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Magnificent new project in popular Fatih area in Istanbul

5225 FROM 199.000 €

New project with traditional design, perfect blend with environment and high quality in Fatih neighborhood

Spectacular new project in popular neighborhood of Bagcilar in Istanbul

5223 FROM 81.000 €

Superb new project with tremendous facilities and close to communal transport in the popular neighborhood of Bagcilar

Affordable apartments in new project in Istanbul

5224 FROM 83.000 €

Large and very comfortable apartments in new project with many facilities centrally located in Bagcılar area in Istanbul

Exclusive modern design residential project on Asian side of Istanbul

5226 FROM 273.000 €

Very special and high quality modern design residential project in highly popular Cekmekoy neighborhood of Istanbul

Exclusive residential complex centrally located in Kagithane area in Istanbul

5227 FROM 200.000 €

Superb residential complex right in the centre of popular neighborhood of Kagıthane in Istanbul

High quality apartments in modern design residential project in Istanbul

5228 FROM 161.000 €

Luxurious and very well designed residential project with large size apartments in Kucukcekmece neighborhood

Outstanding luxury apartments in most popular area of Istanbul

5229 FROM 300.000 €

Exclusive apartments in luxurious residential complex with many on site facilities and in most popular areas of Istanbul

Magnificient apartments in centrally located residential complex in Istanbul

5230 FROM 260.000 €

Luxurious apartments in centrally located residential complex for sale in Sisli, Istanbul

Modern design residential project close to Ataturk Airport

5231 FROM 80.000 €

Superb residential project on Eurpean side of Istanbul, close to the Ataturk Airport and with exclusive payment plan

Fantastic residential project in popular area of Istanbul

5232 FROM 115.000 €

Large residential project with many on site facilities and nicely located in Beylikduzu neighborhood of Istanbul

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

As a gateway between Europe and Asia, the city of Istanbul is important in commerce, culture, economy, and art. The Asian-European culture of this city has always been attractive to tourists and people from different parts of the world. Every year, tons of people from all over the world spend time seeing this beautiful city, making Istanbul one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey attract many people due to their commercial and touristic importance. If you also want to invest in this beautiful city or buy a property, stay with us in this article.

Why Buy an Apartment in Istanbul?

Finding the right way to invest is always confusing because some investment methods may come with risks. Therefore, some people choose a risk-free method such as buying an apartment. This kind of investment in the big cities of the world can be very profitable because these cities are always growing and the demand for housing is high. Apartments for sale in Istanbul are one of the golden opportunities that will help your capital grow.

advantages of Buying an Apartment in Istanbul

Investing in Apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey has many advantages. Istanbul is a city that is growing rapidly. Therefore, your capital will never stagnate. This city is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and has a very long history in terms of culture and history. In addition, the Apartment in Istanbul has a great location. This city is geographically located near the sea and is very green. Therefore, Apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey are located in a very beautiful environment that allows access to all kinds of entertainment. The urban environment of Apartments in Istanbul and the city itself is modern, very special and will never be boring.

Overview of Istanbul Apartment Market

Current Market Trends of Apartments for sale in istanbul

The ideal living conditions and excellent climate of Turkey have made this city one of the 10 most popular countries in the world for immigrating and buying a house. As one of the most important cities in Türkiye, Istanbul has a large population. Foreigners are also very interested in investing in this city. Apartments for sale in Istanbul have many applicants because of the reasonable price and many facilities they offer. The price range of buying Apartments in Istanbul is very different and anyone with any budget can own a house. Also, the conditions of buying a house including installments, long-term loans, etc. have made buying a house in this city the best option.

Market Stability and Growth Potential

The future outlook of the Turkish housing market depends significantly on macroeconomic factors and government policies related to housing. However, demand for housing is expected to remain strong in the long term due to population growth and rising incomes. In addition, other factors such as infrastructure development, globalization trends, and climate change can also affect the Apartments for sale in the Istanbul market in the coming years.

An Istanbul apartment is a very rational investment option from an economic point of view. Istanbul apartments for sale usually create special and easy conditions for buyers and this issue has increased its sales efficiency. Istanbul apartments also have many fans because of the living conditions that buying property in this city creates.

