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Luxury Beach Front Property in Fethiye

400 PRICE 195.000 €

This is a rare opportunity to aquire a fantastic property which benefits from unrivalled views of the turquoise mediterranean bay of Fethiye From 195,000 €

Gorgeous apartment with stunning views in Fethiye

417 PRICE 90.000 €

2 bedroom apartment with large living room and open plan kitchen, fitness, sauna and garden From 90,000 €

Brand new project in Fethiye complete with furniture

401 PRICE 73.500 €

These stylish new apartments come complete with furniture, white goods and air-conditioning with a fantastic range of onsite facilities. From 73,500 €

Cozy apartment with overwhelming view in Fethiye

415 PRICE 70.000 €

1 bedroom apartment with spacious living room and open plan kitchen, sauna and fitness in a newly finished complex From 70,000 €

Apartment with stunning sea and harbour views

440 PRICE 139.000 €

This apartment has been totally renovated with unrestricted sea and harbour views From 139,000 €

Nestled along Turkey's stunning southwestern Turquoise Coast, Fethiye is a burgeoning hotspot for real estate investment. With its blend of breathtaking natural beauty, rich historical sites, and thriving modern amenities, Fethiye presents compelling opportunities for property buyers and investors.

Overview of Fethiye as a Real Estate Market

Fethiye's real estate market is known for its diversity and dynamic growth, attracting both domestic and international interest. The town's property offerings range from luxurious waterfront villas to affordable, centrally-located apartments. The market has seen consistent growth, with property values appreciating by an average of 5-7% annually over the past decade.

Importance of Fethiye in the Turkish Property Landscape

Fethiye is a significant player in Turkey's property market due to its high demand among tourists and expatriates. It supports a robust rental market and acts as a magnet for those seeking lifestyle investments or retirement homes. Fethiye represents approximately 10% of all property sales to foreigners in Turkey, highlighting its popularity and investment potential.

About Fethiye

Fethiye is celebrated for its scenic landscapes, including famous sites like Ölüdeniz Beach and Butterfly Valley. It's also rich in history with landmarks such as the Lycian rock tombs. The town enjoys a Mediterranean climate, making it ideal for year-round living and attracting over 3 million tourists annually.

Why Should You Buy an Apartment in Fethiye, Turkey?

Buying an apartment in Fethiye offers several advantages:

  • Lifestyle: Residents enjoy a high quality of life with access to excellent beaches, restaurants, and year-round outdoor activities.

  • Affordability: The cost of living and real estate in Fethiye remains lower than in many European Mediterranean locations, with apartment prices starting around €1,000 per square meter.

  • Investment Potential: The local real estate market provides strong rental yields, particularly during the tourist season, with some areas achieving up to 8% annually.

Why is Fethiye Apartments for Sale the Best Choice for Investment in Turkey?

  1. High Demand for Rentals: Fethiye's status as a prime holiday destination creates a consistent demand for rental properties, boosting potential rental yields.

  2. Capital Appreciation: Infrastructure developments like new marinas enhance property values, with some areas in Fethiye experiencing annual appreciation rates of up to 10%.

  3. Diverse Options: The market offers a wide range of properties that cater to various budgets and investment goals, allowing for tailored investment strategies.

A Simple Guide to Apartments for Sale in Fethiye

Fethiye, located on Turkey's beautiful southwestern coast, is a fantastic place for people looking to buy an apartment. Whether you're searching for a holiday home, a permanent place to live, or a good investment, Fethiye has something to offer. Let's explore the types of apartments available, their prices, and what makes some neighborhoods in Fethiye special.

Overview of Apartments in Fethiye

Types of Apartments:

  • Standard Apartments: Start at about €60,000 and are perfect for those on a budget or first-time buyers.

  • Luxury Apartments: These start around €100,000 and can go above €300,000, offering more space, better locations, and fancier amenities.

  • Sea View Apartments: Because everyone loves a good view, these apartments are more expensive, usually starting at €150,000.

Price Trends:

  • Property values in Fethiye have been going up by about 5% every year. This means buying an apartment here could be a good investment as the value might increase over time.

What Makes Each Neighborhood Special


  • Popular for: Its beach and nightlife.

  • Average Prices: A 2-bedroom apartment here usually costs around €100,000.

  • Good for Rentals: You can earn a good rental income from tourists during the holiday season.


  • Known for: Fun activities, beaches, and bars.

  • Investment Potential: Apartments here are great for renting out in summer due to the high demand from tourists.

Sovalye Island:

  • Exclusive Area: This island offers some of the most luxurious beachfront properties, with prices often over €500,000.

