, lots of new homes are being built. Last year, 20,000 new homes were added. This means many people want to live in Istanbul because it’s a growing city with lots of new and modern homes.

Great Location

Istanbul has airports that more than 90 million people use every year. This shows that Istanbul is an important place for travel and business between Europe and Asia.

Good for Your Money

The value of homes in Istanbul goes up by about 15% every year. This means if you buy a home here, it could be worth more money each year.

Fun and Interesting City

About 13 million tourists visit Istanbul every year. The city is famous for its exciting places and beautiful history. This makes living in Istanbul fun and interesting.

Strong Rental Market

If you buy a home in Istanbul, you could earn about 5% to 7% of the home’s value each year by renting it out. This is a good way to make money because many people visit Istanbul and need a place to stay.

Why is Buying Apartments in Istanbul the Best Choice for Investment in Turkey?

Center of Business

Istanbul makes about 31% of all the money in Turkey. Many big companies are here. This makes Istanbul a very important city for business and means more people want to live and work here.

Help from the Government

Last year, people from other countries spent about €3.72 billion buying homes in Turkey. The government helps by making it easier for these buyers to stay in Turkey if they spend at least €232,500 on a home.

New Projects

Istanbul is always getting new things like bigger airports and more subway lines. For example, the new Istanbul Airport will be one of the biggest in the world and will bring even more people to the city.

Many Homes to Choose From

Last year, there were 250,000 homes for sale in Istanbul. You can find expensive homes and also more affordable ones. This means there are many different homes you can buy depending on how much money you want to spend.

Lots of Tourists

Tourists spent over €11.16 billion in Istanbul last year. Many tourists look for short-term homes to rent, so if you have a home in Istanbul, you can rent it out to these visitors.

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

General Overview of Available Properties

Istanbul has many different types of homes. Last year, over 30,000 new homes were built. This shows that a lot of people want to live and invest in Istanbul.

Types of Flats Available

  • Standard Flats: Most of the homes sold in Istanbul are standard flats. They usually have two or three bedrooms and make up about 60% of all home sales.

  • Luxury Apartments: These fancy homes come with special things like security, pools, and gyms. They make up about 20% of the homes for sale.

  • Sea View Apartments: These homes have beautiful views of the sea and are about 15% of the homes for sale. They are more expensive because people really like the view.

Price Ranges and Market Trends

  • The simplest homes in Istanbul start at about €80,000.

  • Fancy homes can cost between €250,000 and over €1 million.

  • In the last five years, home prices in Istanbul have gone up by 25%. This means homes are getting more expensive, and buying one now might be a good idea.

Neighborhood Focus


  • Popular Types of Apartments: About 35% of the homes in Arnavutkoy have sea views or two bedrooms.

  • Highlight Specific Listings: Homes with views of the Bosphorus river have become 30% more expensive in the last three years because many people want them.


  • Community Features and Local Amenities: Atasehir is a great place for families. It has lots of parks, schools, and shopping areas. More than half of the people living there are happy with these amenities.


  • Beach Front Properties and Their Appeal: Homes right by the beach in Avcilar are becoming more valuable. Their prices go up by 20% every year.


  • Overview of Seaview Properties: Homes with a sea view in Bagcilar are rare and cost about 25% more than other homes in the area.


  • Cheap Flats for Sale: About 40% of the homes in Bahcelievler are cheap, starting at just €50,000.

  • Luxury Apartments for Sale: These make up about 10% of the market and cost between €200,000 and €500,000.

  • New Apartments for Sale: The number of new homes being built in Bahcelievler has gone up by 50% in the last five years, showing that more and more people want to live there.


  • Cheap Flats: You can find affordable apartments in Bakirköy for around €75,000. These are great for first-time buyers or those looking for a good deal.

  • Luxury Apartments: Fancy apartments here cost about €300,000. They often have beautiful sea views and lots of special features.

  • New Apartments: There are 20% more new homes being built here than last year, showing that Bakirköy is growing fast.


  • Cheap Flats: Budget-friendly homes in Basaksehir are priced at about €60,000. It’s a popular area for families and people starting their careers.

  • Luxury Apartments: If you’re looking for something nicer, luxury homes here go for around €250,000 and include things like pools and gyms.

  • New Apartments: The number of new homes has gone up by 25% in the past two years, so there’s a lot of fresh, modern places to choose from.


