About Us - We do property in Turkey

Headquartered in Alanya we are completely immersed in Turkey, in its culture, in its customs, in its laws, and its property market, both as realtors and investors ourselves, and with as much knowledge of the commercial property market as we do the residential.

You hear horror stories of people putting down payments or making staged payments on property in Turkey, only to lose the lot when, upon attempting to register the sale they are unable to do so because the property isn't legally owned by the person claiming ownership, or some other legal issue.

Everyone who has bought with New Home in Turkey is now a 100% registered and happy owner of their home in Turkey. What's more we vet all developments carefully and only market the safest properties to our clients.

We are open 6 days a week all the year round. We specialise in property and that is all we do. We market property, not mortgages, holidays and flights, just property. We believe it is important to have that level of focus. We are equally committed to each of the 10 markets we cover, including Istanbul.

We currently have online divisions for all of our main markets: the UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia and the Middle East, each with their own dedicated staff. We currently employ 22 people.

For us it is not just about the sale or the fast buck, we are dedicated to providing excellent after sales care. We employ native speakers of all countries we are marketing in, because we believe it is important that our clients can deal with people who can properly understand their needs, at the time of sale, and long after to address any questions down the line.