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Welcome to the most popular website to see apartments for sale in Alanya Turkey.Alanya is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has a lot of charming beaches that attract many people to this resort town. As this town is Mediterranean based, that’s why the climate of Alanya is fantastic and cheerful. The historical places in Alanya attract many tourists towards this city.

Alanya is famous for its beautiful landscapes and beaches. The tourism in this place is spectacular. The population of Alanya is huge, especially in the Antalya province. There are many historical events related to this area. It is one of the most developed parts of the city. The town is always rushy because of tourism and due to the area’s population. There are many hotels, ancient castles, harbors, different caves, and many more.

Are you looking for beautiful apartments in Alanya? There are a ton of apartments in Alanya for sale. The prices of these apartments vary a lot. In some areas of Alanya, the prices of apartments are higher, while on the other side, prices are relatively low, but it totally varies from location to location. The property and apartments that you find near beach areas are most expensive, but as you go far from the beach, the prices of apartments get a bit low.

Buy Apartments in Alanya

Apartments for sale in Alanya There are many reasons to buy an Apartment in Alanya right now. As tourism is at its peak in Alanya, there are around 3 million tourists. These enormous numbers of tourists need some places to stay in Alanya and enjoy their trips. You can buy apartments in Turkey, and then you can rent out these apartments. This will provide you a high passive income, and in some years, you will be able to generate income equivalent to the cost of your apartment by renting it.

There are many beautiful locations such as Castle of Alanya, Mediterranean, Mahmutlar area, Kestel center, Cleopatra beach, Oba, etc. and these locations are best to buy an apartment nearby. You can consult a real estate agent for property listings near these areas, and if you want to view these listings online, then that’s also a really great option. All information regarding the property is available in online listings such as the images of the property, property area, location, bedrooms, and all other informative things.

The properties for sale in Turkey are way cheaper than some other high tourism countries. You can buy an apartment to live in it, or you can simply rent it out to someone else. Alanya is the best destination for holidays with sunny beaches and cool breezes. You will get every facility in this town. The markets of Alanya are rushy with a lot of tourists. You must try the food in Alanya, and it will energize your taste buds. The special tea available in Alanya is the traditional Turkish tea, which tastes really great. With all these facilities, you can buy an apartment nearby to enjoy your holidays, and once you have moved, you can rent out your apartments to some tourists.

Apartment Prices in Alanya

The prices are never fixed for all locations in Alanya. There are various locations in Alanya where the prices are really high because these places are sometimes near to the beach, or they are on some other hot locations. A normal apartment in Alanya will cost you around 45,000 Euros, and if you are looking for a luxury apartment, then it can cost you more than 80,000 Euros. These apartments generally include a double bedroom, bathroom, and some other facilities. If an apartment is smaller for you to settle, then you can look for luxury villas in Turkey which are large and with private pool. The villas are really amazing in the Alanya area, and you will find both luxury and traditional villas.

If you are looking for a villa on a nearby beach, then you should be ready to pay really high prices for the villa because near the areas of Castle of Alanya, Mediterranean, Mahmutlar area, Kestel center, Cleopatra beach, and Oba. A typical villa that is a bit far from the beaches costs more than 100,000 Euros. These villas normally consist of two bedrooms, a private garden, and a swimming pool facility. The luxury villas are priced a bit higher. A good investor can really afford them. They are mostly present close to the beaches, and these villas are more beautiful. The prices of luxury villas start around 300,000 Euros, and it goes beyond millions of euros.

Alanya Tourism Industry

As tourism is on the peak in Alanya throughout the year, that’s why there are big opportunities for investors. Tourists will never stop coming, and investors can target these tourists to earn high incomes in many different ways. An investor can target the food industry in Alanya, and they can open their restaurant, but a better and a reliable option is to buy a property and then rent it out for more profit.

The rental industry in the famous cities of turkey is rapidly growing. Due to this rapid growth, many new opportunities are being created for a lot of investors, and people are actually spending money to buy apartments in Alanya. The growth is so fast that a normal property investor who rents out his property is getting around 8% rental returns every year. This percentage is so good to invest in the best property in Alanya.