  • Cheap Flats: Even in a fancy area like Besiktas, there are smaller, older flats available for about €100,000.

  • Luxury Apartments: High-end homes in Besiktas start at €400,000. They're in high demand because of their great location and features.

  • New Apartments: New apartments here are about 30% more expensive than older ones, but they come with all the latest updates and stylish designs.


  • Cheap Flats: In the quieter, greener area of Beykoz, more affordable homes are on sale for around €80,000.

  • Luxury Apartments: Luxury homes here cost about €350,000 and offer beautiful views and peaceful settings.

  • New Apartments: New home building has increased by 15% over the last year, focusing on homes that are good for the environment and provide a calm living space.


  • Cheap Flats: You can buy budget-friendly homes here for about €50,000. More people are looking for affordable homes in Beylikduzu, with a 15% increase in interest this past year.

  • Luxury Apartments: Fancy homes in this area cost around €200,000. Sales of these luxurious places have gone up by 10% last year, showing that more people want to live here in style.

  • New Apartments: Last year, 300 new homes were built here. There's been a big jump—30% more buildings are going up compared to the year before.


  • Cheap Flats: Smaller, older flats start at €70,000. They make up about 20% of all homes sold in this lively area.

  • Luxury Apartments: High-end homes in Beyoglu cost about €350,000. The demand for these expensive apartments has increased by 25% last year.

  • New Apartments: There are 25% more new buildings here than last year. These modern homes cost about 25% more than the older ones because they are in great spots and have the latest features.


  • Cheap Flats: Entry-level homes start at €55,000. Sales of these homes have gone up by 10% in the last year.

  • Luxury Apartments: Fancy apartments here cost around €250,000. They're becoming more popular, with their value going up by 12% each year.

  • New Apartments: The number of new homes has increased by 20% this past year. Many of these new places have great views of Buyukcekmece Lake.


  • Cheap Flats: The most affordable homes are priced at €45,000, and they're about 30% of all homes sold here.

  • Luxury Apartments: Pricier homes with more space and comforts cost about €180,000. Their prices and sales have both gone up by 5% recently.

  • New Apartments: Construction of new homes has risen by 20% in Cekmekoy, showing a move towards newer, eco-friendly homes in quieter, green areas.


  • Cheap Flats: You can buy a budget-friendly apartment in Esenyurt for about €40,000. This neighborhood has seen a 20% increase in the sales of such affordable homes over the last year.

  • Luxury Apartments: If you're looking for something fancier, luxury apartments here cost around €120,000. Sales of these apartments have gone up by 15% last year, showing that more people are interested in the nicer options.

  • New Apartments: Esenyurt is growing fast, with 25% more new apartments built last year than the year before. Over 500 new homes were added.


  • Cheap Flats: The starting price for budget-friendly apartments in Eyüpsultan is around €50,000. Sales of these apartments increased by 10% last year.

  • Luxury Apartments: More luxurious apartments here cost about €200,000. There's a good demand for these, with sales up by 12% from the previous year.

  • New Apartments: The area has also seen new developments, with 300 new apartments built last year, marking a 20% increase in new homes.


  • Cheap Flats: In Fatih, cheaper apartments start at around €55,000. There’s a steady interest in these homes, with a 5% rise in sales last year.

  • Luxury Apartments: For more luxurious living, apartments cost about €250,000. These are also popular, with an 8% increase in sales, thanks to the area's historical charm.

  • New Apartments: New apartments are a bit rare but have grown by 10% in the last two years, combining modern comforts with historical surroundings.


  • Cheap Flats: Starting at €45,000, affordable flats in Gaziosmanpasa are popular, especially among young professionals and first-time buyers, with a 15% increase in sales.

  • Luxury Apartments: Fancy apartments here go for around €150,000, and their sales have increased by 10% over the last year.

  • New Apartments: The area is focusing on building new, modern homes, with a 30% increase in construction of new apartments.


  • Cheap Flats: Budget-friendly homes in Gungoren start at about €50,000. Sales of these affordable homes have gone up by 10% in the last year.

  • Luxury Apartments: If you're looking for something nicer, luxury homes here cost around €120,000. More people are buying these, with sales increasing by 12% last year.

  • New Apartments: There's been a 20% increase in the building of new apartments here, showing that Gungoren is becoming more popular for modern living.


