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Whether you are a holiday home buyer or a smart property investor if you are interested in finding the best apartments for Antalya investment property you are in the right place.

On this website, we showcase the most popular apartment for sale in Antalya directly from owners and developers. If this is your first time buying an apartment in Antalya city, we highly recommend using a licensed contact agent Antalya who can help you find the right luxury apartment for sale in Antalya Turkey for bargain prices.

You find many websites showing Antalya flats for sale but we highly recommend you do your research before picking the right agent to help you to find a luxury or cheap apartment in Antalya.

Below you will discover the answers to the most popular questions about an apartment in Antalya for sale that most buyers ask us who are actively looking to buy an apartment in Antalya Turkey for holiday or investment purposes. Let's dive in!

Without waiting more go ahead and discover the best Antalya villas for sale.

antalya apartments for sale

Where to buy an apartment in Antalya Turkey?

There are several areas in Antalya Turkey where you can buy an apartment. Antalya, the Turkish Riviera's jewel, is famous for its Mediterranean climate, majestic sea, and landscapes.

Here are Antalya's Popular locations: Lara beach, Side, Belek, and Konyaalti are the best places to buy properties in Antalya. All these locations have local amenities for families and most of these projects in Antalya have many on site facilities and professional services.

Where to find luxury apartments for Antalya investment property?

These apartments are found in Antalya city centre, Lara, and Konyaalti. These areas are where the wealthy and large investors purchases apartment. If you like to buy rent search you can use our website newhomeinturkey.com as your starting point.

Are the flats in Antalya expensive?

Not at all, there are various Antalya apartment that is inexpensive and suitable for investment because of the modern residential complex, and if you are interested in paying a little extra there are many options to choose from in this city. The most affordable flats in Antalya would be studio apartment types.

What are the types of Flats in Antalya Turkey?

The types of flats in Antalya Turkey are either regular flats or penthouses.

The difference between penthouses and regular condos is that penthouses consist of more than 3 bedrooms and more floors, they may also include a swimming pool, and on-site facilities, to cater to the buyer’s expectations.

Why are the Antalya condos so popular with foreigners?

The reason why apartments are popular with foreigners is that they require minimal maintenance and are more affordable than any other in Turkey.

Not only that but also if at least 250.000USD is invested, then the investor will have access to citizenship, and if less than that budget he/she will be granted a permanent residence visa.

Should I consider to buy apartments in Antalya Turkey for investment?

Every person should consider buying Turkey homes, not only for the affordability of these homes but also for the profitable outcomes once invested.

Are Antalya flats for sale good for rental investment?

Antalya flats for sale are great for rental income, due to economic inflation, flat rates are rising and it is a good opportunity for the investor to rent out their purchased flats to visitors or even to resell the flat at the value they demand. This will result in a tremendous increase in the investor’s capital.

apartment for sale in antalya

What are the prices of luxury flats in Antalya city?

Although the real estate market in Antalya is less expensive than in other parts of Turkey.

Turkey homes, including flats and penthouses, are at extortionate prices for the wealthy located in a residential area.

Luxury flats can cost between 100.000 and 300.000€; additionally, these homes are fully equipped with luxurious social facilities, such as a private pool, steam room, and golf courses, to meet the client's expectations.

Penthouses can range in price from 250.000€ to 650.000€. This type of luxury new apartment in Antalya is so pricey due to the home's unique features that cater to the buyer's demands and needs, noting that these are high-quality apartments. For better outcomes of your search many individuals favorites contact agent Antalya to enhance their results. So many property type available for purchase in Antalya area.

What are the prices of cheap apartments in Antalya Turkey?

The following are the prices of affordable apartments located in a residential neighborhood in Antalya:

A one-bedroom cheap apartment costs between 40.000 and 50.000€.

The price of a two-bedroom cheap apartment ranges between 40.000 and 60.000€.

Three-bedroom penthouses or flats in Antalya can range between 70.000 and 100.000€.

Lastly, four-bedroom penthouses or new apartments can range in price from 90.000 to 150.000€. 

Is it a good time to buy an apartment in Antalya Turkey?

Yes, it is always a good time to buy an apartment in Antalya Turkey; investing in real estate is a great way to make money and gain capital appreciation. Just contact agent Antalya

apartments for sale in antalya

Who should consider investing in Antalya flats?

Individuals interested in buying Antalya flats for sale are either retired, large investors, or foreign property buyers seeking citizenship.

Are beachfront houses in Antalya Turkey expensive?

Beachfront apartments are not costly; they provide excellent value for money since purchasing a property close to the beach will be in great demand from other investors and guests to rent, implying a high income.

Because these new properties are recognized for being built on the Mediterranean coast, purchasers and settlers seek beachfront properties.

Can a foreigner buy an apartment in Antalya Turkey?

A foreigner can definitely buy a new apartment in Antalya Turkey, but unfortunately, there are a few who can't such as Cubans, Armenians, Syrians, and North Koreans.

Why are apartments for sale in Antalya with sea views so rare to find?

There are high-quality apartments, however, those with sea views are uncommon due to the municipality's difficulty in finding accessible sites for a new project near the shore. If finding an apartment with sea views proves challenging, consider property in Antalya's hills. As a result, the buyer will have a wonderful chance to invest in a home like this since it will be in high demand.

Are apartments in Antalya freehold?

Yes, old and new apartments are all freehold. You can buy Antalya investment property without worrying about it.

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