Types of Apartments Available in Istanbul

Luxury Apartments

Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul are popular investment options in this city. These apartments, which sometimes even have prices of million dollars, are also of interest to famous people and celebrities. Luxury apartment in Istanbul is usually designed by top architects and have won many awards from international competitions for their design. In addition, the interior design of such apartments is carefully done by famous interior designers, and these designers make sure that the most luxurious brands in the world are used in Apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Affordable Apartments for sale in istanbul 

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul are for those who have less budget but still want to own a house and invest. These apartments are usually located in places far from the city center and have fewer amenities. A cheap apartment in Istanbul has a basic architectural structure and can still be an excellent option for investment and living.

Sea View Apartments

Apartments for sale in Istanbul with sea views are a great choice for those who enjoy the sea view and relaxing on the beach. Located near the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul has one of the most beautiful seascapes in the world. Houses with a sea view are usually very popular and their prices are high. However, the sight of flying seagulls, the azure sea, and the ships floating on the surface is always worth the extra expense.

New and Off-Plan Apartments for sale in istanbul

New apartments for sale in Istanbul are usually projects that have recently been completed or are still being completed. Off plan apartments in Istanbul are usually located in places outside the very expensive parts of Istanbul and you can easily buy them in long-term installments. New apartments in istanbul usually have good amenities that keep customers satisfied.

Apartment Prices in Istanbul

Range of Apartment Prices

Apartments for sale in Istanbul have a very different price range, which makes anyone in this city able to buy an apartment. In areas that are far from the city center, such as Esenyurt or Beylikdüzü, you can buy a good apartment for 50-70 thousand dollars. In the central neighborhoods, the price of apartments starts from 200,000 dollars. You have to spend between 500 thousand and 1 million to buy luxury apartments. Of course, there are also many apartments whose price is above one million dollars.

Factors Influencing Apartment Prices

Istanbul apartment prices may vary depending on location, amenities, proximity to public transportation, and other facilities. In addition to this design, private spaces, interior design, and even interior objects affect the price of these apartments. Cheap apartments in Istanbul are usually located outside the city and their amenities are limited. Luxury apartments in Istanbul contain everything you need for a luxurious life, from sports spaces to service spaces, green spaces, shopping centers, and...

Popular Areas to Buy Apartments in Istanbul

Apartments for sale in Istanbul are very diverse and everyone can make the best choice according to their budget and requirements. Some areas of Istanbul have more fans and buying an apartment in them is more valuable.


Besiktas is one of the oldest districts and neighborhoods of Istanbul, which is located on the European side of the city. It is also known as one of the important parts of the city for living and working, especially for small businesses. Although Beşiktaş has a small area, is very popular in Turkey because of its excellent business location, historical and touristic places, and its unique scenery. Buying a house in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, is an area that is famous for its special location next to the Bosphorus Strait.


Kadikoy should undoubtedly be considered one of the best Asian areas in Istanbul, which of course is also considered one of the most prominent areas of Istanbul, which has been of great interest to foreigners for buying houses, and in recent years, there has been a very high number of houses bought by foreigners.


The region of Sisli is located in the European part at the end of the Bosphorus bridge and is far from the sea. It is good to know that Sisli is one of the new and aristocratic neighborhoods of Istanbul that was formed after the 19th century. This area is located in the north of Taksim square and today it houses many immigrants.


Skodar is one of the most populated residential areas in Istanbul and is connected to the European part through passenger ships. This area is considered to be one of the most pleasant areas of Istanbul and the greenest area in Istanbul, and the forests of this area are protected by the government.


Beyoğlu can be called the heart of the city and the tourist center of Istanbul with its diverse cultural context and numerous historical monuments, as well as Taksim Square and Istiklal Street. This area has been home to famous people throughout history and some artists still live in this area.


Real estate in Fatih is highly sought after due to its reputation as a tourist center. Residences in Fatih are close to several historical and cultural attractions and have a good transportation network with the rest of Istanbul.


With an area of ​​161 square kilometers and a population of 345,000, this area is one of the favorite areas for investors, and the nickname of this area is a true paradise.