  • Cheap Flats: The more affordable flats in Kadikoy are priced starting at €80,000. These made up about 15% of all home sales in the area last year.

  • Luxury Apartments: Fancy apartments here average €300,000, with a big jump in interest—sales rose by 25% last year because of the great location and amenities.

  • New Apartments: Kadikoy is also seeing lots of new building projects, with a 30% increase in new apartment constructions, focusing on smart and green living.


  • Cheap Flats: In Kagithane, you can find budget-friendly apartments starting at €60,000. These are about 20% of the homes available here.

  • Luxury Apartments: More upscale apartments sell for about €200,000, with sales going up by 18% recently thanks to the area's closeness to business districts and new facilities.

  • New Apartments: New homes in Kagithane have increased by 25%, as the area grows into a more desirable place to live.


  • Cheap Flats: Starting at €55,000, affordable apartments in Kartal are popular, especially since sales went up by 12% last year.

  • Luxury Apartments: Pricier apartments, which offer sea views and high-quality finishes, are priced around €250,000. Their popularity is growing too, with a 15% increase in sales.

  • New Apartments: Kartal is booming with new construction, up by 20% from last year, aimed at attracting a diverse range of buyers.


  • Cheap Flats: The cheapest flats in Kucukcekmece start at €50,000, and their sales have increased by 10%—a sign that more first-time buyers are choosing this area.

  • Luxury Apartments: Luxury homes here cost about €150,000, with sales up by 14%, thanks to the neighborhood’s great amenities.

  • New Apartments: The construction of new homes here has risen by 22%, meeting the demand for more modern and accessible living spaces.


  • Cheap Flats: Budget-friendly homes start at €60,000. Sales for these affordable apartments went up by 12% last year.

  • Luxury Apartments: More expensive homes cost from €180,000, and they're becoming more popular, with sales rising by 15%.

  • New Apartments: There's been a 20% increase in new homes being built in Maltepe, showing that more people want to move here.


  • Cheap Flats: You can find affordable flats starting at €50,000. They're in demand, with sales up by 10%.

  • Luxury Apartments: Pricier apartments cost around €160,000, and their sales have grown by 14%.

  • New Apartments: Construction of new homes in Pendik has gone up by 25%, as more people are looking to live there.


  • Cheap Flats: The least expensive homes cost €45,000, and there was a 20% increase in sales last year.

  • Luxury Apartments: Higher-end homes sell for about €140,000, with sales up by 12%.

  • New Apartments: New home building has risen by 30%, making Sancaktepe a growing area for new housing.


  • Cheap Flats: The more affordable homes start at €90,000, with a 5% increase in sales.

  • Luxury Apartments: Very fancy apartments can cost more than €350,000, with an 18% increase in sales.

  • New Apartments: There's been a 15% rise in the construction of new, luxurious homes.


  • Cheap Flats: In Silivri, you can buy a home starting at €40,000, with sales increasing by 15%.

  • Luxury Apartments: More luxurious homes are priced up to €150,000, with sales up by 10%.

  • New Apartments: The area has seen a 20% increase in new developments, indicating more people are looking for modern homes here.


  • Cheap Flats: Affordable apartments in Sisli start at about €100,000. It’s a busy area, close to many city attractions.

  • Luxury Apartments: For more luxurious living, you can find apartments starting at €300,000. These often come with great city views and lots of amenities.

  • New Apartments: Sisli is also getting new apartments with modern designs, showing that it's a popular place for people looking to live in style.


  • Cheap Flats: In Sultangazi, you can buy budget-friendly flats for around €50,000. It's good for first-time home buyers.

  • Luxury Apartments: Nicer apartments here go for about €150,000 and offer more space and luxury features.

  • New Apartments: There are new buildings being made in Sultangazi, offering modern living spaces to people moving here.


  • Cheap Flats: Tuzla has entry-level flats priced from €40,000. It's a quieter area, away from the city's hustle and bustle.

  • Luxury Apartments: Luxury living in Tuzla can cost about €120,000, often including things like swimming pools and gyms.

  • New Apartments: New apartment developments are popping up in Tuzla, making it an increasingly popular place to live.


  • Cheap Flats: You can find affordable apartments starting at €60,000 in Umraniye. It's suitable for both families and young professionals.

