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Villas in Alanya for sale

Alanya is the present east side of Antalya city. It is 135km in the east of the city of Antalya. There are beautiful beaches located in the Alanya area. Alanya is famous for its beautiful landscapes and beaches. The tourism in this place is spectacular. The population of Alanya is enormous, especially in the Antalya province. There are many historical events related to this area. It is one of the most developed parts of the city. The town is always rushy because of tourism and due to the area’s population. There are many hotels, ancient castles, harbors, different caves, and many more.

Are you looking for Villas in Alanya? There is a minimal number of villas available in Alanya. These villas are precious, and they can cost you a lot of money. The prices of villas are relatively higher as you get closer to the see. If you are looking for some older villas in Alanya, then you may have to renovate them. These old villas are relatively cheaper, but they are far from the sea near Alanya. The luxurious markets are present nearby Alanya villas, and these markets are always filled with people.

Where to buy villa in Alanya

Villas for sale in Alanya The city is full of beach sights. The places that are near the beaches are the hot spots for the villas. There are villas present near all sides of the beach. Now you have to decide which side suits you well. If you are looking for a Villa in a rushy place, then it will be more expensive for you. If you are looking for Villas in Turkey far away from the beach, then relatively, it will be less expensive.

There are some famous places in Alanya where you can search for your wonderful villas in Alanya for sale.

The famous places where to look for villas for sale in Alanya include ;


Bektas / Tepe

Castle of Alanya



These locations are some hot spots for finding the best villas for you.

The locations stated above are all high profile locations where you will get villas for higher prices because they are mostly closer to the beach. You can go a little far into the city if you want to cut off the higher costs of villas, but the best scenery is available nearby the beaches. So if you can afford the expensive luxury villa, then you should just enjoy it in your life.

Houses for sale in Alanya

Alanya is situated on the central coast of turkey. There are many beaches in Alanya, and these beaches enhance the beauty of the city. On new home in turkey website we have more than 300 properties in Alanya from 29.000 Euros. These hotels and apartments fall between mid to high range prices. Most of them are priced higher. The flats or hotels present near the sea are in great demand, that’s why they have priced higher than the other property.

Although there are hotels and apartments available in Alanya, many people want to buy their own house in Alanya. That’s actually a great idea. There are limited houses open near Alanya sea, and they are costly. When you move far from the beaches, there are more houses available for sale, and these are relatively affordable. Luxury villas in Alanya are in high demand, and you can enjoy yourself in these villas with all the facilities provided. The villas are stunning, and if you are finding a Villa nearby the coastline, then you have to pay higher prices, but the scenery will be impressive as you get closer to the beach.

The houses in Alanya are mostly challenging to afford because they are really expensive but still, some people want to buy houses in Alanya. If you want to buy a house as well, then you should consult with a real estate agent and ask him for the houses available in Alanya. He will briefly guide you. You can also search for homes for sale in Alanya to see the online listings. These online property listings by real estate companies help you a lot to get an idea of the property. You can see the images of the house, and all the information will be listed there, such as the house area, bedrooms, bathrooms, private gardens, and many more.

Luxury Villas in Alanya

Villas in Alanya for sale The most villas that you will find near the beaches are all luxury. The first thing that makes these villas so special is the scenery and the view. The cool breeze from the beaches is loved by everybody, and people who own the villas enjoy the cool breeze coming from the beach. The villas present near beaches are really comfortable, and most people will prefer comfort over rushy areas, and it could be the big reason that you want to buy villas in Alanya.

There are many villas available in Alanya, and most of these villas include a swimming pool along with an amazing lawn. These two things are prevalent in most of the villas that you will find. The prices vary from place to place. If you are going for real luxury villas, then it will obviously be very expensive.

Alanya Villa prices 

As mentioned above, the costs of villas are totally dependent upon the location. The closer the beach, the higher the prices. If the Villa is present at a normal location, a little far from the beach, then a normal villa will cost you around 150,000 Euros. It’s quite a lot, but if you are opting for such locations like Alanya, then these price tags are worth it. A normal villa includes many facilities such as a garden, and maybe there is a swimming pool as well.