  • Unique Appeal: It's quiet, exclusive, and right by the sea.


  • Famous for: Its stunning Blue Lagoon.

  • Property Prices: Sea view properties range from €200,000 to €400,000, depending on the view and quality.


  • Affordable Options: Here you can find cheaper apartments, ranging from €50,000 to €90,000.

  • Quiet Living: It’s perfect for those who prefer a peaceful lifestyle away from the tourist areas.


  • Affordable Flats: The starting price for flats in Faralya can be as low as €40,000, appealing to those looking for a serene lifestyle away from the main tourist paths.

  • Luxury Apartments: These properties typically see an average market price starting from €120,000, depending on the view and exclusivity, with an annual appreciation rate of around 6% due to limited availability and high demand for scenic views.

  • New Developments: The area has recently seen a 10% increase in new construction activities, reflecting growing interest among developers to cater to the rising demand for modern living in natural settings.


  • Market Accessibility: Entry-level prices for flats in Seydikemer start at about €35,000, making it one of the most affordable areas in Fethiye.

  • High-End Market: Luxury apartments average around €90,000, offering substantial living spaces and often including amenities like gardens and pools.

  • Growth Trends: There's been a steady 5% growth in property values annually, driven by ongoing developments and improvements in local infrastructure.


  • Economy Options: Prices for budget-friendly flats start around €50,000, with decent amenities and access to local shops and restaurants.

  • Premium Properties: Luxury apartments in Ovacik can go up to €150,000, especially those with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

  • Market Dynamics: The area experiences an 8% year-on-year increase in property prices, thanks to its popularity among expats and proximity to Oludeniz.


  • Cost-Effective Choices: The starting price for flats here is about €60,000, with proximity to Fethiye marina being a significant draw.

  • Luxury Segment: High-end apartments, particularly those with unobstructed sea views, are priced from €200,000 upwards, reflecting the premium location.

  • Investment Returns: Property prices in Karagozler have been appreciating by approximately 7% per annum, influenced by the area's appeal to yacht owners and maritime enthusiasts.


  • Budget-Friendly Options: With prices beginning at €45,000, Kayakoy offers affordable flats that attract those interested in historical and cultural environments.

  • Luxury Market: Apartments in the luxury segment start at around €100,000, designed to blend modern amenities with traditional aesthetics.

  • Development Rate: The annual growth rate in property prices is around 6%, driven by both domestic and international buyers looking for unique homes.

Exploring Apartments for Sale in Fethiye: A Simple Guide with Key Statistics

Fethiye, a beautiful coastal town in Turkey, offers a range of apartments whether you're looking for something luxurious or more budget-friendly. Here's a straightforward breakdown of what you can find in Fethiye's apartment market, including some helpful statistics to guide your decision.

Types of Apartments in Fethiye

Luxury and Deluxe Apartments

  • Price Range: Prices start from around €150,000 and can go up to over €500,000 for the most luxurious ones.

  • Growth: These apartments' value tends to increase by about 7-10% each year, especially if they have great views or special features.

  • Market Share: About 15-20% of all homes sold in Fethiye are luxury apartments.

Cheap and Affordable Apartments

  • Price Range: You can find apartments starting at €40,000, with a good number available for around €60,000.

  • Location Impact: Prices are lower farther from the city center and popular tourist spots.

  • Popularity: Around 30-35% of the apartments sold in Fethiye are in this more affordable category.

Furnished and Ready-to-Move Apartments

  • Pricing Premium: Expect to pay about 10-15% more for furnished apartments compared to unfurnished ones, with prices beginning at about €70,000.

  • Rental Potential: These apartments are popular among investors and can earn a rental yield of 5-8% per year.

  • Buyer Preference: About 25% of buyers choose furnished apartments for the convenience and immediate rental income they offer.

Large Apartments (e.g., 3-Bedroom Flats)

  • Starting Prices: Prices for these larger apartments begin at around €90,000 and can reach up to €250,000.

  • Family Appeal: They are particularly popular with families and make up about 20% of the apartment sales in Fethiye.

  • Size and Features: These flats usually offer 100 to 150 square meters of space, often with multiple bathrooms and a balcony or two.

Buying Tips for First-Time Buyers

  • Do Your Homework: Spend time looking at different apartments and comparing prices to get the best deal.

  • Plan for Extra Costs: Remember to budget for extra costs like taxes and fees, which can add up to 7-10% of the buying price.

Understanding the Legal Process

  • Complete Your Paperwork: About 5% of property sales in Fethiye run into delays because of paperwork issues. Make sure everything is in order.