  • Luxury Apartments: More upscale apartments are available for around €200,000, with modern designs and better security.

  • New Apartments: Umraniye is growing fast, with lots of new apartments being built to meet demand.


  • Cheap Flats: Budget-friendly apartments in Uskudar start at €80,000. This area is known for its beautiful views and historical sites.

  • Luxury Apartments: If you're looking for luxury, you can find apartments for about €250,000, many with views of the Bosphorus.

  • New Apartments: New developments in Uskudar mix modern living with the area’s historical charm.


  • Cheap Flats: In Zeytinburnu, affordable apartments start at €70,000. It’s well-liked for its close proximity to central Istanbul.

  • Luxury Apartments: Luxury apartments here are priced around €180,000, coming with modern amenities and good access to the city.

  • New Apartments: Zeytinburnu is also seeing a lot of new construction, offering stylish new homes for city dwellers.

Special Categories

Luxury and Deluxe Apartments

  • Luxury properties in areas like Sisli and Uskudar often have prices starting around €300,000 and can go much higher. The luxury market has seen an annual growth rate of about 10%, reflecting increased demand for high-end features and prime locations.

Cheap and Affordable Options

  • Affordable apartments, particularly in areas like Tuzla and Sultangazi, start as low as €40,000. The affordable housing segment has expanded by 15% over the past year, showing growing interest among budget-conscious buyers.

Furnished and Ready-to-Move Properties

  • The market for furnished apartments has grown by 20% in the last year, as more buyers and renters seek convenience and immediate availability, with these properties typically fetching a premium of 5-10% over unfurnished units.

Large Flats (e.g., 3-bedroom layouts)

  • Demand for larger apartments, especially those with three bedrooms, has increased by 12% this year. These units are particularly popular among families and those looking for spacious work-from-home setups.

Market Insights

Buying Tips for First-Time Buyers

  1. Budgeting: It's essential to account not only for the purchase price but also for additional expenses, which can typically add an extra 8-10% to the final cost due to taxes, fees, and commissions.

  2. Research: Varying considerably by district, the price per square meter in Istanbul can range from €500 in less central areas to over €2,500 in premium locations.

  3. Professional Help: Engaging with experienced local agents can be particularly beneficial, as they hold critical insights into neighborhood trends and legal nuances, which are crucial for securing a sound investment.

Understanding the Legal Process

  • Property Verification: Nearly 30% of property transactions encounter issues with incomplete documentation or title deeds, underscoring the importance of thorough verification.

  • Sales Contract: Legal disputes related to property purchases can extend for months, sometimes years, making it crucial to ensure the sales contract is comprehensive and clear.

  • Official Transfer: The official transfer process involves several bureaucratic steps and typically takes about 2-4 weeks to complete, assuming all paperwork is in order.

Buying an Apartment in Istanbul

Steps to Purchase

Process of Finding an Apartment

  • Market Overview: Istanbul has around 20,000 homes for sale at any time, showing there’s plenty to choose from whether you’re looking for something simple or more luxurious.

Legal Considerations and Paperwork

  • Important Checks: About 5% of home sales in Istanbul get delayed because there are problems with the property's paperwork or unpaid debts.

Financing Options Available for Foreigners

  • Getting a Loan: Foreign buyers can sometimes borrow up to 70% of the home’s price from Turkish banks. This depends on how much you earn and the details of the house you want to buy.

Investment Potential

Return on Investment Analysis

  • Growing Value: On average, homes in Istanbul grow in value by 10-12% every year. In the most popular areas, they can even grow faster.

  • Rent Earnings: If you rent out your property, you could earn back 4-6% of its value each year just from rent. In busy tourist areas, this can be as much as 7-8%.

Buying for Personal Use vs. Investment

  • What to Expect: There’s a big demand for city-center homes, going up by 15% each year. This makes buying an apartment in Istanbul a good choice for both living and investing.

Comparison of Buying for Holiday Use Versus as a Rental Property

  • Vacation vs. Renting: Holiday homes in Istanbul’s coastal areas are mostly full during the summer (60-70% occupancy), but quieter at other times (20-30%). Homes in the city that are rented out to locals or business people bring in steady money all year round.

Key Considerations

Property Taxes and Ongoing Maintenance Costs

  • What You’ll Pay: The annual property tax in Istanbul is quite low, between 0.2% and 0.4% of your home’s value, depending on where it is.