Bakirkoy region has a neighborhood and coastal strip with Marmara Sea from the south side. Bakirkoy has a high potential for investment in the field of housing because it is in the transition stage from traditional to modern urban context and many luxury apartment and commercial projects are being formed in it.


Levent Istanbul is a neighborhood located in the European part of this city. As you approach the Besiktas neighborhood, which is one of the best areas in Istanbul, you will reach the Lunet neighborhood, which is located around the Bosphorus Strait.


Beylikduzu is one of the expensive neighborhoods in Istanbul that has many newly built apartments that have become popular due to their affordable prices and high amenities.


Esenyurt is a new area in Istanbul that has many urban services. This area of ​​Istanbul has many well-built apartments with reasonable prices. Because Esenyurt is far from the city center, property prices are much better than the central areas of Istanbul.


 Bahçeşehir, or the city of gardens, is one of the modern neighborhoods of Istanbul. This neighborhood is located on the northwest side of Küçükçekmece lake in the west of Istanbul.


The name Borno Olive was chosen because of the many olive groves. Borno olive region is the closest region to Istanbul. Zeitun Borno consists of 13 neighborhoods. Borno olive region is located in the European part of Istanbul.


Nişantaşı is one of the expensive neighborhoods of Istanbul in the European region, whose proximity to famous universities, shopping malls, amenities and modern urban context has added to its value.

Investment Opportunities in Apartments for sale in istanbul 

Why Invest in Istanbul Apartments?

Apartments for sale in Istanbul are an excellent investment option. Even if you don't want to live in the apartment you bought, you can rent it out and get a significant amount based on the value of the property. On the other hand, Istanbul's real estate market is constantly growing. Therefore, you can expect that your property will always maintain its value and even become more expensive.

Success Stories

Buying a two-bedroom apartment in Beşiktaş is a great investment for families. The price of apartments in this area is a bit high, but since this area is quite central. Access to nightlife, city center, and city sights makes many tourists interested in staying in this area. Renting an apartment in this area is about 7% of the total value of the property and can be a steady and ideal income for the homeowner. Selling this apartment is also very easy since it is located in a great area.

How to Buy an Apartment in Istanbul

Step-by-Step Guide

To buy Apartments for sale in Istanbul, there are many very important points that you should pay attention to. Therefore, it is better to determine your budget before doing anything. The second point is that you must consult with a reputable lawyer or a specialized real estate consultant. Because you should be able to make the best choice according to your preferences. After choosing the desired apartment, you should check it legally so that there are no obstacles to buying it. tapu (title deed) must be set in It is better to use a reliable source to do everything legally.

Buying an Apartment with a Mortgage or Payment Plan

Buy apartment in Istanbul has many installment options. You can easily buy most apartments in Istanbul with long-term installments. These installments are usually 20 months or even longer, and depending on the final price of the property, it can even be several years. These installments usually have little interest and in some cases, they are even without interest. Apartments for sale in Istanbul with payment plan is usually done in cooperation with the bank and allow buyers to get a loan amount of the value of the property and buy the property they want.

Property Purchase Tax in Istanbul

Understanding Property Purchase Tax in Istanbul

The first thing to consider when buying an apartment in Istanbul is the property purchase tax (Tapu Harcı). This tax is usually 4% of the total value of the property. Property purchase tax in Istanbul is limited to the legal registration of the document in the notary office. The costs of official document registration, legal inquiries, and legal counsel are among the most important costs of buying an apartment in Istanbul. Istanbul property taxes are usually not very high because the city policies of Istanbul are such as to facilitate the purchase of property for individuals.

Tax Rates and Regulations

Apartments in istanbul for sale have other side costs when buying. Notary fees for property purchase are usually 0.5% to 1% of the property value. Tax (Tapu Harcı) is also about 4%. Real estate tax in Istanbul includes water, electricity and gas costs. In addition, you have to pay an annual fee for Buying property tax in Istanbul, which is 0.1% to 0.2% of the currency of the property.

Tips for Managing Property Purchase Taxes

When buying a property, you should pay attention to Property tax rates in Istanbul. Before buying an apartment in this city, it is better to consult with experienced people to estimate all the expenses you will pay. Never buy an apartment without knowledge and without spending enough time.