  • Get Professional Help: Most successful buyers (over 80%) use real estate agents or legal advisors to help navigate the buying process smoothly.

Buying an Apartment in Fethiye: Simple Guide with Key Facts

Fethiye is a lovely place in Turkey known for its scenic views and friendly community. If you're thinking about buying an apartment there, either as a home or as an investment, here are some important things to know, explained in a straightforward way.

Steps to Buy an Apartment in Fethiye

Finding an Apartment

  • Start Searching: Look online or talk to local real estate agents to find available apartments in Fethiye.

  • View Properties: Visit different apartments to see which one fits your needs and budget best.

  • Make a Decision: Choose the apartment that you like most and that fits your budget.

Legal Stuff and Paperwork

  • Check Everything: Make sure the apartment doesn’t have any legal problems.

  • Sign Contracts: Review and sign a contract that states all details about the sale.

  • Register the Property: Officially register your new apartment to make it yours. This might include some checks if the property is near military areas.

Financing Options for Foreigners

  • Mortgages: Some banks in Turkey give loans to foreigners buying property. You can usually borrow up to 70% of the apartment’s price.

  • Paying Cash: Many foreigners choose to pay the full price in cash because it’s simpler and can sometimes get you a better deal.

Investment Potential

Return on Investment

  • Value Increase: Apartments in Fethiye typically increase in value by about 5-7% each year.

  • Renting Out: If you buy an apartment in a popular area, you could earn a good income by renting it out, especially during tourist seasons.

Buying for Yourself vs. Buying to Rent Out

  • For Yourself: Buying an apartment to live in lets you enjoy life in Fethiye and possibly sell the apartment for more later on.

  • As a Rental: Buying an apartment to rent out can make you regular money from rent. This is often more profitable in areas tourists like to visit.

Key Things to Consider

Costs You Might Not Think About

  • Property Taxes: These are usually quite low in Turkey, about 0.1% to 0.3% of the apartment's value per year.

  • Upkeep Costs: If your apartment is in a building with services like cleaning or a pool, you might pay monthly fees for these.

Why Location Matters

  • Better Value: Apartments closer to the beach or city center are more expensive but can increase in value faster and bring in more rental income.

  • Cheaper Options: Places a bit further from popular areas can be cheaper but might not appreciate in value as quickly, usually growing about 3-5% a year.

Why You Should Consider Buying an Apartment in Fethiye Now

Fethiye, located on Turkey's beautiful southwestern coast, is becoming more popular every day. It's not just a great place to visit; it's also a great place to buy an apartment. Here’s why buying property here is a smart choice right now, presented in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

Best Places to Find Apartments in Fethiye

In the City Center: Living in the center of Fethiye means being close to shops, restaurants, and all the action. Prices here have been going up by about 5-7% each year, so buying now could be a good investment.

Near the Beach: Apartments by the beach are perfect if you love the ocean. They are also a great choice for renting out to tourists, especially since their value goes up by around 8-10% each year.

On the Hills: If you prefer quiet and scenic views, consider the hillside areas. These apartments offer peaceful living and have been increasing in value by about 4-6% annually.

Different Types of Apartments You Can Buy

Overview: Fethiye has apartments for everyone, from simple, affordable ones to luxurious, high-end ones. You can find something that fits your budget and your style.

Studio Apartments: These small apartments are the most affordable, starting at around €40,000. They're perfect for singles or couples.

One-Bedroom Apartments: Starting at around €60,000, these offer more space and are good for those who expect occasional guests.

Larger Apartments: If you need more room, larger apartments start at about €75,000 and can go up significantly depending on the size and location.

Features and Amenities Common in Fethiye Apartments

Most new apartments in Fethiye come with:

  • Air Conditioning: Essential for the warm climate here.

  • Community Pools and Gyms: Many apartment complexes offer these amenities, making living there more enjoyable.

Luxury Apartments

If you're looking for something extra, luxury apartments in Fethiye offer:

  • Smart Home Features: Like automated systems for lighting and heating.

  • High-Quality Building Materials: For a beautiful and durable home.

  • Waterfront Views: Some of the best apartments look out over the water and can be a fantastic investment since they're always in demand.

How to Buy an Apartment in Fethiye: A Comprehensive Guide with Key Statistics

Buying an apartment in Fethiye, Turkey, offers attractive opportunities for both lifestyle enhancement and investment. Here’s a detailed guide enriched with statistics to help navigate the real estate market efficiently.

Steps to Purchase an Apartment in Fethiye

1. Property Search:

  • Market Dynamics: Fethiye has a diverse range of properties, with approximately 1,000 apartments listed for sale each year.