  • Keeping Up Your Home: The cost to maintain a standard home (about 100 square meters) can be between €50 and €150 each month, more if you have lots of amenities like a pool or gym.

Importance of Location Within Istanbul

  • Cost Differences: The price per square meter in Istanbul varies a lot— it can be as low as €1,000 in outer areas, or up to €4,000 in central parts like Besiktas or Sisli.

Reasons to Buy Apartments in Istanbul Right Now

  • Stable Economy: Recent changes in Turkey’s economy have made its money more stable, which is good for foreign investors.

  • Improving City: Istanbul is always adding new things like subway lines and parks, which make the city nicer and increase property values.

  • Friendly Laws: New laws and tax breaks for building and renovating homes make it easier and cheaper to buy and manage property here.

Where Can You Find the Best Istanbul Apartments for Sale


  • Location: Central Istanbul, especially areas like Sisli, Beyoglu, and Besiktas, offers a vibrant urban lifestyle with close proximity to business districts, shopping, and nightlife.

By the Beach

  • Location: Districts like Bakirkoy, Kadikoy, and Atakoy offer beautiful beachfront apartments, ideal for those who enjoy sea views and easy access to coastal walks and cafes.

On the Hills

  • Location: Areas like Sariyer and Beykoz on the hills provide panoramic views of the Bosphorus and a quieter, more secluded living environment.

Types of Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Overview of Apartments in Istanbul

  • Istanbul’s real estate market includes a wide range of apartment styles, catering to different preferences and budgets, from modern skyscrapers to historic buildings.

Differentiating Between Studio, One-bedroom, and Larger Flats

  • Studio Apartments: Generally the most affordable, compact, and ideal for singles or couples.

  • One-bedroom Apartments: Offer more space and distinct living areas, suitable for couples or small families.

  • Larger Flats: Typically with two or more bedrooms, these are perfect for families, offering additional space for comfort.

Features and Amenities Commonly Found in Istanbul Flats

  • Most flats come with amenities like built-in kitchens, central heating, air conditioning, and in luxury segments, amenities like pools, gyms, and security.

Luxury Apartments

  • Premium Features: Luxury apartments in Istanbul often include state-of-the-art designs, high-end finishes, smart home technologies, and extensive communal facilities.

  • Waterfront Properties: Particularly sought after for their views and exclusivity, these properties command higher prices and offer unique living experiences.

How to Buy an Apartment in Istanbul

Steps to Purchase an Apartment in Istanbul

  1. Research: Start with online research to identify potential neighborhoods and properties that match your criteria.

  2. Visits: Schedule visits to see the properties firsthand.

  3. Consultation: Engage with a local real estate agent for deeper insights and negotiation support.

  4. Agreement: Make an offer and once accepted, draft a sales agreement.

  5. Legal Steps: Ensure all legalities, including property checks and documentation, are completed.

  6. Finalize: Register the property and transfer ownership.

Legal Considerations

  • Documents and Permissions: Foreigners need a military clearance for properties in certain zones, and all buyers should ensure the property is free of legal encumbrances.

  • Ownership Registration: Registration with the local land registry is a must to finalize the sale.

Financial Considerations

  • Price Ranges: Depending on the location and property type, prices can range from €60,000 for a simple studio to millions of euros for luxury and waterfront properties.

  • Mortgage Options: Some Turkish banks offer mortgages to foreigners, generally requiring a significant down payment.

  • Financial Planning: Consider additional costs like taxes, agent fees, and maintenance costs in your budget planning.

Additional Real Estate Opportunities

Other Properties

  • Flats and Homes: Istanbul has a diverse housing market with over 250,000 properties listed annually, including a variety of flats, homes, and luxury villas.

  • Land and Commercial Properties: Commercial real estate transactions in Istanbul have increased by approximately 20% year-over-year, reflecting the city's growing business opportunities.

Istanbul and Beyond

Comparing Istanbul to Other Cities Like Alanya

  • Property Prices: The average price per square meter in Istanbul is around €2,000, while in Alanya it's considerably lower at about €1,200, making Alanya more attractive for budget-conscious buyers.

  • Investment Returns: Rental yields in Istanbul range from 4-6%, whereas Alanya can offer higher yields up to 7-8% due to its popularity as a tourist destination.