Renting Out Apartments in Istanbul for Rental Income

Overview of the Istanbul Rental Market

The Istanbul rental market is very diverse and you can find different neighborhoods with different prices in this city. Renting out apartment in Istanbul helps you to preserve your capital and increase its value over time. Neighborhoods such as Maslak, Zeytinburnu, Şişli and Beyoğlu are among the areas that have a high demand for buying and selling apartments.

Potential Rental Income

Rental income from Istanbul apartment is very profitable. Of course, this largely depends on where the apartment is located. However, in general, between 4 and 7 percent of the apartment's value can be its monthly rent. This amount is even higher in areas like Kadıköy or Beşiktaş. Renting a typical apartment and apartments in istanbul Turkey in the city center starts at $1,000 and may be much more. Earning rental income in Istanbul is a completely risk-free source of income.

Legal Requirements for Renting Property

Apartment rental process in Istanbul is completely legal and hassle-free. Lease contracts are usually done with the agreement of both parties in notary offices and have a completely legal aspect. Legal requirements for renting an apartment in Istanbul is like buying an apartment. It is better to have an official and legal residence in Türkiye and to have entered Turkey with a valid passport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the apartment prices in Istanbul?

The price of apartments for sale in Istanbul and Flats in Istanbul is different and usually starts from 50-80 thousand dollars around the city and reaches millions of dollars in the city center.

What are the best areas to buy apartments in Istanbul?

The best place to buy an apartment in Istanbul depends on your preferences. However, centers such as Besiktas, Kadikoy, Sariyer and Levent have the best apartments.

Is it a good investment to buy an apartment in Istanbul?

Yes, buying an apartment in Istanbul is a great investment. Due to the population growth, the cultural and commercial potential of this city is always growing and the demand for Apartments in Istanbul for investment in it is increasing.

What is the process of buying an apartment in Istanbul for foreigners?

Buying an apartment in Istanbul is very easy for foreigners. It is enough to have a valid passport. The rest of the paperwork related to document transfer and tax payment in Istanbul is easily possible and you can even follow this process through a lawyer.

Are there cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul?

Yes, apartments in Istanbul have different ranges for sale, so cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul are a great option for those who want to buy a budget apartment.

What types of apartments are available for sale in Istanbul?

Different options are available for buying an apartment in Istanbul and Istanbul flats for sale. Furnished apartments in Istanbul, Flats for sale in Istanbul, cheap flats for sale in Istanbul, Condo for sale in Istanbul and Off plan apartments in Istanbul are only a part of these options.

How do I find luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul?

You can easily find luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul. All you have to do is visit reputable home selling sites and select luxury apartments from the available options and compare them. Villas for sale in Istanbul are usually luxury too.

Can I buy an apartment with a sea view in Istanbul?

Yes, Istanbul has many apartments with sea views despite the Bosphorus Strait and Marmara Sea. Therefore, buying such apartments is not a difficult task. Only the price may be a bit high.

What are the legal requirements for buying an apartment in Istanbul?

 To buy an apartment in Istanbul, you must have valid identification documents such as a passport, you must have been in Istanbul legally and be able to pay expenses such as taxes, etc.

Can foreigners buy apartments in Istanbul?

Yes, most of the apartment buyers in Istanbul are foreigners and there are good conditions for foreigners to buy houses. Holiday apartments in Istanbul are so popular among foreigners. Before you decide to buy something in istanbul dont forget to check property for sale in istanbul.

What are the financing and mortgage options available?

Most of the apartments in Istanbul have terms of sale with long-term installments, which also have low interest. Some apartments have loans in cooperation with the bank. Therefore, there are very good conditions for buying an apartment in Istanbul.


Apartments for sale in Istanbul are very different. Therefore, anyone with any taste and budget can invest in this city. Buying an apartment in Istanbul is a great investment because the cultural and social conditions of this city have led to the rapid growth of the housing market. Luxury to cheap apartments each offer different conveniences and options to buyers, which should be chosen according to needs and budget.

To buy Turkey property for sale, you should pay attention to many important points. To have a comfortable and hassle-free purchase, it is better to use reputable real estate consultants or house sale sites in Istanbul so that you can compare the prices and amenities of the houses. newhomeinturkey is a home-selling site in Istanbul that offers all necessary services to its users.