Now here comes the luxury villas. These villas are really luxurious. Everything is luxury here, from the scenery to the Villa itself. A normal luxury villa near the beach will cost you around 300,000 Euros. It’s a huge price tag, but as it is closer to the beach, the prices are meant to be higher, so that’s why the costs of the villas doubled because of the luxury added to it. Moreover, these villas feature a magnificent swimming pool, private garden, lovely nature, and the beautiful view of the sea with a cool breeze. If you can not afford a villa in Turkey we recommend checking our apartments in Turkey for sale page to see apartments from only 29.000 Euros

Alanya Villas for Renting Purposes

It’s worth it to invest in a property in Turkey for sale even if you are not going to live in it by yourself. You can rent it out and earn some passive income. The investment is evergreen. You can cash it back whenever you want. The prices of the villas are always going to increase, so you do not have to worry about it’s worth. However, you have to look after if for the fixes and renovation.

Alanya is the hub of tourists, and many of them will be looking to rent a villa closest to the beach. You can generate a handsome amount of money by renting out your Villa. The average rental income that a villa owner earns after renting it for a year is around 5-7%, which is quite good. You can use the Villa for yourself when you are in Turkey and rent it out when you are not living there.

Reasons to buy a Villa in Alanya

You may have visited Alanya once, and the beauty of this area just sat into your heart. There could be many reasons to buy a villa in Alanya, but the main common thing in most of your intentions is the beauty and accessibility of the city. The new airport in Alanya is just 30 minutes away from the city.

The city is surrounded by beautiful beaches. The people from the city are really nice. The food available in Alanya is of top quality and tasty. You will be able to visit historical places in the city. There are mountains surrounding the area, which makes Alanya more charming. The nature in Alanya is unmatchable. If you are able to buy a villa near the beach, you will breathe the freshest air coming directly from the sea. If you love sunny days, then Alanya is probably your favorite destination because it is mostly sunny, and cloudy days are rare to be seen.

Many foreigners will prefer to either buy apartment in Alanya or villa or rent it. Some tourists just fall in love with the place, and they want to enjoy their lifestyle in this beautiful Alanya city. For foreigners, Alanya is best because the people there are mostly tourists and residents, which will mostly talk with you in English. For Europeans, Alanya is actually a really great destination because everything is cheap and qualitative. You can buy food for just some euros, and you can even rent a villa nearby at cheap rates. If you are a villa owner, then it’s best for you because you can stay there as long as you want. The vegetables and fruits available in the markets are fresh. The lifestyle is great in Alanya. What else you need? Book a villa in Alanya now. 

Stylish semi detached villa close to the beach for sale in Alanya

01629PRICE 119.000 €

Ideally located semi detached villa with large living surface and 2 bedroom with lovely design and high quality of built

New luxury villa complex newly launched in beautiful Alanya

01800FROM 169.950 €

High quality 4 bedroom villas with private pool and gardens perfectly located in the stunning nature of popular neighborhood of Avsallar

Specious 3 bedroom villa with amazing views for sale in Alanya

01773FROM 181.000 €

Fully furnished 3 bedroom villa with great sea- and mountainviews located in peaceful neighborhood of Kargicak

Fully renovated private pool 3 bedroom villa ready to move in Kargicak

01797FROM 245.000 €

Fully furnished and ready to move in 3 bedroom villa in popular Kargicak neighborhood.

Stylish 3 bedroom high class villa in best location of Alanya for sale

01820FROM 269.000 €

Situated on the hills of Bektas this deluxe villa offering a peaceful and private living environment with one of the best views in Alanya

Charming 3 bedrooms private villa with swimming pool in Alanya

01740FROM 270.000 €

Ready to move in luxury villa with 3 bedrooms, pool, and stunning views in Alanya.

Exclusive new villa complex in beautiful Alanya

01793FROM 275.000 €

High luxury villas with large living surface and most beautiful views of Alanya bay

Exclusive fully renovated 3 bedroom villa ready to move in Alanya

01796FROM 282.000 €

Fully furnished 3 bedroom villa with a pool in popular Kargicak neighborhood.