Living in Istanbul

Lifestyle and Amenities

  • Climate: Istanbul experiences a temperate climate with average summer temperatures of 29°C and winter temperatures around 6°C.

  • Facilities: Istanbul hosts over 20 international schools and more than 50 hospitals, providing high-quality education and healthcare services.

  • Transportation: Istanbul’s public transport system handles over 5 million trips daily, serviced by an extensive network of buses, metro lines, and ferries.

Local Insights

  • Developments: Recent developments in Istanbul’s real estate laws have streamlined the buying process, resulting in a 15% increase in foreign property ownership over the last year.

Benefits of Buying an Apartment in Istanbul

  • Affordability: Compared to other European capitals, Istanbul’s real estate remains affordable with significant long-term growth potential. The average price of an apartment in central areas like Besiktas or Sisli ranges from €150,000 to €500,000.

  • Climate: The Mediterranean climate with about 320 days of sunshine per year is a major draw for international buyers and retirees.

  • Accessibility: Istanbul’s two international airports— Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen International Airport—serve over 60 million passengers annually, offering extensive flight connections globally.

Advice on Buying Flat in Istanbul

  1. Big City, Big Market: Istanbul is a huge city with lots of people. That means there are lots of apartments to buy and rent.

  2. Prices Vary: Apartment prices in Istanbul can be high or low depending on where they are and how nice they are. Some are super fancy and expensive, while others are more affordable.

  3. People from Everywhere: People from all over the world like to buy property in Istanbul. They think it's a good investment.

  4. Renting is Popular: Lots of people in Istanbul rent apartments instead of buying them. If you buy a place and rent it out, you can make some money.

  5. New Buildings Everywhere: Istanbul is always building new apartment buildings. Every year, thousands of new apartments are built.

  6. Watch the News: Istanbul's apartment market can change a lot. It depends on things like the economy and what the government does. Keeping up with the news can help you make smart choices.

  7. Foreigners Can Buy: People from many different countries can buy property in Istanbul. That's why you see so many different people living here.

  8. Sharing is Caring: Some people in Istanbul like to live together in big apartments. They share everything, like the kitchen and living room. It's a cheaper and more social way to live.

Why Istanbul is a Great Choice for Buying Property Istanbul's real estate market offers something for everyone, from luxury waterfront homes to affordable city apartments. Its location between Europe and Asia makes it a key business hub and a popular spot for investors. Property prices in Istanbul have been rising steadily, increasing by about 12-15% each year. Also, if you’re thinking of renting out your property, you can expect a good return, especially in popular areas where rental income can be 6-8% of your property’s value each year.

Advice on Buying Property in Istanbul When buying a property in Istanbul, it’s important to know about the local market and the legal steps involved. Working with experienced professionals can make a big difference. For example, due to recent laws, buying a property worth over €215,000 can qualify you for Turkish citizenship, which has increased foreign investment by 20% last year. Keep an eye on economic trends too, as changes in the value of the Turkish lira can affect property prices.


Helpful Contacts and Resources

  • Real Estate Agents and Agencies in Istanbul:

    • New home in Turkey: Known for their wide range of services in both residential and commercial properties.

  • Legal Resources for Property Purchase:

    • Istanbul Bar Association: They can connect you with experienced real estate lawyers.

    • Legal Istanbul: Specializes in real estate law, helping with contracts, negotiations, and making sure your purchase is secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can foreigners buy property in Istanbul?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Istanbul. There are no significant restrictions for most nationalities, but it's important to ensure the property isn’t in a military zone.

2. What is the average cost of an apartment in Istanbul?

The cost varies widely depending on the location and property type. On average, prices can range from €60,000 for a small apartment in outer districts to over €300,000 in central areas like Besiktas or Sisli.

3. Are there any additional costs involved in buying property in Istanbul?

Yes, buyers should account for additional costs such as a property acquisition tax, notary fees, and agent commissions, which can total approximately 7-8% of the purchase price.

4. How long does it take to buy a property in Istanbul?

The process can take from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the property’s legal status and whether you’re paying cash or taking out a mortgage.

5. What legal checks should be conducted before purchasing a property in Istanbul?

It’s crucial to verify that the property has a clean title, check for any outstanding debts or liens, and ensure that it complies with local planning and building regulations. Hiring a local lawyer to conduct these checks is highly recommended.