The new Airport in Antalya has revealed some huge opportunities for the city. Tourism is increased to the city of Antalya and Alanya town. The Gazipasa Airport provides you the fastest route to Alanya, and you do not have to travel much in order to reach your destination. Due to this exponential growth of the city, the flats for sale in Alanya prices have also increased by 40%. This huge increment is not standard, and still, the property prices in Alanya are continually rising. These rising prices are a good sign for an investor to buy apartments in Alanya. If you are serious about investing some money in the Alanya area, then nothing is more profitable then the property in that area.

Lifestyle in Alanya

Apartments in Alanya for sale The lifestyle in Alanya is really comfortable. You will get all the facilities along with the never-ending entertainment and colors of the city. There are shopping malls, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, clubs, and many other general facilities. If some foreigner is thinking to live in Alanya, then they must give it a try. The lifestyle is really different than in other countries. The nature is beautiful, and the air is fresh.

There are sandy beaches that are a plus point to the Alanya town. Many tourists specially visit Alanya to tour their sandy beaches. The cool breeze coming far from the mountains just makes you feel relaxed; all your tension disappears in Alanya. You get to enjoy your life in a beautiful apartment and villas. There is no problem with the food shortage, and the food is affordable, especially for foreigners. For a foreigner, the lifestyle in Alanya is not expensive. They can afford everything related to their lifestyle easily. 

Alanya is all in one city with huge potentials. You can invest in your lifestyle, or you can just invest in the property or apartments and get profit by renting it out, and for many years, it will generate you some good passive income. Life is beautiful in Alanya with a brighter future and more upcoming facilities and development of the city.

Alanya Property Locations

Alanya is a part of Antalya province, but the Alanya town has developed exponentially more than the rest of the Antalya region. This rapid growth has given unparalleled visibility to the Alanya. It is being estimated that Alanya will be made as a separate province with its own rights and development. The towns in Alanya, such as Gazipasa, Mahmutlar, Oba, Kestel, Kargicak, Kestel, Avsallar, and other towns, are going to be merged soon, and a new Alanya province will be formed.

The Gazipasa Airport is of great importance, and it has made the route to Alanya really short. You can get to your destination in 30mins from the airport. When you ride from the Alanya town to the airport, you see many sceneries where there is a beach present on your left, and when you move along the way, you will start to see Alanya residences, and these residences include beautiful apartments and villas that you can buy for yourself. Along this small ride, you will see many districts such as Kestel, Mahmutlar, Kargicak, and Oba that are all situated on your way to Alanya. If you are looking for precious property in the Alanya area, then you should check these areas because you will find the best villas in Alanya as well as apartments.

Get in contact with a real estate agent in Alanya because they can guide you about the property. The apartments in Alanya for sale are the best investments if your investment budget is reasonable. If you have more money to spend, then you can go for Luxury apartments, or you can look for some valuable and beautiful villas.

Cozy and very charming residential complex newly launched in Alanya

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Affordable 1&2 bedroom apartments in a luxury complex with many onsite facilities in popular neighborhood of Avsallar

Affordable apartments in newly launched luxury project in Alanya

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Own your luxury apartment in a new complex with countless on site facilities in beautiful Avsallar neighborhood

Affordable beautiful apartments in a new complex for sale in Alanya

01823FROM 47.000 €

Newly launched project in popular neighborhood of Avsallar with many onsite facilties and in walking distance to one of the most beautiful beaches

Magnificnet new project in most popular neighborhood of Alanya

01822FROM 160.250 €

Modern designed apartments with sea- and mountainviews in popular neighborhood of Mahmutlar close to beach and city centre

Fully furnished bright 2 bedroom apartment in Alanya for sale

01821FROM 77.000 €

Fantastic 2 bedroom apartment ready to move in centrally located in Alanya centre

Magnificent 2 bedroom apartment wit sea view for sale in Alanya

01815FROM 103.000 €

Fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment with stunning mountainview and very close to beach

Fabulous 2 bedroom apartment fully furnished for sale in Alanya

01812FROM 100.000 €

Very bright and spacious 2 bedroom apartment ready to move in for sale in popular neighborhood of Mahmutlar

Modern designed complex newly launched in the center of Alanya

01811FROM 70.000 €

Luxury apartments with sea- and mountainviews in a modern complex with many on-site amenities11