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Welcome to No:1 website to search for apartments in Turkey for sale. We showcase apartments in the most popular locations in Turkey including Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul, Bodrum, Fethiye, Belek, Side, Kas, Kalkan and more…

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  • Why Buy Apartment In Turkey
  • Luxury Apartments for Sale in Turkey
  • Turkey Apartment prices
  • Where to buy Apartment in Turkey
  • Low-Priced / Cheap Apartments For Sale in Turkey

According to the reports of UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), Turkey is in the list of top 10 world popular holiday destinations. As per the Turkish statistical Agency, the apartment sales to outsiders are increasing each year. In Turkey, foreigners own more than 70, 000 properties.

Why Buy Apartment In Turkey

Apartments for sale in Turkey An essential factor of Turkey’s prosperity is its geographical location. Being the transformational hub between Europe and the Middle East, its strategic location gives political importance to the country. Turkey has a link between Asia and Europe and provides a qualitative leap and functional role between the trades between two continents.

Along with that, the climate and nature of Turkey make it a more significant attraction for the tourists. It is blessed with flatlands, golden beaches, green areas, meadows, and pure sea makes it a unique country. Due to these features, the tourism sector of Turkey holds importance in the investor’s desire to obtain a Turkish passport.

Half of the Turkey Population comes under the age of 25, and there is an overall apartment shortage in Turkey. This indicates that apartments in Turkey for sale will have a high demand in the coming years. This article will guide you if you are looking for luxury or cheap apartments in Turkey.

A healthy economic state, along with record tourism and rising foreign demand, means that in the real estate market, Turkey has a strong position among world-famous spots. Many new markets within the country are emerging, which increases the worth of Turkey among investors worldwide.

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Turkey

There are many regions to choose from when intended to buy a luxury apartment in Turkey. If we talk about the prices of property for sale in Turkey, it may quite differ significantly according to the type of view from each property in each region.

For example, the apartment in Istanbul with Bosporus view will have an extremely high price in the market. On the other hand, the luxury apartments overlooking Fethiye (southwestern coastline) have much more affordable prices.

There is an extensive range of luxury apartments for sale in Turkey in many areas such as Istanbul, Fethiye, Antalya, Bursa, Bodrum, and many more. First, do homework by searching the internet about the prices of a luxury apartment in Turkey and see which area best suits your pocket.

As a rival of south France, the celebrity endorsements made Bodrum a new luxury destination. Many fashion crowds are often found on the Bodrum’s North coast. Turkey’s vibrant real estate market makes it beneficial to invest in the exclusive apartments in Kusadasi, Istanbul, Mediterranean Coast, or Bodrum.

Sometimes, a specific area offers a cost that is far beyond your affordable price and needs a little a compromise. You may search for another area that is near to the desired town or resort or need to change the required view.

Antalya city comes on top because younger people can’t get luxury apartments effortlessly. Here, 5-7% of income can be earned by renting luxury apartments while sitting back, waiting for the investment to increase 10% each year.

Where to buy apartment in Turkey? Here are most popular areas;

  • Alanya 
  • Antalya
  • Istanbul
  • Bodrum
  • Fethiye 
  • Kas / Kalkan 

In addition to that, visitors have many things to do with waterparks, shopping malls, and numerous travel connections. When searching for the cheap apartments for sale in TurkeyAlanya and Antalya areas must be considered.

Turkey apartment prices

The contribution of Istanbul in Turkey's trade is about 55%, and 16% of the whole country's’ population is hosted here. About 10-15% appreciation in property is always seen in Istanbul every year. In spite of the impressive growth rates, real estate in Istanbul remains inexpensive when compared to other global-standard cities.

Around $1.000 per square meter is the starting price, which is very less than other global city apartment prices. The low employment rate and stable economy of Turkey made it a bit easy to buy homes for younger people, on their own.

Istanbul’s bustling metropolis is one of the diverse of the real estate of the Turkish property market. Being the largest populated city of Turkey and sitting on two continents, Istanbul is the central hub for tourism, finance, and business. Its property portfolio is varied for sale, from cheap old apartments for renovation to luxury apartments.

Beach front apartments for sale in Turkey

Turkey apartments for sale Due to leading player in the international business market, the demand for luxury one-bedroom properties are in increased demand, and nearby business areas are keeping builders and architects on their toes.

Buyers want an inviting, clean environment where they can calmly relax after a tough workday at the office. At the same time, other facilities such as gyms, shopping malls, car parking, and spas nearby are also readily available.

One such example of a business district is Levent districts, where off-plan, resale, and new apartments are in high demand. Levent is located on Turkey’s European side and is one of the major business districts and embrace the title of “Tallest skyscraper of Turkey.” People searching for apartments in this area are mostly young professionals.

Whether looking for beachfront apartments for sale in Turkey or busy Metropolis city, prices vary according to the business demand and tourism worth.

Low-Priced / Cheap Apartments For Sale in Turkey

The less priced apartment does not always mean the standard property. The cheap apartments for sale in Turkey is also a fast-moving target. Apartments with low market value prices quickly come and go.

If wisely made the property sale decision, then investing in the bargain apartments in big cities such as Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum and Istanbul or cheap holiday homes on beachfront can guarantee the excellent rental income. If your budget is over 90.000 Euros we also recommend checking turkey villas for sale page to see available villas.

Fantastic complex in Istanbul just a step from Bosphorus

5004PRICE 2.230.200 €

Bosphorus view apartments in a luxury complex with many onsite facilities to get relaxing time and easily reach all social and commercial amenities From 176,000 €

Amazing Sea View in the Most Famous Place in Istanbul

5012PRICE 1.550.000 €

Most famous place in the Asian side of Istanbul .Luxury shopping stores, best restaurants and everything you need just be out of your flat. With incredible view of Marmara Sea From 1,550,000 €

Stunning affordable central Istanbul investment for sale

5120PRICE 1.089.747 €

An amazing opportunity that has the whole of Istanbul excited at the potential here, this project is ideal for someone looking to maximise their return on investment From 551,300 €

Catch real luxury in architecture, services and unique location

568PRICE 916.500 €

Most prestigious project of deluxe residences with contemporary architecture, wide range of onsite services and unique view terraces to enjoy Istanbul views From 916,500 €

High quality apartments in a complex with amazing sea view in Bakirkoy

5146FROM 775.500 €

Well located complex with a pool, turkish hammam, sauna, garden and security on site close to Ataturk airport and city center from ONLY 338000 EURO

A spectacular sea view waits you in Istanbul

5036PRICE 750.100 €

Gorgeous new villa for sale in Buyukcekmece, Istanbul with an incredible sea view for the ultimate in relaxation From 750,100 €