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Apartments in Istanbul for sale

Are you looking to buy Apartments in Istanbul? You landed in the right website to find your ideal istanbul apartment as we cover the most popular areas in istanbul so you can be sure that we have the apartment in istanbul you are looking for.

A lot of people are searching for furnished and traditional apartments to stay in the city and enjoy their livings. Istanbul apartments give you a fantastic feel from the ottoman lifestyle. The average price of a normal apartment for sale in istanbul starts from only 49.000 euros, but it all depends on the property quality, view and location of the property.

The city is developing really fast, and with the development of this city, apartments are in great demand. You can search for apartments for sale in Istanbul, and you will see many different prices of apartments according to their location. Buy any apartment which suits your budget, and you can then resell it for some profit.

When you purchase an apartment in Istanbul, you have high chances to get the best possible returns on your property investments. The rental market of Istanbul city is rapidly growing. This is a really great opportunity for all to buy an apartment in Istanbul and then rent it out. In some years, your apartment rent will be sufficient to get you the best returns over your investment.

Istanbul Apartments for Sale

Apartments for sale in istanbul If you are serious about buying an apartment in Istanbul, then you should be ready for a long journey to turkey. Pack all of your luggage and decide a meeting online in turkey with the best real estate agent in Istanbul.

Are you looking for a double bedroom apartment or for a modern luxury apartment? Before you meet any real estate agent, you should decide the type of apartment you want to buy according to your budget. If you want high resale value for your apartment, then buy any of the best apartments in the developing part of the city because after the development has completed, you will obviously get very high returns on your apartments.

You can also search for any kind of family house that is big enough for a family to live in. There are also studio apartments present for sale. You will be able to select your dream apartments with all your needs, such as a balcony or terrace.

Your budget matters a lot, but you will hopefully get a beautiful apartment on both the Asian and European sides of the city. The rates are different for various locations. At some bustling areas, the rates will be relatively higher, but at the developing side, you can find amazing apartments according to your budget. Just keep your budget to a medium side, do not keep it too low, but if you have a very high budget, then congrats, you can easily buy the best apartments present in the whole city.

Information About Apartments

Istanbul’s Apartments portfolio is available with proper listings, which include prices, location, and all the required information. The images are really important, and in images, you can see the look of your apartment. You can check if it is a luxury apartment or not. Check the interior design, including the roof ceiling.

If any apartment in Istanbul interests you, then you can fill out the form to know more about the apartment. The real estate agent may help you to show you the live view of the apartment. It doesn’t matter if you are buying an apartment for the first time or if you are an investor, the agents will always treat you equally as you both are their customers. In the competitive Property market of Istanbul, every real estate company wants to stand out from the others; that’s why they all keep their customers on the very first priority.

The apartments present in every area of the city has a different and unique selling point. Some apartments offer you a great view from the top while others are in a busy market. The apartments on the European side of the city are busier than the Asian side of the city. 

There are flats for sale that you can easily buy if you are interested, real estate agents always try to make the process easier for their customers. If you are still confused, then you can ask the real estate company for a tour. Be ready for your journey to turkey and then there you can have a meeting with the real estate agents, and they will surely help you and show you the neighborhood and all the apartments within the city. This will make the process easier, comfortable, and enjoyable for you. You will be able to visit nearby shops, restaurants, banks and transport areas. In this way, you will be able to decide whether it is worth for you to buy an apartment or you should look for it somewhere else.

Where to buy apartment in istanbul

Here are the best places where to buy apartment in istanbul , keep reading.

Your apartment location matters a lot. The location of your Istanbul apartment is directly related to the price of your apartment. The far your apartment is from the main Istanbul city, the lesser your rates will be. The developing parts of the city are the main hot locations to buy an apartment. You will find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul if you look for developing areas in the city. Remember, if you are buying apartments for renting purposes, then you should probably look for apartments close to the main city. Yes, you have to invest more money at the beginning, but in the end, you will be paid more rent for your property, and your investment return will be higher.

Have you heard about the Sisli area in Istanbul?

You may have seen some property listings from this European Istanbul Sisli area. This is a busy spot in the city with a lot of malls and business offices. You can still look for an apartment there, but it is not much suitable for you to buy, especially if you are on a medium budget.

Are you looking for the best and affordable area to buy some property?

Apartments in istanbul for sale Bomonti area can be your best choice. This area is still in the development phase, and it is a rapidly growing area of the whole city. However, it is not that developed at the stage, then the rest of Istanbul, but people are now moving to development. The property prices in this area are kept a bit low because of the ongoing development in the area. It’s the best opportunity for those who are cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul.

So do you have a high budget?

Do you love luxury apartments where all the development has already happened? If that’s the case, then the best property you can look for is in the Nisantasi area. The most comfortable lifestyle experience is gifted to this area. The luxurious apartments in Istanbul will be available for higher rates, but their resale value is good as well. The penthouses in the Nisantasi area are unmatchable.

Are you interested in some sort of cultural land with a touch of arts and social scenes? 

You can look for apartments for sale in Istanbul’s Cihangir area. All your cultural needs will be fulfilled by this property. The prices of apartments here vary between medium to high range. So, if you are a cultural kind of person, then you should look for the property in the Cihangir area.

If you want to buy an apartment in a high profile area where there are transport links and businesses, then your best choice could be Besiktas that is located on the shore of Bosphorus. It is the best area for those who want to be in the business environment of Levent. You can also find villas for sale in istanbul for the price of an apartment in high profile areas.

If you are looking for parts of the city that are historical, then the property there may cost you more money. Such areas are Fatih and Beyoglu, where the prices per square meter are relatively higher than the other areas of Istanbul city. Fatih and Beyoglu are the parts of both the old and new cities of Istanbul, and they carry the history of Istanbul. Their amazing history makes these areas different from the rest of Istanbul. So if you have a really high budget, then contact your real estate agents and ask them for property listings in this area of the beautiful city.

If you are low on budget, then do not worry. There is an area for low priced apartments as well. You can choose Beylikduzu or Esenyurt if you want affordable property in Istanbul. The price per square meter is very low, and it doesn’t mean that this property is of no use. There are clear visibilities that the prices of the apartments and property in this area will also rise in the near future. So if you want to get high returns, then you should think about the investment in the Baylikduzu area.

Another high profile area in Istanbul is Uskudar, where the prices are on a higher side. On the Asian side of Istanbul, some other amazing areas to buy apartments include Pendik and Kartal. The property rates vary according to the locations in these dominating areas, but it is worth it to invest and buy the property here. Watch the listings for further amazing apartments and properties in Istanbul.

As alternative to istanbul you may also want to consider Antalya or Alanya apartments for sale as these locations are also very popular with foreign buyers.

There are many agents who offers Turkey real estate deals make sure you work with the right one before making a decision.

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