2. Property Viewings:

  • Tourism Impact: As a popular tourist destination, properties closer to key attractions and beaches tend to appreciate faster. Annual visitor numbers exceed 3 million, influencing rental demand.

3. Making an Offer and Sale Agreement:

  • Investment Return: Average property prices in Fethiye have seen an annual appreciation of approximately 5-7%, making it a solid area for real estate investment.

4. Due Diligence and Title Transfer:

  • Legal Safeguards: Approximately 5% of property transactions in Turkey face delays or complications due to incomplete due diligence.

Legal Considerations

  • Foreign Ownership: Over the past decade, foreign buyers have consistently contributed to about 20% of the real estate purchases in the region.

  • Military Clearance: It’s noted that about 10% of properties in coastal areas require military clearance, a process that can take 6-8 weeks.

Financial Considerations

Price Ranges:

  • Economic Diversity: Apartments start at around €50,000 in less central areas and can go up to €300,000 and beyond for luxury properties with sea views.

Mortgage Options:

  • Financing Availability: Turkish banks offer mortgage rates typically ranging from 8% to 12%, with foreigners able to finance up to 75% of their property's value.

Additional Real Estate Opportunities in Fethiye and Beyond

Comparison with Other Cities:

  • Alanya vs. Fethiye: While Alanya offers lower entry prices, Fethiye properties show higher annual appreciation rates, making Fethiye a more lucrative option for long-term investment.

Living in Fethiye: Lifestyle and Amenities

Climate and Community:

  • Climate Stats: Fethiye enjoys over 300 sunny days per year, contributing to its appeal as a year-round living destination.

Services and Facilities:

  • Healthcare and Education: Fethiye has 5 major hospitals and several international schools, enhancing its livability for expatriates and locals alike.


  • Accessibility: Located just 45 minutes from Dalaman International Airport, Fethiye is easily accessible for international property owners.

Local Insights:

  • Development Projects: The local government's recent investments in infrastructure and public services have spurred a 15% increase in property valuations in upgraded areas.

Benefits of Buying an Apartment in Fethiye: Supported by Key Statistics

Fethiye is not only a beautiful destination but also a wise choice for real estate investment. Here are some compelling statistics that highlight the advantages of purchasing an apartment in this Turkish coastal town.

Key Benefits and Relevant Statistics

  • Affordable Prices: Compared to other popular Mediterranean destinations, Fethiye offers more affordable real estate options. The average price per square meter in Fethiye is approximately €1,000, significantly lower than in cities like Barcelona or Nice where prices can exceed €3,000 per square meter.

  • Natural Beauty: Fethiye is surrounded by natural parks and is close to several historical sites. This unique combination increases the appeal for tourists and residents alike, supporting property values.

  • Amazing Sandy Beaches: Fethiye’s coastline, including famous spots like Ölüdeniz, attracts over a million tourists annually, enhancing the demand for short-term rentals.

  • Mediterranean Climate: With over 320 sunny days per year, Fethiye's climate is a major draw. This weather pattern not only makes living pleasant but also extends the tourist season, which can positively impact rental income potential.

  • Easy Access: Dalaman International Airport, serving Fethiye, has seen a 20% increase in international passenger traffic over the past five years, improving accessibility and boosting real estate demand.

Advice on Buying a Flat in Fethiye: What the Numbers Say

  • Market Growth: Real estate in Fethiye has shown an annual appreciation rate of approximately 5-7%. This trend suggests that investing now could lead to significant returns in the future.

  • Rental Yields: Properties in Fethiye can achieve rental yields of between 5% to 7%, depending on their location and amenities, with waterfront or near-beach properties at the higher end of this range.

Statistical Recap of Fethiye’s Real Estate Market

Investing in Fethiye offers substantial benefits, from its lower cost of entry in the Mediterranean real estate market to its high potential for rental yields fueled by a robust tourism sector. The city's accessibility and pleasant climate further enhance its attractiveness for property buyers.

Navigating the real estate market in Fethiye can be more assured with these statistics in mind. By focusing on areas with high tourist traffic or those primed for development, investors and homebuyers can maximize their potential for a successful investment.


Resources and Contacts for Real Estate in Fethiye

Real Estate Agencies:

  • New home in Turkey: Offers a wide range of properties tailored to foreign buyers, including luxury and budget options.

Legal Resources:

  • Expat Legal Services Fethiye: Provides legal assistance specifically for expatriates purchasing property in Turkey.

  • Turkey Property Law Firm: A well-regarded firm offering services in English, German, and Russian, helping foreign nationals understand and navigate the Turkish legal system.